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United States. Immigration Commission (1907-1910), William Paul Dillingham, William ...

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1 No. 747

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-ti Collat, Cuff, and Shirt Manufacturing. (S. Doc. No. 633, 61st Cong., 2d sess.)
con in ladustries: Pt. 8, Leather Manufacturing-Pt. 9, Boot and Shoe Manufac-

Con Mining-Pt. 2), Oil Refining. (S. Doc. No. 633, 61st Cong., 2d sess.)
somn ladustries: Pt. 21, Diversified Industries, Vol. I. (8. Doc. No. 633, 61st Cong.,

per la balestries: Pt. 21, Diversified Industries, Vol. II-Pt. 22, The Floating Immi-
impla, 18. Dec. No.633,81st Cong., 21 sess.)
Innipants in Industries: Pt. 5, Japanese and Other Immigrant Races in the Pacific
las Mantain States. (8. Doc. No.633, 61st Cong., 2d sess.)
and the First and Becond Generations of Immigrants in the United States-Fe-

Tumen. (8. Doe No. 22,61st Cong., 2d sess.)
atvea of Immigrants in Schools. (S. Doc. No.749, 61st Cong., 3d sess.)
1. bigrats as Charity Seekers. (8. Doc. No. 665, 61st Cong., 3d sess.)
nie wiCrime. (S. Doc. No. 750, 61st Cong., 3d sess.)
Celtins-Importation and Harboring of Women for Immoral Purposes-Immi-

Begjeties-Immigrant Banks. (S. Doc. No. 753, 61st Cong., 3d sess.)
A Lankutiste Legislation - Digest of Immigration Decisions-Steerage Legislation,

a bordily Team of Descendants of Immigrants. (S. Doc. No. 208, 61st Cong., 2d sess.)
lumination and Alien laws. (S. Doc. No. 758, 61st Cong., 3d sess.)
bet Situation in Other Countries: Canada-Australia - New Zealand-Argen-

1.50, 711,61st Cong., 3d seas.)

heat in ladustries: Pt. 11, Slaughtering and Meat Packing. (8. Doc. No. 633, 61st

een 'n Industries: Pt. 14, Cigar and Tobacco Manufacturing-Pt. 15, Furniture Man

egunts in Industries: Pt. 23, Summary Report on Immigrants in Manufacturing

bazirat in Industries: Pt. 24, Recent Immigrants in Agriculture. (8. Doc. No.

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sedmnats in Industries: Pt. 2, Iron and Steel Manufacturing. (S. Doc. No. 633, 61st
sent a londustries: Pt. 3, Cotton Goods Manufacturing in the North Atlantic States,
15 ml Fensted Choods Manufacturing. (8. Doc. No. 633, 61st Cong., 2d sess.)
stand in Ludotries: Pt. 5, Silk Goods Manufacturing and Dyeing – Pt. 6, Clothing

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19a Vanufacturing. (S. Doc. No. 633, 61st Cong., 22 sess.)

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in Industries: Pt. 12, Glass Manufacturing–Pt. 13, Agricultural Implement
aleksturing. (S. Doc. No. 63, 61st Cong., 21 sess.)

a dagar Reining. (S. Doc. No. 633, 61st Cong., 2d sess.)
at la Industries: Pt. 17, Copper Mining and Smelting – Pt. 18, Iron Ore Mining-

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vaers, and a reasonable cair pensation, to be fixed by the weet of de luted States, for those members of the commission who are not bers of Congress Died February 20, 1905. Appointed to succeed Mr. Latimer. February 25, 1908. Died December 22, 1909. Appointed to succeed Mr. McLaurin, March 16, 1910.

e. No. 63, 6lst Cong., 21 sess.)

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