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relating to this unfortunate event are : At one of hauling our colours down and sub.

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. 9 A. M. being about five leagues to the mitting to the enemy whom chance had eastward of Tripoli, saw a fhip in shore of befriended. In such a dilemma the flag of Our readers will perceive that the P.elus ftanding before the wind to the west. The United States was struck. However ident is quire spirited in his Mellage relaward; we immediately gave chace. She painlul it will be to our fellow-citizens to

tive to the loss of the Philadelphia Frigate. hoisted Tripolitan colours and continued hear the news, they may be allured that we Inftead of talking any longer about " the her course very near the Chore: about e. feel in a national lors equal with them. (mallest force competert,"he now tells them leven o'clock had approached the shore to Zeal in serving our country in doing our

that • this accident renders it expedient io seven fathoms water : commenced firing || duty has placed us in that situation which increase our force and enlarge our expenat her, which we continued by running can better be conceived than described, and


This is just such a measure as we before the wind until half past 11, being from which we rely on our country's ex

should have expected from just such a then in 7 fathoms water, and finding our tricating us.

ftatesman. When the navy originally delfire ineffectual to prevent her getting into The gun boats in attacking fired princi. tined to the Mediterranean was before Tripoli , gave up the pursuit, and was bear. pally at our masts. Had they directed their

pally at our mafis. Had they directed their Congrels, the federalisis were for sending ing off, when we ran on the rocks in 12 Thot at the hull, no doubt but they would

a force that should be sufficient at once to teet water forward and 17 feet abate : imhave killed many.

bring the war to a speedy and gloriuos issue, mediately lowered down a boat from the The ship was taken poffeffion of a little

and in the course of debate they presiacd ftern, founded and found the greatest depth afrer fun let, and in the courle of the eve

what would be the fruits of the narrow pol. of water aitern, laid all fails aback loosed ning myself and all the officers with part of

ning myself and all the officers with part of icy contended for by the Jeffersonians. top gallant fails, and set a heavy prels of the crew, were brought on shore and car A war of three years has been dragged on, fail canvass on the ship, blowing fresh, to ried before the Bashaw who asked several and at length been followed by a loss that back her off

, cast three anchors away from questions. From his palace the officers cannot be repaired short of some millions, the bows, started the water in the hold, were conducted to the house which Mr. besides furnishing the enemy with the hove overboard all the guns, except fome Cathcart lived in, where we lodged last means of diclating to us their own terms abaft to defend the ship against the gun night, and this day the Minister has be -And now when nothing remains but to boats which were then firing on us; found come the guarantee to the Bathaw, for us patch up the best peace in our power, the all this ineffectual, then made the last ei.

officers, and we have given him our parole system of economies" is to be abandoned, fort of lightening her forward by cutting a. of honor.

our force increased, and our expences enway her foremast, which carried the main Enclosed you will receive a list of the larged. And what will be the consetop gallant mast with it : but labor and en. officers and a few of the people to attend quence of this ? Most certainly to double terprize were in vain ! for our face was them, who are quartered in the American the rigors of captivity to our poor suffer. direfully fixed. I am íully sensible of the Conlular house, and are to be provided for ing countrymen. Instead of increasing Joss that has occurred to our country, and by such ways and means as I can beft a. our force and enlarging our expences for the difficulty in which it may further in- dopt, which will be on as economical 2 this purpose, the first thing now to be atvolve her with this Regency : and I feel l plan as poflible. The remainder of the tended to is to treat for the ranlom of our beyond description for the brave unfortu crew will be supported by the Regency. wretched fellow citizens from Turkish nate officers and men under my command, We have all lost every thing but what bondage.

[Evening Pop.] who have done every thing in their

power was on our backs, even part of that was worthy of the character and stations they taken off ; the loss of the officers is con. filled and I trust on investigation of my fiderable, as they were well provided in

Che Knot. own conduct that it will appear to my gov. every necessary for a long station. err ment and country consistent with the M. Nilsou the Danish Consul has been ftation in which I had the honor to be plac- extremely attentive and kindly offers eve. ed.

ry service of aflillance. Striking on the rocks .was an accident not possible for me to guard against by any I trust, fir, you will redily conceive the

MARRIED, intimation of charts, as no such shoals were anxiety of mind I must suffer:. After the

In this city, on Thursday evening last, Mr. Marlaid down in any on board, and

perusal of the enclosed ceriificates from every care.

SHAL JENKINS, jun. Merchant, to Miss Sarax ful precaution by three leads kept heaving, pleased to express the opinion of govern. the officers on my , should you

Jenkins, daughter of Thomas Jenkins, Esq. Maywas made use of in approaching the shore

or of this city. ment, you will much oblige. to effect the capture of a Tripolitan cruiz.

At Kir.derhook, on Tuesday last, CORNELIUS er : and after the ship struck the rocks, all

I have the honor to be, Sir,

VAN SCHAACK, Esq to Miss Clarisa Deming. poflible measures were taken to get her off,

With the greatest respe&t, and the firm determination made not to give

Your most ob'ı serv't her up as long as any possible hope re


NOTICE. mained, although annoyed by gun boats, P. S. Notwithstanding our parole we which took their position in such a manner

The federal Electors in the several towns that we could not bring our guns to bear

are not permitted to leave the house or go

on the top of it and they have closed our of this county, are requelled to appoint oa them, not even after culting away part view of the sea.

committees to meet the Hudson compit. of the stern to effect it. When my officers and self had not a

The above letter was accompanied by a tee, at the house of Jacob Moule, innkeephope left of its being possible to get her off certificate of the officers of the Philadelphia, er in Claverack, on Monday, the gih inft. the rocks, and having withstood the fire of bearing testimony to the good conduct of

for the purpose of nominating proper canthe gun boats for four hours, and a rein- Capt. Bainbridge ; and a list of 43 offi

didates to be supported, at the ensuing Eforcement coming out from Tripoli with cers and 36, men in captivity, out the smallest chance of injuring them in On Motion of Mr. Nicholson the Mel.

lection, tor Representative to Congrels, resistance, to save the lives of brave men, fage was immediately referred in the com

Senators of the Middie District, and no alternative was left but the distresling | mittee of Ways and Means.

Members of Allembly.'.: ful.

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Thus, with unwearied wings, I flee
Through all Love's gardens and his fields;
And, like the wise, industrious bee,
No weed but honey to me yields.

mies legions : the great merit in the con. struction of this machine is, that he can remain in perfeat safety in the centre, while he deals death and destruction to all around him, and he is capable of re-charging it in ten minutes ; and it can be moved with one horse, with the greatest facility, at the rate of eight miles an hour.

The Wreath.





BY COWPER. WHEN all within is peace,

How nature seems to smile ! Delights that never cease,

The live long day beguile.

[The following article, we believe, was first pub."

FROM THE TRUE AMERICAN. lished in a Washiagton paper. We give in as we find it, without vouching for its authenticity.]

The Chief of the Chaclaws, having been WHEN Mr. Rodney's motion, in introduced, at Washington City, to Bon. house of Representatives, to extinguish the aparte's brother, and learning that the Firlt ftate balances, lately came before the com Consul was actually engaged in war with mittee of the whole, the eplightened Hon. the King of England, oblerved to young orable N--h K—, a little mistaking the Bonaparte, that a warrior's brother, in his question, got up and very gravely oblery. nation, would be deemed a COWARD, it he ed" He hoped their attention would first were to absent himself from bis country. be turned to the Hudson Balance, in the We presume Citizen Bonaparte did not neighboring late of N. York, as the first teel himselt much flattered with this Cha. hat ought to be extinguishedand he felt taw compliment. glad that the legislature were going to interfere in the extinguishment of these mis.

A Judge, suspected of bribery, checked chievous vehicles of lander.

his clerk for baving a dirty face. I plead

guilty, my lord, said the clerk, but my PRIZE POETRY.

hands are clean.

From morn to dewy eve,

With open hand she showers Fresh blessings, to deceive

And soothe the silent hours.

It is content of heart

Gives nature power to please ; The mind that feels no smart,

Enlivens all it sees ;

Can make a wint'ry sky

Secm bright as smiling May, And ev'ning's closing eye,

As peep of early day..

him ;

The vast majestic globe,

So beautiously array'd La nature's various robes,

With wond'rous skill display'd

Some years since, a Mr. Dickson, who
was Provost of Dundee in Scotland, died, TERMS OF THE BALANCE,
and by will left the sum of one guinea, to

FOR 1804.
a person to compose an epitaph upon
which fum he directed the three executors

To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty to ay. The executors, thinking to de.

Cents, payable quarterly. fraud the poet, agreed to meet and share

To those who receive them by mail, Two Dolthe guinea among them, each contributing lars, payable in advance.

To those who take their papers at the office, 1st. Here lies Dickson, provost of Dundee

bundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the city 2d. Here lies Dickson, here lies he,

price will be made. The third was embarassed for a long time,

A handsome Title Page and Table of Contents but unwilling to lose his share of the guin

will accompany the last number of the volume. ca, vociferoully bawled

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and cosHallalujah, Hallaluje

spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which accompa. nies the Balance.

a line.

Is, to a mourner's heart,

A dreary wild at best ; It flutters to depart,

And longs to be at rest.


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I be following lines, from an old English writer,

will c.7use the reader to entile.
I never yet could see that face
Which had no dart for me,
From fifteen years to fifty's pace,
They all victorious be.

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Colour or shape, good limbs or face,
Goodness, or wit, in all I find,
Ia morion or in speech, a grace,
If all fail, yet 'tis womankind.

A very ingenious young man of the name of Smart, a journeyman taylor, near Tunbridge Well, in Eagland, has invented an infernal machine, which when plac. ed in any point of contact against an invading force, is capable of destroying a Thousand men a minute.

The expence, we are told, will be small when compared ville iis utility. He has explained to the DOKI Richinond, Lord Lieutenant of the Country, the model uf this machine, &c. which has met the general approbation of all the Gentlemen Volunteer officers in that neighbourhood ; the inventor is a volunteer himlelf, though a tailor. Should ic meet the approbation of the Duke of Richmond, Smart will undertake to conduét it himself into the centre of the ene

The first and second Volumes of the Balance, may be had on the following terms '

First Volume-unbound
Second Volume,

Both Volumes,
If bound, the price of binding (either plain or el
egant) will be added.--An unbound volume may be
sent to any post-office in the state for 52 cents posta
age ; or to any post office in the union for 78 cents

If rall, the name of Pronur s'a: 9 ;
It fair, she's pleasant as the light,
If low, her preitiness does please,
If black, what lover loves no rigo



Warren-Street, Hudson.

The fit, like plenty, Ells my heart,
The lean with love makes me so too ;
If straight, her body's Cupid's dart,
To me, if crooked, 'lis his bow.



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of the blessings of liberty, at the moment

the benefit of elections ? The name of he is rivetting your chains. A junto of liberty is of no use without its reality.

ambitious lordlings can boast of their pat. FOR THE BALANCE.

In reply to this, the partizans of judge riotism, while receiving annually from Lewis will tell you that the members of

your pockets, an hundred thousand dolTO THE PEOPLE.

the legifiature have an equal right with lars. It behoves you, then, to be on you to nominate a governor. That they

your guard. You Kould watch with a No. IV.

have an equal right, I grant; but I deny jealous eye, every encroachment on your the superior right which they clain. As HAT makes you a free peo. privileges. You should it I may be 'al

legislaiors they have no fuch right. And ple? The right you enjoy of electing lowed to speak figuratively) crush the it they wish to exercise it as private citi. your own magistrates. The right of mak. worm that guaws upon the root of the zens, they ought to meet in places accefli. ing through your representatives, the laws tree of liberty.

ble to all, and by public notice, invite all by which you are governed. The right It is not my wish to excite unreasonable to attend.

Inflead of doing this, they of examining the chara&ters and investi jealousy or apprehension. I have no dis shut themselves up in private caucules. gating the conduct of your rulers. As pofition to make mountains of mole-hills. They took poffeffion of the state assembly. long as you preserve these rights entire I should consider myself unpardonable, chamber. They appointed a door-keepand unimpaired, you will indeed be a free were I to sound an alarm without jus er ; and refused admittance to every citipeople. But it corruption creeps into cause. But, let me ask you, my friends, zen (no matter how respectable) who did your elections.

If your representatives | does not this cause now exist ? Is not an not bclong to the legislature, or who was make use of their power to legalize fpec- l attempt now making to snatch from you not concerned in the great election. At ulation. If you permit your magiftrates your rights and privileges ? Are not cer

one of these legislative caucuses, Morgan to raise themielves out of the reach otcaia members of your legifiature commit

Lewis was nominated for your governor ; truth-your liberty is slavery and your ting acts of usurpation which loudly de

and you have been called upon to give rigins are bondage. mand your attention ? For what purpose him your support at the approaching e.

lection. Nay, what is worse than all this, I know you love freedom so well, that are your representatives elected ? What

your right to vote for any other candidate, the power of man is insufficient to take it are their conftitutional duties? Turn to from you by force. I know you would the constitution, and you will there find

has been questioned. Such of you as You will

have had sufficient firmuess and inde. ofier up your blood and treasure a willing every thing plainly defined. facrifice, sooner than surrender your rights find the line of duty diftin&tly marked.

pendence to make a nomination for your.

lelves, have been denonnced as traitors, to an avowed enemy. With " conquer But, I pledge myself, you will not find or die," for your motto, you would march a word authorizing your legislature to

turn-coats, and apoftates. You have been

calumniated and abused. And for what? to battle against an assailant who should o. di&tate to you who shall be your chief penly declare his intention of robbing you magiftrate. No, my friends; for if you

For exercising the rights oi freemen. of your liberty. But, my friends, it is had given your legislative body this right,

Fellow.Citizens, are you prepared to not with such opponents that you are to your election would be a farce, more fit to

submit to all this injustice, without makcontend. Art can sometimes effect, what be a&ted among a gang of slaves, than in ing one manly struggle to secure your power dare not attempt. A subtle enemy a community of freemen. It a nomina. liberties ? I trust not. can approach you under the specious mask tion, made by your representatives is

ARISTIDES OF COLUMBIA COUNTY. of friendship. Aristocracy can falk round

binding upon you, why not give them the the world, disguised in the garb of "ger. power of electing your governor at once ? DREAD more the blunderer's friend. uine republicanism.” A tyrant can preach | Why take the trouble, without having

Why take the trouble, without having ship than the calumniator's enmity.


of Saratoga, E?quire, voluntarily maketh Saratoga County, ss.
oath and laich, that he was sworn as a juror

Kenneth Gordon, of Charlton, in the on the trial of Abraham Ladieu on Indiet

faid County of Saratoga, voluntarily mak. FROM THE ALBANY CENTINEL. inent for Arlon, at the Court of Oyer and

eth oath and faith, That he was also sworn Terminer, holden in and for the said coun. as a juror on the trial of the above said A. Vessrs. Editors, ty of Saratoga, in June, 1802, and that

braham Ladien-That the above deponent, The following article appeared in the Reçiler of ihe 26th ult.

Chief Justice Lewis presided at that Court John Nash, Esquire, was Foreman of the • The fact respecting the Chief Juftice's

-That John Brown, Kenneth Gordon jury--That this deponent hath attentively and Thomas Smith, among others, were

examined the above statement of laets, by having lef a jury in Saratoga, which " is represented by the federal and apos

also sworn as jurors on the fame irial- the said John Nash, in bis deposition of That when the jury retired to consider of

the 28ih inftant, and verily believes the "late lupporters of Burr to his disadvan. their verdict, it was botween the hours of

fame to be true. And further faith not. tage, is simply this.—The jury retired

three and tour o'clock (or thereabouts) in (Signed) KENNETH GORDON. " in the evening, and were likely to be all

the afternoon-That this deponent was Sworn the 29th day of March, 1804, " night in making up a verdict. Mrs.

chosen foreman--That after the jury retir. " Lewis lay ill at a distance from the place

before me, Francis Drake. ed several messages were received as com" where they were fitting. The Chief

Justice of the Peace. ing from the court, to know whether they Justice wishing not to leave her alone,

were like to be agreed on their verdi&t ? - It is now proved that the jury were not " informed the jury, late in the evening, That the last meilage was “ Are you like

" likely to be all night in making up a ver. " and after they had been sometime out,

diet." " that it they did not expect to agree soon, to agree on your verdi&t soon ?" (or words

That the Judge DID NOT leave to that effect)– That answer was given, them " late in the evening”-ihat the jury ! " he should think it his duty to leave them “ for the night to attend upon his wite;

We are”—That the messenger replied, did not answer that “they had no prospeát
you are agreed in fifteen minutes

of soon agreeing."

What the Register " and that he had given directions to the (or thereabouts) the Court will adjourn”

means by critical situation, I cannot fay. “ sheriff, in that case, to see that they (or words to that effect)-That at the ex

But this I know, that when Judge Lewis were properly accommodated. They " answered that they had no prospect of this deponent, as Foreman, by direction piration of fifteen minutes (or thereabouts) left the jury he went to Balliton springs;

and if Mrs. Lewis was really in a critica! Joon agreeing. He then lete them. It

of the jury, sent the Constable to inform filuation, it was so much the worse, for he may not be amiss to add, that the ftua.

the court they had agreed on their verdiétouglit to have attended her, instead of rei tion of Mrs. Lewis at the time was a ve

- That this was about sun set-That the pairing to the Billiard Table. The whole ry critical one. This we believe is a

Constable returned with information that i ftory, however, in the Register is a fabri. true statement and is there a man of the Court had adjourned !--That he was

cation, Mrs. Lewis was not in a critical “ honor or lensibility in the world who

then asked if the judge had gone ?- That situation : The best explanation is no " would make this transaction the ground he answered, “ He is now gone, but was

doubt this ; that as his honor is known to " of a serious charge against the republi

not when I first went out, for he was just be fond of sport, he preferred his pleasure can candidate ? He who does it, de.

getting into his carriage, when I called to his duty, ! serves to be booted out of civilized lo. loudly to him, but he gave me no answer,

CORRECTOR. ciety, and driven among the Kicka. is

nor even turned his head !” (or words io poos.

that effect)-That the Constable further Now, as there are no less than three

informed, it was the order of the Judge wiltul falfhoods in this article, which Mr.

FROM THE NATIONAL GIS. that the jury should be kept in their room Barber has been made to father, you will

until the next morning ten o'clock-That at once see the propriety of undeceiving

a second Constable alıerwards, placed We have hitherto cautiously foreborne the public in respect to them. It an ac.

himselt at the door, by order of the judge, to take a part in the controversy which has curate account of this affair has become

as this deponent was informed, and be. so long agitated the public mind, respecnecessary, let it be remembered that the

lieves—That the door was locked upon the iting the political character and conduct of hardened front with which the tools of the

jury, and they were kept coufined io their Colonel BURR. At this late period it is family circulate falsehoods has made it so. And if the affertion made by the Legislative

room, until ten of the clock the next day. not our intention to enter the lifts. Were

And further this deponent faith not. we disposed to join the combatants on eith. AddresTors, that the " Chief Justices' con


JOHN NASH. er fide, we are not sufficiently acquainted duct is above reproach,"turns out to be mere

Sworn the 28th day of March, 1804, with the ground of the dispute, to manage electioneering rant, let it be remembered

before me, Francis DRAKE,

the contest with becoming dexterity, and also, that it is owing to the folly of their

Žustice of the Peace.

adroitness. So much has been said and printer in descending to particulars. Let Saratoga County, ss.

written by the different parties, that we them carefully deal in general asertions. John Brown, of Charlton, in the said have neither had leisure nor disposition to and dete ion will not follow them quite as County of Saratoga, voluntarily maketh

County of Saratoga, voluntarily makeih | pursue the enquiry through the bewildering close as it does in the present infance. No oath and faith, That he was sworn as a ju. Labyrinths of proof and refutation. Col. doube can be entertained in regard to the ror on the trial of the above faid Abraham umns of evidence, have been proftrated by conduct of Judge Lewis at the Saratoga | Ladieu—That the above deponent, John || pages of exculpation.- Pamphlets of se. court, or of the determination of the Ré.

Nash, Esquire, was Foreman of the ju. proach and invective, have been succeeded gister to plunge on thro' thick and thin, ry_That this deponent hath attentively

ry-That this deponent hath attentively by volumes of eulogy and applaule.-Waafter an impartial perusah of the following examined the above Natement of the faid

Lili John Nash, and verily believes the fame battle.--Pens have been exchanged for Pita Afidavits of Judge Lewis' locking up a to be true. And further faith not. tois and a wounded. Jeg has aloned for .71600Jury-in-Sarstoga County.

(Signed) 2 JOHN BROWN. a wounded reputation, Intrigue and un-, (COPY.

Suorn the 28th day of March, 1804, hd principled ambition have been a cribed to Saratoga County, $8.

before me, FRANCIS DRAKE,

The accused, -haired and jealousy, and all obfolnd Nulk of Balifion; in the count county Jullice of the Peace. . '

urile malignants pallions of the heart-have fica a'icionulsa oil: ca


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been as liberally imputed to the accusers. ceptionable character. At any rate, we have one “ A whip thall be furnished for the In this fierce encounter of wrath and of miserable consolarion left, be the result of the eleco

horie, a bridle for the ass, and a rod vengeance, the disputants have lost sight | tion what it may :-The affairs of the state can be “ for the fool's back." of decency and decorum, and the public conducted no worse than they have been, within a have loft sight of enquiry, in the fiery zeal

In pursuance of his promise Tib) proceeds to few years past

tickle some of the great and little Lewisites in a with which the dispute has been conducted.

manner unprecedented in the annals of wit and sat. We rejoice, therefore, that the Vice The Lewisite address from New York, would af. ire. He does not even omit the contemptible time. President has at length made a calm and ford the Kingston editor, an excellent opportunity serving Mitchell. As no subscriptions are taken deliberate appeal to the laws of his Coun. to exercise his translating talent; but least it should for “ The Corrector," any person desirous of seeing try. We sincerely hope it may be settled escape his notice, I will endeavor to make plain it, must request a friend in New York to procure by a fair and impartial investigation, wheth English of one sentence :

and forward it. er he shall link under the pressure of con. “ The Sedition Act has been repealed, and gov. victed guilt, or whether his accusers shall

" erament, no longer fortified by the terror it in Notwithstanding the clamor that is now raised shrink from the frown of justice, and flee

spires, relies for its support on the gratitude, af. against Col. Burr, “ I'll bet a thousand guineas,” srom the face of injured innocence, and in fections, and suffrages of an enlightened people." || (as the Chief Justice says) that every Lewisite in sulted honor.

the state, will change his tone as soon as the elecTRANSLATION.

tion is over, and sing the praise of the successful The Sedition Act, which allowed the truth to be

candidate. I now warn my neighbour Holt, that given in evidence, has been repealed, and govern.

some of his late publications are carefully preserv. ment, no longer willing to tolerate the liberty it seCommunication.

ed, and may be brought up against him, in the cured, relies on the old common law of England

course of a few weeks. [the more truth, the more libel] for protection from THE MINISTER TURNED SPECULATOR. the scrutiny and censure of an insulted people.

Mitchell, who has become somewhat celebrated

for his bulls, in a late paper, tells of deducting 17 AN itinerant preacher, being asked by If we were not prepared to expect every thing

from 12. an old acquaintance, how he lived now. from the Lewisites but truth and honesty, we a-days, put himself in an oratorial posi. should be astonished at seeing such a sentence as the

The following paragraph from the National Ae. tion, and made the following extempore above quoted, in an address signed by 60 or 70 of

gis, will shew what hopes the democrats of Mas. answer :the best of them. Men must be blessed with an

sachusetts entertain of carrying the election for By tears of love and fits of shaking, uncommon share of impudence and hardihood, wbo

Governor :can lisp a syllable about sedition laws when attempt. Long have I liv'd sans money making :

ing to support the election of Morgan Lewis. To “ The Republicans of Massachusetts, aBut now my hopes are good and great

complete the joke, they should have told us, that dopting " nil defperandum" for their For now I figure large on slate.

the same Morgan Lewis had always been a staunch “ motto, have brought their champions advocate for the rights of suomen ; and in proof of

• into the field. The Honorable James Bangall, Dutchess County. this, they should have referred to his celebrated

" Sullivan, and the Honorable William charge to a jury, in which he declared, " that a man

Heath, are announced as competitors had a right to correct his wife with a stick no bigger

" with his Excellency Caleb Strong, and than hış thumb."

" his Honor Edward H. Robbins. But the abominable falshood which the paragraph

" the result of this new effort it does not contains, is worse than all the rest.

require the spirit of prophecy to foresee ernment is no longer fortified by the terror," &c.

“ new disappointment and deleat. While how came the editor of this paper to be indicted for

" candidates, are however to be found, publishing a charge against Mr. Jefferson ?

" who are willing to "run the race which

" is set before them" with such infinite Judge Lewis, the friend of the liberty of the

" odds against them, it is the duty of Repress! and Thomas Jefferson the enemy of gage

publicans to persevere, and 10 rememlaws! - What insufferable hypocrisy !

“ ber that victory is only to be achievEditor's Closet.

"ed, by steady and unremitted exertion."

Wbo sball be our next Governor ?

A new paper, under the title of “ The Cor-
As the election approaches, appearances are much

To Correspondents. RECTOR," has appeared at New-York. The edi. in favor of Mr. Burr. Notwithstanding all the slan.

tor, Toby Tickler, Esq. says, ders of Cheetham, Barber, Mitchell, Holt, and oth

• I thall unmask a set of villains as un.

An “extract of a letter from a representative in er hired blackguards, the ranks of the “ little band"

Congress to a citizen if this state," is under considare filling up daily. It is said, that the new candi. “ principled as ever disgraced any nation on date for Lieut. Governor, Oliver Phelps, Esq. will

eration. The editor of a pubric prin: has an un“ earth-Amercenary, haughty, aristocrat. " ic faction, who under the garb of repub

doubted right to require that communications of ald great weight to the Burr interest ; and it is now " licanism, seek to betray the people, and

such an interesting nature, should always be acsupposed that the number of votes in the western

con panied with the writer's name-not for publi" to rob them of their most inestimable counóry, for Judge Lewis, will be very small.

cation, but for his own satisfaction, Though the federalists have no candidate for gov.

“ privileges ; who, deftitute of virtue, of
“ patriotism, and of talents themselves,

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