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honor; we should detest him as an odious which they might otherwise be led by the monfter, and find that he was incapable Litle page of the book itself. The reports, of all happiness. Wickednels, when con- er undertakes to say that the speeches of sidered by illelt, and in its naked form, the counsel are given at full length, and without any connexion with lovely quali. the name of General Hamilton is made to ties, is nothing but fname, and pain, and stare in large capitals, as if his speech in distrels. If the debauchee er joys any particular, of which our various news.pa.

thing like happiness, it is becaule he joins : pers have often spoken, had also been pre. agricultural.

to his debauchery something laudable ; served by the reporter, and would appear
and his tender and social feelings are not

among the reft,
extirpated. In like manner-if a

We were not prefent when the motion tous man have any thing besides perplex. for a new trial in this cause, was urged be. ity and gloominess in his heart, it is be.

tore the Supreme Court, on which occa, FROM THE VERMONT GAZETTE. cause there are some virtues which he

sion the speeches of the Counsel concern. practices, or because he disguises his cov.


ed were delivered ; we cannot undertake etourness under the forms of the virtues of prudence and frugality : This then being edge of the accuracy of the Reporter.

herefore to speak from our own knowl, ihe case; fince even the pleasure that vice F by drawing your manure only || enjoys is thus founded upon and derived

Bui we have good authority for believing one Hundred rods, and spreading it four from virtuous qualities, how plain it is Counsel as delivered, is given at full

hat not a single speech of any one of the inches deep, on one acre of land for

that these conftituie our chief good ; and length, or any thing approaching to it, planung, you can obtain an hundred bulh

cliat the more of them we posless, so much except indeed ihat of Mr. Caner, the Re. els of corn per acre, what a pity it is ti The more must we possess of the sources of draw it four hundred rods, and scatter in pleasure ? -_The virtuous man is the old, he has done ample justice, that be.

porter himself. To his own speech we are over eight acres, by spreading it half an most generous man, the most friendly, the ing printed verbatim as delivered. There inch thick, and obtaining only forty bush most good natured, the most patient and was the less difficulty in doing this, as we eis per acre, with all the additional fatigue contented. He has most of the fatisfac.

are informed Mr. Caines had reduced his of man and beal),

cions resulting from sympathy, and hu. Farmers consider which is most to your

speech to writing before it was delivered, manity, and natural affection ; and fo cer. advantage, to economile in this line, or iain it is, that fuch a person must be the hand, The other gentlemen not having

and actually read it from a copy in his continue to work as it were at arm's end, || happiest, that the wicked themselves, it in taken this trouble, it will at once be feen by extending your manure too far and 100 any respect happy, can be so only as far as thin. Certainly the more compact your

chat it was not so easy to give their speech. they either are the samę įhat he is, or think

es entire ; nor can we lee how M:. Caines interest, the easier can you govern and themselves the same.

canjuftily himself tor calling there “fpeech. fence it, DARIUS BENEDICT.

es at full length." General Haulton's (peech especially, which alone occupied

six hours, and was admitied on all hands 99 iscellany,

to be the most extraordinary effort of hu.

inan genius ever witnessed, is here com. de onitorial Department.

pressed into about fixeen pages, whereas FROM THE EVENING POST.

it must have occupied if it had been pub.

lished at full length, between two and To aid the cause of virtue and religion.


thrre hundred. Nay, how this gentleman

could pretend to give the speech of GenEXTRACT IT has for some time been our inten.

eral Hamilton at all, other than from mere From Dr. Price's Sermon on the happi- tion to take notice of a pamphlet which meinory, we cannot imagine, tor we are ness of a virtuous course. has lately been published in this city, enti well informed that although Mr. Caines

tled “ The Speeches, at full length, of attempted at first to take notes yet that the

Mr. Van Nets, Mr. Callics, the Actor energy and eloquence of the speaker T deserves your confideration, ney. General, Mr. Harrison, and General so powerfully arrefled his

attention that much of the pleasure of vice itselt Hamilton, in the great caule of the People

and affected his nerves, that he threw against Harry Croswell, on an indictment

down his pen and declared it imposdepends on some species or other of virtue

for a libel on Thomas Jefferson, PreGdent combined with it. All the joys we de.

sible to follow him for a line. Justice, of the United States," and which pam

therefore, to all the gentlemen concerned, rive from family connexions and affini. ties, from the love and confidence of our

phlet is, we understand, the production of and a regard more paruicularly io the latter, the said Mr. Caines himself.

required that Mr. Caines should not have fellow creatures, and from the intercourse

uthered his of good offices, are properly virtuous It is not cur design at this time to enter

report into the world with a to joys : and there is no courie of life which, at all into the merits of the great quellion

ile page which fo materially irjures the were it deprived of these joys, would not involved in this trial; we thall reserve

truth, indeed it would require extreme be completely miserable. The enjoyments, what we may have to say on that fçore,

weakness of credulity for any person actherefore, of vicious men, are owing to till the public shall be prelented, as they

quainted with either Mr. Harrison or the remains of virtuous qualities in them. will be, with a more corre&t report of the

General Hamilton, to believe that a single There is no man fo vicious as to have no. several arguments than, we feel warranter

paragraph ainibused to either of chule thing good lett in his character and could in saying, has been done by Mr. Carnes gerten en was

ever utiered by them. we conceive any such man ; or meet with in the pamphlet before us. Or {ole de When Mr. Caires comes to Mr. Harria person quite void of benevolence, tem. sign in noticing this production is to guarr fon's seech, tie tor a moment links the perance, good humour, fociableness and our readers against an important error into i reporter in the belles jeures critic. He


attributes to Mr. Harrison, and probably | humorously observed, that the circum. men, or their injeNice, and of the capriwith julice the following. oblervation-- | tance reminded him of the following ces of fortune ; mutilated victims of the The gentleman who finit fpoke on behalf Epigram, by Lord Chesterfield.

cupidiiy of white Frenci men ; after har. of the prosecution, (Mr. Caines) has cul. "On a wbole length of Mr. Nash between the orlsts ing fartened with our toils there insatiate led the choicest flowers of thetoric to of Sir Izazc New.on anil Mr Pupe, in the Rooms, blood suckers, with a patience and religmake into a nosegay, to present to the at Barb.:

nation unexampled, we should again have bench." In a note to this Mr. Caines ob.

• Immortal Newton never spoke

seen that facrilegious horde make an atserves-" The Spectator in one of his in.

More truth than here you'll find,

tempt upon our destruction, without any structing and amusing papers, says, to

distinction of sex or age ; and we, men

Nor Pope himself e'er penn'd a joke judge ct a figure of speech, we should

More cruel on mankind :

without energy, of no virtue, of no deliimagine a painting of that which it repre.

cate sensibility, should not we have plun. senis. li would be unkindness to the tal.. The picture plac'd the busts between,

ged in their breast the dagger of defpera. ents of the great law character who now Gives satire all its strength

tion? Where is that vile Hatyan, so unspeaks, to make in the present instance, WISDOM and Wir are little seen,

worthy of his regeneration, who thinks he this the criterion," The Spectator, in the But Folly-at full length.

has not accomplished the decrees of ihe paper alluded to, was infitting on bringing

E crna!, by exterminating these blocdfigures of speech to the rest of congruity,

thirty tygers ? It shere is one, let him fly; and proposed, as Mr. Caines corre&tly

indignant nature discards him from our

EFFECTS OF SLAVERY. e says, the criierion of a painting. --Trying

bolom ; let him hide his name far from Mr. Harrilon's figure by the farne criterion,

bence : the air we breath is not luited to we have :hen to suppole a portrait of Mr. [The fullowing are the proclamations, referred to in

his gross organs ; it is the pure air of Lib. Caines in the act of presenting a nusegav

our last, in the intelligence from St. Domingo.

erty, august and triumphant. of fiowers to the bench. This may exhib.

They are documents well wortlı preserving. They

Yes, we have rendered to these true

furnish to the holders of laves in this country, it the gentleman in an attitude for ridicule,

cannibals war for war, crine for crime, but where is the incongruity in the pic.

an awful, an instructive lesson, and to the hu.
mane members of our manumission societies, the

outrage for outrage ; Yes, I have saved Tture? With all due deference to the

most forcible inducements to persevere in their

my country ; I have avenged America. ; judgment of Mr. Caines, and all suitat le

The avowal I make of it in the face of

exertions for the abolition of slavery.O, acknowledgement for his kind disposition

Americans ! Beware of rearing and nursing in

earth and heaven, constitutes my pride and towards Mr. Harrison, we say that is re

my glory. Of what conlequence to me n.ark, fly as it was undoubtedly supposed

the bosom of your country, a muloitude of human
beings, without giving them the opportunity and

is the opinion which cotemporary and fu. to be, has not even the merit of hyper

nieans of instruction! Encourage not barbarism

iure generations will pronounce upon my criticism.

condi&t? I have performed my duty; I among a civilized people! For, behold the evil In Mr. Caines' own speech he tells us, tendency of such mistaken policy!

enjoy my own approbation ; for me that is Every word of what I have uttered

Edit. Bal.]

sufficient. But what do I say ? The pres. stands recorded in the tablet of the times;

ervation of my unfortunate brothers, the imprinted in letters to plain, that to them


telimony of my own conscience, are not the sacred warning of holy writ, the mene

my only recem pence : I have seen two tekel of Nebuchadnezer, was but a faint


classes of men, born to cherisi, aslill and delineation." Now as long as we have Jaen JAQUES Dessalines Governor General to succour one another--mixed, in a word, been acquainted with the bible, this is

to the inhabitants of Hayti.

and blended together--crying for ven

CRIMES, the molt atrocious, such as the first ume we ever heard of the mene

geance, and disputing the honor of the tekal of Nebuchadnezer; and our surprize were until then unheard of, and would firft blow. is not a little augmented to find it now, cause nature to shudder, have been perpe. Blacks and Yellows, whom the refined for the first tiine, in the pages of one who trated. The measure was over. heaped. duplicity of Europeans has for a long time has taken pains to express his high respect | At length the hour of vengeance has arri endeavored to divide ; you, who are now for "revealed religion.”

vedl, and the implacable enemies of the consolidated, and make but one family ; Should Mr. C. think we have not given rights of man have suffered the punish. | without doubt it was necessary that our his book fo favorable a reception as he ment due to their crimes.

perfect reconciliation should be sealed with thinks it entitled 10, why then we frankly My arm, raised over their heads, has ibe blood of your bu!chers. Similar ca. declare, that we can never have much pa too long delaved to firike. At that signal, lamities have hung over your proícribed tience with one who exhibits Harrison and which the justice of God has urged, your heads : a similar ardour to strike your ene. Ha.milton to the world, as men speaking hands righteously armed, have brought the mies, has signalized you : the like fate is Deither sense nor grammar.

axe upon the ancient tree of livery and reserved for you : and the like interests prejudices. In vain had time, and more muft there fore render you for ever one, especially the internal politics of Europe. ll indivisible, and inseparable. Maintain

ans, surrounded it with triple brass ; you that precious concord, that happy harmo. FROM THE SAME.

have tripped it of its armonr; you have ny amongst yourselves : it is the pledge of

placed it "pon your heart, that you may COMMUNICATION.

your happiness. your salvation, and your become like your natural enemies) cruel success : it is the secret of being invinci. FULL LENGTH PORTRAIT.

and merciless. Like an overflowing migh. hie.

iy torrent that tears down all opposition, Is it neceffary, in order to strengthen A GENTLEMAN who had just been your vengeful fury has carried away eve. ihele ries to recalso your membrance the Teading the R-port of a certain T:+1, pub. ry thing in its imperijus course. Thus

Thus Catalogue of atrocities ciimmitted against Jished a New.York, in which the speech perilh all tyrants over innocence, all op vur fecies: the m li.cre of the entire of the Reporter himself appears ai tuil preslirs of mankind !

population of this lind medicaled in the Jength, while thule of the oppolite Couna What then ? bent for many ages under lience ani singlisid ol in C:biner : she, fel are curtailed in a few

meagre pages, an iron yoke: the sport of the passions of xecution of that abuminable project, to

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me unbloshizzly proposed and already be. woe to those who may approach too near

moment I have considered you as my chil. Fun by the French with the calmness and The mountains! I were beiter for them that dren, and my fidelity to you remains un. Serenity of a countenance accustomed to the sea received them into its profound a. diminished. As a proof of my paternal fimilar crimes. Guadaloupe, pillaged and byss, than to be devoured by the anger of

solicitude, within the places which have dellroyed : its ruins still reeking, with the the children of Hayri.

submitted to my power I have proposed for blood of the children, women and oid " Iar to Death to Tyrants !" this is Chiefs none but men cholen from amongit men put to the sword, PELAGE (himlelt my moito; Liberty !' Independence !" | yourselves. Jealous of counting you in ihe victim of their craftiness) after having this is our rallying cry.

ihe rank of my friends, that I might give barely hetrayed his country and his broth Generals, officers, foldiers, a little un you all the time necessary for recollection, ers : The brave and immortal DELG?ESSE, like him who has preceded me, the ex. and that I night assure myselt of your fi. blown into the air with the fort which he general Touflaint Loverture, I have been delity, I have hitherto restrained ihe bur. defended, rather than accept their offered faithful to the promise which I made to you ning ardour of my soldiers. Already 1 chains. Magnanimous warrior ! that no. when I took up arms against tyranny, and congratulated myfelt, on the fuccels of ble death, far from enfeebling our cour whilst the lift Spark of life remains in me I my solicitude, which had for iis object age, serves only 10 jouse within us the Ihall keep my oaib. Never again Mall a to prevent the effufion of blood ; bus at determination of avenging or of following Colonist or an European fet his foot upon his time a fanatic pries had not kindled in the2. Shall I again recall to your memo. this territory with ihe title of maller or your breafts the rage which predominates ry the plois la:elIramed at Jeremie ? the proprietor. This resolution thall hence- l herein : the incenled ferrand had nos yet Terrible explosion which was to be the re. forward form the fundamental basis of our instilled in you the poison of Withood and full, notwithstanding the generons par. conftitution.

calomny. Writings, originating in del. don granted to these incorrigible beings at Should other chiefs, alter me, by pur- pair and weakness have been circulated ; tie expulsion of the French army? The suing a conduet diametrically oppofie to and immediately fome amongit you, ledu. deplorable fate of our departed bro:hers in mine, dig their own graves and those of ced by perfidious insinuatins, folicited Europe ? and treat harbinger of death) ll their species, you will have to accus: on The friendlhip and protection of the the frigluful despotism exercised at Mar: ly the law of destiny which shall have tak French ; they dared to ovirage my kindtinique ? unfortunate people of Marli. en me away from the happiness and wellness, by coalefcing with my cruslene. niq'ie, could I but fly to your assistance, fare of my fellow.citizens. May my fuc mies. Spaniards, refle&t! On the brink and break your feiters ! Alas! an inlur. ceflors follow the path I lhali have iraced of the precipice which is dug under your noun:able barrier separates us. Perhaps a out for them! It is the syftim beft adap. Teet, will that diabolical min fier fare you, fpark from the fame fire which inflames us, ied for consolidating their power; it is the

wien with fire and sword I shall have purwillalig'it into your bosoms: perhaps at the highest homage they can render to my sued you to your last entrenchments ? found of this commotion, suddenly awak. memory:

Ali! sithout doubt, liis prayers, his cued from your lethargy, with arms in As it is derogatory to my charaéter and | grimaces, his relics, would be no impediyour hands, you will reclaim your sacred my dignity to punish the innocent for the

ment to my career. Vain as powciless, and inprescriptable rights.

crimes of the guilty, a liandful of whites, can he preserve you from my j fanger After the terrible example which I have commendable by the religion they have after I shall have buried him and the colo just given, that sooner or later Divine Jur- | always professed, and who have besides 1 Etion of brigands he commands under iice will unchain on earth fume mighty

taken the oath to live with us in the woods, the ruins of your capital ? Let them both minds, above the weakness of the vulgar, have experienced my clemency. I order recollce that it is before my intrepid pha. for the deftruétion and terror of the wicked ; that the sword respect them, and that they lanxes that all the resources and the skill of tremble, tyrants, usurpers, scourges of be unmolested.

Europeans liave proved inefiz&ua! : and the new world! our daggers are sharpened;

I recommend anew and order to all the

That into my victorious hand the destiny of your punishment is ready! sixiy thousand | generals of department &c. to grant fuc. the captain-general Rochambeau has been men, cquipped, inured 10 war, obedien: cours, encouragement, and protection, to furrendered. To lure the Spaniards 19 in my orders, burn to offer a new sacrifice all neutral and friendly nations who may their party, they propagate the report to the names of their al llinated brothers. wish to establish commercial relations in that veffels laden with iroops have arried Let that nation come who may be mad and this Ihand.

at Santo Domingo. Why is it not the daring enough to attack me. Already at Head Quarters at the Cape, 28:h April, truth? They little imagine that in delay. its approach, the irritated genius of Hayti, 1804, first year of independence. ing 10 aliack them until this time my prin. rising out of the bosom of the ocean ap

The Goveroor General,

ciple object has been to suffer them to in. pears ; his menacing aspect throws the

(Signed) DESSALINES. crease the mass of our resources and the waves into commotion, excites tempefts, A true Copy. The Secretary-General,

number of our viêlims. To spread diftruf and with his mighty hand disperses ships,

JUSTE CHANLATTE. and terror, they ince funily dwell or dafnes them in pieces ; to bis formida

ta:e which the French have just experien. We voice the laws of nature pay obedience;


ced: but have I had reason to treat them diseases, plague, famine, conflagration,


so ? The wrongs of the French do they ap. poison, čre bis constant attendants. Buit

perrain to the Spaniards ? and must I visit why calculate on the asistance of the cli. JAEN JAQES DESSALINES, Governor General to

on the later the crimes which the former matc and of the elements ? Have I forgot

the Inhabitants of the Spanish Part.

have conceivel, ordered, and executed that I command a people of no common SCARCE had the French army been

upon our lpecies? They have the efironcaft, brought up in adversity, whole auda-expelled, when you haftened to acknowl

tery to sav, chat, reduce ito seek lafeer in cious daring frowr.s at obstacles and in- edge my authority ; by a free and sponta fight, I 'm gone to conceal my deleat in creases by dangers ? Let them come, then, neous movement of your heart, you can me frutiern part of the INand. Well these homicidal Cohort ? I wait for them gd yourselves under my subjection. Moreren! Let them learn that I am ready ; with firmness and with a steady cye. I careful of the prosperity than the ruin no tha: the thuuderbolt is going to fall upon abandon to them freely the sea-shore, and that part which you inhabit, I gave to this enrir heads. Le trein kow that my foldthe places, where cities have existed; but homage a favorable reception. From that liers are impatiently waiving the signal to

upon the


go and reconquer the boundaries which A friend has put into our hands (fays delphia.” He is now dismissed, after harnature and the elements have assigned to the Baltimore Federal Gazette) proposals ing devoted the best years of his life to the

A few moments more, and I thall by M-jor William Jackson, of Philadel. service of his country, into which he encrush the rennant of the French under the phia, for publishing a daily paper in that tered in the year 1776. The public can weight of mighty power.

city, and we shall be happy to receive the judge more correally troin these fa&ts than Spaniards, you to whom I address' my.

names of such gentlemen as feel disposed from honied declarations in inaugural fe!t, folcly because I wish to save you ;

to become the patrons of the talents and speeches, or the equivocal promises in the you who, for having been guilty of evasion,

merits of a gentleman, whose exertions in answer to the New Haven merchants, of

he revolution and present sufferings are thall Ipeedily preserve your existence only

the spirit in which our government is adso far as my clemency may deign to spare

briefly delineated in the following extract ministered. They will easily perceive that

from the Charlesion Courier :you; it is yet time; ahjure an error which

the head of our nation conliders himself may be faial to you; and break off all


as the head of a party. connection with my enemy if you with ALTHOUGH * we are all republi.

[Charleston Courier.] your blood may not be confounded with cansall federalists,yet, it seems, that his. Name to me without delay that part all the federalifts are to be driven from of.

Professions of the inhabitants of the of your territory on which my first blow fice as soon as it can be determined which

City of Washington, is exhibited by the is to be Aruck, or inform me whet:er!! he expectants of their offices are most de

Census of 1803 mult Itrike on all points without discrimi serving of them. Major William Jacknation. I give you filleen days from the con had been turned out of the office of

Archite&ts 4, Merchant Taylors 2, date of this notification to forward your last Purveyor for che port of Philadelphia, and

Notary Public 1, Clerks 50, Merchants intentions, and to rally under my banners. Mr. Bache appointed to it. Mi. Bache is

21, Sione Cutters 16, Lumber Merchants Yuu are not ignorant that all the roads of a relation of B. F. Buche, who establish

2, Carters 18, Taylors 17, Gentlemen Sr. Domingo in every direétion are tamil. ed the newspaper called the Aurora, and

15, Glasfinan 1, Nailers 2, Butchers 8, iar to us ; that more than once we have seen which afterwards became Duane's by his

Painters 4, Painters and Glaziers 2, Caryour difperfed bands Aly before us. I. а marrying widow Biche.

penters 63, Joiners 12, Physicians 6, word, you know what I can do, and what The present survevor was a boy during

Cabinet-makers 7, Printers 19, LabourI dare ; think of your preservation, the revolution. M jor Jacklon at the

ers 82, Bricklayers 18, Turner 1, Sail. commencement of it, received a cominil. Receive here the facred promise which I

makers 2, Cooper 1, Nail Cutter 1, Houle make, not to do any thing against your per. fion in the regiment then commanded by

carpenter 1, Shoemakers 23. Pumpma. general Pinckney.

kers 3. Mill.wrighı 1, Tavern-keepers 9, fonal safety or your intereils, if you sieze

When general Lincoln arrived in the

Piailterers -3Bakers 6, Carver & Guilupon this occasion to thew yourselves wor.

southern states to take command of the thy of being admitted amongit the chil.

der 1, Brick maker and layer 1, Gun-maarmies in them, major Jackson became a

ker 1, Stone masons 7, Booklellers 2, dren of Hayti,

Huckster 1, Shoe merchant 1, Grocers Head-Quarters, at the Cape, May 8th,

member of his family. After the surren. 1804, finit year of Independence, der of Chareston he accompanied general

2, Officers of government 24, Ditchers Lincoln to Philadelphia, where, at the

2, Constables 6, Brewer 1, Huck drivers The Governor General, close of the war (through the whole of

4, Lawyers 4. Measurers 2, Well-digger (Signed) DESSALINES. which he had served) he commenced the

Pedlars 2, Blacksmiths 8, Composition. A true Copy. The Secretary General, study of the law. The national conven.

maker 1, Masons 2, Billiard-table keeper JUSTE CHANLATTE. lion which formed the Constitution of the

1, Watch maker 1, Saddlers 2, Hair United States had three candidates present.

Dreffers 2, Conveyancer 1, Ministers of ed to them for the place of secretary to

the Goppel 3. Schcolmallers 5, Wood. the convention. The Virginia delegation | Sawyer i, Messengers of department 8, supported he pretensions of Mr. Beckley, || Brick-makers 6, Hatters 9, Collier 1, who went from Richmond to Philadelphia Upholsterer 1, Dentist 1, Rope-mekers 3, in ful! confidence of being appointed.

Scowerer 1, Gardeners 2, Shop keepers Pennsylvania and some of the eastern

33. Wood measurer 1, Ship carpenters 7, Be it our weekly task, stares advocated the election of Mr. Frank.

Ship joiner 1, Fither mani, Chairmakers To note the passing tidings of the times. lin, who was the grand son of doctor

2, Wheel wright 1, Glazier 1, Puft-man Franklin. Major Jacklon was nominated

1, Coachmakeis 2, Harness-maker 1, Jai>>>>>404550cc by the South Carolina delegation. His

lor 1, Professions not designated 117. Thudson, June 19, 1804. merits and his services obtained him the Secretaryship, although his rival, Mr.

SAVANNAH, MAY 15. Beckley, came from Virginia, and Mr. On Friday lalt, Robert Sage, supposed THE BALANCE OFFICE,

Franklin was recommended by being the to be a native American, was brought up Will be removed TOMORROW to the grandlon of that great patriot and satel. belore the circuit court now fitting, on a three story brick house belonging to Capt,

man doctor Franklin, who was not only charge of having enlisted, wiihin the lim. Hezekiah Pinkbam, next door below the

one of the most popular men in the nation, its of the United States, on board - Le

but also a member of the convention. Nancy" French privateer. There not ap. New Market, ncar the City Hall, and op.

General Washington when elected preli. pearing sufficient evidence of the elit. pofite the Swan Tavern. As the proprie dent of the United States, appointed ma. ment in this district the indictment was tor is incurring considerable expence, by jor Jackson his secreiary. This fution he


Shed. The evidence, however, rerenlarging his office, and extending his bu.

filled until the president was about retiring dered it bighly probable that the entment

from office, when chat sense of justice was in the diftrict of South Corolina, finess, he requests that every customer who

which always influenced the great mind of He was therefore acuandedın juil. and it is is in arrear, will render bim a little allin

chai great man, made him anpoint inajor expefied wu order for his removalno itat ance,

Jackson " surveyor of the port of Phil. diftrict, for trial, will be made.


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A GENTLEMAN one day infifted on weighing a lady, and to gratify his curi. oficy, she stept into the scale ; he laid on all the weights he could find handily Finding there was not an equal balance, he put his foot on the scale, which quick. ly turned it. The gentleman took this opportunity to tell her, " that fin weigh. ed very heavy." “ It is true, sir," re. plied the lady, “ for one fout weighea me down.”


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THE Kilkenny Journal states, chat a man, by the name of Kenny on bis re. curn to that city, • fell off his horse, and broke his neck, but happily received no other damage.”

Oh! Nature, such thy triumph's are, Thy simplest child can bravely dare !

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AN Irishman went the other day into a Cooper's thop, and begged the mailer to give him an empty barrel of flour 10 make his hog a hencoop!

Improvements, &c.


A being of this latter kind,
To Paine and brandy much inclin'd,
Once at the tavern, o'er his pot,
Was guzzling like a very sot.
The hostess was a pious dame ;
She hated e'en a deist's name.
Old Grogling, reeling in his chair,

Began most bitterly to swear,
Curs'd all religion in a horrid strain,
And roar'd aloud, ‘Long life to Thomas Paine !'

This made the hostess stare

It was too much to bear. " Ah!" quoth the good old woman, with a frown, “ Long live he may, and wear old Saran's crown;

For be, 'ere long, will have to lay it down.” • How! What !" bawld Grogling, “pray explain,

explain !"
" Why, then," says goody, “ I will try-

“ Satan, they say, must shortly die " He's desp'rate sick, and long has been in Paine."


A French wit says, fomewhere, that a physician, prescribing to a fick man, al. ways calls to mind, the circumstance of a child snuffing a candle ; it is ten to 0.7e, but he snuffs it out.


A Mr. Coates, of Pennsylvania, has in. vented a machine for mowing grass or yrain. This machine, it is fate, cuts the grain, lays in regular order, and takes it into lheaves, at one operation, as fall a: a mouse can walk. The l.me gentle man has obtained a paient for a machine for par. ing apples, turnips, &c. which is of lim. ple conitruction, and it is laid will pare 20 apples in a minute. M:. Coats has alfo made an improvement on faw-mails, which faves one third of the usual labor.

We understand the proprietor las entpowered Col. Henry B. Livingston, of Ruinebeck, to dispose of patent-rights for The above improvements, in the states o New York and Connecticut.


FOR 1804. To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty Cents, payable quarterly.

To those who receive them by mail, Two Dolars, payable in advance.

To those who take their papers at the office, in bundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the city price will be made.

A handsome Title Page and Table of Contents will accompany the last number of the volume.

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and con spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which acccmmpa. nies the Balance.




sung at the Anniversary Celelration of the Massa. chusetts Charitable Fire Society, by Mrs. Fores.


S 2, 50

THE Street was a ruin, and Night's horrid glare Illumind with terror, the face of Despair ;

While houseless, bewailing,

Muie Pity assailing, A Mother's wild shrieks pierc'd the merciless air. Beside her stood EDWARD, im; loring each wind, To wake his lov'd sis:er, who lingered behind ;

Awake, my poor MARY,

Oh ! fly to me, MARY In the arms of poor LDWARD, a pillow you'll find.


Ν Ο Τ Ε. The first and second Volumes of the Balance, may be had on the following terms'First Volume-unbound

$ 2 Second Volume, Both Volumes,

S 4 If bound, the price of binding (either plain or els egant) will be added. -- An unbound volume may sent to any post-oilice in the state for 52 cents post. age ; or to any post office in the union for 78 cenis

AN invention, that promises to be of infinite utility to shipping, has lately occupied the atention of the Board at Woolwich. Aylan has been presented by a Gentlemen, well acquainted with the subject, for throwing a grapple or kedge anchor and lawser a considerable diftance off, frm the mout'i of a 12-pouner. The general opinion of the Officers of the Ford is, that it will succeed. The whole apparatus lo trying the experiment has been ordered to le got ready, and the elfect will shortly be produced.


Warren-Street, Hudson.


In vain he call'd, for now the volum'd smoke Crackling between the parting rafters broke ;

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