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Give grace,

concord: And grant that all they | Notice of the Intention to administer the that do confess thy holy Name,

Sacrament. may agree in the truth of thy Dearly beloved, on day holy Word, and live in unity next, I purpose, through God's and godly love. We beseech thee assistance, to administer to all also to save and defend all Chris- such as shall be religiously and tian Kings, Princes, and Gover. devoutly disposed, the most comnors; and especially thy servant fortable Sacrament of the Body GEORGE our King; that under and Blood of Christ; to be by him we may be godly and quietly them received, in remembrance governed: And grant unto his of his meritorious Cross and whole Council, and to all that are Passion; whereby alone we obput in authority under him, that tain remission of our sins, and are they may truly and indifferently made partakers of the kingdom minister justice, to the punish- of heaven. Wherefore it is our ment of wickedness and vice, and duty to render most humble and to the maintenance of thy true hearty thanks to Almighty God religion and virtue. Give our heavenly Father, for that he O heavenly Father, to all Bishops hath given his Son our Saviour and Curates; that they may both Jesus Christ, not only to die for by their life and doctrine set forth us, but also to be our spiritual thy true and lively Word, and food and sustenance in that holy rightly and duly administer thy Sacrament. Which being so diholy Sacraments. And to all thy vine and comfortable a thing to people give thy heavenly grace; them who receive it worthily, and and especially to this Congrega- so dangerous to them that will tion here present; that with meek presume to receive it unworthily; heart, and due reverence, they my duty is to exhort you, in the may hear and receive thy holy mean

to consider the Word; truly serving thee in dignity of that holy mystery, and holiness and righteousness all the the great peril of the unworthy days of their life. And we most receiving thereof; and so to search humbly beseech thee of thy good and examine your own consciences ness, O Lord, to comfort and (and that not lightly, and after the succour all them who in this tran- manner of dissemblers with God, sitory life are in trouble, sorrow, but so) that ye may come holy need, sickness, or any other ad- and clean to such a heavenly feast, versity. And we also bless thy in the marriage garment required holy Name for all thy servants by God in holy Scripture, and be departed this life in thy faith and received as worthy partakers of fear; beseeching thee to give us that holy table. grace so to follow their good The way and means thereto is; examples, that with them we may First, to examine your lives and be partakers of thy heavenly king conversations by the rule of God's dom : Grant this, O Father, for commandments: and whereinsoJesus Christ's sake, our only Me- ever ye shall perceive yourselves diator and Advocate. Amen. to have offended, either by will,


word, or deed, there to bewail | tion, together with ghostly counsel your own sinfulness, and to con- and advice, to the quieting of his fess yourselves to Almighty God, conscience, and avoiding of all with full purpose of amendment scruple and doubtfulness. of life. And if ye shall perceive

Or in case the minister shall see the People your offences to be such as are

negligent to come to the Holy Communion, not only against God, but also instead of the former he shall use this against your neighbours, then ye

Exhortation. shall reconcile yourselves unto Dearly beloved brethren, on them, being ready to make resti- -I intend, by God's grace, to tution and satisfaction, according celebrate the Lord's Supper: unto to the uttermost of your powers, which, in God's behalf, I bid you for all injuries and wrongs done all that are here present; and by you to any other; and being beseech you for the Lord Jesus likewise ready to forgive others Christ's sake, that ye will not rethat have offended you, as ye fuse to come thereto, being so would have forgiveness of your lovingly called and bidden by God offences at God's hand: for other himself. Ye know how grievous wise the receiving of the holy and unkind a thing it is, when a Communion doth nothing else but man hath prepared a rich feast, increase your damnation. There- decked his table with all kind of fore if any of you be a blasphemer provision, so that there lacketh of God, an hinderer or slanderer nothing, but the guests to sit down; of his Word, an adulterer, or be and yet they who are called, within malice or envy, or in any out any cause, most unthankfully other grievous crime, repent you

refuse to come.

Which of you, in of your sins, or else come not such a case, would not be moved? to that holy table ; lest after the Who would not think a great taking of that holy Sacrament, injury and wrong done unto him? the devil enter into you, as he Wherefore, most dearly beloved entered into Judas, and fill you in Christ, take ye good heed, lest full of all iniquities, and bring ye, withdrawing yourselves from you to destruction both of body this holy Supper, provoke God's and soul.

indignation against you. It is an And because it is requisite that easy matter for a man to say, no man should come to the holy will not communicate, because Communion but with a full trust I am otherwise hindered with in God's mercy, and with a quiet worldly business. But such ex: conscience, therefore if there be cuses are not so easily accepted any of you who by this means and allowed before God. If any cannot quiet his own conscience man say, I am a grievous sinner, herein, but requireth further com- and therefore am afraid to come; fort or counsel, let him come to wherefore then do ye not repent me, or to some other discreet and and amend ? When God calleth learned Minister of God's Word,

you, are ye not ashamed to say, and open his grief; that by the ye will not come? When ye ministry of God's holy Word he should return to God, will ye exmay receive the benefit of absolu- cuse yourselves, and say, ye are


not ready ? Consider earnestly who come to feed on the banquet with yourselves, how little such of that most heavenly food. These feigned excuses will avail before things if ye earnestly consider, ye God. They that refused the feast will by God's grace return to a in the Gospel, because they had better mind: for the obtaining bought a farm or would try their whereof we shall not cease to yokes of oxen, or because they make our humble petitions unto were married, were not so ex- Almighty God our heavenly cused, but counted unworthy of Father. the heavenly feast. I, for my part,

E.chortation at the Communion. shall be ready; and according to mine office, I bid you

in the name Dearly beloved in the Lord, ye of God; I call you in Christ's that mind to come to the holy behalf; I exhort you, as ye love Communion of the body and your own salvation, that ye will blood of our Saviour Christ, must be partakers of this holy Com- consider how Saint Paul exhorteth munion. And as the Son of God all persons diligently to try and did vouchsafe to yield up his soul examine themselves, before they by death upon the cross for your

your presume to eat of that Bread, and salvation : so it is your duty to drink of that Cup. For as the receive the Communion in re- benefit is great, if with a true membrance of the sacrifice of his penitent heart and lively faith we death, as he himself hath com- receive that holy Sacrament; (for manded : Which if


neg- then we spiritually eat(m)the Flesh lect to do, consider with your- of Christ, and drink his Blood; selves, how great injury ye do then we dwell in Christ, and Christ unto God, and how sore punish- in us; we are one with Christ (n), ment hangeth over your heads and Christ with us :) so is the for the same; when ye wilfully danger great, if we receive the abstain from the Lord's Table, same (o) unworthily : For then we and separate from your brethren, are guilty (p) of the Body and

(m) “ Eat the flesh, &c.” In John vi. (o) “ Unworthily," i. e. probably, (ac53. &c. our Saviour says, “Verily, verily, cording to the context,) without penitence " I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of or faith, without repentance for past sins, “ the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye

and without reliance upon the efficacy of “ have no (or “not" åx čxe78) life in you:

Christ's atonement: if we repent truly for "whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my sins past, have a lively and stedfast faith in " blood, bath eternal life, and I will raise Christ, amend our lives, and are in perfect “ him up at the last day : for my fesh is charity with all men, we are meet par"meat indeed, and my blood is drink in- takers. “ deed; he that eateth my flesh, and (p)“ Are guilty, &c." These expres“ drinketh


blood, dwelleth in me, and sions of being guilty of the body and * I in him."

« blood of Christ, eating and drinking (n) “ One with Christ, &c.” In John our own damnation, and provoking xvii. 21. &c. our Saviour prays for all “ God to plague us with sundry diseases true believers, that “as thou, Father, art " and divers kinds of death," owe their in"in me, and I in thee, that they also may troduction here to 1 Cor. xi. (ante, p. 123.); “be one in us : that they may be one, and by reference to that passage we may "even as we are one : I in them, and thou collect the sense in which they ought to: " in me, that they may be made perfect in be understood. The Corinthian converts

were guilty of great improprieties in their

is one."

Blood of Christ our Saviour ; we him therefore, with the Father, eat and drink our own damna- and the Holy Ghost, let us give, tion, not considering the Lord's as we are most bounden, contiBody; we kindle God's wrath nual thanks; submitting ourselves against us; we provoke him to wholly to his holy will and pleaplague us with divers diseases, and sure, and studying to serve him sundry kinds of death. Judge

Judge in true holiness and righteousness therefore yourselves, brethren, that all the days of our life. Amen. ye be not judged of the Lord: repent ye 'truly for your sins Ye that do truly and earnestly past; have a lively and stedfast repent you of your sins, and are in faith in Christ our Saviour; amend love and charity with your neighyour lives, and be in perfect bours, and intend to lead a new charity with all men; so shall life, following the commandments ye be meet partakers of those holy of God, and walking from hencemysteries. “And above all things, forth in his holy ways; Draw near ye must give most humble and with faith, and take this holy Sa. hearty thanks to God the Father, cr

crament to your comfort; and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, for make your humble confession to the redemption of the world by Almighty God, meekly kneeling the death and passion of our Sa

upon your knees. viour Christ, both God and man; who did humble himself, even

General Confession. to the death upon the cross, for Almighty God, Father of our us miserable sinners, who lay in Lord Jesus Christ, Maker of all darkness, and the shadow of death; things, Judge of all men ;

We that he might make us the chil- acknowledge and bewail our madren of God, and exalt us to ever- nifold sins and wickedness, which lasting life. And to the end that we from time to time most griev. we should alway remember the ex- ously have committed, by thought

, ceeding great love of our Master word, and deed, against thy Di. and only Saviour Jesus Christ, thus vine Majesty, provoking most dying for us, and the innumer- justly thy wrath and indignation able benefits which by his precious against us. We do earnestly reblood-shedding he hath obtained pent, and are heartily sorry for to us, he hath instituted and or- these our misdoings; the rememdained holy mysteries, as pledges brance of them is grievous unto of his love, and for a continual re- us; the burden of them is intomembrance of his death, to our lerable. Have mercy upon us, great and endless comfort. To have mercy upon us, most mer

hav celebration of the Lord's supper. Though

and drank to the same extent as at ordithey met in the same place, they did not nary meals, and sometimes to excess; and communicate together as one body or it is this irreverent conduct which St. Paul company, but divided themselves into calls “ eating and drinking unworthily, parties; each party kept its own provi- "and eating and drinking damnation, sions to itself, and ate at its own time “not discerning the Lord's body:" and without allowing others to partake with “ for this cause," he says, “many were them, and without regarding whether “ weak and sickly among them, and many others were ready or not, and they ate “ slept,” i. e. died." See ante, 123.

ciful Father ; for thy Son our Priest. Lift up your hearts. Lord Jesus Christ's sake, forgive Answ. We lift them up unto the us all that is past; and grant Lord. that we may ever hereafter serve

e Priest

. Let us give thanks unto and please thee in newness of life, our Lord God. to the honour and glory of thy Answ. It is meet and right so Name, through Jesus Christ our to do. Lord. Amen.


It is very meet, right, and our The Absolution.

bounden duty, that we should at ALMIGHTY God our heavenly all times, and in all places, give Father, who of his great mercy thanks unto thee, O Lord, * Holy hath promised forgiveness of sins Father, A Almighty, everlasting to all them that with hearty re- God. pentance and true faith turn unto

* These words (Holy Father) must be omitted him; Have mercy upon you, par- on Trinity Sunday. don and deliver you from all your sins, confirm and strengthen you

Here shall follow the Proper Preface, acin all goodness, and bring you to

cording to the time, if there be any spe.

cially appointed: or else immediately shall everlasting life, through Jesus

follow, Christ our Lord. Amen.

THEREFORE with Angels and Hear what comfortable words our Archangels, and with all the com

Saviour Christ saith unto all pany of heaven, we laud and magthat truly turn to him.

nify thy glorious Name; evermore Come unto me, all

ye that travel praising thee, and saying, Holy, and are heavy laden, and I will holy, holy, Lord God of hosts, refresh you. Matt. xi. 28. heaven and earth are full of thy

glory: Glory be to thee, O Lord So God loved the world, that most high. . Amen. he gave his only-begotten Son, to the end that all that believe in

PROPER PREFACES. him should not perish, but have

Upon Christmas Day, and seven Days everlasting life. John iii. 16. .

after. Hear also what St. Paul saith.

BECAUSE thou didst give Jesus

Christ thine only Son to be born This is a true saying, and worthy as at this time for us ; who, by the of all men to be received, That operation of the Holy Ghost, was Christ Jesus came into the world made very Man of the substance to save sinners. 1 Tim. i. 15.

of the Virgin Mary his mother ;

and that without spot of sin, to Hear also what St. John saith.

make us clean from all sin. ThereIf

any man sin, we have an fore with Angels, &c. Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous; and he is the

Upon Easter-Day, and seven Days after. propitiation for our sins. 1 John ii. But chiefly are we bound to 1, 2.

praise thee for the glorious Re.

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