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As a reftimony of the high opinion olll king his purse from his pocket, it fell by necessity, for no more victims remained the gallant condue of Lt, DÉcAPUR, accident on the floor; stooping to take it to be a llallina ed. taking and destroying the frigate Philadel.ill up, he saw clearly a man under the bed. The details we have received of these phia, a commiffion to him as Captain in | Alarmed, but without loosing his presence transactions are shocking to the ear. In The Navy has been iffued by the Prelident, of mind, he said.—"good woman bere are deed, no language of which we are capaand will wi:hout delay be transmitted to tour crowns, I have no more upon me, ble,.can describe wiih accuracy the horrors Commodore Preble to be prelented to him but let your child accompany me home, I of the carnage, which has no respect to the

will give her twenty more.” Instead of infirmity of age or the innocency of child. The proposed amendment to the Con. returning to his lodgings, he took the hood; but involved in one common ruftitution has passed the Legislatute of S. child to a police commissary, where after in, and frequently with the same sword, Carolina. In the House of Representat some examination, she acknowledged that the infant fucking at the breast, and the tives, 65 to 2-in-the Senate, 22 to 9. the person under the bed was her father, | unoffending mother from whom it derived

fr. I augu and that within the last fortnight, during its nourishment. The Legislature of Connecticut have which they had lodged in the Itreet St. rejected the amendment Yeas 77, Nays Martins, six perlons had been stabbed by

Martins, six perlons had been stabbed by the Cape by way of Port.de-Paix and Go115..

him, plundered and stripped ; that two naives, for the purpose of entorcing the

corpses had been carried out by him after terms of a proclamation, which he had The Legislature of Ohio has appropria- || dark, fome nights before, and thrown in caused to be issued in that part of the illted 17,000 dollars arising from an allow. to the river, but that tour corpses yet re and of St. Domingo inhabited by the ance of 3 per cent. -an tales by the Unii mained in the closet behind the bed. The Spaniards. [This Proclamation in our ted States of Lands in that State, for the police commissary, with the gentleman, || next.] He allo ordered that the occupiers of public roads.

and some gens d'armes, went immediately houles should move with all possible speed

to the house, but they found nothing but toa ditch at the side of a mountain, the - We are happy to learn, that Norfolk is the four corpses in the closet. The man dead bodies of the murdered which remain. rapidly rebuilding. Nearly one hundred and woman were gone, and have not fince ed in the streets, that they might not be houses are already rebuilt, many of then been heard of. In consequence of the either devoured by the dogs or be luffered brick. The necessaries of lite, however, 1 discovery made by the child, fix former to produce a peftilence. are scarce, and every advantage is taken lodgings of this cruel couple have been The quantity of lilver plate, jewellery, by the humane venders, they having aug- l traced, where, according to her report,

traced, where, according to her report, Il gold articles, &c. plundered from the mented their prices from 25 to 50 per and several other circumstances within the dead and brought in by the negroes, was cent.

knowledge of the police, during the last immense, and frequently offered for Sale

winter, no less than 22 persons of both at hall its value. We hear from Fitchburgh, Mals. (says sexes are supposed to have been murdered On the 230 April Fort Dauphin was pil. the Brattleborough paper) that the Rev. by them. It was the custom for the wo. laged, a part of the town destroyed, and Mr. John Paylon, formerly 'miniser of man, as from gratitude, to take hold of the whites massacred to the number of from that place, on Wednesday last, swallowed her benelaitor's hands, and draw them to

85 to go. a large quantity of Arsenic, and afterwards her lips as the lay in bed, when the man A few days afterwards the French inhab. cut his throat in a molt horrid manner. stole behind and stabbed them through itants of St. Jago, and other parts of the Our informant could give no information their backs. Madame Murat has taken interior, were escorted to the Cape under of wbat induced this unhappy event. the child' under protection, and pays for

a strong guard, and there butchered. her education.

A Danish schooner, lying at the Cape, Great destruction has lately been made

with passengers from St. Thomas, was leiby a hail storm, in the lower parts of Del. DREADFUL CARNAGE. zed and every failor and passenger on aware ; whole fields of grain have been

board massacred. cut down and farms laid desolate.


Of the white persons who escaped from

the island almost by miracle, several have Among the French citizens who occupy

The intelligence of the indiscriminate arrived at this port in the Greyhound ; 9 Hanover are 66 Actors, 44 Actresses, 16 massacre of the white "French inhabitants

in the Almy which failed for New York 6 Figurants, and 24 Figurantes, belides of St. Domingo, is confirmed by the ar.

days before the Greyhound, viz. Carne 160 Musicians.

rival at this port of the schr Greyhound and daughter, Helin, Wile, and Son,

from Cape-Francois. Letters and verbal d'Albre, Aftaix, Gabareau and wite ; and ATTROCIOUS MURDER ERS.

accounts of the passengers who escaped a. in the Nancy, for Charleston, Mesirs.
gree in representing it as one of the moft

Oliver and Groshon.
On the 6th of March, a gentleman was horrid which has occurred in modern times.
accosted in the street of St. Martin, at It began on the 19 h April, and continued
Paris, by a beautiful little girl about 6 without intermission until the 14th of

THE BALANCE OFFICE, years of age. She was covered with rags, May following. On the 23d of April Gen Will be removed in a few days, to the and told him that her mother was dying for eral DESSALINES issued a proclamation, three-fory brick house belonging to Capt. want, in the fifth floor of a house in the explanatory of his motives and of his fu. same street, and that for hersell, she had

Hezekiah Pinkham, next door below the ture conduct. not ate a morsel for 48 hours. Touched {The proclamation is unavoidably omit. New Market, near the City Hall, and opwith compaflion, the gentleman said he ted this weck, but will be published at posite the Swan Tavern. As the propriewould follow her home, and if he found length in our next.]

tor is incurring considerable expence, by her story true, relieve her and her mother. On the 14'h of May, when the Grey-enlarging his office, and extending his buOn entering the room, he saw a woman hound left the Cape, the infuriated foldielying on a bed, on some Araw, instead of

ry had facrificed to their unrelenting poli. Siness, he requests that every customer who a matrefs. Her looks and voice feemned

rv not less than 2500 human beings. I is in arrear, will render him a little aflistto confirm the story of the child. In la..!! The work of deftruétion-ihencealed from ance.


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your Pala


Ah !-but-But what? Why, if the clown
Should reach a stone, to knock us down

Why, if he does, ye brats,
Must he not stoop to reach the stone !
His posture warns you to be gone-

Birds are not kill'd like cats.

Davy's Locker; MEREDIAN, Bimy. part in the Nin corner of

it burns and freez: s at the fame time; but
you know any part in a Storm, Bony, lo
There I'll leave ye! Now you know what
vou have to expect ; so you Se as how
you can'ı say. I din't rell ye. Cone, l'il
give ve a Toalt: Here's Hard Breezes and
foul Weather to ye my Boy: in
lage; Here's may you be Şea Sick; We'll
soon make you' Sick of the Şra; Here's
may you never have a Friend here or a
Boitle to give him... And to conclude;
Here's the FRENCH FLAG where it ougle
to.be, under the ENGLISH.


P. S. You fee as I couldn't write our
Captain's Clerk put the Lingo into
black and white for me, and says he'll
charge it to you.


From the new London Review-addressed to Miss

Hotham, daughter to the Earl of Suffolk, aged ten years, by Lord Orford.

Still, good Mama, our case is hard,
The rogue, you know may come prepar'd,

A huge stone in his fist.
Indeed, my youngsters, Madge replies,
If you already are so wise,

Go, cater where you list.

How anxiuus is the tender parent's thought!
How blest the favorite fondling's early lot!
Joy strings her hours on pleasure's golden twine,
And fancy forms it to an endless line.
This truth, my pretty friend, an ancient wit,
Who many a jocund tale and legend writ,
Couch'd in that age's unaffected guise,
When fables were the wisdom of the wise.
To careless notes I've tuned his gothic style,
Content, if you approve, and Suffolk smile.

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ONCE on a time, a Magpie led

Her little family from home,
To teach them how to earn their bread,

When she in quest of a new mate should roam.
She pointed to each worm and fly,
That crept on earth, or wing'd the sky,

Or where the beetle buzz'd, she call'd.
But all her documents were vain ;
They would not budge-the infant train

But caw'd, and cried, and squallid.
They wanted to be back at nest,
Close nuzzled to Mama's warm breast,
And thought that she, poor soul, must sweat,
Day after day, to find them meat.

But Vadge knew better things.
My loves, said she, behold the plains,
Where store of food, and plenty reigns.
I was not half so big as you,
When me my honored mother drew,

Forth to the groves and springs.
She few away-God rest her sprite-
Though I could neither read, nor write,

I made a shift to live ;
So must you too, comé, hop away-
Get what you can, steal what you may,

Th’industrious always thrive.

An irregular apprentice frequently keepDiversity

ing late bours, his master, at length, took occasion to apply fome weighty arguments

to convince him of the “ error of his FROM A LIVERPOOL PAPER.

ways.” During the chastifement, he con

tinually exclaimed - How long will you Bob Roulem's epistle to Bonypart.

ferve the Devil ?" The boy replied,

whimpering-"you know beft'lir -] be THIS comes hoping you are well, as I

lieve my indentures will be out in THREE

MONTHS. am at this prelent; but I say, Bony, what add Lubber you must be to think of getting foundings among the English. I Teil ye as how your Anchor will never TERMS OF THE BALANCE, hold ; it isn'ı made of good Stuff, so luff

FOR 1804. up Bony or you'll be fult aground before

To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty you know where you are. We don't

Cents, payable quarterly. nind your Polaver and Nonsense'; for

To those who receive them by mail, Two Dale though it is all Wind, it would hardly fol the Sun'fails of an English Man of War.

ars, payable in advance. You'll never catch a Breeze to bring ve

To those who take their papers at the office, in

bundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the city here as long as ye live, depend upon it.

price will be made. I'll give ye a piece of Advice now ; do try

A handsome Title Page and Table of Conten:s to Lie as near the Truth as poslibl-, and don't give us any more of

will accompany che last number of the volume. Clinchers. your

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and Coke I say, do you remember how Lord Neilun

spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which accompacame round ye at the Nile? I tell ye whai,

nies the Balance.
if you don't take Care what ye are abou!,
you'll soon be afloat in a way you won't

like, in a High Sea, upon a Grating my

The first and second Volumes of the Balance, Boy, without a bit of loft Tommy to put

may be had on the following terms into your Lanthren Jaws. I'll tell ye now

Fires Volume-unbound how we shall fill up the Logbook it you

Second Voluine,
come"; I'll give ye ihe Journal, my Boy,

Both Volumes,
with an Allowance for Lee-way and Vari.
ation that you don't expect. Now then,

If bound, the price of binding (either plain or eb

agant) will be added.-- An unbound volume may be at Five, A. M. Bonypari's Cock boas sent

1 sent to any post-office in the state for 52 cents post-. out to amuse our English Men of War

age ; or to any post office in the union for 78 cents
with fighting, (that we like.) Six, A. M.
Bonypart lands, (that is if he can) ilien
we begin to blow the Grampus ; Seven,

A. M. Bony part in a Pucker ; Eight, A.

M. Bonypart running away; Nine, A. M.

Warren-Street, Hudson. Bony part on board ; Ten, A, M. Bony, WHERE PRINTING IN GENERAL IS EXBOUTED part linking ; Eleyen, A. M, Bonypart WITH ELEGANCE AND ACCURACY.

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$ 2

$ 2, 50 $ 4

Lord bless us, cried the peevish chits,
Can babes, like us, live by their wits?
With perils compassid round, can we
Preserve our lives and liberty !
How shall we 'scape the fowler's snare !.
Or gardener's tube, erect in air ?
If we but take a plum or two,
The leaden ball will pierce us through,
And then, Mama, your tender heart will bleed,
To see your little pies lie dead.

My dears, said she, and kiss'd their callow bills,
The wise by foresight intcrcept their ills,

[blocks in formation]



nough of stubborn honesty, and virtuous was again called upon to set his nose upon

independence, to hesitate in the choice. the scent of Clinton and Spencer's track. Hisher the products of your closet-labors bring,

As a rare instance, however, of democratic He again indignantly refused to prostiEnrich our columns, and instruct mankind. uprightness, we are happy to have it in our tute his independence, and, of course, the

power to state that there has been one man honor was conferred upon another of more FOR THE BALANCE.

who could rejcct with indignation, the o accommodating principles.

vertures of De Will Clinton and Ambrose THE ELECTION ; OR

There are men who have thought-nay, Spencer.-The county of Ulster has been

it has been pretty confidently asserted, that INFLUENCE BEHIND THE THRONE.

for several years without a member in the Chancellor Lansing, after consenting to

Council of Appointment. Columbia has his nomination, had been called upon by HEN the ardor which a great twice had a member, during the time that

certain men, who constitute, in this state, confli&t produces, has, in a confiderable Uliter has liad none. This is a curious

an influence fimilar to that, which, in degree, lublided. When the public mind circumstance, and has never as yet been England, in the time of Lord Bute, was has resumed its capacity to judge with explained. It is in our power to give a fatcoolness and with wisdom, it may be use. || istałtory account of this affair.

termed the influence behind the Throne, Colonel

and informed, that it was fui to ourselves and instructive to posteri. Bruyn is the only Senator from Ulser.


in the event of his ele&tion, he would be ty to take a deliberate retrospect of the He was, on a certain occalion, informed circumstances which have attended it, and by his Honor Judge Spencer, that it was

governed by such and such maxims-and

regulate his adıninistration by the advice to enquire whether the cause of liberty | intended to appoint him a member of the

of such and such persons. It has been e. and pure republicanism bas in truth been Council, and demanded to know whether

ven insinuated that intimations to this ex. fublerved whether freedom or fallion he would in tha: case follow the path

tent had fallen from the Chancellor him. has triumphed. which De Wilt Clinton and himself had

felt; but with what degree of iruth, we After the nomination of Chancellor ll marked out. The Colonel gave no direct

know not. Nay, it has been further sugLanfing had been made-after his acce. answer; and not long after, was honored

gested, that he imended, after the ele&tion ding to that nomination-and that not har with a visi: from De Witt Clinton, who was decided, publicly to unlold the rea. tily, his suddenly declining was repeated, in fubfiance, the enquiry which

fons of his exiraordinary conduct. Wheth. of surprize to men ol all parties. li prohad been made by Spencer. Col. Bruyn

er the Chancellor had ever formed this rer. duced doubts whether the Chancellor was had been a revolutionary officer, and be.

olurion, we cannot determine. But that a man of a wavering, fickle difpofition, ing withal a man of high spirii, could not

his mind is either frangely capricious, or on the one hand, or, on the other, wheth but feel indignant that he should be cata

nobly virtuous and independent, is cerer be could accept the government, with chized in this fort, by two young men,

tainly true.--The facts we have related any honor, upon the terms proposed and “ who were dandling on the laps of their

in regard to Cod. Bruyn, would incline explained after bis nomination. We say nurses, when he was fighting the battles

reflecting men to suppose, that it a Senaupon the terms proposed, because it is no of his country. Accordingly, he font off

tor, previous to ocing ele Eted a member of longer a secret, that in the government Mr. Clinton with a flea in his ear. And

the Council, was cbliged completely to of this state, public men who are intend.

Col. Bruyn was put by for that year, and vield himself to “ the influence behind the ed for 'important stations, are obliged ei he honor of tollowing the path which Throne,” no man would be suffered to oc, ther to forego the gratification of their Mr. Clinton and Mr. Spencer had mark

cupy the executive chair, anle?s his cong ambition, or to commit themselves to a

eit, devolved on Mr. John C. Hogeboum. cence and his honor were found to be certain defined course of political conduct. The leflion in which Abraham Adriance.

fefficiently pliable. This opinion is very It seldo. Happens that a democrat has e.

of Dutchess, was appoinset!, Col. Bruye much (trengthened in the ainds of those



and cherish the interest of party,” in con. |: Cou

who have observell, that the immediate country, whatever may be his political | the united Irishmen, to bring about an in. personal friends of the Chancellor, wlio crce:, and however he inay, in other re surrection against the English government? have heretofore been extremely active on spects, be warped by prejudice or partiali and yet, in the eyes of our fage ambasladit, the democratic side, 'were tuliouily reu. iy to adopt sentimenis more favorable for that line of conduct which it was perfectly tral at the late election, which it is con one nation than another; and it this axiom

proper in France to pursue against England, ceived, they would not have been, had holds yood amongit individuals, which no was. calculated to "overturn social order they not been convinced that the Chan one will controvert, how much weighier and to bring back nations to barbarín," cellor had been unjuftly treated. And is the imperious duty impoied on public when practised by England against France, Lucas Elmendoril's letter, which declares functionaries, to leer iheir course in luc! A prey fort of logic, truly, agd worthy the joy of the party at their getting a manner, that the relations between their of the new school altogether; and id, ne:v candidate, who would better attach country and other friendly nations may be then, wlien mine enemy sites me on one

more firmly united by their observing a cheek, I am not merely to turn the other nection with the other circumstances, is neutral and in partial line of conduct

, 10 bin, in christian meekness, but I am very strong evidence, that the Chancellor instead of being weakened or diffevered, likewise, humbly, to thank him for such was questioned in pretiy much the same by their discovering of any improper pre. an instance of his friendly folicitude for terms, which were put io Cul. Bruyn; poffeffion; more especially when by ich

my welfare. Risum teneatis ? The old and the prevailing opinion, therefore, prepollifions being avowed, the dearests chancellor nust certainly be reduced to a seems to be, that the Chancellor, in the interests of their own countrymen may

lecond state of childhood, or we should cor.flict which ensued in his mind, nobly thereby be foolishly sacrificed ; and it:II lel's not bave seen such an instance of imbecility followed the dictates of honor, at the ex can such conduct be justified when it is to and weaknefi instead of that manly deport: pence of his ambition. Siill, we must gratify either a sycophantic disposition, or ment which an independent mind would conters, that the whole affair is mysterious, io display enmities of a long standing, have evinced on such an occagon. and that an explanation from the Chan which the path of prulence would point The ambassador likewise, “in the name cellor hiinseit, appears to us to be the on. out had better be buried in oblivion.

of his government:, offers the most sincere ly thing which can disperse the public The president of the United States has felicitations to the first conful for his happy doubts, and restore to his reputation its declared it necellary, that a fair and up-||escape from the attempt directed not only wooed coinmanding attitude.

right neutrality Thould be observed by l against his life, but against an object more We can, indeed, conceive it possible, America during the present momentous dear to his heart-she happiness of the na. alihough our furmises may be correct, yet contest between France and England, as rion of which he is the chief ; the fruit of that a feeling of delicacy towards Judge !he only means whereby we could avoid hịs noble labours in the field and in the Lewis, may retrain the Chancellor, inal be'ng involved in the collision of European cabinet." That the English government much as a complete developement of the politics or of preserving this country in either have or ever would concelcend to realons upon which he acted, might tend its present envied state of prosperity. bire aflaflins to take the life of Bonalo prove, what Lucas Elmendorff


Let this declaration on the part of the parte, and bring back the days of the Old plainly declares, that the gavernor eleet president which has been fanctioned by Man of the Mountain, under which one would be subfervient to “ the influence congress, be contrasted with the letter of their own monarchs had, nearly perishbehind the Throne." We think, howev. published, Messrs. E liiors, in your paper ed, no well informed man can or will be er, chai in an affair of so much importance, of the 30th May: trons Robert R. Liv. lieve. If that had been their object, the the Chancellor ought to feel less solicitousington, our minister at Paris, to Mons. einployment of one, or, at molt, iwo res. for the character of Judge Lewis, than Talleyrand, respecting the conspiracy al. oluie em:{saries, would have been fuffi: for the public good.

ledged to have been tomented by the cient, and insured its success; but it appears To the cominunity the developement is English minister against the French Gov. by the instructions Mr. Drake, it is said, highly important. Al real republicans All real republicans ernment; and the pity and indignation of

gave his agent, chat no plan of that sort was and hon-lt patriots must feel deeply inter every mian, must be excited at this prepos. in agjiation ; and the numerous arrells ciled in ascertaining with certainty wherh. terous and fycophantic facrifice of the that have taken place in France

the er those whom we eleétio offices, are, in | dignity and independence of our country, nature of the attempt paft all doubt. The any instance, suffered to be guided by heir at the thrine of that military despotilm | English government might wila to facili

. onn judgineris, unbiased, unbribed, and which at present rules not only France, iare ihe overthrow of the power of Bonauncontroled, or whether they are, in al! but which grasps at conquering the whole paite, and in that they were per te Etly justicales, ite passive inftruments of a few art. civilized world.

fiable by the law of nations, as well as by ful caballite, and the administration of Mr. Livingston is not content with mere. the example of France herfelf; but they course a faction. ly congratulating the first consul on the dir.

never have or ever would countenance a NO PARTY. covery of the conspiracy against the pre-conspiracy against his life : and although ent exifling state of things in France, but

it may he politic on the parte of Bonaparte to gratily Bonaparte, he proftitutes his to endeavor to impress this idea amongst

own independence and the dignity of A. the French, to stringhen his ufurpatica Seleđed.

merica by vilifying and abusing the English and call from their recollection thai hier government for adopting those Reps, which like a second Cromwell, had trod heir Françe has unceasingly purlued, from the representative government under foot; yet: commencement of the revolution to this that our minister should buve pledged his

hour-And what has England attempted ? Messrs EDITORS,

government to a deciaration of this nature, why, to gain intelligence of the interior

is such an insult to the rights of another WHEN the relations of amily and Vienation of France and to overchrow thal nation, and fuch an intrigement of the friendlhip happily subfif between two na. military despotism by which the French || neutrality we are pledged io maintain, as tions, to their inutual benefic and advan- | people are now lackiert, and which is could scarely be credited, but by his own tage, any atten pe at wantonly disturbing convulling all Europe. But is it not well declara'ion. But in this way hus Mr. them, must be held in utier abhorrence known, that in time of peace, as well as Livingslon procommitted his own digrily, and detestation by every true lover of his , in war, Fiance has been intriguing with and the ellenial interets of his country,



his glory:

to compliment a military usurper who

Genet landed at Charlefon to the present One SIMON MEDLEY, has sent us a huge rules France with a delpolism which that moment, of involving us in a war with

bundle of paragraphs, which he says are country bas never witnessed since the days | England, and Mr. Living Aton, by his acof Charlemagne! Mr. Livingston prolesles cons leems to be a fi partizan to accom:

intended to thew his editorial abilities.to be a republican : Wn-t! then does re. plith such a purpose ; for he has adopted

Want of room obliges us to omit all that publicanism mean any thing or nothing ? | steps which may put in jeopardy our rela

seem to be founded on vague reports ; but Is it one day the guardian of the righ:s of tions with England, without the least pos. we have selected the following, and hope man, and the next the humble flatterer of sible benefit that could thereby arise to this that Simon will be satisfied : a tyrant, who reduces man to be an abso country: Jute Dave ? an automaton, who dares not


New Jersey.-We hear that Citizen Speak, and scarcely think, left his lordly

Thomas Paine yesterday got drunk, run mafter should consign him to a dungcon or

his nose against a post, his nose fruck a tomb. And yet Mr. Livingston is not

fire-he staggered, and fell into a mud. ashamed to bow down before and address with fulsome adulation such a man, and

puddle, and a great hisling ensued. This to call the extinction and sacrifice of the

illustrious man has palled through a varie. liberties of France in her representative

ly of splendid scenes ; but it was reserved government, as the result of his noble

for the brandy of New Jersey to complete Zabors in the cabinet. Truly, my fellow. citizens, if such be the declarations of Mr. Livingston, it behoves you to be on your

Washington City --The Secretary of guard ; feeing, at the same time he has

the Treasury, i: is said, has discovered piedged then as the sentiments of his gov.

Editor's Closet.

the grand secret of transmuting various ernment, although general Sanith, and

species of substances into gold. Tije other members of congress, have here!o. Jore declared it was impossible the present

We mould offer some remarks on the President, we are inlormed, is going to syfiem of things in France, could be ap lare trial of Mr. Tracy, editor of the Lan. try an experiment upon some continental proved of by the American executive. lsingburgh Gazette, for a libel on Judge

bills. Mir. Livingfton has, therefore, cither liLewis, could we do it in such manner as

New York. We learn that Captain J. belled his own government as much as he has abused that of England, or otherwise,

to steer clear of the fangs of the law. But Doggerman is beating up for volunteers at the people have been delu ted with profe! - it is a very ticklich case, and requires great the Siate Prison; and it is said, a number fions of neutrality which it was riever in. caution. Our friend Freer, of Ulfler, l of discharged convicts have enlised.tended to observe : but will the contrary be

was fined for contempt for first publish. The company makes a fine appearance, . feen, it ought to be believed that Mr.

ing the article which was the ground of Livingston has compromited ihe govern.

- Uniform- Black Coats, faced with red ment, and not that de executive have indi&tment against Mr. Tracy; and who || -Hemp Cravats, and Tyburn Caps. been deceiving the people.

knows but we may be served in the same Washington-City. - The Secretary of Every day's experience shews more and

manner ? Tho' we confess that there ap the Treasury is preparing to make a most more the reftless, 2:abitious, and graspingpears to be less danger, fince Lewis is bloody attack on the English language. system of the French government. Look no longer judge, nor Spencer Attorney. The Editor of the National Intelligen. at Holland, her ally-plundered to the ve. General.

cer la:ely brushed the President's boots. sy dregs. Look at Switzerland, Lok at Tuscany, Naples, and the other Italian In the case of Mr. Tracy, we observe

The president complimented the editor, by ftates, and look at her religious respect for that Judge Thompson took the liberty to

calling him the best bour-brusher in A. the rights of neutrals in her late violation differ in every material point from he no

merica. ol the German Territory, contrary to the laws of nations ; and yet this is the gov.

ced decision of Judge Lewis in the case Tudfon. Some malicious persons have eromeni so touch admired by Mr. Livingof the editor of this paper. We were just

aflerted that Charles Holt is more Fool

than Knave. fton. With England we stand in the same upon the point of expressing our senti. relations of Amity and Friendship as with

ments pretty freely on this honorable con. Monticello – Yesterday morning the France, and our connections with that

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