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and they were refolved at all lazards, 10 friend in the council, who could not con. prevent

the ele&tion of Col. Buit. Ai finer it as an attempito influence his judg. length they found a rival candidate, wbu

What is meant by coupling my was willing to go all lengths in the work bame with the leading federalisis in conof division and opposition. They picked! grefs, I know not: I can never change my up a man scarcely known as a fiatelian principles, but I believe thole to be the -a man of slender talents, remarkable on wilell republicans who will to preserve ly for his tyrannical disposition: and this the constitution. I have learned from man they are now endeavouring to palm members of the convention, which form.

Editor's Closet. upon you, as your "genuine" republicaned that inftrument, that it was a work of governor, to the exclusion of one who great dilliculty to adjust the relative rights is every way his superior. Therefore be of the large and small states. And I be


lieve it we should realize all the alterations

of the constitution that are contemplated ARISTIDES OF COLUMBIA COUNTY.

We are told by the Bee, that a republican festi by men who are boih able and honest, not val was lately held at New Lebanon ; and we are one of the original conflitutional righıs of presented with a long string of tcasts, said to have che small states would remain in existence. I been drank on the occasion. These are as iusiped

I with the republicans in your quarter and silly as the most stupid democrat could wish, Beledcd.

had been so candid as to diffuse the infor. li having the merit of no other spirit than the run

mation that Meslis. Varnun, Eustis, Bith- || with which they were washed down. One out of [Mr. Elliot, representative in congress from Ver.

op, and Seaver, of M flachusetts, Mr. the number, however, is deemed worthy of noise,

Hoge of Pennsylvania, and Mr. Clay oi mont has given many proofs of his nonesty and

because it proves, either that repubs who compo: el

the meeting, were a set of knaves, whu meant to independence. Though professedly of the demo. Virginia, voted againsi the amendment as

well as mysell. Thole gentlemen, and deceive the people--or a pack of dunces who never cratic sect, he has risen above the paltry spirit of

other republican members of both houses, || knew what the Sedition Law was-or, lastly, that party, and has, with meritorious zeal, defended

so far from thinking that the amendment, they were so fudidlet that they knew not what they the rights and interets of the small state to which in its present forin, will " disappoint the | did. They may take their choice.

The toast is he belongs. He opposed, by his eluquence and

ambitious hopes and blaft the treasonable in these words :his vote, the destruction (under the name of an a.

machinations of the bale and unprincimendment) of the constitution.- We feci a pleas.

" The once popular föēlion of the U. pled Catalines of our country," appear to ure in republishirg the following letter from Mr.

nited States. My they not again be perremain unshaken in the opinion that it will Elliot to the editor of the Political Observatory.]

mitted to entrench themselves under the be attended with very different consequen- ll walls of a fediton law." WASIIINGTON, FEB. 15, 1804. The words " art and intrigue” were un

Without explaining what the federal sedition la v SIR, doubtedly intended to have some applica

really was, it is only necessary to mention thai ite I HAVE just read in your paper of the tion to iny felf; with what juftice the a.

prosent popular faction of this state are entrenching bove ftatement of facts will ihew. 4th inftant, the following curious para

If it

themselves under the walls of a sedition law, differgraph closing an “extract from a genıle.

ing from that of the federalises in one point on's be art and intrigue to act independently man at Windior to a friend at Westmin. and honeftly; to preler the dictates of

(viz.) The federal sedition law permitted the truth

to be given in evidence in all cases-the sedition ster."

conscience and the result of reflection, to

the Great exertions have been made by

rage of

law of ihis state permits it only in certain cases which and the views of individ. party

seldom occur. the oppolers to the amendment, to prevent uals; I fall fill be guilty during the

The reader will excuse the harshness of any its passing the legislature of Vermont--the

short period I fall remain in congress. mails have been crouded, for the last

We speak feelingly oa Although I made great facrifices in yield- the preceding remarks.

the subject of sedition and sedition laws. After month, with Tracy's Speech, and letters ing to the wishes of the people, facrifices

the persecutions and vexations which the editor of tron Mr. James Elliot and the leading ( for which abuse is no very equitable re. federalilis at Washington, to influence the

this paper has suffered ; and after every demxcrat muneration, I thould be happy to make ftill greater, were it in my power, in or.

in the country has panted for his destruction, it members in their decisions-but, thank der that the district migh: be better repre.

must not be expected that we shall sit quietly down, God, art, intrigue and bank interest, have

and suffer such hypocrisy and imposition to 5.255 proved uníuccefstal, and the friends of sented. I fincerely hope that it may be

unnoticed. liberiy have achieved an honorable vic.

better represented in the next congress.

There are many older and abler men in the Againit mere malice and envy I fall

district, to whom a public life would be In the Republican Farmer, we find the following never descend to a vindication of

much more pleasant than it is to me.char.

comment on the toast lately drank by the federalists my acier ; but falfhood ought not to pass un.

When I shall return to the shades of retire. at Washington--"A free Press-the publication noticed. It is not true that I “ (welled the ment, I am certain that I shall never again of truih protected—not plaisbel." mail" or wroie“ leiters to influence the sigh for political distinction, or envy the

" COMMENT. meinbers in their decisions.” I wrote, Ill glory of the great.

" See the Sedition Law ; enacted durbelieve, five letters to four members, all


“ ing the reign of the monarchics! lacof whom I considered as far above my in

tion, who now prate so fluently, upon fluence ; those letters contained no elabo.

" the Liberty of the Press !!!-li is curate arguments in support of my opinions, We observe, tha: OLIVER PHELPS,

" rious to see things, immutable in their but were rather in the nature of apologies | E!q. member of Congress from this late, nature, so easily transformed by this for a vote which I supposed those genile. has been nominated for Lieutenant Gov. " adventurous taction-In 1748 truth was men would consider as extraordinary. I ernor, by a large meeting of Republicans falfhood and fedition-Now falsmood incroied but one copy of Mr. Tracy's at Albany.

"and fander are truth, and mult be prospeech, and that was sent to a venerable

Edit. Bal. " tetiid Molt incontrovertable truth!"

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No such thing. I knew you were deceived. Here, Mr. Surveyor General De Witt, a You are said to be the editor of the Republican look through these spectacles.

connection of the Clinton family, Farmer; and as the above is an editorial article, I

" Are they green !"

whole office, tho' I have estimat. must consider you as the author of it.--I shall not No-nothing high-coloured-nothing deceptive. ed it at 3.000, is probably worth differ with you about your political sentiments. On Come, do look

twice that sum,

3.000 the contrary, I shall always admire the constancy « Well, let's see . .. Oh, Lord! What

Doctor De Witt, Private Secretary and zeal with which an opponent maintains his o. do we see?--ARISTOCRACY IN DISGUISE !"

to Gov. Clinton, also a connecpinions, provided he does it honestly and honorably.

Yes, my friends, what you thought was genuire

tion of the Clinton family. 5,00 But, sir, I have a serious charge to make against republicanism, when viewed with the naked eye, is

Francis Bloodgood, conneclion by you ; from which you may clear yourself in the best discovered through these spectacles to be aristocracy

marriage with the Clinton fami. manner you can; or, standing accused before the in disguise. But look again.

ly, one of the Clerks of the Su. bar of the public, you may plead guilty, and im.

“ Yes, we like these spectacles, every thing ap

preme Court,

4.000 plore mercy. You are guilty of uitering, in the

Francis A. Bloodgood, Clerk of pears so clear

Oh, monstrous ! how they paragraph above quoted, a most gross and palpable

Oneida County, magnify!"

750 falshood. Living, as you have, in the United States,

Nor in the least, my friends--they shew you

Total amount of the revenue receivyou cannot be ignorant of the form and substance things just as they are.

ed by the above members of the of the Sedition Law. You know that malicious fals

Clinton family,

56.550 " What ! are those great figures Ninety-five koot only was punished by the Sedition Law ; and

thousand five hundred dollars ?" that trutb was protected by it. You know that ev.

NOBLE FAMILY OF LIVINGSTON. Ye3-and to convince you tbat you now look ery defendant prosecured under that law, had a through a just and true medium-let me shew you

Chancellor Livingston Ambassador right to GIVE THE TRUTH IN EVIDEnce in his defence. You know, further, that now, under the that these spectacles have so glasses in them : But

to France, with 9.000 out fit, & you are here presented with plain black and white. 9 000 per annum salary, and his reign of democracy, the old common law doctrine, Look for yourselves, and learn to be wise.

return home-fit this spring 9,000, "the greater the truth, the greater the libel,"has been

which amounts to the enormous snatched almost from the tomb of oblivion, by the

Sletch of tke annual amount of the rewards of patriot. fum in three years of 36000 anuhand of democrats, and employed to crush a feder. ism, enjoyed by the two noble families of the state

al average

15.000 al press. And, knowing these things, with what of New-York.

The Hon. Judge Lewis,

2,500 face can you make such an assertion as the above ?


The Hon. Judge Livingston, 2,500 I observe that the Republican Farmer belongs to

Governor Clinton, as governor of

The Hon. Judge Thompson, 2 500 a company of “proprietors." Whether you have

Maturin Livingston, Register in become their property also, I cannot say ; but it this ftate, receives 3 750, and Chancery,

3,000 seems incredible that a young man, retaining enough

other allowances, worth 1,250

5,000 Gilbert Livingston, Mafter in chan. of b meelf to follow the bent of his own inclinations, The same Governor Clinton is

cery, Surrogate and commissionshould descend to the commission of acts too mean,

Clerk of the County of Ulster,

er for taking affidavits to be read too abominable, to be expected from any body, but

1,000 in the Supreme Court,

1,000 such abandoned miscreants as Duane and Cheeth. De Wi't Clinton, Mayor of the Ci.

Robert H. Livingston, Cleik of ly of New York, which is by the

the Couri or Common Pleas, &c. Pray sir, do your “ proprietors" bind you down smallest calculation worth

in Dutches County,

1.750 to such close conditions ? Are you compelled to 15,000, but by many men is el

General Wolley, who married in write and publish such self.condemning untruths ?

uimated at 25,000

15.000 the fainily, Clerk in the County Are these the services for which you are to receive George Clinton, Jun. Member of

of Clinton,

1,000 your wages? If so, abandon such a disgraceful Atlembly,

3.0 Thomas Tillotson, brother-in-law employment abandon such employers. Your gen. Samuel Olgood, the father-in-law

to the Chancellor, Secretary of jus entitles you to a better situation. You ought to to De Witt Clinton, Supervisor

State, salary and perquisites

5,000 be ashamed to prostitute your ialents to such vile of this district, which, when he

William Cutting, late Justice of purposes. If political strise is pleasing to you -- if was appointed, was worth at least 8,000 the Ten Pound Court. 2,000, you are partial to democratic forms of government The same Samuel Osgood is also a

now Mailer in Chancery, 3 000 3,000 -advocate your principles like an honest man Naval Officer, worth

8,000 William Livingston, Surrogate of speak-your opinions freely and firmly-write in P. C. Van Wyck, a connection

King's County,

400 their defence as you are capable of writing-write

of the Clinton's, lately made No.

John Armstrong, Senator of the argumen:-write sense-write reason-and, above

tary Public, now promoted mal

United States, at 6 dollars per all, write TRUTH : But, as you value your reputa.

ter in Chancery, City of New


1,000 tion-as you value the American character- avoid York,


William Livingston, Member of sophistry and deception--and, above all, avoid these Theodórus Baily, conected with the

Assembly from the County of bold and daring departures from veracity.

Clinton family by marriage, Poft.


300 H. CROSWELL. Mafter of the City of New

Tocal amount of the revenue of York.

6,000 this branch of the LivingstonA PAIR OF SPECTACLES FOR LEWISITES. Matthias B. Tallmadge, fon-in.


38,950 You are near-sigbied, my friends,- do put on law of Governor Chinion, Sen.

To wbich add the revenue of the these spectacles, and you will be enabled to see dis ator for the Western Distri&t, and

Clinton family,

56,550 tinctly.

Examiner in Chancery.

1,000 The whole amounts to the serious--" We see very well now." Judge Taylor, a senator, cousin of

sum of

95,500 No, my friends, 10-you are stone-blind-you

the Clinton family,

5:00 cannot see at all. Let me try you. Pray, what do William Stewart, District Attor. those great letters spell, which are paraded on the ney in ihe Wrn District,

IP A pair of Acrostics sent us by a • Burrite," top of that hand-bill in yonder tavern.

brother-in-law to De Witt Clin

have some merit ; but, on the whole, are deemed Genuine republicanism, to be sure."


5.000 improper for publicatiou.


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in mo

I OBSERVED a piece in your

when putin mo:ion, they will interfe&t or fi provided I could fhew, that cards did not pafs between cach other in contrary di- require the pain of thinking; and merely regions—the office of one that being as exclude from it, the profit and the pleasure, well to threlh, as to clean the straw from Cards, it one may guess from their fir the other. The shafts, when


appearance, leem inventes for the use of tion, form the segments of two circles ; children ; and, among the toys peculiar and are surrounded by ten perpendicular to infancy, the bells, the whistle, the rat

poils, into each of which are placed fix tle, and the hobby-horse, deserved their agricultural.

arms to point to their respective shafts .- share of commendation. By degrees men, thefe pofts being framed into girths at top who came neare:t to children in under

and bottom, and lined with boards ftand- landing and want of ideas, grew enamFOR THE BALANCE.

ing upright. The Machine may be turn oured of the use of them as a suitable en.

ed by any method applicable to mills or tertainment. Others also, pleased to reMR. EDITOR,

machines in general. It will thich all fizet on the innocent part of their lives, had kinds of grain to perfection, from 50 recourse to this amusement, as what recall

to 150 bushels per day. Indian Coin ed it to their minds. A hot of villains paper, tome time since, ligned AGRICOLA, may be threshed as fast as the ears can be encreased the party ; who, regardless of written in consequence of seeing a short || put in by one man with a large Shovel, that entertainment, which the former advertisement of Turner's Threlhing Ma. and not even the smallest kernels left on seemed to draw from cards, considered chine. This advertisement, for some rea. the point of the cob.

them in a more serious right, and made ale fon, has touched the feelings of your cor

AGRICULTURE. oi them as a more decent subftitule to rob. respondent Agricola, or I think he would 1804.

bing on the roaci, or picking pockets. not have condemned Turner's Machine,

But men who propose to themselves a dig. before be had learnt exactly on what prin.

nity of character, where will you find their ciples it was constructed. For, although

inducement to this kind of game ? For ditit was said to perform by whipping, it

Donitorial Department. ficnit indeed were it io determine, wheth. should be observed that there are various

er it appear more odious song sharpers, modes of whipping in the world, besides

To aid the cause of virtue and religion.

or giore empiy and ridiculous among per: that on the back.

fons of character. I think Agricola is deeply interested in

Perhaps, replied I, your menot wit and Hoxie's Machine, or he would at least


fancy may favour this diversion, as giving have admitted the “ truth to be given in

occasion for the crop of jelt and witticism, evidence," before he condemned Turn


which naturally enough arises from the er's Machine, merely because Europe had

names and circumstances of the cards. not perfected one on the same principles.


He said, he would allow this as a proper He acknowledges that he had not leen

motive, in case the men of wit and huTurner's Machine, but had seen Hoxie's,

mour would accept the excuse themselves. and determines at once that the latter is

E had palled our evening with In short, fays he, as perigns of ability fuperior to any the world can produce. some certain persons famous for their talte, are capable of furnishing out a much more For my part, I feel disposed to give every their learning, and refinement : But, as agreeable entertainment ; when a gentle. posible encouragement to improvements | ill-luck would have it, two tellows, duller man offers me cards, I shall esteem it as in general, and in particular to those than the rest, had contrived to put them. his private opinion that I have neither sense which favor the farmer. I have seen selves upon a level, by introducing a game nor tancy. both of the Michines above mentioned. I at cards.

I asked how much he had loft-His an. think Mr. Hoxie's Machine, when it first It is a fign, faid he, the world is far gone (wer was, he did not much regard ten pie. appeared, was a real improvement in in absurdity, er lurely the fathion of cards ces ; but that it hurt him to have fquan. Threshing. I also think that Tuner's is would be accounted no mall one Is it dered them away on cards ; and that to the now the best that has yet been discovered. not Surprising that men at finde should lofs of conversation, for which he would In my opinion, the principle of whipping, submit to join in this idle cufton, which have given twenty. when applied to extracting grain troin appears originally inverted to supply its the straw, is belier than stripping | deficiency ? But luch is the iałalny ! im. the grain being left cleaner from perfections give rise to fashions ! and are smut, or any kind of dirt ; and the Ma followed by those who do not labour un

no iscellany. chine being calculated for the threshing of der the detects that introduced them. all kinds of grain-built with small ex Nor is the hoop the only instance of a fash

FOR THE BALANCE. pence and not easily impaired. I will ion invented by those who found their achere add a short description of Turner's count in it ; and alierwards countenanced Michine, which may perhaps help Agri- | by others to whose figure it was prejudi. A HINT TO LAND-PACKET-MEN, cola to judge of its terits :

cial. It confills of two upright or perpendic. How can men, who value themselves ular fhafis, into each of which are fixed upon their reflections, give encourage.

, seven pair of spokes or arms of a suitable ment tu a practice, which puts an end to wind-bound in Albany for tome days, and length, (3! feet is found beft)—these thinking ?

wishing to get on to the southward into fatis being placed so near each other, I intiinated the old allusion of the bow, better weather, I thought beft to take pal. that the arms of each may reach their op. that acquires frem vigour by a temporary fage in the mail. flage, and by the fup's posie hatt, and the spokes placed one a. relaxajon.

riling, we bore array, with a fair wind. bove the other, in fuch a manner, that He answered, this might be applicable, We had not proceeded far, before we

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were hailed by two females in distress, The following anecdote is copied in took that of Verniettes. This was the name witb each a little one, who wished to substance from - Memoirs of J. B. Rouf. of a young man with whom he had been take passage with us. We then threw seau, by M. de Voltaire, with notes to ex clerk. He was introduced by this name our top-sail to the mast, and hove to, un. plain and correct certain facts.

to the Prince of Armagnac, Grand Ecuytil they boarded us. We then put our In 1695, Rousseau composed a comedy his father made loes for the Prince of Ar.

er of France; but, unfortunately for him, helm hard a-weather, and bore away for entitled the Flatterer. It was well writ. the river. After crossing it, an old

ten, natural, and the piot ingeniously con. magnac, and came one day to bring the sheer hulk hove in sight to bear us com ducted. li met with considerable success. Prince a pair while his son was with him. pany. She appeared to have been wreck.

His father, a fhoemaker, who kept his The father wept with grief and vexation, ed, and cut down to her wail. She,

fhop in the Rue des Noyers, having heard and complained to the Prince, who reprihowever, ran up and hailed us, and I

it reported that Rousseau had written a play | manded Rousseau in the moll mortitying foon discovered she was furnished with

which had excited the admiration of all manner, but to no purpose. a temporary top. Our helmiinan thought Paris, thought himself too well paid for

His father died with chagrio soon after, beft to turn over another passenger and

every pains he had belowed on the edu. and the son would not even go into mouramyseif, on board of this sheer hulk. The cation of a son who did him such great ; ing: wind being high, we were all obliged to

honor ; though the author, since he had A young page, who was in the Prince's stand by and hold on, to prevent the top risen to so much notice in the world, had apartment when Rousseau, after liaving as. of our ship from separating from the bot.

despised the thoemaker, and the son had fumed the name of l'aniettes, was discov. tom, and setting us all adrilt. --It this forgotten the father. Nevertheless, pa.

ered by his father, immediately quoted the is carrying passengers at fix.pence per ternal tenderness made the old man hasten anagram of Verniettes a word from mile, I must in future look out for a betto thie play house, where, having paid his

which fome enemies of Rousseau had ex. ter ship.

money, and taken his place in the pit, betracted these ouliers, Tu te renies, thou NAUTILUS. began to boast to every body that he was

deniest thiyself. March 26th, 1804. father to the author, with all that fatistac

And !iere I cannot lielp recollecting the tion which a simple tradesman and a tel. end of an epigrun which M. Boindin wrote der parent might be expeEted to show.

ab.l't that line. Il concluded thus : Rousseau, who was then in the pit, was in Appollo, wrat!ful, then decreed, Literary Oleanings. hale to get out, fearing an interview which This modern Marsyas should be fay'di might humble his vaniry. His father fol.

The skin his father thus might use,
lowed him, and in the presence of La

If not to make, to cobble shoes.
Toriliere, an excellent actor, who was one

VOLTAIRE has faid, that every aof his customers, threw himíelf on his LADISLAUS, King of Poland, hav. neck, and melting into tears. “ Now, said

thor has a right to derive a reasonable pro. ing engaged in a crufade, and obtained hie, can you doubt that I am your father."

Ge from his labour, which is as much his several victories over the Turks, the des. " You, my father !" cried Rouleau; and,

due as the rent of an estate is due to its ow13. pot of Turkey lued for peace; and a trea. abruptly tearing himself from him, imme

The annexed anecdote will shaw ihe iy was concluded which both parties swore il diately quitted the place ; leaving the spec

diately quitted the place ; leaving the spec. ablurdity of a contrary opinion :to keep inviolate. This treaty not being tators in amazement and the father in del

A foreign ambassador having at his table agreeable to a Cardinal, who hearing of pair.

a philolopher of Geneva, who maintained the success of Greek Emperor and their

This a&tion did more harm to his repu

himself by his literary labors, as a number allies, against the infidels, eagerly took tation than all the comedies ever written

of court sycophan's do by their füvility, advantage of these events, to induce the could have done it honor. M. Boindin,

and speaking of a man of the firit genius,

he writes for his bread, said the ambulator, Christians to break the treaty they had !ol. Attorney-General to the French treasury, emnly sworn not to infringe. The mil. who was then young, was present at this

contemptuously. And for whai dues your chievous casuistry of the Cardinal, perscene, and told him openly the action was

Excellency cypher and decypher, rciort.

ed the blunt citizen of Geneva ? Wiiy, to haps haftened the tall of Constantinople.

detestable, and that his vanity did not even "And is it thus, exclaimed be, that you understand its own intereft ; for that to

give a good dinner to your equals. will desert the expectations of the Grecks have acknowledged his father would have

BOOK MAKING. and their allies, and your own fortune ? increased his glory, and a disavowal like

NEVER was the noble art of book. It is to them, to your God, and your fel. this only ought to have incited his blushes.

making, faid Horace Walpole, carried to low Christians, that you have pledged your ! This was the cause of that enmity which faith ; and that prior obligation annihi. Rousseau manifested as long as he lived a

such high perfection, as at present. Thule lates a rafh and lacrilegious oath to the en. gainst M. Boindin, whom he presently at

compilers seem to forget that people have librarins.

One varnps up a emies of Christ. His Vicar on earth is tacked with much asperity.

book of travels, conliling merely of dir. the Roman Pontiff ; without whose fanc. Rousseau then changed his name, and guised cxtracts from former publications. tion, you can aeither promise or perform.

Another filis his pages with Greek and In his name I absolve your perjury, and * M. Racin?, the younger, in a letler Latin extracts from Auftotie and Quintilfanâily your arms—follow my footsteps | which is published with the letters of lian.

which is published with the letters of, ll ian. A third, if possible, more infipid, in the paths of glory and salvation ; and Rovfequ, offirms, that poet never denied || gives us long quotations from our poets, ir fiil you have scruples, devolve on my his father. He says he has been informed while a reference was enough, the books head the punishment and the sin.” The | by persons whole character renders their being in the hands of every body. Aneloquence of the Cardinal was perfuasive. I veracity indubitable, that Rousseau never other treats' us with old French ana in The King of Poland perjured himselt; was aframed of his family: that, on the || masquerade; andły a singular fate, derives broke the treaty he had made ; and plung contiury, he made it his bon, that in his | advantage from his blunders, which make el again into a war. His army was rout. origin he resembled Horare; and that he the things look ncws. Pab! Land an aman. ed in a battle, himself killed, and his head never had corded his father to thed any uensis could scribble one of these books in carried on a pole. lears, except tears of joy.

iwenty-four hours.


try dance,

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sale of spiritous liquors to the soldiery, un propositions to injure, in some measure, der the penalty of fifty-dollars. Will not ihe interefts of the permanent seat of the the foldiery consider this as an encroach government.

Nat. Intell. ment upon their right of " managing their own affairs in their own way?

ESTHER M’DOWELL. Be it our weekly task,

We urderftand by the southern papers, To note the passing tidings of the times.


that this mysterious woman, who has exHaving found or rather lost its way up cited lo much public folicitude, is now in >>>>> 90% các

the river Delaware, opposite to Philadel. Philadelphia, under the protection of several hudson, April 3, 1804. phia, has been killed and got on fhore at

worthy members of the lociety of Friends, Kensington bridge, where it may be seen who have sent a perion to Montreal, 10 67 The Trustees of the Berkshire and in full length. His Jaws are expanded make diligent enquiry respecting her sitColumbia Missionary Society will meet upwards ot fi'e feet, he is between 30 and

uation while in that city. 40 feet long, and his tail is eight feet in at the house of William WALKER, EsQ

width. It is said to be the greatest curiosi. A duel has been fought at Savannah, in Lenox, on the THIRD TUESDAY in

ly ever witnefied at Philadelphia, not even originating in an affront that arose at a ball April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. the Mammuth's bones excepted.

in consequence of a dispute between two

young ladies for the upper place in a coun. For the benefit of our northern breth.

We understand that a company


The affair was terminated by ren, who have an inclination to emigrate | tlemen have obtained a perpetual lease of one ot the parties being shot through the and settle at New Orleans, " the land | Powles-Hook, and have agreed to pay

heart. that floweth with milk and honey," we 6000 dollars annually. It is to be laid out pubiith the following “ statement of the as a regular planned city, and divided in. The large and elegant building for the common expences of the necesaries of to 1000 lots, at 100 dollars each, requir.

accommodation of the poor at Wilmington, lif.," at that place. The friends of econ ing of every original adventurer 6 per cent. Del. was burnt on Saturday the 17th ult. omy and cheap living in this quarter, Sme of the most wealthy and enterpri. would do well to " pack up their duds ling citizens of New York and New. Jer. and march." sey, have also embarked in the undertak.

The blacks of St. Domingo have changD. C. D. C. ing.--Application has been made by the House rent--for a store

ed its name to that of Hayti, the original company to the Legislature of New Jersey fronting the Levee, from for an act of incorporation for themselves

name of the Island. It is proposed in an ! 13:0 24 teet square, with

and associates, and leave given to presenta | English paper to alter the name of Ireland ! a back room for depositbill at the next fitting.

to that of West-Britain. ing goods, according to

OFFICIAL. the conveniences and fit

The corporation of Norfolk, (Virginia) warion, per month 40 70 have passed an ordinance prohibiting the

WASHINGTON.CITY, March 21. In the interior part of

erection in that borough, of any dwelling. the city in a public stand house, kitchen, or other building having a

Yesterday the following message from

the Picsident was delivered to the two houl. per month,

30 35 fire place, uniess the walls thereof be of Adwelling house i fto. good brick or stone, and the root covered

es of Congress by Mr. Harvie : ry high, with one good with llate or cile. We think this an ex.

To the Senate and House of Representatives room in front, and one ample worthy of being followed by every

of the United States. or two back with a kitchcompact place on the continent.

I communicate to Congress a letter from en, per month,

Captain Bainbridge, commander of the Spacious dwelling

The Legislature of Rhode Illand have | Philadelphia frigate, informing us of the house for a large family, concurred in the proposed amendment to

wreck of that vesel on the coast of Tripo. 50 80

li, and that himself, his officers and men the constitution. It pafled the Senate u. Boarding, at the best nanimously—the house 42 to 18.

had fallen into the hands of the Tripolitans. public houses, per day,

This accident renders it expedient to en. 50 Horse keeping, of the

On Saturday, Mr. Wright prelenied to

crease our force, and enlarge our expenmost ordinary kind, per the Senate of the United States a bill for the

ces in the Mediterranean beyond what the day,


removal of the public offices and for the taft appropriation for the naval fervice conDitto good. none.

meeting of Congress at Baltimore, until templated. I recommend therefore to the MARKETING.


On receiving consideration of Congress such an addition Beef, per lo. the bill the Senate divided--Ayes 15

10 that appropriation as they may think the Noes 8.

exigency requires. Veal,

It was then moved that the bill should

TH: JEFFERSON. Potatoes per bb1. of the

be ordered to a second reading-Carried TRIPOLI, November 1, 1803. fize of a flour barrel, 5 -Ayes 13–Noes 10.

SIR, Cabbage, per head 15


The reader will observe that those ques. Misfortune necessitates me to make a Turkies, piece

50 50

tions are merely incidental, and do not, communication the most distresling of my Dingbill lowls,


50 in the least, implicate a decision of the lite, and, it is with the deepest regret that Ducks,

60 main question. There is not the least rea I inform you ct the lols of the United Milk, per quart, , 25

son to expect that this measure will re States frigate Philadelphia, under my com

ceive the approbation of Congress. It is mand, by being wrecked on rocks beThe Governor General of Louisiana has much to be regretted that it has been intro. tween four and five miles to the eastward published an ordinance, prohibiting the duced, as it is the tendency of all such of the town of Tripoli. The circumstances


per month.


day of




Frelh pork,






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