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You define matter to be “ extenfon, in caped the contagion, are those whom we doned to the foldiers, suffered for seven fome figure, impenetrable by other exten. follow; and they alone are worthy of our days all the distresses of cruelty and avafons. Euclid defines a figure to be, that imitation. In familiar discourle they ftill rice. No house escaped but that where which is enclosed by one or more bounda. speak of the tongue of Aristophanes and Chevalier Bayard was lodged. At his enries. Hence lines, lurfaces and solids, are Euripides, of the historians and philofo-trance, the 'mistress, a woman of rank, figures; and extension is an attribute of phers of Athens ; and the stile of their fell at his feet, and deeply sobbing, “Oh! them all. But, who, before yourselt, sir, writings is still more elaborate and cor my Lord, lave my üle, lave the honour ever so much as dreamt of extensions hav. rect. The persons who by their birth and of my daughters." Take courage, Mading figure ; or, in other words, of figure's offices are attached to the Byzantine court, am, said the Chevalier, your lite, and being an attribute of extension ? It you are those who maintain with the least al. their honour, shall be secure while I have mean the lane thing by extension that the loy, the ancient standard of elegance and life. The two daughters, brought from ers mean by space, a definire idea may be purity, and the native graces of language their hiding-place, were presented to him; attached to your learned definition. And, most conspicuolly shine among the noble and the family reunited bestowed their it I am so happy as rightly to apprehend matrons who are excluded from all inter- | whole attention on their deliverer. A you, it amounts to this ; matter is Space course with foreigners. With foreigners, dangerous wound he had received gave impenetrable by other spaces !! learned do I say? They live retired and lequel them opportunity to express their zeal : indeed!

tered from the eye of their fellow-citi i they employed a notable furgeon; they atYou go on to elucidate


first thesis, zens. Seldom are they seen in the streets ; tended him by turn day and night ; and, by another, which is ;

"iné idea of one and when they leave their houses, it is in when he could bear to be amused, they enquantity, or parcel of matter cannot be che dusk of evening, on visits to the church. tertained him with concerts of music. destroyed by that of another.” That is, es or their nearest kindred. On these oc. Upon the day fixed for his departure, the by an idea ot another,--one idea of matrer cafions, they are on horseback, covered mother faid to him, “ To your goodnels, deftroved by another idea of matter!!! with a veil and encompassed by their pa my Lord, we owe our lives : and to you Excellent! This is indeed a thesis ; but, rents, their husbands or their servar-is. " all we have belongs by right of war : but not as it should be, a definition explanato. The enthusiastic eaperness for the works " we hope, from your signal benevolence, ry of the former.

of antient literature, which prevailed a " that this flight tribute will content you;' You say " this is all you at present know mong the revivers of learning, is almost placing upon the table an iron coffer full of matter." If this be the case, I would inconceivable. A Byzantine Ambafla- ll of money. “ What is the fum ?” said advise you to retire froin the eye of the dor, having presenter Petrarch with a co. the Chevalier. “ My Lord," answered Public, and “liarn your book,

py of Homer, he acknowledges the favor the trembling," no more but 2500 ducats, trouble them any more with your philo in the following eloquent n.anner :

1. Your all that we have ;-but, it more be ne. Sophical theses.

present of the genuine and original text of ceffiry, we will try our friends."A STUDENT, the divine poet, the fountain of all inven. " Madain,” said he, “ your kindness is AT DUTCHESS ACADEMY.

tion, is worthy of yourself and me : you more precions in my eyes than a hun.

have fulfilled your promise and satisfied dred Thousand ducais. Take back Poughkeepfe, March 17th, 1804.

Yet your liberality is still your money, and depend always on imperfect : with Homer you should have “ me."-" My good Lord, you kill me given me yourself ; a guide who could " in refusing this small sum : take it only

lead me into the fields of light, and dis as a mark of your friendship to my tamLiterary Oleanings.

close to my wondering eyes the specious " ily." Well,' said he, since it

miracles of the Iliad and Odysly. But, • will oblige you, I takethe money ; but FOR THE BALANCE.

alas ! Homer is dumb ; or I am deaf ; nor “ give me the satisfaction of bidding adieu is it in my power to enjoy the beauty I to your amiable daughters." They came

poffefs. I have leared him by the side of 10 him with looks of regard and affection. " IN their lowest fervitude and de

Plato the prince of poets, near the prince * Ladies," said he, “the impreslion you pression, (says Gibbon) the subje£ts of the of pliilosophers ; and I glory in the right “ have made on my heart, will never wear Byzantuem Throne, were still poslessed of of my illustrious guests of their immor

What return to make I know not; a golden key that could unlock the treal. tal writings, whatever had been translaved “ for men of my profession are seldom opures of antiquity--a musical and prolific into the Latin Idiom, I had already ac. " ulent : bnt here are two thousand five language, that gives a foul to the objects quired ; but if there be no profit, there is “ hundred ducals, of which the generof lense, and a body to the abstractions of fome pleasure in beholding these venerable " ofity of your mother has given me the philosophy: Since the barriers of the Greeks in their proper and national bab "d

dispolal. Accept them as a marriage monarchy had been trampled under foot,

I am delighted with the aspect of present; and may your happiness in the various barbarians had doubtless cor., Homer, and as olien as I embrace the fi. marriage equal your mierit." * Flower rupted the form and substance of the na. lent volume, I exclaim with a figh, il of chivalry," cried the mother, “May the tional diale&t. But a purer idiom was luftrious bard ! wiih what pleasure should " God who suffered death for us reward spoken in the court and taught in the col. I liten to thy forg, if my senle of hear you here and hereafter." lege, and a learned Italian, who had been ing were not obftruéied and lost by the naturalized in Constantinople, thus speaks: death of one friend, and in the much la On the first performance of one of Vol. The vulgar speech (lays he) has been de. mented abserie of another.-Nor do I yer taires tragedies, the success of which was praved by the people, and infected by the despair ; and the example of Caro suggers || very equivocal, the Abbe Pellegrin com. multitude of strangers and merchants, fome comfort and hope, fince it was in plained loudly that the auther had itolen who every day flock to the city, and min. li the last period of age that he attained the Tome versus from him. “How can you, gle with the inhabitants. It is from the knowiedge of the Greek leisers.” who are so rich, said he, thus leize upon difciples of such a school, that the Latin

the property o another?"" What ! repli. language received the verfions of Aristotle In the war carried on by Louis XII. of led Voltaire, bave I stolen from you? I no and Plato, lo obscure in sense and so poo: France against the Venetians, the town of longer wonder that my piece bas met with in spirit. But the Greeks, who have es..!| B.cícia, being taken by form, and aban-i so little approbation."

my delire.

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27, 1804.

nounce war


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Boston, by the ship Packet. These papers | troops ; but there can be no doubt that ftate,

they were put on board merely for the That a war with England and Spain, it purpose of accustoming them to naval mawas expected, would loon take place.-

The encampments of the Spain having nearly completed the refiring French army along the opposite line of the

of her hips of war, and manning them, coft remain without any material alteration, Be it our weekly task,

was ready to cooperate with France in the and the flotilla, confifting of upwan's of To note the passing tidings of the times. invason of England.

500 sail of guo boats, transports and imall Germany, Rullid, and the Northern craft, bas been removed farther >>>>>300<<<<ce


in the Powers, look with a jealous eye upon the harbour. buluson, March

French despot, are burnishing up their Admiral Cornwallis's fleet consists

arms, iheir trops are in mouon, and are on. present of the following ships : W THE Federal Electors of this city, || ly waiting for a lavorable opporunity to pro La Ville de Paris 110 Foudroyant 80 are requested to meet, to-morrow (Wed. upon the tyrant of the world. Brittannia 100 L'inpeteux

80 During Bonaparte's last residence at nesday) evening, at Booth's City Tavern,

Royal Sovereign Collufius

74 Boulogne, he superintended an embarka.

Dreadnought 98 Conquerer 74 at 6 o'clock, to agree on candidates to be

tion, as
an essay and an exercise of his


98 Culloden supported for charter officers at the ap- | troops. He rode on a fpirited charger, Princess Royal

98 Golab

74 proaching election.' A general and punc which he fpurred along the beach, and was Prince

98 Minotaur

74 qual attendance is desired, as the demo. at times up to the girth in the water.

lo Prince George

98 Defiance the course of the bustle and confusion of Windsor Castle crats are making great exertions tu run an

this scene, his horse got entangled by the Besides the Acalo, Endymion, Boadi. opposition” ticket.

cable of one of the gun-boats, and threw cea, Niube, Doris, Phoenix, Orpheus,

the Chief Cuplul into the sea, from which Nemefis and Jamaica frigates; the Peter. 6 We are requested to mention, that he was dragged by his attendants.

ell, Ranger, Syph, Spitfire, and Speed. “ The Tournament,' a iragedy, and “ The A Paris paper of the 7ch January says, well floops of War, and filteen brigs and Busy-Body" a comedy, with sundry Dia. • One of our first painters is employed uplogues and small pieces, will be exhibited

on a picture representing the First Contul,
during the siege of St. Jean d'Acre, re.

NEW-YORK, MARCH 21. on the 29 h inst

. at the ball-room of Capt.ceiving in his arms a soldier attacked by the This morning's mail visgs usine most Levi Preilon, in Canaan. Performance

plague, and assisting in carrying him to interesting inteligence relative to England. to begin at 10 o'clock, in the morning. ihe hospital. This anecdote makes here a It was in report ihat the King at England

great impresion. (N. B. The presenta was dead ; it was certain le haut bien danELECTION TICKETS. Lion of ihe poilonous cup, and ihe order

gerously ill.

It is certain too, ihat there for murdering disarmed poisoners at Jaire, was a total change of ministry, and a new NITION A L.

vo French painter has yet choien for a one formed by a coalition. Mr. P.it was
[ London paper.]

placed at the head of affairs, äs niit luid PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT.

ofile treasury ann chancellor of the exche. Fc 'eral. Democratic

LONDON, FEB. 10. Rufins King, Thomas Jefferson,

quer; Melville, fiuft lord oi the admirala

E:ch reginent of the line in France has
C. C. Pinckney.
George Clinton.

y ; Mr. Fox the minister of the foreign been ordered to furnish a certain nuenber

department; and Mr. Grey of the home; of cholen men for the camp at Arras, MASSACHUSETTS.

Sir Williain Grant, lord chancellor; Euri which is to constitute the invincible legion, || Spencer, lord of the privy fea!, &c. &c.

escorting and surrounding Bonaparte in his GOVERNOR AND LT. GOVERNOR.

À conjecture prevails, we find, that this Caleb Sprong.

conquest of England. Report says they are James Sullivan,

change of miniftry augurs a restoration of to take the oath to come back victorious Edward H.Robbins. William Heatb,

beace; as certain fcrupies are removedbe. with their Geriera. or never to return any iweon Bonaparte and itie former ininiftri,

more. Grcat emulation prevails among the NEW.HA MI PSHIRE.

whom he had acculed of being the first 10 veterans to enter into ibis legion but the

oreak the treaty of Amiens, and with GOVERNOR.

conscripts do not show ihe same arduur. wnom he therefore would not treat. John T. Gilman, 1 John Langdon.

in consequence of this change of affairs The publicinay place the fulleit reliance stock had risen very considerably, and was

on the authenticity of the foll,wing state. NEW.TORK.

still looking up. ment, which we have just been favored The Boston mail too furnishes us with

with froin the most unquefionable authorGOVERNOR AND LT. GOVERNOR.

a lae arrival at that port--the most interAll Genuine-All Republican,

ity. Two Swiss officers, (biochers) in the letting particulars are extracted.

French fervice, are just arrived from " Diamond cut Diamond.France, having made their escape from

PHILADELPHIA, MARCH 19. Morgan Lewis and Aaron Burr, for Gov. ihence. They have heen examined before Yesterday arrived the tast la:ling thip ernor. John Broome, for Li. Governor. the Privy Council, and made a declaration Pyon, Capt. Collot, in 29 days from

that ihe invasion of this country will be at. London-who by his great atiention pro. FOREIGN AEVS.

tempted within the coulíc of the prelent cured at Gravesend a Lundon paper of the

week, wind and weather permitiing. i8ih of February, which, with others to NEW-YORK, MARCH 15.

ihje 14h, he has poli:ely hande'us.-CapBy the ship New York Packet, captain

LOYDON FEB. 13. irin Culci verbolly informs, irat from the Webb, from Bristo!, we have received Letters from our blockading Couroni rat preparations in France the people of Lnd.in papers to the 14th of February, off B ulegre, dated Thulday stiernoon, Eag'and really looked for a frcedy vibt. being the same dates of ihose received at lldieihe acłual embarkation of ouinbers of He aliv filentions the indispulition of the

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King, which was said to be a dropsy in and whether it is likely to be of a lingering | different new basons which have been his ftomach, ana when he left England it nature or otherwise, have postponed this made. was wliispered notwithstanding the ac communication to Monday or Tuesday Accounts from Constantinople, of the counts publilhed in the papers) that the nexti~Mr. Fox, Mr. Pitt, and several 24th of December, state, that the Arnauts King was dead, but that for political rea. other distinguishin' members were present. and Arabs having joined their force, had fons, it was kept a secret.

His Majely in the course of yesterday made themselves masers of the city of Al

morning enjoyed much refreshing sleep, exandria, and obliged the Foreign ConLONDON, FEBRUARY 14. and was beiter : and, we understand,-al. fuls and Vice-Confuls there to take retTHE KING-We are sorry to find terwards partook of some refreshment.

uge on board the tips in the harbour. that his Majesty was so much indisposed His Majesty's pulse, which we under These new disturbandes in Egypt are fur. yesterday at the Queen's House, as to re

stand was on Thursday night at 110, had pecied by the Porte to have been occasion. quire the close attendance of Sir Francis | yesterday morning 'ful si led, in conse. ed by foreign influence. Wilman, Dr. Heberden of Pall-Mall, and

quence of the repose which he had enjoyed Dr. Dundas of Richmond, during the day. I the firt for several nights,) to 80

It does not appear that Bonaparte had

quitted Paris on the 25th of January, The Dukes of Clarence, Kent, and Cam.

It was in coníequence of this happy though a new visit to the ports of the Chanbridge, went to the Queen's House in the

change, it is supposed, that no communiafternoon, where they remained till a very

nel was expected to take place very soon. cation was yeiterday made to either House The First Consul is warmly complimented late hour last night ; and the Prince of of Parliament, as had been generally and by the different legislative bodies. Wales, unable to go out, lent leveral times confidently expected. to en quire the state of bis M. jeity's health. The Bulletin was not delivered out quite

PARIS, JAN. 30. In the course of the afternoon great num. so early this day as yesterday, and the crowd bers of the Nobility left their cards of en.

The regiments of cavalry at Compeigne of Nobility and Gentry, waiting with anxquiry ; and with a commendable attention

have received orders to break up for Bouiety at St. James's to learn the state of his to the public feeling, the following bulle. Majesty's heaith, was if poflibie, greater

logne-Whether the First Consnl will fet tin was issued :

out to-day for the coast, as fome have said, than on any preceding day since his in.

remains to be seen. “ His Majelly is much indisposed to day." || disposition.

Bonaparte was never in better health than FEBRUARY 16. It must rejoicc every loyal heart to bein.

at present. Yesterday the answer to the enquiries formed that our beloved Sovereign is now after the Prince of Wales's health, was,

confidered to be in no danger. We may, " His Royal Highness is better, but very therefore, indulge a fond hope that in a lew weak.” days his Mijesty will be restored to his

Cbe Knot. The precise nature of his Majesty's difor-wonted health. No language can describe der not being avower', is consequently the the general joy which was manifested by subject of endless conje&ture. Sume say the numerous, enquirers this morning, that it is a Droply in the Chefi, others the when shown the following Gout in the S:omach. We do not, how.

BULLETIN. erer, vouch it to be cither. It is enough,

“ FEBRUARY 18, 1804. and more than enough to know, in the cale His Majesty is much the same as yeiter

MARRIED, of a life so dear and precious, that the dif- day, and we do not apprehend him to be

At Catskill, by the Rev. Mr. Porter, ROBERT order is dangerous and alarming. in danger.

C GARDINER, Esq. of South-Kingston, Rhode Isl. FEBRUARY 18. (Signed.)

and, to Miss JULIA Day, daughter of Stephen No other bulletin was iflued yesterday

H. M. Reynolds, Day, Esq.

" F. Milman, after the one we laid before our readers,

At Marcellus, on the 8th inst. by the Hon. Dan and indeed it is a fixed arrangement that

W Hebberden."

Bradley, Esq. Mr. EBENEZER Rice, to Miss but one will be issued in the course of ev. [Later accounts ftate, that the King was FRANCES PLATT. ery 24 hours. To all enquiries made at St. living on the 21st of February.] James's in the course of ihe cvening, and they were extremely numerous the answer

It is calculated that the enemy's naval was, that his Majesty continued the same equipments at Boulogne will contain up

To Correspondents. as in the morning.

wards of 60,000 men, and it is the opinion We understand that at the recommenda- of moit of the officers in the Iquadron in the “ A friend to fair dealing," is received ; and the tion of the Cabinet Council, Sir Lucas | Downs, that the enemy will immediately I only objection we have to its publication, is the stile Pepys and Dr. Reynolds were called in to

attempt something, if they ever intend a. in which it is written. We shall always feel a pleas. attend His Majesty ; and those gentlemen

ure in holding up to public view, the artsul tricks of * accordingly attended His Majesty yester The latest accounts from our squadron designing demagogues, in whatever quarter of the day, and met Sir Francis Milman and

off Boulogne ftare, that the Leopard, Leda, country they may happen to be found. The facts Dr. Heberden, and had a consultation at

Immortalite, Squirrel, Locuit, Archer, on which our correspondent has founded his narrathe ear's House, and the whole of

Duchess of Cumberland, and Griffin cu: rive, are no doubt well worthy of public attention ; those Gentlemen continued their visits to

ters, remained at anchor ciore off Boulogne but they are so much obscured by the marmer in His Majesty during the day.

harbour the whole of Sunday, Monday, which they are related, that none but the neighbors It was yesterday, very generally expect | Tue!day and almot all Wednesday. They ed that Ministers would last night make l observed that the addition of force at Bou

of the new appointed judge would be able to under.

stand them. We should like to le furnished with fome communication to both Houles of logne of late has been very considerable. the same thirg, in more modern language. Parliament, respecting the state of His Ma.

There are upwards of 120 fail of brigs, " AGRICULTURE's" answer to " Agricola, jesty's health, but it is now understood, chooners &c. exclusive of gun-boats, in on the subject of Threshing Machines, was That Minilers, wishing to ascertain the all not less than 80 fail: The principal ceived too late for this paper. It shall be inserted precise nature of His Majesty's distemper, part have moored up the harbour into the

next week.

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" L. Pepys,

ny thing.


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Softly, young

Delicious dream! how often dost thou give,

etry truly excellent.

He was lavith in A gleam of bliss, which trutlı would but destroy; eulogiums on Racine, and there is no Oft' dost thou bid my drooping heart revive, doubt but his prailes of that elegant and

And catch one cheerful transient glimpse of joy. harmonious poet, the Virgil of France,
Che Wreath.

were really fincere.
Ah, but for thee, the heavy hand of care
'Ere this, had mark'd with tears my furrow'd

When he was asked to write a commer. cheek ;

tary on Racine, as he had done or Corne. Long since the shiv'ring grasp of cold despair,

What would you have me seman
Had chill'd my heart, and taught it how to break. " said he : I could only write at ile bike

" tom of every page, exquisite ! beauit:
Oh, come then, fancy, and with lenient hand " pathetic !"
Dry my moist check, and smooth my furrow'd

Voltaire looked on Racine as the model brow :

Bear me o'er smiling tracks of fairy land, Goddess of golden dreams, whose magic power

for poetical, and Marition for profe wijt.

On the table, near his bed, Athane And give me more than fortune can bestow. Sheds smiles of joy o'er misery's haggard face;

always lay by the side of the Petit-Careme. And lavish strews the visionary Aower, Mixt are her boons, and chequer'd all with ill,

A young scholar having one day spoken To deck life's dreary path with transient graca. Her smiles, the sun shine of the April morn : slightingly of Boileau and Racine, in the

The cheerless valley skirts the gilded hill, I woo thee, fancy, from thy fairy cell,

presence of Voltaire,

And latent storms in ev'ry gale are borne. Where midst the endless woes of human kind,

man, said he, Jolin and Nicholas Wrapt in ideal bliss, thou lov'st to dwell,

our masters ; let us refpe&t them, ani Give me thy joy which sickens not the heart,

"s endeavour to imitate their beauties," And sport in happier regions unconfin'd.

Give me thy wealth which has no wings to fly,
Give me the pride thy honours can impart,

The young man endeavouring to Support Deep sun's, O goddess, in thy pleasing trance,

Thy friendship give me, warm in poverty.

what he had said by quoting the opiniach Oft' let me seek yon low sequester'd vale,

an Academician, fuspected of no rura Where wisdom's self shall steal a sidelong glance, Give me a wish the worldling may deride,

admiring those two great poets.


P!?", And smile contempt, but listen to thy tale.

The fool may censure, and the proud may hate,

replied Voltaire, his verses are the big Wrapt in thy dreams to lay the world aside, Be their's to search where clust'ring roses grow,

“ eft panegyric on theirs !"

1 And snatch a bliss beyond the reach of fate. Touching each sharp thorn's point to prove how

keen ; Be mine to trace their beauties as they blow,

TERMS OF THE BALANCE, And catch their fragrance where they blush unseen

1 Diversity.

FOR 1804. Haply my path may lie thro' barren vales,

To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty Where nizzard fortune all her sweets denies ;

FROM ANECDOTES OF VOLTAIRE. Cents, payable quarterly. E'en there shall far.cy scent the ambient gales,

To those who receive them by mail, Two D. And scatter flow'rets of a thousand dies.

Though Voltaire was a poet, and a great

lars, payable in advance. poet, he does not seem to have looked on

To those who take their papers at the ofice, ir Nor let the worldling scoff: be his the task

poetry in lo important a light as many of To form deep schemes, and mourn his hopes his broile: hards.

" I know not, says

bundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the one betray'd. " the Abbe Tiublet, what he really thinks

price will be made. Be mine to range unseen, 'tis all I ask, " of prose and verse, for I do not abso.

A handsome Title Page and Table of Contest And form new worlds beneath the silent shade. lutely rely on what he says in his wri. will accompany the last number of the volume. tings."

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and cor. I see, entranc'd, the gay conceptions rise,

It is very certain, that, as soon as he spicuous manner, in the Ausertiser which accorn; 2. My harvest ripen, and my white Aecks thrive ;

began to study the Newtonian philosophy, nies the Balance. And still as fancy pours her large supplies,

he considered himself much superior to I taste the god-like happiness to give. Rousseau, whom he very unjustly calls a

Ν Ο Τ Ε. paltry verliger. "Roureau, taid he, der . To raise up modest merit from the ground,

pises me because I sometimes neglect And send the unhappy snuling from my door,

The first and second Volumes of the Balance, To spread content and happiness around,

rhime, and I despise him because he may be had on the following terms

knows nothing but to rhime." And banquet on the blessings of the poor.

First Volume-unbound

Pope having become a philosopher, or Second Volume, To join the artless maid, and honest swain,

being desirous to be thought one, has ex Both Volumes, Where fortune rudely bars the way to joy;

preiled himself on the subje&t of poetry in To ease the tender mother's heartfelt pain, much the lare manner

If bound, the price of binding (either plain or die

Voltaire. And guard with fost'ring hands her darling boy. · Whenever I think seriously, I cannot

egant) will be added. - An unbound volume maile " but think these things very idle; as idle

sent to any post-office in the state for 52 cents presta To check the patient widow's deep.fetch'd sighs, " as if a beast of burden should go on in

age ; or to any post office in the union for 78 celica And shield her infant from the north blast rude ; gingling his bells, without bearing any To bid the sweetly glist'ning tear arise,

thing valuable about him, or

ever fer. Which swims in the glad eye of grain de. ving his master.” (Letter to Ed. Blount,


HARRY CROSWELL, Delicious dream! how oft' beneath thy power, Voltaire, indeed, could not pardon ver. Thus lightning the sad load of other's woc; ses which did not rise above mediocrity ;

Warren-Street, Iludson. 1 steal from rigid faie one happy hour,

he preferred prose to such compofitions ; WHERE PRINTING IN GENERAL IS EXECUTID Nor feel I want the pity I bestow. bui no person was more delighted with po


$2 $ 2, 50 S4


[blocks in formation]



Indeed, no other candidate was even men. did not wish for the office, especially it

tioned until very recently. The aristoc he must become the rival of Col, Burr, FOR THE BALANCE.ro rucy, however, foon began to be alarmed to obtain it. He was told that all parties

at the prospeft of having a chief magil. would unite in his support, and that even TO THE PEOPLE.

trate, posrefled of sufficient energy and Col. Burr would undoubtedly resign his

independence to govern the state, with pretensions. The Chancellor at lengih reNo. III. out the aid and counsel of a circle of no. luctantly consented to the proposal ; and

bility. They know that Col. Burr was the aristocratic faction flattered themselves OU must sincerely regret that

not one of those who were too young, or that the victory was certain. Aftonished two republican candidates for governor are

teo cowardly to fight the bauries of A at this proceeding, a few of the friends of offered for your support at the ensuing e.

merica in the day of difficulty and dan Col. Burr at the scat of Government, im. lection. For however contemptible the ger-they knew that he was neither a baw. | mediately held a meeting, and announced Lewis fa&tion may be, when compared ling demagogue nor a fawning sycophant his nomination. You may judge what with the friends and adherents of Colone!

- neither a trimming apoftate, nor a polit were now the feelings of the Chancellor. Burr, Aill there is reason to fear that a

ical changling. In him they beheld a Mortified and indignani at the idea of hay. few families of violent and designing men,

soldier of the revolution--a firm and inflex-ing been made a dupe by the artifices of a wbo would sooner ruin the state than fail

ible patriot-a steady and undeviating re. set of men whom he despised, he without of accomplishing their purposes, may so publican—an upright statesman---the friend hefitation, revoked the consent he had befar impose upon the public as to create a division which may eventually produce

of genius and an honest man. They dread. fore given, and declined a competition

ed the influence of such a man, and re. with Col. Burr. This, my fellow.citi. the most serious consequences.


folved to make a desperate attempt to zers, was an act worthy of a republican. pains have been taken to persuade you that Col. Burr and his friends, are alone prevent his election, even at the hazard

Chancellor Lansing felt no desire to op. of dcitroying the tranquility o! the state. | pose so respectable and meritorious a 'can. blameable for the unhappy divifion that But here another dificulty presented it didate


and the moment he found that he has arisen in the republican party. The

lelf. Amor.gft those who bankered after had been deceived, he haftened to correct truth is, however, directly the reverse.

The office of governor, there was not one The division has been produced by the

the step he had taken. He foresaw the that could hope to succeed when oppor. I consequences that would result from an greedy ambition of a nest of aristocrats, ed to suci a powerful antagonist as Çul. | oppflion to Col. Burr.

He was too who are grasping at every thing ; and

Burr. They were therefore compelled to borefl to fall in with the designs of the whose rapacity will never be gratified un. resort to Chancellor Lansing whose lalo icflion; and dildained to stand in the

way til they are immovably fixed in power

ents and integrity, they supposed would of a genileman who could not fail toob. until the two families to which they belong,

secure nis election. But the Chancellor tain the suffiages of ihe great body of in. form each a leg of the vast colossus that is

dependent electors. The aristocratic jun. designed to bestride the state.

to vere now thrown into a dilemma, from long since believed that Governor Clin. date for the office of Governor, I offure

which they knew not how to extricate ton would decline a re-election, and it you (without fear of contraddition) that was well understood i hat Col. Burr would

a man who is now a judge ojile supreme || chemselves ; an i had they been wise and

court, who is a warm parrizan of Mr. prudent, they would have relinquished be brought forward as his fucceffor.*

Lewis, and who has been a republican deir iniquitous projca, and periai:led * To convince you that it has, for som- | ever since he turned his coat, declareu

Col. Burr to stand as the only republican time paji, been no secret with the republi- || his knowledge of the fall, long before the candidate. Their disappointmeny, howev. cans, that Col. Burr was to be a candi- || nomination of Mr. Lanfing. .

er, only served to whet their resentment;

It was

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