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ity of the parts ? Or is it proof of a self. contrived a plan to divide the lown-in on the 12th of May, appeared on account ish and partial spirit, looking to its imme. hopes thereby lo excite jealousy and ri. of the Louisiana festival. Capt. Holt, we diate interest at the expence of the facri. varship, and thus gain a part of the whole. tice of the reft? Is there any thing in this

observe, has adopted the fame opinion. He of the spirit of true republicanism, which For this purpose the town was carved into

says the planet Venus appeared a short dir. incorporates man with fociety and renders three parts, and wamed Livingston, Galla. tance from the new inoon, as dilindly as him sensible only of general concerns tin and Granger.- But this measure had

the moon herself, &c. and impressions ? Is it consistent with that an effet directly contrary from what was

So it would have done honorable equality which prevails in friend. intended; and the projectors of the scheme

At the same season, if your mother's cat ship, and is as ready to share evil as to communicate good ? No, it is on the con.

Had kitten'd, tho' Louis'ana kad ne'er beon vrugbe. were served precisely like the old woman trary full proof that the magistrate is a

who broke her looking-glass to pieces, be. And yet Holt ascribes the “ uncommon demagogue, and thai having power, he is

cause she did not appear to good advantage appearance" to the progress of democracy. resolved to employ it for his own comlori. in it. Indiead of seeing one face in the It is full prool that no scheme of general i glass, the found them multiplied to an hunutility is now in contemplation, but a

DUANE's JUBILEE, mere regard to the dignity and ease of Vir. diei.

(OLD STYLE) ginia, and the other faces whom she would bribe into her measures before she fubju.

The democratic taction in Pennsylva.

On Monday se'nnight, the people of gates them to her power. New England lnia, is crumbling to atoms. The house is

colour celebrated the glorious acquisition is the only obstacle to her progress. We divided against itsell, and cannot stand.

of Louisiana (old style) vulgarly called mift unite for latety, or we may prophesy | Capt. Sıraddlepole, the Irish Dictator and our fate. Ranked by Virginia as a fix peo- Jubilee maker, has taken command of the Capt. Straddlepole, the Irish Dictator and | Pinkster. We have not been informed in

what manner the day was ushered in, nor ple for hewers of wood and drawers of wa. ier, we hall soon find the driver at our back, rabble, and has issued liis proclamation, do we know how it was ushered out. We and our native land become a plantation, 1 denouncing Gw. M.Kean and his adher.

heard nothing about the festival, nor who with her hardy sons for flaves. A regard ents as third party men

The same work

was placedat the head of the table ; and we to our country makes us obey her laws, but when our rulers forget justice, it is of destruction is gring on there, that has

wait for capt. Stargazer to give us the toasts, our duty boldly to canvals their conduft been fio dexterously pu:sued by Captain and to tell us whether they were drank, and alert our righis. Diceived for once, Daggerman & Co. in inis ftute ; and

“ intermingled with songs and great guns." we trust no more. There is but little doubt that Gov. M Kean

But there were many processions ; and will meet the fate of Cui. Burr. Their

we hear that wind-mill-hill was storined ; popularily with the democratic party, has

and that there were salutes at noon (of been equal_hey must therefore, expe&t night)--and that not only one Venus, but to encounter equal hatred and malice, troin

hundreds of them appeared to smile on the The same giddy fa&tion. At the late telti progress of democracy. val, in Philadelphia, the Republican Greens, commanded by Capl. Sıraddlepole, toasted

There is not a more canting, hypocritGov. Clinton, but FORCOT io toast Gov.

ical scribbler, in ihe whole band of demo.

cratic editors, tian Stanley Griswold, late M.Kean. The Tammany Society toalled William Duane-the man who flood

a preacher of the gospel in Connectii ut, Editor's Closet. forward the champion of our rights at the

now a dabbler in politics in New Hamp

shire. risk of his life ;" but also FORGOT 10 toast

In one of his late papers, we obThe Bee has paid the citizens of CoBumbia County a very handsome compli.

Gv. M.Kean.-The friends of the old serve the following sentence :

Governor have taken up the business with “Are you uneasy because the press is ment. He says, “ a great portion of them, considerable Ipirit. His enemics retort

• free and speech is free, and you may from their ignorance of the English lan.

speak, write, print, and believe what with vulgarity and infolence. The Dic. guage, cannot distinguish one vicker from

tator has ordered Ward Meetings in Phianother written in thar tongue." The de. ladelphia ; and thus the business rests for

Such an impudent falfhood could hard. teft able calumniator further says, "This the prelent.

ly have been expected from the worst observation particularly applies to the in.

knave in the couniry. What, then, shall habitants of the towns on the manor of

Capt. Hole says, the federalists are lo we say of a reverend clergy man, who can Livingston." Every person who is not

prejudiced against Mr. Jefferson, that they propagate such abominable trash ? as great a dunce as Charles Hule, will

will admit no benefit to accrue under his know to how much credit this affertivn

“ Were the earth to pro.

The following toast was drank at Dan. is entitled. We have noticed it for the duce twice her usual bounties this sealon," libury, on the 12th inft. We select it as purpose of mentioning one of the many he thinks the federalists would not thank

the best we have seen, amongst all that tricks of the present adminiftration :--The M. Jefferson for it!

were given on that day :town of Livingston was formerly pretty

• The Heroes who fell in defence of large, and gave a respectable federal ma. A simple African, the other day declar.

our liberty-May the loil which drank jority. Our democratic rulers, therefore, ed his belief that the star which was seen their blood, never give bread to a tyrant."

you please ?

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&Bonitorial Department.

Thy morning bounties, ere I left my home,
The biscuit, or confectionary plumb ;

The fragrant waters on my cheeks bestow'd
To aid the cause of virtue and religion. By thy own hand, till fresh they shone and glow'd.

All this, and more endearing still than all,

Thy constant flow of love, that knew no fall;

Ne'er roughen'd by those cataracts and breaks, RELIGION.

That humòr interpos'd too often makes agricultural,

All this, s:ill legible in memory's page,

And still to be so to my latest age,
On the excellency of Religion, thus writes that

Adds joy to duty, makes me glad to pay
great and good man, Gen. WASHINGTON :

Such honors to thee as my numbers may. FROM A LATE GERMAN MAGAZINE.

F all the difpofitions and The variety and depth of Cowper's fuf. ON THE UTILITY OF FROST CONDUCTORS.

habits that lead to political prosperity, referings, in early life, from extreme tenligion and morality are two indispensible derness of heart, are very forcibly display

fupports. In vain would that man claimed in the following verses, which formed ONDUCTORS, or lightning

or lightning | she tribute of patriotism, who should labour part of a letter to one of his iemale relations rods, are very well known to our readers. to subvert these great pillars of human a: the rime they were composed. The let, We have often spoke of the utility of this happiness-These Sirm props of men and ter bas perished ; and the verles owe their invention without success : We may, per

citizens. The mere politician, with the preservation to the affectionaie memory of haps, be fortunate in mentioning the Front | pious man ought to respect and cherish the lady to whom they were addressed. Conductor, as the expence of this experithem. A volume could not trace all their

Doom'd, as I am, in solitude to waste ment is but trifling, a tub ot water and connections with private and public felici.

The present moments, and regret the past ; rope of Atraw being all that is neceffary, ty. Let it be simply asked, where is the

Depriv'd of every joy I valued most, for preserving the blossoms of our trees in fecurity for property, for reputation, or My Friend torn from me, and my Mistress lost i the spring, from being killed. The firft

for lite, it the sense of religious obliga- Call not this gloom, I wear, this anxious mien, who discovered it was Baron Van Blen. tion desert the oaths, which are the in The dull effect of humour, or of spleen! enburgh, a Bohemian, and he gives the ftruments of investigation in the courts of Still, still I mourn, with each reiurning day, following description of it:

juftice ? And let us with caution indulge Him* snatch'd by Fate, in carly youth, away. The Froit Condu&tor is made either of the supposition that morality can be main. And her-through tedious years of doubt and pain, Araw or hemp. It is to be twisted round tained without religion. Whatever may Fix'd in her choice, and faithful-bit in vain ! the trunk with the end in

a tui,
be conceded to the influence of refined

pror.e to pity, generous, and sincere, filled with well water; by linking a lmal!

education of minds of a peculiar flruc Whose eye ne'er yet refused the wretch a tear; stone or weight to the end of the cord. ture ; reason and experience both forbid Whise heart the real claim of friendship knows, One tub will serve a number of trees us to expe&t that national morality can pre Nor thinks that lover's are but fancied woes ; standing nearly together. For those run. vail, in exclusion of religious principle." || See me-ere yet my destin'd course half done, ning up a wall, be carelul to place the tub

Cast forth a wand'rer on a wild unknown ! free, and in such a position as not to be hel.

See me neglected on the world's rude coast, tered by the limbs of the tree, so that the

Each dear companion of my voyage lost ! frost can have ready access to, and operate Literary Oleanings. Nor ask why clouds of sorrow shade my brow ! on the water in it, winout any hindrance.

And ready tears wait only leave to fiow ! It is particularly of great advan:age to


Why all that soothes a heart, from anguish free, those crees that are in blossom early in the

All that delights the happy-palls wiih me! {pring, before the leaves appear, and are FROM Hayley's Life of Cowper, a therefore more exposed to the troit. The

* Sir William Russel, the favorite friend of new and very interesting work, I have inventor, Mr. Blenenburgh, has made made pretty copious selections, which can.

the young Poet. several trials, particularly in the year 1777. not fail to gratify the reader, His apricot trees began to blossom in the month of March; he immediately applied Cowper commemorated the scene of his the aforementioned conductor; there were | infancy, in the following fingularly beauti.

magiscellany. six or eighe very severc frosty nights, nota ful and pathetic composition on the porwithanding which the blossoms were not trait of his mother :--hurt, and he afterwards gathered, from 7

From the Picture of London, for 1803. " Where once we dwelt our name is heard no more, small, trees, 960 extraordinary large and Children not thine have trod my nurs’ry floor, good apricots; whereas, at the same time, And where the gard'ner Robin, day by day,

THE PORTER BREWERY, in other gardens, all the blossoms having Drew me to school along the public way ; been killed by the frost, there was not one Delighted with my bauble coach, and wrapt

THE wholesome and excellcoc bever. apricot to be seen. In scarlet mantle warm, and velvet capi,

age of Porter, obrained its name about the To be fully convinced of the effect of 'Tis now become a history little known,

year 1730, from the following circum. the aforemenioned conductor, the inven. That once we callid the past'ral house our own.

stances, which not having yet been prin. tor put several tubs, filled with water, in Short-liv'd possession ! but the record fair ted, we think them proper to record in different parts of his orchard, which he That memory keeps of all thy kindness there,

this work. Prior to the above mentioned examined daily, and iound that the ice in

Still outlives many a storin that has eilac'd perior, the malt liquors in general use, the tub without conductors was only as A thousand other themes less deeply trac'd. were ale, beer, and two-funny, aud it was chick as a straw, when thai of the tubs with Thy nightly visits to my chamber made,

customary for the drinkers of malı liquors, conductors was as thick as a finger. That thou migh'st know me safe and warmly laid ; to call for a pint or tankard of half and

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half, i. e. a half of ale and half of beer, a horses of a very large size.

One was

to the seat of Government of the United hait of ale and half of two-penny, or a lately killed, being diseased, whose four States, at an expenle less than is paid for half of beer and halt of two-penny. In shoes weighied 24/b. and probably one of fifty miles land carriage. course of time it allo became the practice the largest of his species.

The main branch of the river, which to call for a pint or tankard of three threads, In the course of the operations, the beer extends from tide water, to the foot of the meaning a third of ale, beer, and two.

is forced by a pump, in pipes under the Allegany mountains, is now navigable to penny; and thus the publican had the

ftreet, to a large building on the other the mouth of George's creek, about 220 trouble to go to three casks, and turn three side, to be put in casks.

miles by water from the city of Washingcocks for a pint of liquor. To avoid this In the malh-buts, which are about 20 ton, and twenty rome odd miles above trouble and waste, a brewer, of the name feet deep, there is a machine to stir


the the town of Cumberland : there remains of Harwood, conceived the idea of mak.

malt, that constantly turns round, and is however, some trifling obftru&tions in this ing a liquor which should partake of the very ingeniously managed, by means of a branch, which impede the navigation in united flavors of ale, beer, and two-pen screw, so as to rise and fall alternately the dry seasons of the year ; but it is ny.

He did so, and succeeded, calling it entire, or entire butt, meaning that it was

to move alternately at the top, the middle, questionable whether this inconvenience and the bottom.

does not result more from the bad condrawn entirely from one cask or buti, and Whether the great fize, or ingenuity of struction of the boats employed in the as it was a very heariy, nourishing liquor, | contrivance, is considered, this brewery navigation, than any defect of the work it was very suitable for porters and other

is one of the greatest curiosities that is on the river. These boats carry 120 bols working people.-Hence it obtained its to be seen any where, and certainly little of flour, and draw from 22 inches to two name of porter. less than half a million sterling is employ-feet water.

feet water. If they draw but 12 or 14 inMessrs. Whitbread and Co's, brewery, ed in machinery, buildings and materials. ches, they would meet with no difficulty in Chiswell-street, near Moorfields, is the We must not omit liere to mentior., in for ten months in the year, and experigreated in London.

The commodity pro. contradiction to a long and ill founded be ments, are making, the success of which duced in it is also esteemed to be of the lief, that Thames water alone woul, make is said to be certain, to reduce them to the best quality of any brewed in the metrop good porter, that in this large brewery the proper draft of water. olis. The quantity of porter brewed in water used is not from the Thames, but In this year there has been no interrupthe year in this house, has, when malt and from the New-River.

tion in the navigation for the want of wa. hops were at a moderate price, been about The quantity of porter brewed in Lon.

ter, or too great draft of the boais : large 200,000 barrels.

don annually, exceeds 1,200,000 barrels, Il quantities of flour, timber and other artic. There is one stone ciftern that contains of 36 gallons each.

les have descended the river ; and the 36co barrels, and there are 49 large oak

prolpects are such as to leave no doubt, vais, some of which contain 3500 barrels.

that every thing in the upper country preOne is 27 feet in height, 22 in diameter,

pared or preparing for water transportafurrounded with iron hoops at every tour 3mprovements, &c. tion, will readily find its way to market, 'or five inches distance, and towards the

in the present reason. One gentleman, bottom covered with hoops. There are three boilers, each of which holds about


a rich enterprising farmer in Frederick county, Maryland, residing some miles

higher up the river Monocacy than Freder. One of Mr. Wats's fire engines work WE have frequently noticed the prog. llicktown, has already sent his boat five the machinery. It pumps the water, wort, ress of improvement in the inland navi cimes to this marker, lince the breaking up nd beer, grinds the malt, firs the mnash gation of the river Pocomac, and its trib. of the frost, and has delivered upwards of ub constantly when wanted and railes the utary itreams; and believing that no en

500 bbls, of flour. asks out of the cellars. It is able to do terprize has been attempted hy a private There are several streams that discharge he work of 70 horses, though it is of a company, in this new world, of so much themselves into the main branch of the mall fize, being only of a 24 inch cylin- l public utility, we shall continue to lay be river, some of which are scarely less imder, and does not make more noise than a fore our readers, such material informa

portant than the river itself. The most (pinning wheel.

tion respecting it, as it may be in our pow Considerable are the Shenandoah, the South One of the most curious parts of the er to obtain, from sources, entirely cor. Branch, the Monocacy, and the Canoch. nachinery, is a screw on the principle of redt.

ocheague. The south branch is now nav. Archimedes which turns round in a fixed It is generally known, that this great igable 50 or 60 miles, the Monocacy, a. tase, and literally screws the malt that is work was begun under the auspices of bout halt that distance and into the heart zround by the mill, and conveys it to the Gen. Washington a few years after the of Frederick county the largeft, richest, and op of the building, as the mill happens to revolutionary war : about five hundred most productive county in Maryland-the e siluated rather too low.

thousand dollars have been expended in orher two branches are not in a state of so In the upper part of the building are its prosecution ; several years must first e. much improvement, but the whole ener, ooling cisterns, that would cover above lapse, belore the whole of the object in the i gics of the company are now directed to ive acres of land, only fix inches deep, ! contemplation of the company, can be an operation on the Shenandoah, which put made quite light, and kept very clean, competely effected. Enough, however, will cos 40 or 50.000 dollars, and which The porter cools in these generally in about has been accomplished, to afford such fan when finished, will add to our present in.; fix hours.

cility to the back inhabitants, that part of land navigation, little ihort of 200 miles, Great improvements are daily making, the country, lo remote from any sea port and in the finest country of the United and particularly in the boilers, two of || by land conveyance, as to prohibit the States. which are covered so as to collect the i raising any thing for sale, except catile, From these data, the public will draw fieam, and use it instead of cold water, have become, and are daily becoming the its own conclusions. Every iniclligent i which saves a great deal of fuel.

best grain settlements in the Atlantic states. reader will perceive in this great effort of The barrels, or casks of ordinary di. Merchant mills are erecting in the Alle a private company, confequences above mersions, are in number about 20,000 ; gany mountains, and farmers 200 miles the reach of ordinary ininds, not to a poo workmen are employed, and eighty il iron a lea pori, get their flour transported, il large portion of the people of Vire

500 barrels.

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Anouk ginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania only. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, dence barely long enough to furnish an who are more immediately to enjoy th.


apology for pockering the nine chouland benefits of this navigation ; bui to the bei

dollars ontfic. Such is the patriotism and interells of ibe whole people of the Unite


public spirit of dem vcracy ! Siates in ihe duration of our union. Be Siffolk and Queens, Eliphalet Werks.

[U:ne.l States' Gazette.] iween the beretvlore navigable callern ane: Kings Richmond Sanuel L. Mitchell, western waiers, there is a country of im and New.Yok, ) Daniel D. Tompkins, mense extent, the greater part of which is Wicheller & Rockland, P. Van Cortland

TVORTHY OF IMITATION. without inhabitants, and so would have re Orange, John Blake, jun. mained, but for the enterprize of whic!: Dirchers, Daniel C. Verplank,

The Legislature of South-Carolina have we are Ipeaking. I was in vain to hope Ufer & Gieene, Alartin G. Schuneman, passed a law dividing thx Sate into 119 that this couniry cald be seitled unless Delaware & Oisego, John Ruf-1, School Districts, for each of which they palici 1)

cuoreld be carried nearer to its Albany, Killian K. I'an Rerj luer, * have appropriated the sum of 100 dolls.to. contie. I wisely visionary to ima Columbia, Henry II'. Livingston, * wards building a School-Houte, and 150 gile that the A:lantic and western ftties Ron{I laer, Fopah Masters,

dollars a year for paying a master to teach sepulated by such a barrier, conld remain Sirologa, Cinton & Ellex, Peter Sailly, reading, writing and arithmetic. Each long under one government. The Poto- Wathington, David Thomas,

district to keep its school-house in repair, mac navigation which now extends west Montgomery, Frederick Sammons, and rebuild it when necessary. Knowl. ward within 40 or 50 miles of the naviga-Caruga, Ontario, Steuben, Genefee and edge must be considered as the surelt basis bli w can waters, will largely contribute Seneca, Silas Hally,

of a free government, and its attainment 10 thie in de linie fettlement and cullivation Chenango. Onordsga & Tioga, Uri Tracy, l) ought to be facilitated by every clais of of this wilderness, by affording to the Oneida, Herkimer & St. Lawrence, Na citizens. curici valor's, The means of carrying to mar.

than Williams. ker the fruits of their industry. It wili * Federalifts.

NEW ENGLAND COTTON. also afford to the people on the western waters, as low down as the talls of the

No. 3563, in the Lottery for the pro. O, and perhaps lower, the easier and

Capt. Eber Eager, of Boylston, Mils. cheaper conveyance for those fupplies from

motion of Literature, has drawn a prize has left with the Editor of the Malachu.

of Ten Thousand dollars. It is the the old world, which their necellities and

setis Spy, a sample of Coton raised in his their comforts, require. No ties are fo property of a gentleman of Poughkeep- li garden the last year. It is judged that

fie, and was sold by John Tiebout. sufficient was raised from one seed to spin in illuble as those of interest. This

hree skains of yarn.

The Cotton is re. nivigation is also interesting to the people of the United States, though in a Smaller It is contemplated to run a line of stages | markably fine and clear. die gree in the influence it must have on from the city of Philadelphia to Pittsburgh,

It is to be the rapid growth, and future grandeur ot commencing in June next.

SINGULAR. that city which is enablished by the consti- performed in fix days, being a distance of tution and the laws, and by a ftill stron 304 miles, 120 of which are a continued

A nest of Snakes, of almoft all kinds chain of mountains. ger bond, the general convention of the

Geat advantages

and colours, from three to eiglieen inches whole people, as the permanent seat olmust accrue to the public from this lauda.

in lenyih, was discovered a short time their government. ble undertaking, and we hope and trust it

since in Keene, New.Hanphire. U). will meet with adequate encouragement. wards of three hundred of these corpii

sepiiles were crowded rogerher in a space IT is confidently aflerted that letters ot less than two feet square. have been recently received from Mr. Monroe, announcing his intention to re.

The following advertisement appears in Turn home on account of the innaliness of

North Carolina papci:his falary. It will be recollected that his Be it our weekly task, salary is nine thousand dollars a year, and

Fifty Dollars Rruard.-Rin away To note the passing ridings of the times.

that he received ninetheuland dollars more from ine lubicliber on Ilie 5h of October, as an outfit ; lo that his expense to the alikely regro man named Polladore. He

government for the year is 18,000 dollars ; is about 35 years of age, yellow complex, budson, May 29, 1804.

and he is now, it seems, about to return ion, 5leet 5 or 6 inches high, ftoul and

and make room for some other patriotic well let ; a large scar on one of bis hands THE BALANCE OFFICE,

deinocrat to get an equal fum for another (I believe his left) between the thumb and

year, while he, it is Taid, is to be made fore. finger, occasioned by the truke of an Will be removed in a few days, to the governor o! Luisiana with a fat salary.

He las similar (cars on one or both three-story brick house belonging to Capt. It is remarkable that Mr. King, who leet ; a lump on his right arm above his Hezekiah Pinkham, next door below the made a practice of receiving his country

wrist, which he got by fighting. men and treating them with hofpitality New Market, near the City.Hill, and op

• The above defcribed negro is legally which procured him the esteem and re oulawed ; and if he does not surrender pofite the Sivan Tavern. As the proprie spect of all who knew him, made no com. himself and return home, then any person tor is incurring considerable experce, by plaints of the smallness of his falary,

hy enlarging his office, and extending his bu. while M". Monroe, who scarcely receives Juch means as he or they may think fit

, finess, he requeits that every customer who company at all, and can hardly he prevail.

company at all, and can hardly he prevail. without accusation or impeachment of dilly

ed upon to perform even his official duties crime or offence for fo doing, and without is in arrear, will render him a little allitt

towards his country men, is about to quit incurring any penalty or forfeiture thereby: anct.

the court to which he was sent after a reli- il The above reward will be given tor said

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ave, in rihalever ftuation he may be ulative opinions of amendment.--If any role in a body and left the court-house di. brought to me, or secured that I shall get alteration is made, it should arise from ev. rectly on their departure. The bar had a him.

ident neceflity of circumstances, or the meeting immediately, and resolved that they EDWARD GRIFFIN. most promising prospect of amelioration.” would at their own expence entertain and Craven county."

dine with the Grand Jury in the goal ; FROM THE SAVANNAH MUSEUM. that they viewed Judge Bowen's proflicu.

The citizens of Savannah were thrown tion of judicial dignity with abborence; Lotteries having become so general, the into a serious state o! agitation and alarm

and: hat during the prelent term they would following account of them may not be un. the past week, from the very reprehensible

not take their seats at the bar nor answer to interesting

nature of some lentiments contained in a their names, but would atiend without the Father Menestrier published in 1700 an charge to the Grand Jury of this county,

bar at all times when the Grand Jury archaeological treatise on lotteries ; the fort of which he finds noticed were those

delivered on Monday lat by Jabez Bow-should be brought up before the court, for of the Roman Saturnalia. The master of

en, jun. Elq. Judge of the Superior Court the purpose of affording such counsel as for the Eastern Distriąt of this state ; and

their circumstances may require. the house distributed, by a sort of chance which was increased by a knowledge of

The citizens also held a meeting at the tickets among his guests, each of which en.

certain observations that had fallen from Exchange, and in their resolutions applaud. titled the bearer to lome toy, or sweet. the Judge antecedent and subsequent to

ed the firm, dignified and patriotic demeanmeat, or ornament. This lottery was calthe delivery of the charge, still more high

or of the Grand Jury; and appointed a led pitiacia, the prize upophoreta : names ly inflamatory.

committee of seven to procure a legislawhich indicate that the custom came from Greece. Nero, during the games he cel.

The Grand Jury continued to meet the tive enquiry into the conduct of Judge ebrated for the eternity of the empire, gave

court until Wednesday morning, when i Bowen.
they delivered to the Judge the following

Thus situated, and taking into view the away lottery tickets, some of which propresentment :

heinously flagicions language of the Judge, duced at the drawing almost a fortune to

“ We the Grand Jury for the body of a warrant was issued against him for an the possessors. Heliogabalus divided his

the county of Chatham, having taken into “ attempt to excite domestic insurrection" lotteries half into blanks and half into priz. re.consideration the political ftri&ture de.

-and he was apprehended in the evening es ; but even his blanks contained an order

livered to us yesterday as a charge by his between 9 and 10 o'clock; but before he to the bearer for some trifle or other. One honour Judge Bowen, do upon our oaths,

was taken he attempted to make his escape, adventurer gained a gotch of crockery, an. present," That it is injudicial, insuling 10

and flfhed a loaded pistol at the theriff. other a myrrhine vale ; one fix flies, and

our government, and reprignant to the gen. The next morning (Thursday)ibe Grand and another fix slaves. Gregorio Leti attributes to the republic

eral interest of our country, by diffemina. Jury, through their counsel, petitioned the

ting principles that may tend' to involve 1 Jullices of the Inferior count for a writ of of Genoa, the first use of lotteries as a rethe community in the horrors of domestic

Habeas Corpus, which was granied, and source of finance. The Genoese lottery

insurrection. 'We, there fore, without vio. they were accordingly released from conconfifts of fifty members, of which only lence to our conscience, and a total diire.

finement." five are drawn. Every adventurer puts

gard of the dearest ties of society and its in any figure at his pleasure, on one, two,

welfare, cannot further proceed with bu. three, four, or five numbers. If he puts finess. And we are of opinion from the

Che Knot. in on one successful number, he gains

reasons above mentioned, that the said twice his stake; it on two successful num. charge should not receive publication ;

MARRIED, bers, four times his fake ; if on three

but recommend that a copy of the charge On Thursday last, by the Rev. Jonathan Judd, eight times his stake ; if on four fixteen;

and this our presentment, be forwarded by the Rev. Philip F. Mayer, pastor of Zion's it on five thirty-two times his stake. This

the Clerk of the Superior Court to his Ex. Church, Loonenburg, to Miss Lucy W. RODMAN. fort of lottery is very tempting to all clal.

cellcy the Governor, and be laid belore ses of the people, especially to the poorer,

the next session of the Legislature for their and is in general use all over the continent.


" William Smith, foreman ; B. Gib. Extrad from the Speech of Gov. Trum. bons, Wm. Blogg, Jas. M'Intoth, S. bnll, čo the legislature of Connecticut, at

Shad, Wm. Lewden, Jas. Alger, Jas. the opening of their late Jefon. Cline, John Gibbons, Isaac Minis, Wm.

Brown, Saul Simons, Jas. Belcher, J. Y. “ Among the communications which

White, Jos. Rice, Joleph Machin, John will now be laid before you, is a letter Petribone, Sampson Neyle, David Gugel,

DETALS from the President of the United States,

T. Barnard, jun. Henry Putnam.” conveying the copy of a resolution of both

Inflamed at this temperate yet dignified houses of congress, proposing an amend

At Hartford, on Monday, the 30ih ult the Hon. conduct of the Grand Jury, the Judge ment to the conftitution of the U. Slates,

JEREMIAH WADSWORTH, in the 61st year of his instantly ordered the Sheriff to take them re!pecting the election of the president and

age. Col. Wadsworth was in the army during the vice-president of the union. This propo. to goal. They were proceeding, when

revolutionary war; for many years he was a Reprethere arose a partial cry of " no, no-hey fal will gain your moft serious confidera.

sentative from this State in the Congress of the U. shall not go”—which was immediately si. lion. On this subject, you will suffer meto

States; and for a considerable time after he left lenced by the determined deportment of oblerve, that I view with such reverence &

Congress, a member of the Council of the State. the Grand Jury. At this cry the Judge | In all the private, and public relations of life, he was relpeet this venerable instrument of our

pulled ont a brace of pistols, exclaiming, l esteemed, and respected. In this gentleman, his conftitution, formed with so much wil.

• Where is the damn'd rascal who dares say || family have lost a tender, affectionate, and beloved dom and deliberation, by our political fa.

no ?-hew him to me and I'll blow his thers, that I think it should not be rudely || brains out!" The Grand Jury, howev.

relation ; the poor a kind, and beneficient father, affailed by the spirit of innovation, nor

the town its greatest bencfactor ; the state a most er, proceeded to goal, accompanied by \ valuable citizen ; and the comtry one of its firmest lightly altered, in conformity to any spec. most of the gentlemen of the bar, who friends, and most able and faithful patriots.

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