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Nor then, shall men fall on their knees, down inuendoes were properly proved, they must which were the leat libellous ; and that To any pow'r, but that of Reason : pronounce averdict of guilty." The other

as the detendant had not clain.ed the privi. Whose priests on every tentli day, shall parts of the publication conGfted of obfer iege of reading any part of the context, to On name of sacred goddess call.

vations naturally arising from a reflection explain what was set forth on the record, And I, the bard, when fancy warms,

on the consequences which would necessa the public prosecutor ought not to be per. Will undertake a book of Psalms ; rily result froin so alarming, so dangerous

mnited io do it. The objection, however

, Much more sublime, in many spots,

a doctrine. The whole was a re-publica was overruled. Than any wrote by Doctor Watts. tion from the Ulter Gazette.

Mr. Van Vechten then commenced Nor do I think, that he is better

The publication being admitted by the the defence; and in an argument of con. In long, in short, or common metre ;

defendant, his honor the judge remarked siderable length pointed out to the jury the Which you can't fail l' acknowledge, when

to the counsel, that as the law relative to important consequences involved in the I have produc'd this specimen :

libels had not yet been settled by the su question submitted to their decision ;

preme court, he was at liberty to be gov. that it was for them to determine whether 1. Hail ! sacred goddess, plac'd on high,

erned by his own opinion. He then ob the proceedings of our courts of juflice Where raging storms and tempests roar;

served that altho'a different decision had might with saiety be published ; whether What daring mortal shall defy,

been made on a late trial, he should per. the conduet of our public officers was to And face thy fulminating pow'r !!

mit the truth o! the words set forth on be shielded from the public eye; whethe 2. Ignite us with a flame,

the record to be given in evidence, not as er the liberty of the press was to be preser. Of pure atherial gas;

a justification, but as an item to fhew the ved in this country ; whether a printer Let pow'r electric, through our frame,

intent of the defendant; and should sub. should be punished for publishing the trutb. With force and vigor pass !

mit generally to the consideration of the He contended, that as from the nature of 3. Unbounded then, be our desires, jury both the law and the fact.

our government all its officers were amen. While youthful vigor runs ;

Foot, district attorney, who was present able to the people, were in tart their sera Nor let our children know their sires,

at the trial of Mr. Croswell, was then vants, it was necessary, it was indis. Or fathers know their sons !

called on as a witness, to prove the truth | pensable, that their proceedings should be 4. To thee, the elder child of chance,

of the publication. He refused to be published, that they might be knowo, Whose temple is all space !

(worn; and on being questioned, it was He dwelt at · fome length on the importa Whose dwelling place is now in France,

discovered that his only excuse was that he ance of the trial by jury, and urged the

had not been subpænæd. To save time neceffity of their refifting every attempt to Be everlasting praise !!!"

and the trouble of making a subpæna, encroach upon their privileges. He also his testimony was relinquished; and Mr. contended, that as the publication in ques. Van Vechten, the defendant's counsel, of tion related to the official condu&t of a

fered himselt as a witness. He ftated that public officer, iis truth, which had been Liberty of the Precs.

he was present at the trial of Mr. Crof. fully proven, ought to be considered as a

well, and that the chief justice refused an complete juftification. His whole arguFROM THE LANSINGBURGH GAZETTE. application to postpone said trial, for the ment was, as usual, clear, strong, eloquent purpose of giving Mr. Crolwell time to

and impressive. At a circuit court held in this county on

procure a witness to prove the truth of the Foot then bawled at the jury, for some Tuesday last, before his Honor Judge publication for which he was indicted ; time, and in his usual way ; but as he himThompson, came on the trial of the edi. and declared that he would not permit his self applied to his barangue the epithet tot ot this paper, on an indictment for a witnesses to be sworn, were they in court. blundering," it would, perhaps, be un. libel. on Morgan Lewis, Efq. chiet jur. | He alto produced a copy of the case made generous to subject it to criticism. He tice of this state. The indictment was for the supreme court after the trial of Mr. however, attempted to persuade the jury found at a court ofgeneral sessions in O&to. | Croswell; from which it appeared, that that the words on the record were false; ber last, and was removed by certiorari the chief justice charged the jury "that it for that the refusal of the chief justice to into the supreme court. The words set was no part of their province to enquire or allow Mr. Croswellthe privilege of produ. forth as libellious on the record, were ex decide on the intent of the defendant ; || cing his witnesses was not on the trial, but tracted from a publication in this Gazette or whether the publication was true, or

on the discussion of a preliminary question of the 23: Angust last, stating a decision false, or malicious ; ihat the only quer. before the jury was sworn. But we of the chief justice on the trial of Harry tions for their consideration and decision disposed to pardon him for this pitiful quibCroswell, accompanied with some remarks, and were as follows - The Judge (Lew | lisher of the piece charged in the indiet he must have remained Glent. is) on the irial, retused Mr. Crolwell the ment; and second, as to the truth of the His honor Judge Thompson then ad. privilege of producing his witnesses ;' the inuendoes'; that if they were satisfied as to dressed the jury; and in a very impartial following words, but which did not appear these two poin: s, it was their duty to find and perfpicuous charge explained his ideas upon the record, concluded the sentence him guiliy."

of the law on the subject of libels. He declared that he would not suffer them, The truth of the words upon the record fated that in his opinion the jury were were they present, to open their lips, to being thus proven, the district attorney confined in their enquiry to two points prove the truth of what Crofwell had writ. moved for leave to read to the jury the ist, whether the defendant was the publih. ten, expressly charged the jury that it was whole of the publication from which they er, and whether the inuendoes were prov. entirely immaterial whether the libel was were extradled..

This was objected to ed ; 2d, the intent, whether innocent true or not; that it was not for them to by the counsel for the defendant, in as or malicious. He repeated his opinion, consider whether the words amounted to much as the public prosecutor had been at as before give.., that the truch of the such a libel as ought to be punished ; that liberty in the first inlance to select the publication ought to be considered mere. whether the motives of the defendant were materials for ihe indi&tment from the whole ly as an item to Thew the intent ; for there good or bad was wholly out of the quel il publication; and it would be paying a poor might be cales, he said, in which the fion that if the jury was , fatisfied that compliment to his understanding or integ. I truth of a libel would be no jurification, Cruiwell was the publisher, and that the'll say,' to suppose he had selected those'l Such, for infance, were those private liv


, whether the defendant was the pub! | ble; for had he not availed himlelt of it


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bels which published the natural defects of account of this most abominable federal parcel of young intrepid federalists (whom an individual, & which ought to becon!id trick.

Mr. Jefferson had graciously permitted to ered the more malicious for being true. He however submitted both the law and You must know then, reader, that du

remain on board the navy) not having the the fa&t to the consideration of the jury. ring that memorable " reign of terror,"

tear of the Bashaw before their eyes, nor He adverted to the distinction attempted to when John Adams was president of the

dreading the smell of gun-powder, did, be drawn by the district attorney, as be. United States, all the pirates and freeboot

" with force and arms," and with “ mal. tore mentioned, and stated it to be immaterial, as he considered the preliminary proers of the ocean "unembarrassed by too

ice aforethought," attack, burn and del ceedings alluded to as förming a part of much regulation,” fell foul of our com

troy the faia frigate, and did break in the trial; and oblerved, that he had no merce, plundered our merchants, and upon “the circle of the felicities” of the doubt but that the words set forth upon che murdered our leamen. You will recol.

crew, and did them kill, mangle, wound, record were fubftantially true. In the course of the charge, he declared to the

lect that John Adams and a federal Con. and capture—to the great discomfiture of jary, that although his opinion differed || gress, “ for the sole purpose of establishing the said Bashaw, and to the great scandal from that of the chief jusice, still lie be. a monarchy and enslaving the people,"

of all Mountain Heroes, and Jefferfonian lieved the latter to have been governed in reared a proud little navy, and manned it

, | Philosophers. his decision, on the trial of Mr. Croswell, by the best motives, and from the fullest

with a set of brave and daring Americans,

who would sooner run into all manner of conviction of its correctness.

A fresh-water swab, in the last Bee, has The jury retired !o their room, and in a

danger, than flee to the mountains, or hailed the star.gazer, with “Ahoy ! friend few micutes returned with a verdict of not || philosophically buy a peace. You will Holt ! Ahoy !" As the piece is signed guilty. recollect that this navy, by some curled

"Tom" and the writer seems to be very trick of federalism, protected our com fond of Judge Lewis, one cannot help mercial rights, and gave the U. S. lome thinking of a famous charge of a famous national consequence. Well-fick a || Judge in a famous cause at Claverack, in pin there, and turn over a new leaf.-At which the jury were told " that the maflength, the people became so much alarm- | ter of a vessel had an undoubted right to ed at the “monarchical views of the fed- flog his failors, for any misconduct whateralifts," that they resolved to make the ever--that sailors were servants, &c."philosophic, the mild, the serene Mr. Jef- || Tip us no more of your palaver, Tom.

terson their president. Mr. Jetferson did Editor's Closet.

not like a navy ; and plainly told the peo. Before the democrats even pretend (for ple, that it was best to leave commerce to it is nothing but pretension) to have any

take care of itlelf, or words to that effect. ANOTHER FEDERAL TRICK !

regard for the maxims or sentiments of Accordingly a great part of the navy was Washington, they will do well to inform Of all the horrid federal tricks, discov.

sold, at less than half the original cost, and uwhy they recommended the period of ered by our watchful democrats, the one thus a great suving was made. But the

his retirement as a day of jubilee. now about to be mentioned is the master

serene philosopher, abhorring the practice piece ; and why all the presidential. -pi of turning men out of office, on account

Capt. Stargazer, in the last Bee, corpers are so filent on the subject, I cannot of their political sentiments, permitted the

rected some of his late lics, by an Errata. imagine. What has become of all Capt. federal naval officers to retain their com

If he is disposed to follow up this plan, I Straddlepole's patriotism? Why does he millions. The Tripolitans, taking ad

will offer him the following for his next not tune his Organ, and tell us something vantage of the absence of the American about this new federal trick ? Where is armed vessels, foon commenced their de

Errata.--For several hundred afer. Capt. Daggerman ? Has he turned his predations in the Mediterranean ; and the

tions which have appeared in the Bee Watch-Tower into a dark lanthern, thai | serene president found it necessary to em.

since its establishment in Hudson, the reahe may ftab Burrites “ in the unsuspect- ploy a few ships to keep up a shew of pro

der is desired to substituie direally the rea ing moments of sleep," with the greater tection : But he took good care io hint to

verse, by which he will come pretty near security ? Has Mitchell run away again ? Congress, that it would be well to send

the truth. Does the Aurora Borealis, no longer il

" the least force competent." The force, lumine the Northern hemisphere ? And however, proved incompetent, in conse. why does not the Bee buzz a drowsy quence of which, a fine frigate fell into note to the tune of federal tricks ? Is she the hands of the enemy, and her brave

To Correspondents.

-Now captain too busy with star.gazing, or does

crew was sent into captivity. he wait to take his cue from the two great then for the federal trick !While

“ NEAR Bye,” is notso far off as to be captains of democracy? Alas ! these ques. || the captured frigate was riding at anchor unknown. tions cannot be answered. I will there. in the harbor of Tripoli, under the pro KEEL UPWARDS," is inadmissible at lore undertake to give the reader some tection of forts, castles and batteries, a present.

paper :

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Pronounced at Camplon, New Hamp. E X TRACT.

Shire, on the fourth of July, 180g. HEN we examine the various By John Rogers, A. M. charaćieis and distinctions among men, il any

of them claim our pure love, friend. THIS Anniversary forms a prominent A METHOD

Thip and esteem, it is the man who pofler. epoch in the annals of America. li ar. For preserving Clover Hay, and improv- íes the genial traits of genuine benevo rests our attention to that memorable day, ing the flavor and quality of Straw. lence; and it is he who is intitled to our whereon the sober watchmen of Colim.

first and higheit encomiums; tor benevo via, from the high balcony of prudential N a day or two after your Hay is

lence is a principle of the heart, by and wisdom, proclaimed the birth of the last cut, when only about half dried, let it be through which we receive the pleasure re. Empire of the world,

It also brings to

wounded recollection, the doleful portrait taken in and packed with alternate layersulting from true inward happiness, the of straw ; give to each layer of clover

continuance of which will last unul the of a cruel Tyrant, aiming a deadly Maft four or five half pints of salt, or more in

indiscriminating hand of death summons at the head of his innocent and manly offproportion to the quantity of Hay : three the soul from its tabernacle of clay, to spring !-But that guardian Gud, who pints to the hundred weight will prevent | wing its course through the xherial skies, ll holds the fceptre ot universal empire, and che fermentation, or excessive heat, which

to the blested mansions above, the refi. decides with omnipotence in the deliny injures and moulds it. By not drying the

dence of thole whole virtues and perfec. of nations, averted the impending blowhay as much as common, and putting it

cions have crowned their heads with lau. compassionately extended his arm to deliv. up as above mentioned, it imparts to the

rels of immortal glory. Let us erance, and his finger to WASHINGTON-straw the flavor and much of the quality

withhold from he memory of those men, lihat man, of whom the most exalted eu. of clover, and cattle eat one as greedily

the praises which their virtues bave ob. logy is puny praise ; and compared to as the other.

cained, but luffer the apologies of human whom, the boaffed great ones in pompous How to preserve Clover in its green flate.

nature to plead in their behalt--as perfec Rory, are but rulhlights to the blazing Take in your grass from the swath, cut

tion on this earth, has not nor never wil Sun)-designating him, like the patriarch, it down as you would straw, on Symfor's

be obtained ; the wiselt as well as the bell si Leader of IsraFl., to condoći us thro' or Kirk's cutting machine ; pack it well

ol men have erred, humanum eft errarae. u wilderness of disanimaring toil and dandown in a close apartment or hoytheads.

- The benign influence of this godlike at. ger, and through a red fea of blood, to giving a pound of salt to every hundred ribute benevolence, has a powerful tend. the destined haven of peace and acknowl. weight.-By preserving in this way you

ency, when it operates upon the human erged independence-which progress and will have a beautifut green hay, exceed

mind, to eradicare therefrom the fing of attainment, (all things considered) like the ingly fragrant and nourishing, and supe. vice and immorality, with which it has il quails and manna in Egypt, excite afton. rior to any other fodder, especially for

been poisoned. To do a good action is ilhment, and lay claim to miracle! elle It is not more expensive

a good man's lecular ftudy, and to pro- || why did the proud, the pampered Goliah, than the usual mode of making and drying

mote the feliciiy of his fellow creatures his Britain, yield the palm to the hay as the same number of hands will cut lupreme delight. It is not so much his untutored ftrippling, America! or why and pack it, without the risk of having it I enquiry, who are, as where are the ob. did that mighty Nation, whose navy Cov, damaged by rain, which too frequently hapjects of pily and compassion, but to in ered the seas, and whole martial prowess pens from unavoidable delays. This pro form bin is meritorious, because their held Europe ai defiance, lay down their cess is certainly worth attention, and more

wants are immediately meliorated by the brilliant arms at the feet of American so from our eastern farmers who are in the

administration of his help and assistance. Peasants ! habit of exporting this article to the West.

The benevolent man harbours not a mali. The answer is unavoidably this, “ If it India markets.

cious thought, neither doth he take pleal. had not been the LORD who was on our How to improve impoverished land. ure in exposing the faults of his fellow fide, when men rose up against us, then

Put in iwo successive crops of buck. men; he is contented in concealing them they had 'swallowed wheat, and when in bloom, plow them

from a Nanderous world, and admonishing when their wrath was kindied again it us." down: this may be done in one season,

them in secret.-"Happy the man whoin, Void of this signal interpofition of Israei's and in the tall low your wheat or rye, and

herits this virtue ; his days are days of God, the Lord of Hofts, what would · you cannot fail of having a promising crop

pleasantness, and all his paths are peace." have been the probable taie of this lair of grain the next year.

Canaan, but dreadful defeat and subjuga. AGRICOLA.

tion! This joyous theme, therefore, de

mands a tribute of exalied praise and APHORIS M.

thanksgiving from the willing ongnes and

-ervent hearts of all but the knave, che A WOMAN, (fays a late writer,) a.


can depend on no man, on flave, and the infidel : Hence. Ict every mong the savages, is a bealt of burien ; friend, hur him who can depeod on him. free bore American teach even his tender in the East, a piece of furniture ; in Eu-elf. He only who acts consequentially pratilings, is regard this day as the impo? rope, a spoiled child ; and in America. owards himself will act to cowaids others, tant Jubilee, on which their lage progenit're lovely and beloved companion of man. and vice verfa.- Lavater.

tors snatched their birthrig! i trom the

milch cows.



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up quick,


"iron fangs of oppression ; expecting their propriety as the herds of the valley, or held in the cluiches of perfidy and wickgrateful posterity duly to appreciate and the goals upon the mountains : Witness al. edness, until the worderful, the unparalimprove the golden benefit, until rational so the countless hordes of restless emi. lelled BONAPARTE, with his unconqueraLiberty should bid. her last adieu to the grants, and foreign conviêts, swarming

grants, and foreign conviêts, swarming ble legions, appeared at the face of the earth.

from Europe ; who, like the frogs and ris, and graciously proclaimed himself But the arrival of welcome Peace did locusts of Egypt, have darkened our shores, their Lord and Protector ! -And anon, not wholly dispel the lowering clouds of and cauled the land to stink !-And again, millions of elevated hands, and clamour. danger and difficulty ; for the important have not the brawny defparadoes of His ous tongues, declare bim Sovereign Dic.

consideration, that' firmness, unanimity, bernia, combined in systematic league and tator for lile! which amounis, in plain , and wildom, are equally requisite to je united phalanx, been beckoned to our English, to the most despotic tyranny cure as to make a conqnelt, opened an am. sea.ports and virtually invited to lend their upon the glube !--And, indeed, the great ple field for the display of the expanding, friendly aid in our most important public mass of the “ sovereign and beloved peoenergy and rising glory of an infant Re: elections ? And, shocking to relaie, have ple,” were glad to exchange the wolves public. Thus, selected wisdom and not hungry adventurers, and venal syco. and tygers of France, for the Lion of talents were concentred for the constructior: phants, whose cars were doubtless left as Corsica to rule them ; being fully convin. of a National Beacon, which, like the polar ornamenis upon European whipping posts, ced they could not govern themselves; ftar, should stand immoveable for the fu. been patronised and paid in America, for but that some strong arm, some energetic ture guidance of the great political Ark. insulting and delaming, the most excited power, condensed to a focus, was indila It was done - And the spontaneous fails of characters for virtue and talents, that ever pensible to quell the :ornadoes and whirl. commerce whitened the harbours of Eu- adorned humanity ? Let the sainted winds occasioned by the breath of a lawless rope and Alia, and poured the riches of alhes, entomed at MOUNT VERNON, speak mob : and although this sentiment is rethe world into the broad lap of our exten. and declare.

pugnant to the modern doctrine of demoded country:

Oh, my country! How must thy face cratic schools, where the rights of man are The Genius of the great Columbus was be covered with the blushes of confusion, Sophistically tortured into a justification of enraptured with the rising prospect of his and the distortions of remorte, if thy re. every ou ge ; yet the imniemorial expedarling child ; and for twelve successive nowned Hero and S atesman should reiurn, rience of ages, confirms its truth and proyears, smiled approbation and complacence to enquire respecting the improvement of priety. not withstanding the vile, though feeble hose leftoos of moral and political wil. Repubtican Governments have some.

attempts, of a few designing, midnight dom, left, as his dying leg cy, for the di. times sprung from the ashes and lava of . fons of darkness and discord.

reétion of his favorire children ! Muit nou revolution, and have placed their main But at length the peftilential, hydra the corrosive heart-burnings of thate and dependence for support upon that rare idemischiet engendered in the morbid armor. lingrantude, arise in thy breast, enough to al phantom, public virtuea-chat nondel. phere of the "terrible Republic," and langle a Mammoth ! !

cript damsel who fluliers in the fantastic exalted by the horrid llench of murdered These, tellow citizens, are some of the courts of Lilliput; but as well might the millions, was wat ed hy the firoc winds o! charming effects of the new.fangled phi. bloated epicure satiate his ravenous palate France, to these western fhores ; where, lorophy-ihat elaborate y ltem, hatched, upon utopian dainties, or the ala-mode alas ! in places pre disposed to infeЕtion, ike the egg of the Crocodile, in the fever. flesh of a while raven. Public virtue, it assumes the flile of an epidemic, de. brains of Frederick, Voltaire, D'Al. like private chariiy, is oftener seen upon troying more in silent darkness, than at embert, Godwin, and old staunch difci. the tongues that in the actions of men. noonday

ples of Moloch in the school of Pandemo A thousand impediments will spring from Sharp stung with envy, like the man of sin,

nium, where, for twenty years, they have the hot-beds of Absalom and Ahithophel, (Who once in Eden play'd the Jacobin)

been attempting, with unrivalled ait and (two confpicuous democrats of antiquity) This daemon mischief-this fell cockatrice,

perseverance, to revolutionize the world, io check the growth of that delicate, ienSi,ly attack'd our western Paradise ; and to eradicate every sentiment of moral der, sensitive

plant : and although in the Where still, with cank'ring tooth, and rav'nous joy duy, and religious obligation from the outset of govermental carieer, it may It aims to sap all Government and Lawtace of the eartıb.

be the serious intention of many to cul. Vith perseverance and fix'd resolution,

France was the first theatre on which tivate and mature it ; yet, by the folly, suTo strand the fine old ship, the Constitu:ion, these mighty managers undertook to dis fineness, and inattention, in the majority, Ti explode old customs-and with mad commotion'

play the horrid tragedy ; and Louis, the of its boasted votaries, it droops and dies, Launch forth on “ Liberty's tempestuous ocean !" humane, the placid Monarch of that a. surrounded by the rank, poisonous weeds

But, shall it be affirmed, that the united bominable nation, fell a lamentable victim of envy, calumny, ingratitude, hypocrimyriads of honest patriois, who ir. the to that destroying engine the Gullotine, ly, and the whole family of fin. hour of peril and upon the spur of danger, secured to the meritorious inventor by But let us turn our attention to :he ar. rallied round the altar of Liberty and the patent-right from Belzebub, arch preli- ! pect of our own dear Country, and ask, Itandard of Independence, have so far for. dent of illuminism and wild-fire democ wherher we are not following tle footsteps gotten their moral and political creeds, as

of those great nations and republics, which to become the prosolites and disciples of The " tempestuous sea of liberty,” ag. haye heretofore figured high in the cataanarchy, rapine, and confusion ? No itated by the maddening winds of the new logue of fame, but are, long fince, funk This mhall not be said, "respecting nine {vstem, continued raging, while Builfot, in oblivion, or become the vallals of defe tenths of the virtue, talents, and property Carriere, Marat, Robelpierre, and other notism? Where are Greece and Rome ! of our country; for whenever fact has ta. murderous demagogues, feized the he'm ; Where is Carthage! And, to modernize vored such a sentiment, it onght to be a. from whence they loon tumbled, into the the queflion, where are Switzerland and scribed to numbers, rather than to worth giddy vortex of their boasted liberty and Belgium-and where will be America!!ur weight of character: Witness the fable | deadly equality.

It conjecture mult arise from the spirit of cattle of Africa, who, by an ill-fated, Thus the cameleon, gallic.monfer,con. the times, and the manners as they pass, though unavoidable indulgence of the lifting at one time of five and at another must not an answer be given prophetic of Constitution have been accurately weighed of five hundred heads, blasphemously af. evil and deftru&tion to this land ? Do not in the balance of suffrage, with as little il!umed the title of Government ; which it the symptoms of dire difcase appear plains



upon the face of our country ? Have not ready to apply specifics from their infalli heart, disclaiming every species of bribe. Americans, grossly forgetful of the pre ble budgets of mysterious compounds, with ry, corruption, animosity, and party rage. cious privileges in their native heritage, unintelligible jargon.

In short, let the God of our falvation be fondly panted for the leeks and onions of Let us therefore search for truth as for ever the subject of our praise and adora. Europe? Is not even France, that great hidden treasure, and endeavor with honef tion, and the peace and happiness of our store-house of sin and witchcraft, proporty and candor to gain such a knowledge

tellow men the secondary object of all our ed by many of our bawling patriots, as the from the experience and fate of past ages,

moral conduct. best model for American faith and prac. and by all other possible meals, a's may Thus may' COLUMBIA, this dear-bought tice ? Yea, that famous hot-house of de enable us to form just conceptions of our heritage of our Fathers, continue to rise mocracy, that boafted theme of jacobinic invaluable rights and privileges, and to in dignity and glory, till fhe bid defiance praise and eulogy, which humbly takes its hold them fast in spite of envious and de to all the tyrants of the earth, and to all law and gospel from the fixed bayonet, and figning men, and the more fubile powers | destroyers of the human race, but the lat the glittering point of the Consul's sword! of darkness ; and as civil and religious

shock of time. This is the nation, my friends, held op liberty have always been known to fland as a pattern of imitation, and to whom we or fall together, it behoves a people to see are said to owe a debt of gratitude furpas that their Rulers revere and support the fing calculation--and a debt which ample supreme law of the land, as the sure pal. payment can never cancel. Therefore, ladium of all that is valuable. Far be the to lighten the enormous load, they have intention to excite any undue jealousy of been kind enough to borrow twenty mill. the “ powers that be,” whether ordained ions of dollars, (a-la-mode-de-Francois) || in mercy, or sent in wrath for the punish

Be it our weekly task, with which they charge America, and give ment of a disobedient, ungrateful nation ; To note the passing tidings of the times. credit to themselves, according to the new yet such a scrutiny into the conduct of

>>>>>400<<<cce method of book. keeping.---But is this Ralers, as shall determine whether they gorgeous, patent, philosophical apparatus, honestly with to guard the Constitution, büdson, Yune i 2, 1864. already imported and stored in America ? | they are sworn to support, is always juftiHave the brazen engines of injustice, fiable and detensible. And indeed, a vir .

OFFICIAL STATEMENT slander, and infamy, hypocrisy and de tuous man will always meet his constitu

OF Votes For GOVERNOR GIVEN IN THE SEVEB• struction, been put in operation at this ents on middle ground, will fubmit hiin.

AL COUNTIES OF THIS STATE, IN APRIL 1804. age of our country ? Look on the journals felf to tair examination, and be ever rea . and documents at the city Washington, dy to render a faithful account of his stew.


Suffolk and then decide!

1303 ardship; whereas the designing demagogue


706 and wily hypocrite will always plot his Kings And again, have not the luxuries of favorite schemes in darkness, cover them New York life been exempted from taxation, to grat.

Westchester with the flimsy guise of moonshine var.


212 209 ity the pampered lords of the south, while nilh, and then distribute them among the

1461 the salt and molasses of the toiling hur. sovereign and beloved people," whose

60 bandman are yet clogged with impost , “ to ears and hearts are often charmed and e. Orange

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Let virtue and merit be carefully sought Lawrence. mented with convulsions, or fall a victim for in their humble retreats, and always to gradual conlumption. And in the lat rewarded ; while obtrusive venality and On Thursday last, was launched the BRILLIANT, ter case, it is often the hapless fate of the brazen impudence, meet the contempt a fine ship of upwards of 300 tons, built and own. patient, to think himself secure till past all they deserve. Let the golden privilegeed by Mr. Johx T Lacy, of this city. Good judges remedy, reposing unbounded confidence we enjoy, in the right of fuffrage, be ev. speak of this vessel as giving one more brilliant in quacks and mountebanks, who are cver er guarded with a watchful eye and single II specimen of the skill of the builder,

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