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When a party, by violence, persecution || tions of Lewisite scribblers, who have telt

and injustice, becomes so unpopular, as to perfectly secure in fabricating the most FOR THE BALANCE.

require the aid of the most contemprible abominable fallhoods, well knowing that

arts, to prop up its cause, the people | the door of refutation and contradiction TO THE PEOPLE.

have reason to be watchful. If the con. was closed, and locked with a golden key. Mo. V.

dud of the Clintonian faction in this state, But, my friends, your good sense will enN what manner shall I speak of, has been truly republican, why do they | able you to separate truth from fallhood. the magic of words employed by our

find it necessary to take such extraordinary You will see the difference between sophquack-republicans to induce you to vote

pains to conviñce the people that they || istry and sound argument. You will prefor Morgan Lewis ? Shall I treat the sub. are genuine ? He must be a foriy kind of fer real liberty, to its mere name. You jcê seriously, or with levity ? To many,

republican, who has no better way of will support independent republicans, and the artifice inay appear too shallow to de

the wing it, than by wearing a label on his discountenance quack pretenders. ferve serious notice ; but when it is con.

foreliead, and by proclaiming it in land. I disdain to flatter you, or to di&tate sidered that some of the greateit evils that bills, and at every tavern and public cor

you. I will not play the demagogue. I have ever befallen the world, have owed ner. This may be a good way enough to

will speak only as a freeman. Like freetheir origin to impofitions no leis gross vend patent pills, worm-lozenges, and

men may you all speak. May your voice ich ointment; but, certainly, not tte best and ridiculous, it must be acknowledged,

be really the voice of the people. May that this new cheat, the quackery of “gen. way of peddling republicanilm.—But, my

its tone be firm, energetic, and independfriends, I will not treat a serious subject uine republicanism," ought not to be pas.

ent. May it carry dismay to the hearts of sed as a thing too contemptible to de.

lightly. The result of the er suing elec-
tion will show, whether we have grown fyren fong of quack-republicanism. May

unfledged tyrants. May it drown the mand attention. What has cauled tor. rents of innocent blood to low in France? !co wife to be deluded by the charm of

it astound the bawlings of demagogues ; What has led the jows of the guillotine names ; or whether we are fill so weak as

and smother the impotent whinings of powith unoffending vi&tims ? What has del to bend our necks to an iron yoke, merely

litical hypocrits. May there be, in this troyed and laid waste the most ilourish hecause we are told it is a badge of honor.

ftate at least, " A UNION OF HON. ing country ? What has subjected iis cit

This letter will conclude my remarks EST MEN,” sufficiently powerful to triizens to a military despotism? A name

on the approaching election. When I lumph over a combination ol proud aristo-an infatuation a delusive sound, con

commenced I gave my reasons for addrer. crats and ambitious lordlings.-A. veyed from the lips of demagogues into | ling you through the medium of a federal dicu ! the ears of the people. A name, as charm- | print. I then challenged the enemies of ARISTIDES OF COLUMBIA COUNTY. ing as "genuine republicanismn,” and as

Col. Burr to meet me on equal ground. fumed by men whose aiın was, perhaps, | I invited them to enter the field ; and the as honorable, as that of the demagogues i editor of the Balance agreed to open his

ELECTION BALANCE. of this state.* paper to their arguments. As no reply

BURR SCALE. * It is a fact, not wholly unworthy of il has appeared, I trust none have been ofnotice, that one of the mos aflive elec fered. Perhaps none ought to have been

FOR GOVERNOR, tioneering "genuine republicansof this expected ; for I have written nothing but Aaron Burr,

| Morgan Lewis. county, declared, about a year since, that facts ; and facts are stubborn things to

FOR LI. GOVERNOR, " it was high time guillotines were e contend against. I have observed, in the Oliver Phelps,

John Broome. reded in this country to stop the clamor mean time, that the Bee has been filled to FOR SENATORS, MIDDLE DISTRICT. of the opposition."

overflowing with the wretched produce Peter Van Ness, | Stephen Hogeboom



thus nego

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so that they may be in every man's hand. Circulate find, now and then, a Burrite placed in bad

them three or four days before the election : it then MR. CROSWELL, will be of no importance whether their contents be

company, and this undoubtedly prevenus true or, false' Neither the Vice-President nor his

the handbill from being completely “ gen. As the editor of the Bee, declines publishing

friends will have time to contradict or prove the uine.” the following piece, (for want of room) you will

charges to be false until the die is cast. After the please to give it a place in the Balance.

First on your list of candidates, ftand election they may examine them at their leisure.

What though a few suits might be commenced Morgan Lewis and J. Broom, for Gov. i Another of the family! Huzza for our party!

The Livingston and Clinton families have money e. ernor and Lieutenant Governor. They ON Saturday, the 7th inst at the house of Joa.

noug?.- I would caution our party against, nay be. may content themselves with being candi. chim Miller, in the town of Claverack, or cisely at seech them, when they write pamphlets and hand

dates, for they will probably rise no high59 minutes, and 59 seconds after 11 o'clock, A. M.

bills, not to refer to persons by nanie to prove the was brought forth (I mean as candidate for a seat in crimes charged therein against the vice president

er this year. Next comes Stephen Hage. Congress) Edward P. Livingston,son-in-law to the

for this leads to easy detection. Our trusty friend boom, for Senator. This man is remark. late Chancellor Livingston, Some may doubt, (as

Cheat'em has almost ruined us by this imprudent | ably fortunate, or he never would have this gentleman is not betier known in the county measure ; three persons to whom he referred have

fucceeded in this nomination ; tor ftrange than if he had dropt froin the moon the day before)

come forward and denied every thing he asserted. wherher he posseses talents adequate to discharge the

Every man to his post-docti et indocti scriba. as it may seem, even the genuines of this duties of that situation with advantage to the state.

." Let us all write-if we new fail our party is county are divided among themselves. Weak must be the mind that suggests such doubts. completely and forever dore over. What is be.

This 'Mr. for judge) Hogeboon and Is he not the son in law of the lare Chancellor Liy.

come of the Hudsonian, and other friends, whose ingston, who is the brother in law of Chief Justice elegant pens have graced the columns of the Bee for

Thomas Jenkins, sen. (mayor of this city) Lewis, who is the bro:her-in-law of Secretary

weeks past ? Do they sluniber at their posts? Are were both loud in their claims for the lens Tillotson, who is the brother in law of Senator

their hands become palsied ? Or have they deserted atorial seat ; and the difpuie was finally Armstrong, &c. &c. &c ? This is enough, in all

our standard and turned Burrites! I had almost conscience, to satisfy every genuine republican that compleied a pamphlet, but before finished I began

settled by ballot, when the judge base the Mr. Edward P Livingston possesses every qualiti.

to feel squeamish at the number of falshoods I had mayor by two votes. Next follows El. sation necessary for a seat in Congress, or any other

collected and marshaled in good order to destroy the ward P. Livingston, for member of Con. office Hothar denies or even doubis this, is a Barr. reputation of colonel Burr. - Be this the task of the

gress. This is the most cruel cut of all. ite indeed. Genuine republicanism, dwells not in Hudsonian. I sball be at my post.

Prithee, Messrs. Wilson and Jenkins, him.

A LEWISITE. Others are seriously alarmed at placing so much

how could you be so blind to the preien. power in the hands of a family, who now hold al.

fions of the famous Ductor Y ? most all the offices in the stare worth having, and

How could you be so deal to the calls of whose opulence, independent of the influence gained

patriotisni ? Do you not know that the by offices, gives them too great a controul in elections. This, they say, is inconsistent with the true

Doctor has long been fighing for a seat in principles of a republican government, and danger.

Congress? Do you not know how great ous to its existence. These fears are increased by

his services have been in the cause of de. casting an eye over the history of ancient republics, all of which, in succession, have been destroyed by

mocracy ? Then how could

you placing too much power in the opulent families.

leat him ? I understand the doctor is


preThese are childish fears. I shall prove them so, and

paring a very long appeal, in which he ! logically. The opulent families in the ancient republics, into whose hands the people put all offices,

speaks very feelingly of the

'ingratitude Editor's Closet. were proud, haughty and ambitious; but the Liv

of republicks." Whether it will be writ. ingston family are neither proud, nor haughty, nor

ten in prose or verse-whether in the affec. ambitious. There!ore, the state of New Y. rk will Tersin its republican form of government unimpair

10 William Wilson, Estj. & Tbomas Jenkins, jun. sing file of the “ Returned Captive," or ed forever, provided chief justice Lewis is now e.

the more winning language of election. bected, (unless the family should become extinci, As you have placed your names at the eering addresses, I know not.

I venture, which, from present appearances, is a very remote bottom of about a yard and an half of e however, to predi&t that it will be excel. contingency.) Some may deny the truth of these premises; such, if any there be, I must reser to

lectioneering nonsense and tallhood, I lent. the Baromerer-man, who has proved, quite as logic. I hope you will pardon the liberty I have Among your candidates for the assembly. ally as I have done, that it is perfectly consistent taken in placing them at the top of a few I find the name of John King. Now, with true republican principles. to place all the offi. inches of truth. I know not what you good Messrs. Chairman and Secretary, will ces of honor and profit in the family of our candi.

have done to merit the disgrace of having you inform me, that I may tell my readers, dates.

The Burrites alarm many of our weak brethren the whole weight of the democratic hand. who this Mr. John King is? I have made with declaring that if the Chief Justice should be e.

bill thrown upon your roulders—a dila considerable enquiry, and can find nobolected it will be impossible, ever hereafter, to get a Gavernor from any other but the Livingston family.

grace certainiy bui liile thurt of having dy who knows the man. However, I This is what we wish and of which we entertain no your ears nailed to the pillory. I can com.

commend your laudable attenipt to drag doubt. Lucas Elmendorff says, (and this Lucas is pare you to nothing but elephants, with shining talents from obscurity. This thal a wise man)that the Chief Justice is well calculated

castles upon your backs; and I am fome te considered as a set-off against your ill. “ to attach ard cherish the interests of party." If elected he will then be furnished with the means to

what apprehensive that in my attempts to treatment of the doctor. " attach and cherish party."

Would be sheriffs, demolish your paper-castle, some scatter I observe that no les than fix of your county court clerks, judges, justices, coroners, ing shot may graze your own hides.-But, committee-men, belonged to that noted surrogates, masters in chancery. vendue masters,

hold, I have taken the tail for the head;' granujury by whom I was indicted for li. inspectors, &c. &c. &c. will rally around him. Who caa doubt, with those means and the power already

and lo, Messrs. Wrison and Jenkins, I belling the president. Fine republicans in hand, a perpetual family establishment ? will leave you for a moment, and begin indeed! Republicans, exactly si to fupOne, and only one thing, yet remains to be done, with the top of your handbill.

port such a man as Morgan Lewis ! that is to get the chief justice elected. I do not be.

Bui, enough said on this subject.-Next lieve that the advocates of Colonel Burr are nume.


comes your address. This thing, though rous ; but we all know they make a great noise

Why you have dared to vary from the linele more than a repetition of thread. bare throughout and in every part of the state. A dent general ought never to despise the force of his

copy set by your masters at Albany-why fallhoods and electioneering rant, shall neve enemy. Let us rouse and rally round the chief jus. you have had the presumption to drop ihe ertheless desain '

me a few moments. tice -much has been done, mich re nains vet to be

word “genuine," it is d fficult to deter Before you have ftruggled through done rich in the means he his to roward merit, let us write and publish handbills an I pamphlers a.

mine. - However, in looking over the twenty lines, you tell of a "confcientious saiast Colonel Buir, and spread them far and wide Iring of commitee-mco paraded below, I

Alring of commitee-mico paraded below, I exercise” of your elective rights of your






" sacred regard to the public intereft ;" lightened beyond all former example, if jiwo following passages, however, on account and of abandoning “ every felfish confider. " our country is flourishing and respectaation.” This is all trumpery. The moft

of their fallity, ought to be noted : “ ble, what other proofs can we ask of the careless observer in the country knows, “ re&titude and beneficial tendency of the

" Cherished and protected in the exer. that a good salary will put the conscience " administration of our government ?"

“ cise of civil and religious liberty, favorof any democrat at rest—that “ genuine re. This little if seems to be a very convenient

" ed with legislators devoted to ihe cor. publicans," will sacrifice the public inter. thing to take the edge from the inot impu

reation of every old abuse or error, and eft at any time to promoie their private dent fallhoods ; and I am surprized, gen.

“ promoting every kind of improvement views; and who ever heard of their aban.

temen, that
did not make further use

in the State, with your population, your

you doning selfish confiderations ? of it. You might have added a sentence

relources, and your prosperity continYou next say, “ The question with each like the following-IF all our brother de.

ually and rapidly increasing, can heu of us should be-Will I put forth my mocrats are honest men, what other proof

can any man in his sober senses, harbor " hand to support a party whose measures

you want of their fitness for office?

a wish to change the goodly scene ?" “ have involved the country in a greater

IF James Cheetham and Charles Holt “ We have our rights protected, and « depth of diffention, expence, and alarm, never tell lies, what further proof do you

our intereits advanced in every shape " than we have ever experienced since our want of their being men of veracity ?

by our rulers." " existenc: as a nation ?"

Next, you tell us of a score of frightful If you, or any body else, can point out This question is easily asked, and as easi. things which "

HAVE NOT!” This in what respect the exercise of civil and lv answered. Every honeft man will an. kind of argument, too, you might have religious liberty, is cherished and protect(wer it in the negative-every thorough. I told us that we have no ear: hquakes-chat

pursued much further. You might have || ed in any greater degree, than at any other going " genuine" democrat in the affirma. told us that we have no ear: hquakes—chat period since the revolution, you will no When, fince our existence as a na.

the ocean has not become dry--that we doubt oblige the people by doing it. Com. tion, has the country been involved in a have, as yet, no guillotinese_that we have mon eyes are too dim to see these things. greater depth of diffention, expence and

not been eaten by the Indians ; and a Nothing Mort of the superior penetration alarm, than at the present moment ? Will

thousand other fine things, which would of Dr. Wilson and Tommy Jenkins can you, Mr. Chairman, or you, more impu.

have proved most conclufively, that the discover them. In the next place, I wish dent Mir. S:cretary, tell us that dislenrions

democrats are the very best, and the feder to know, and the people doubtless wish to have ceased, when in the remotest cor.

aliils the very worst, men in the world. know also, in what inftance our legislators ners of the face, nothing but discord pre Not content, however, with this negative | have shewn their devotion to the correcvails—when mobs are collected, in some praise, you soon wander into the regions tion of every old abuse and error.--I know places, to tear down printing.offices,

of fi&tion, and begin to tell us what “ of no old abuse or error that has caused

have !" and when your tools are compelled to

more complaint, than Judge Lewis's threaten their opponents with staBBING Louisiana, and the“ mighty stream of

worm-eaten do&trine concerning the liberIN THE DARK? Does not alarm and error the Miffi Tippi," follows of course ; and

ty of the press. And will you pretend pervade the state? Has not the reigning why the fall mountain is omitted I can.

that our democratic legiflators have shewn laction, by tyranny, persecution and vio. not tell. This new country furnishes ev.

any disposition to correct it?—Again, good lence, almost imorhered ihe voice of reason ery democratic scribbler with a theme. In.

Messrs. Chairman and Secretary, do inform and of truth-frighiened the timid from deed, I believe if the whole surface of the

us whar improvements have lately been theirduty-and even excited apprehensions territory was parckment, and all the waters

made in the state-fare an improvement in in the breasts of the resolute ? No enemy of the Millifidi, ink, both would be ex

the mode of eletting governor. to alarm and diffention, then, will put austed in praising the present administra Let those concerned in the Merchant's forth his hand to support the reigning party. Lion.

Bank, bear witness how well the rights of In reply to what you say about " secur. Since Gallatin has had the management

the people have been protected, and their ing the blessings of peace," I would only of our money matters, it is no uncommon

interests advanced. ask ho'v many Americans are now in Tri- thing for the democrats to say, shat our With regard to your candidates for the poli, loaded with the chains of bondage ? profperity has increased beyond calcula . legislature, I have lule to say concerning Did the" blessings of peace" throw those rion.” This is repeated in your address.

them. Two of them were members at the untortunate men into lasery?

Yju probably have some reference to the last session ; and I beg leave to ask them a Next comes the very essence of " genu

alınost innumerable blunders of the Secre. few questions ine republicanism," the very marrow of tary, in his annual reports ; and you


you diminished any taxes? Have chimney corner patriotism :-“ We have I doubtless think, that, because our honey

reduced any

salaries ? Have you abat. affairs are beyond his calculation, they are only to feel in our pockets (you say) to

ed your own wages ? Have you done any convince us of the part we ought to take." beyond all calculation : But you are misla.

thing to promote the commercial, agricul. This sentence may be explained in two ken. An American, and an arithmetician

tural, or literary interests of the flaie ? la ways. First, the more fortunate genuines might calculate the amount of our profper short, have you done any thing more than (like you, Mr. Chairman) may, by teel.lity to a cent.

to concert measures to promote the election ing in their pockets, find some of the re In one part of your address, you talk of one Morgan Lewis, governor ; and of wards of patriotism--Second, the less for. reasonably and honestly, and, if I thought || yourselves to seats in the legislature ? tunate ones (like you, Mr. Secretary) who you sincere, I would give you full credit have never yet been able to get an office, for it. You say, that if you could but

HARRY CROSWELL. may find, in an empty pocket, strong ar make use of proper means (such as justice, guments to convince them of the part they honor and truth) you would not fail of ought to take. It is much to be feared, complete success.-What a pity it is that

Several Closet articles and communications that, between you both, the pockets of you cannot make use of these means !

are unavoidably postponed to make room for electhe people will be fadly rifled.

Oa wading through your address, I find tiooneering matter. They shall be attended to next If (says your address) our taxes are but little else, that claims attention. The week.


it publick, as an appeal to my country, l, without any thing of this kind being done ;

to the world, and to posterity, againlt the, that a vote of impeachment, refting oo no We are induced to dispense with our usual injustice and illegality of the proceedings precise or specific charges or ta&ts, and variety, to give place to the following interesting in this case, and as a solemn protest again't supported only by.exparte teftimony, is a. document.

the principles on which they are founded.bout to be left hanging, for a whole year, I therefore request that you will please to over his head, and that the publication of this insert it, with this letter, in your usetul testimony is pertnitted, in such a way as to and respectable paper.

render it molt injurious to his reputation, From the Baltimore Federal Gazette.

That it may be seen that my impression without leaving to himn that pollibility of com

of the articles reported by the committee is bating it by counterproot; his duty to that GENTLEMEN, AS soon as there appeared reason for

not erroneous, I enclose a copy of them, character, which he has supported unim.

and request that you will insert them after peached during a period of forty years, thro' believing, that the house of representatives

the memorial. It is proper to ftare that the vioubles, difficulties, and dangers of all intended to adjourn, without preferring

four (I believe) of the live inembers of the the American revolution ; to his family, articles before the senate, in support of the

comunittee, who reported the articles, were whose happiness, respektability, and eliabimpeachment voted against me, the inclof

the same members wlio collected and re. lishment in lite, are materially implicated ed memorial was prepared, and transmitted

ported the testimony, and that fourteen in whatever concerns his good name; to his (on Saturday last) to a member, with a re

days elapsed between the time when this country which has honoured him with quest, that he would present it, it such an

committee was ordered to report articles, many high and important crufts ; to his o? intention should be ascertained to exist.

and the time when the report was actually ifice which requires a repptation not only On laft Mɔnday, the morning of the day made. This fact will alift in forming a unspoiled but unsuspected ; and to him. previously fixed for adjournment by a

self-forbids him to remain longer in fi. juint resolution of both houles, articles of ll judgment, as to the views with which it was

kept back until the last day of the feflion. lence. impeachment were reported by the com

Had the report been made fooner, as it He therefore respe&fully solicits and inmittee ; but it was clearly impossible for

might easily have been, the articles might treats, that your honourable body will not the house to act upon them; nor does the time until which they were kept back,

have been rejected by the house; or might | suffer an adjournment to take place, und

at least have been deprived, by amend. articles of impeachment tha!l' have been leave the least room for fuppofing, that the

ments, of part of their wanton venoin and preferred against hiin. Thus, although an committee, who made the report, intend. abule.

immediate trial, which his feelings would ed that they should be acted upon before

I am, gentlemen,

lead him to prefer, may not be possible at adjournment.

Your obedient servant, this protracted period of the feftion, fill But whatever may have been the inten.


he will be enabled, knowing the precise tion with which they were reported, at such

charges against him, to make vigorous, a time, the effect undoubtedly will be, that

Baltimore, March 29, 1804.

{peedy and effe&tual preparations for his they will pass into the public prints, un

detence, to repel the malignant calumnies der the fanction of a committee of congress,

07 Judge Chase requests the editors of by which he is indul riously and unceas. and even under the apparent sanction of the all the newspupers in the United States io

ingly assailed, and fully 10 vindicate that house itself; and that as they contain the l infert his letter and memorial, and the ar.

innocence, for which he folemnly appeals most aggravated and inflamed construction, ticles of impeachment reported by the com

to the A!mighty Searcher of hearis, to the which it was possible for passion and party mittee.

testimony of his own conscience, to his fpirit to put on the ex-parte evidence,

country and to an impartial pofteriiy. He whereon the vote ol impeachment was To the Hon. the House of Representatives of the

is far from arrogating to himself an exemp. founded, they will become a very power.

United States.

tion from the usual portion of human trail. ful engine in the hands of calumniators and


ty. But for the purity of his intentions, party zealots, for heightening to the ut. Of Samuel Chase, one of ihe associate justices of for the uprightness of his conduct, and most the prejudices and odium, which all the Suprenie Court of the United States. for the faithful and concientious discharge the former proceedings in this case are so

With the respect die io a branch of

of his official duties, on all occafions, acweil calculated to excite.

the government of his country; but with cording to the belt lights of his under. The report of these articles prevented | the frankness which conscious and injur. ilanding; he confidentiy appeals to that the memorial from being presented; the ed innocence has a right to assume, and

dread Tribunal where he and his accusers merber to whom it was seni having been which an early, zealous, and confiant fup. must one day appear, where the inmoll reot opinion, that the cale, in which it was porter of American liberty ought to use; cesses of all bearts Mall be laid


open, my wish to have it presented, did no lonyour memorialift approaches your honora.

most hidden motives of conduct shall be ger exisl. But as these articles have not

ble body, to lay his complaints at your revealed, and calumny, malice, and party been adopted by the house, or even conlid feet, and to call on your justice for re rage, shall forever be put to filence. ered; as they must be taken up at

dress. feflion, and may then be rejected, or

He is the more strongly induced to urge

He has delayed this step until so late a wholly varied; as the charges which I am

this request, and to exprefs his earnest to answer, and against which I ought to

period of the session, because he ftill in hope that it will not be reluled by those re.

dulged the hope, that your honorable body flections which it has not been in his pow. have been placed in a situation to prepare || would not adjourn, without reducing the for defending myself, are thus left in the

er to avoid making, on the courle hithercharges againit him to fume specific forin; to pursued in this profecution. same ftałe of uncertainty as before the re. so that he might be enabled to know of That charges lo weighty as to render port; and as this report, far from accom what he is acculed, and to direct his atten. plishing the object which the memorial

a judge of the supreme court a fit objet tion immediately in the means necessary of impeachment for high crimes and milseeks, can have no other effect than to in. crease and aggravate the injuries whereof it ling his character. But finding. at laft, rest in oblivion for four years-although

for proving his innocence, and vindicat demeanors, should have been suffered to complains ; T deem it proper now to make triat an adjournment is about to the place, they are founded on fafts per teélly notati.


ous in their

, nature, and perfeâly well I cannot elcape your honourable body, how of their unprovoked and implacable resente known to the persons who, after so great a formidable an engine of oppression such inent; this tellimony, thus tarnished with lapse of time, have at length made them an enquiry must be, in the hands of per the deep flain of partiality, hatred and rethe ground of a prosecution the most fol. fons disposed to abuse it. Your memori. venge, was printed piece-meal, in the proemn known to our laws : that this prosecu- alift is far from insinuating that such has greis of the inquiry, and though not imtion, so long delayed, hould be commen been the case in the present infance. mediately published, was placed in a con. ced precisely at the moment when a polit. This infinuation he could not make, ore. dition to be extensively circulated, and cal change supposed by many, though he ven suspect to be well founded, without thus to be employed as a mean of deeply hopes unjusty, to be favourable to its fuc.

derogating from the respect that ought to wounding the reputation of your memo. cels, had taken place--are circumstances be inspired by so elevated a body: but the

be inspired by so elevated a body: but the rialist, of exciting universal odium against but little calculaied to impart confidence soundness of principles is in no manner so him, and of preparing the way for a certain to the heart of innocence, or to quiet those well treated as by the consequences to condemnation, when a clamour shall have alarms which we may feel whers oppołed which they lead. And although it can been excited, strong enough to drown the to uncontrouled power:

not be suspected that this honourable body voice of reason, truth and justice. Nor is the manner of commencing is under the influence of party spirit, par Your memorialist by no means wishes to this prosecution more consoling than the ty views, or individual malice, yet it is a be understood as insinuating that such was time. A formal inquiry into the official

the official melancholy truth that free governments are ihe intention wherewith this step was ta. conduct of a judge, must always be to liable to the influence of party spirit ; and ken, his respect for the body by which it him a matter of very serious moment. It that when this fatal paflion takes full pos. was authorised, forbids him to harbour must always expose him to very great un fefion of the mind, it completely ftifles such a fufpicion. But such may be the ef. easiness and may render him obnoxious to every sentiment of justice and humanity, il teat, and such it must be, in his apprehenthe most unjust and injurious fufpicions. || all regard for law and right. Should the sion, unlels your honourable body, by It is wholly inconsiflent with the humane time ever arrive, which God avert! when prefering specifick charges against him im. and just principles of our laws, to subject a majority of congress, inflamed by party mediately, shall enable bim io prepare a citizen to evils of this kind, without some spirit, and seeking the destruction of its | speedily and efficaciously for justifying his fpecific accusation, resting on facts precise. opponents, lhall desire to criminate a conduét and defending his character against ly ftated and supported by such proof on judge, in order to heap odium on the party the unjust and wanion aspersions with oath, as renders their existence at leait with which he is connected; when a which this testimony abounds. probable. No man however mean his president, at the head of this majority and The recent publication of this testimony, condition, or however intamo us his char. guiding its passions, shall desire, from mó. in a Gazette, underfood to be the official akter

, can be bound over to undergo the lives of private resentment, the rain of a organ of the government, and thence com. inquiry of a grand jury, without such an ny judge ; when the schemes of the dom municating an official character and fancaccufation, and such proof. A grand jury inent party or its leaders may require the tion to whatever of this nature appears cannot listen to accusations against a man, removal of all firm, upright, and inde it, is a circumstance calculated to increale, nor inquire into his conduct, much less pendent judges, and the lubstitution of in a very great degree, the mischievous el. put him upon his trial by finding a present. Others more complying or more timid; fects of the testimony itself, and renders ment against him, unless such an accusa when the necessities of a favourite partizan fill more important the measure which tion so supported be first adduced ; and may require the removal of a judge, in your memorialist so earnesly solicits. the person maliciously instigating the in. order to create a vacancy in office, should From this Gazette, the publication will quiiy is liable, in case it should be rejec.such a disasterous period ever arrive, as pass into others ; and thus the most viruted, to a suit for reparation by the accused the history of other free governments in. lent misrepresentations of his conduct, and party. All these just and humane provil. forin us ii may, in what manner will the O anders on his character, sanctioned too, ions are established by our laws, for the devoted victim, however innocent, be a. in some degree, by the vote of impeachprotection of innocence, not merely from ble to field himlelf against such a weapon, ment, will be spread throughout the Unitpunishment, but also, from unfounded as this fpecies of inquiry, instituted in ed States; and will even extend to foreign and vexatious inquiry. Every principle fuch a manner and on such principles, countries ; while the opportunity of refu. of reason, of justice, and of baw, and cannot fail to furnish ? Your memorialist ting the:n, must, of necesi:y, be delayed every precedent, that deserves or has re trembles for the honor of his country, and for a confiderable time, and, if articles ceived the weight of authority, concur in for the success of republican government of impeachment are not immediately exrequiring the full application of these pro in this her last and fairest experiment, hibited, may be postponed to a very distant visions to the case of impeachment. much more than for his own safety, when period.

And yet in this prosecution all these he reflects on the excelles that under such He is Nill more strongly impressed with provisions have been completely disregar- a cloak may be committed.

the necessity of demanding, as a sacred ded. All inquiry has been inftituted, of Does the manner in which this inquiry right, this immediate exhibition of articles, the most serious import to the party accu. has been conducted, present any confide. when he reflects on the manner in which fed, on the mere suggestion of a member in rations calculated to remove or diminish the impeachment was voted. It is in vain his place, unsupported by oath, or by any the alarm excited by its commencement ? that he has looked, in this vote and in the {pecific statement of facts which is sup. | Far otherwise ! A great mass of testimony report of the committee on which it is ported by oath would have justified an en. has been taken, which though calculated founded, for a stateinant or even a hint of quiry. This inquiry, thus instituted in a to effect


memorialist in the most ma the offences with which he stands charged. marner unprecedented and alarming, farterial manner, he has had no opportunity He is impeached of " high crimes and from being confined to any specific charge of confronting, cross-examining or ex misdemeanors ;" but in what these high or ta&t, is extended to the whole official plaining. This teitimony, in the taking

crimes and misdemeanors confift, when, conduct of a judge who has been above of which some individuals were allowed how, and where they were committed, is eight years in office, and authorizes the to indulge themselves in the most ranco no where declared. The testimony col. most minute inquisition of his most un. rons invectives against your memorialist, lected by the committee does indeed ftare a guarded and most inconfiderable words and and to clothe with the formalities and

variety of facts, which may consigue she actions, throughout the whole period. It fonction of an oath, the malicious cffusions grounds of accusation. The principles

a to

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