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patriots of America have already their crimes, success has varnished over, and sublime, so elegant, that it mocks all com. prices :" " And triumphantly asks;'" what who, in these times of political delusion, parison. Here it is :* will be the old age of the goverument are extolled by the yotaries of factiva to “if it is thus early decriped." Here, lir, the skies. If they do not feel the com

* Such a President, Tuch a distinguish. we may pause and yieli op our minds to punctions of conscience while living, we

" ed acquisition and such an immence host the most indignant refleclions.. What! a rely on posterity to do them adequate jul.

" of Connecticut Republicans convened French ambassador thus birterly Scandalize cice when dead.

to rejoice! This coincidence mult present American integrity, because one individ. In l'auchet's letter, there is an article

io our minds this moment, as combining ual, high in official rank, ignominiuufly | which, in my opinion, is really precious

" events important to ourselves, our chil. hetrayed his iruft! our national character and interesting. Alluding to the insurrec

“ dren, our country, and the world, never is aspersed by a foreigner-cour govern. tions in Pennsylvania, and the commo.

rs to be forgotten. A President advancment is called decriped, because a Gene. lions incident to the fame, he indulges

ing with theolive branch, while other po. van cosmopolite and his coadjutors excil. himself in a compliment to our present "' tentates exchange no civilities bu. at the ed jalurreclioris in one quarter of the un. worthy sh.et magiftrate.--" Jefferson,

point of the sword-peaceable acquilia ion. The simple energy of truil might " (says he) the man on whom patriots

" tia perched on the ruins of conqueft

, and liere been reprelented as mere efforts of “cast their eyes to succeed the President,

"' our rejoicing riling like a Prænix imaginaior, dinct the evidence of facts " had foreseen thefe crises; he prudently

“ from the ashes of federalism." irrelilibly force itselt on the mind. Our “Tetired. as he did to Carier's Mountain. Whilft I acknowledge the superior beauindignation increases, when we read the " in order to avoid making a figure againdi interview between Randolph and Fauchet. “ his inclination, in scenes, the secrets of

ty of this sentence, I cannot but tremble, I • We had a private conversation (fay's the " which will soon or late te bronght to

lealt it fhould fall under the inspection of "' amballador) of about twenty minutes, " light,” When a connection with such Lawyer Caines, who, on the authority of "bis (Rindolph's) countenance bespake a man as Fuuchet, is lo extreñicly contam. the Spectator, would at once condemn dilrels ; lic was alraid a civil war would pating, what credit is to be ascribed 10

Bishop's wonderful figures : For Lawyer " soon ravage America." The ferretary, the praise which be so lavishly bettowed. alter pathciically deprecating the calami

Caines tells us, that “the Spectator, in We allow Mr. Jeffurlon a great share oi is to be a prehended from such event, prudence. We consider him better qual.

one of his instructive and amusing pa. carneatly folicited the ambasador to pro. ified to lay plans, than to act, and we are pers, says, 'to judge of a figuie of cure inielligence of British marævres in disposed to believe that he generally forms · speech, we should imagine a painting of this country, in which he alledged the (chemes for others to execute.

" that which it represents." Were Bilh. rench republic were deeply interested. Bat Mr. Jefferson is a patriot, fo pure The ambasador promised chat he would. and iinmaculare, that to question his in.

op's figures to be tried by this test, they Tbc fecretary then suggested that, by the falıbility in the blunt language of linçeri would, indeed, cut a c'urious figure. The ineans of flur merchants, with whom he ly, would expose one to the persecution | pencil of Hogarih would be unequal to the diad foriped connctions, he night pro. of an intolerani and unforgiving faction. cure the neceflary information relpeéting There have, however, been serious charges consistencies,

task of pourtraying-luch a jumble of in. the interference of England in the brought against him, both on political and tioubles of the west. In order to discover n.oral grounds, which, if false, will add I regret that Abraham has very much che nacbinations of England, he asks a new luftre to his character, and which it injured the excellence of this passage, by French ambassador for money, 'iu proteet true, it will be in vain to endeavour to

a flat contradiction of an effential part of their men of honour, agair ft the periecu: il fuppress. Truth will be heard; and al. tions of British merchants, to whom ibey though he enjoy public favor, in fpite of

it, in the very succeeding page. Here he were indebted. The money he apparent her evidence, refietion mull torture him says, ly asked for their benefir, in reality, I

in his privaie moinents, He may coniin, * Peaceable acquisition is perched on apprehend was meant as an carriest for che ue president thro' life, but should his name,

the ruins of conqueft." jacrifice he was to make of his honor and under these circumstances defcend to pof.

On the next page, i:htegrity. We are told of British in. terity, it will be handed down in colours rrigue, which was to be disclosed by as odious as his mos malignant enemies

“ This acquisition did not rise as would French gold. Flour merchants were to be can will,

a palace from the midlt of ruins," &c. bribed io prove the latt. A fublime

A FEDERALIST. It is, to be fure, nothing very extraorfroke ot venality indeed, and which

dinary that Abraham Bishop Mould con. inight have been cffe Etual, had 'not the

tradiâ himlelf; but that his memory hould plan of operation been fu foon deleEled. But, fir, the development of British in.

be lo treacherous as would appear from trigue was not the obj.ct of the secretarr.

this instance, is a little curious. Liars He was a&tuated by other motives. H

ought to have good memories. wished 10 establ:th the market price o!

In the course of the Oration Abraham corrup! ann; and as he had been bribed himself, he was defirous of poffefling am.

urdertakes to give his hearers 'Tome acple means to bribe others; or, in other

court of the government of Connecticut

, words, to purchase the consciences of

Whether this account is inye with regard

OF ABRAHAM BISHOPS LAST ORATION. pretended patriols like himself, and to

to that flare, or not, I cannot say ; but Found his power on the corruption of


it is certain that mary of tlie temarks will che peple. He was unsuccetstul, and pow'resis in ohlcure and peaceful ignomi.

To Biew by candur towards Mr. Bilh. il apply to ai least one Itaie in the Union.ny. But there are others, who have ex. op, I fele&t one complete fentence from It is affered that Connecticut is governi. and I unt improved on his plans; whose his pamphlet. A fentence fo grand, foi

ed by seven lawyers, and thál" by tho

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" breath of thefe feven men are annually selected for their uprighiness and integri they have not been placed on the benches in browght into new life, fix julges of su. ty, cannot act unbiasli d, when they are of our courts ; for some of the judges of “ perior court, 'i wenty-eight of probate, to decide between the men who put them

our supreme court were so eminently po. " forty of county courts, and five hund- | into office, and other men.

litical partizans that they placed then. And as to

felves on a general elellioneering commit“ red and ten juftices of the peace.” such humble beings," as justices of the

tee.to promote thellion, ? parly can" To each of these judges (says Ahra. peace (Alas, poor human nature !) Abra. didute. dre ih-le impartial judges be“ ham) the Glent language of the seven ham treats thern as mere " duft and ashes,” twien federalills and republicans ? l’e “ men is constantly founding like a cate

decerve ourseves, when we expect mere mnen 6 chilin in the ears of a child,

and laughs at the idea that such a plebeian " Remem

I be guided by dispernatural motives.race can ict honestly or independently, || Could ******** have had any chance for ver now thy Creator, left the evil days "' come and the years draw nigh, wherein particularly it their interest is affected a fair trial, where his judges were appointhe shall say, I have no pleasure in thee." || shereby.

ed by his profécntor ? Now, fuppose we were to substitute for These remarks of Bishop are general. Now I ask every serious, reflecting, can" faven lawyers,two families, and vary He does not say that men of any particu. I did man, either federalilt or democrat, the denomination of the dependent officers, lar party are more debased than others.

whether such a paragraph published in this would not every candid reader recognize He represents all mankind as too weak or state, with in:ent to bring our courts into in ihis sketch, a tol-rably correct picture wicked to be trusted. It may be fairly in. contempt, would not subject the writer, of the state of New York? Most certain. ferred from this, that he is better acquaint. || and jully too, to punishment. But it is ly: For in no flate in the union, ised with himself, than with any body elle.

ed with himself, than with any body elle. ll the very nature of such a jacobin as Abrathe injun&ion remember your crea But, allowing Abraham to be correct in

ham Bihor, 10 affail the dignity of the tor," so confabıly founding in the ears ihele remarks, let us carry them out of judiciary. I hope and :rust that no federof dependents, as in this. If any one the state ct Connecticut, and fee what

alift or honest democrat will follow his doubts the propriety of ascribing to the will be the consequence. Let us imagine footsteps.

will be the consequence. Let us imagine footsteps. Such as are capable of feeling two families the various appointments in a state where seven democratic lawyers, or the obligation of an oath, cannot do it. this state, let him look back to the Balance Two greal families, or, in short, any other

In a note, Abraham bas advanced a lenof the ult, where, in the communica. Il janto of democrats hold all the influence,

liment to which I with to call aitencion at tion under the signature of “ No Party," and where all the offices are betowed on

this time. Speaking of the prosecution he will find a satisfactory explanation o!. men of one feat. Should there actually

of a democratic printer for flander, he this business. The maneevering of the exist

, at this moment, such a fare in the

says, families with respect to the independent union, would it be safe for a printer in

" Of the merits of the cale we say Col. Bruyn, is there plainly developed, that state, to apply Bishop's reasoning to

nothing, but we say that the printer has in a manner that cannot fail to convince it. I trust not?

not a fair chance of crial, because his poeven the most incredulous.

in the following passage, Bilhop carries litical adversaries are to be his criers." “ Will any one pretend (alks Abraham) || bis impudence and indecorum to a most

The reader may apply as much of the " that a judge ever of the superior Cuuri | scandalous length :

following pellage to the late of New York can act unbiassed, when he is to de.

* We do not coniend that infinite

pow. s cide between his creator and a man,

(varying certain terms) as is deemed prop"er could no: have created beings above - who calls that creator an USURPER, and party influence, but if such were ever

er. Spezking of elections, Abraham says** him a dependent creature, into whom

created, they have not been placed on " At this all import.int point these seven men is annually breathed the breath of offi. " the beaches of our courts ;

for the

" have fortified ther:eines with great adroitness. " cial,life, and who owes the preservation

judges of our superior court were lo

“ Having no constitutional check, the possessi n of co of bis being to one of the parties.

" ui limited power made it an immense object for

eminently political partisans, that they " them to :ecure their snye elections. We have al. Surely no one will pretend ii."

were appoinied by the legislature ELEC ready presented the basis of their operaiion : but “ If the influence of these seven men " TORS in order to ensure an opposition

" every military officer pust, if he votes agains: naturally operate thus on judges of the

" then, do it sec eily or hazard his rank." Erer; " to the present order of things. Are

reputlicarn, having a petition pending before the superior court, how much more will it

" these impartial judges between feder: legislature, must adop: the same cauti n or espect operate on those humble beings of “ alifis & republicans. We deceive our.

“ leave.to withdraw i Turnpike, insurance anci " the county and probate courts, and to selves, pulseo we expect mere men t..

“ bank companies must remember their creator " what boundless extent on the depend.

“ the day of election. To all pliable classes of meri “ be guided by supernatural motives? " has been offered something frc in the public stock " eni duit and alhes, which in the form

“ Could Mejor Watmore have had any " to insure their inbrence : To you, sir, be a pack. of juutices are cxercising a seven dollar confidence of fair irial, when his judges

er.general of beef with hundreds of trus:y teda “ jurisdi&tion throughout the state.”

" eral deputies under you --To you, genilerr.ca, ha were appointed by his prolecini.”

ye shere's of cur counties, with power from us It is a remarkable fact, that democratic

Bilbop has usqueilionably many aimi.

" over every pocr man in the stare ad viib fricha

" fu! rien under you to be a; poin:ed by ou; juuges writers, who profess to believe that the

rers in this jate. Suppole, ihen, an edi. " of the county crurts. To others, be ye ro ares people can do no wrong, are nevertheless

public or inspectos cf tvin pike roads, &c. &c.” tor, or an orator, in this itaie, following the most apt to reprefent mankind as tc. his example, thould publith a pallige

In the residue of the pampelet, Abratally deltitute of every moral principle. folows:

ham has multiplied accusacions and charges We are here sold that even the judges of

10 moi contend that infinite porper

at such a rapid rate, and feemingly with in the fuperior court-men a&ting under the cou'u 120ilvek (?'alt-a beings above ,3.;'

little regard to truth, that it would se a obligation of ihe most fulemn oathir.en | orience, ily, uh wcie cuir created, i, wale of line to reduce them.



When the Hemp is pulled, it is spread!. My pra&ice for raising seed hath been on the ground where it grew,

about an 10 set apart in the field some of my belt inch thick, and what that will not receive grown Hemp for that purpose, pulling up is carried off to other ground, and after the male and female Hemp for about 18 laying two or three days, turned with all inches in width, so that a man may pass (mall pole about six feet long; then, re. ll through; leaving the orher in beds about ceiving one or two days more fun, it is. | 6 feet in width, in order that two men,

bound into bundles of about 15. or 18 one on each side, may reach in their hands agricultural.

inches in circumlerence and immediately and pull up all the male, without injuring housed from wet, until convenienc time of the seed-bearing Hemp.

fers to put it into water for routing, which This process is performed when the E X TRACT.

is cone as loon as other business will ad. ll general pulling is done in Auguft-the fé. mit. There being a small itream of wa. male Hemp moft land till the feed is fully ter that runs thro' iny farm, I have ere& ripe, which is known by its turning

ed a dam which enables me to flow a pond brown; in wet weather I have been ob. As it is understood that the Legislatore contem

about 5 or 6 feet high, wherein the Hemp liged to let it stand till the middle of Otto. plate givir.g a bounty for the encouragement of the

is laid, (much in the same manner that ftas | ber before it was fit to pull; after which cultivation of Hemp in this state-the publication

is laid for rotting) and afzer covering iill it must be tied in bundles like the other of the following communication on the subject, may,

with straw to keep it clean,* ihe plank and | Hemp, and carefully set up againft a fence

ftones being placed thereon, the dam-gate at this time, be particularly useful. Its insertion

to dry, or if that is not convenient it may will, moreover, particularly oblige one who intends

is shut down, and the Hemp being over. be laid on the ground, and after one or to be a candidate for the bounty.

A. B.

flowed, remains till it is properly rotted, || 'wo days fun, beat out in the same manner

which is done in 6 or 7 days, if put in as that flax-feed is beat out, striking lightly; Hampshire County, June 8, 1804.

socn as the latier end of Auguft or the be. I then expose the other fide to the suo one METHOD OF RAISING HEM”,

ginning of September, the weather being or two days, after which give it a thorough Beitg a communication màule to the commitice of tie generaily warm at that season of the year beating, and spread the feed with all ibe dzric : L'ural Society . in 1789, by the lin. Four September or beginning of O&ober, !

-If put into the water the latter end of I leaves, &c. in a dry place for some days,

September or beginning of O&tober, 1 then thrash it with a light flail or rub it by READ, of Roxbury, and by tkom ordered to be

have let it lay 12 days. If the latter end hand, either way, till the feed is all out, published.

of October or beginning of November, and afier winnowing put it in a dio place THE foil I choose for railing HEMP,

20 days, unless the weather has been un. for sowing the next year.

common warm for the season, in chat case is a light rich mould, as tree from Itones,

The seed-bearing Hemp, requires a few I have found it necessary to be removed i days longer to rolehan ihe other, owing gravel and clay as prillible; care is taken

toihe thickness of the bank or huile, and to l'ave the foil thoroughly manured and looner, but have made a point of attend. once well ploughed in the fall of the year, I ing to the heat or cold of the weather, as the greater quanti'y of glutinous fubftance if other busine's will admit; in the spring

when the water is warm, the Hemp will occasioned by its longer ftanding. it is ploughed two or three times inore, get a proper rot much sooner than when I have always preferred old manure 10

it is otherways. and as ofien harrowed with an iron-touthed

new, more especia!'y it horse or cox harrow, in order to separate the particles

My practice has been to draw the water dung, but new will do, and it is much of earth, and leave them as light as possi.

from the Hemp 24 hours before ile taking the better to have is ploughed in, in the ble; then a light brush harroi is drawn it up, leaving the weight thereon in order tall.

that it may be well drained, as in that cafe With respect to the quantity of Hemp by one horse over the ground by which it is much better handled; then it is re.

raised on an means it is leveled so as to receive i he feed

acre of ground; it varies equally, after which it is marked out for moved to a dry piece of ground and spread from 6 10 12 hundred weight, much de.

about e inches ihick, and after remaining | pending on the quality of the soil and the sowing in the same manner that barley and

a weck or ten days in that situation, is oats are generally lown, calculating fil

manner of preparing it. the soil is very good) at thíce buthels io

turned; and in 8 or 10 days after, it is The expense of cultivaring, '&c. an If but iniddling good, two and

taken up, tyed into bundies and removed acre of Hemp, is not at present in my an halt bushels to an acre. The feed is

into the barn, where it remains till I have power to ascertain, great part of the bufialways harrowed in immediately afier sow.leasure time to break and swing!e it out; ness being done at leisure, and when the

when born-rocm cannot be pared, I have time could be beft fpared; I would jul! ing with a fine iron.toothed harrow, and nothing is tuffered to pass over it atter placed it up against a rail fence, running observe, that I can raise 2 vr 3 acres yearly wards, leal by treading or other ways it ihe top ends between the two upermeil on my ima! farm, without interfering

rails, letting it remain there . until proper much with other business. + might be injured,

The foed mot be of the lap year's time for breaking; for which purpole i The present price of Hemp, together growih, and will be benefited by lying be the hell.

have always lound clear cold weather 10 with the bounty given by the Stato, 10 in the cellar a lew weeks previous to its

encourage the culture of this vful plan', being fown. In general l' low my feed

My Hemp is broke and swingled much amounts to about 220' rollars per top, about the middle of May, (being govern

in the lime manner that flax is done, ex which bids fair to ablich is growth edhy the season) a little sooner or later

cepting that the first breaking is done in || here, and I am fully fatis fix it from my

a coaste breck, the teeth or flais being will do; my Hemp is conmonly fit to

own experience, that at the present day nu pull by'ilie eighth or tech utogolt, flex break answers well, and being care.

nearly lour inches apart, then a common branch of agriculture (where land is found which is known by ile male hemp tuning

suitable) can be carried on to so great

adwhitith just at the ime when the farina tull: swing!ed, is fit for ule.

vantage as that of riling Hemp, arid I palles.off; this is easily discovered by its

* it is to be observed, that a mudriy bo:tem wil † A man that understands the breaking and smrcking when agilzied by the wind or

require straw previous to the Hemp being laid || swingling Hemp, will clean from 40 te 50 w.ight jarred with a kick.

an acre.


per day.

Her quota,


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Her quota,

have no doubt that our farmers will soon


MASSACHUSETTS. be convinced of the truth of this obser.

FOURTEEN Representatives to Congress, vation. It having been found by experi.

SIXTEEN Electors of President &c. ence, both in Europe and America, that FROM THE COLUMBIAN CENTINEL.

In the same year, of the PUBLIC Hemp may be grown on the same gouyd

BURTHENS this was the division ;-of for 20 or 30 years in succession, without Mr. Ruffel,

the Eighty Thousand men required to be leffening the crop or impoverishing the

I HAVE somewhere met with the fol. held in readiness; foil-this also will have its weight. lowing anecdote. When a native of

MASSACHUSETTS. The latt season I tried the experiment Scotland (at on the British throne-not

11,885. of raising Hemp, on a piece of diked being acquainted with the English lan

VIRGINIA. marsh; the salt water having been kept | guage, a tutor was appointed to attend his

11,377; off better than one years atzer being. Majesty. to correct him in any inaccura. ditched. I had a small part near the up cies he might fall into. One fine season,

Thus with TEN MORE Representaland carefully dug and manured with old on a hunting party, the King observed to tives to Congress and Electors of Presi. dung that was well mixed with land, the the tutor" I have excellent Jport this ident, Virginia furnished Five Hundred Hemp grew to full height, and proved to morning.' " There, may it please your and Eighty troops Less than Massachu. be of the best kind ;-ihiş encouragement Majesty said the tutor, you are incor. Cetts-And all this from the influence of has occalioned my preparing a larger piece rect in your expression :-You should not l negro votes.- He that hash understanding, for further trial the next season, when I have faid I, 'but WE have excellent let him, think of these things:-When mean to make several experiments on the pore," $c The King received the cor. | dangers are to be

dangers are to be shared, or monies paid, , cultivation and cleansing of Hemp, aod re&tion very kindly.-Shortly after, His | then Mafsachusetts heads the lift ; buc if any adyaptage should arise there from 1 || Majesty was seized of an excruciating: when' honors are to be conferred, or emol. hall do mysell.che honor ot communica. Il coolh.ache ; and determined to profit by Woments shared, he is then thrown negtecsing them to you as early as possible. his instruction, said complaining to his tu. ted by, and obliged to take her stand in the

tor, WE have got a fevere:tooth.ache.” back grồund.

Here" interrupted the linguilt, gåür LIBERTY AND EQUALITY, Majefy is again incorrect You fhould

have luid: have a fevere toothache, and ngonitorial Department. not WE." " Very" u'cll" rejoined the

Monarch, "I fee how it is ;-whin TROM THE CATSKILL RECORDER.

PLEASURE is the fubjedl, it is WE To aid the cause of virtue and religion.

are to fare'it; but when PAIN is to be. It is the common error of federal el. endured, I only am do juffer it.?

sayists, in their reflections on the lamenta. ........

WHOEVER has paid attention to par- ||ble change in the political character of our EXTRACT.

sing events in the United Staçes, for lev. country, to confine themselves to the prin. eral years past, will see the inverse appli- ciples which actuate the leaders of the

cation of the above anecdote, to Malta.'party in, power. They have again and THE TRUE AMBITION OF AN chusetts and her sisters, and to Virginia, again proved them to be guided by prin.

and her fatellites. Virginia says, and all ciples the most abandoned and depraved. HONEST MIND. ways will say, when Power, Einoluments,

But this is that kind of service which is or Honors, are to be enjoyed,

a of com. ERE I to describe the ble sings 1 cmion them and it is in, vain, and will munity! It ferves to open the eyes of

be vain, for us to object, that WE ought those only, who impartially read and te. desire in life, I would be happy in a io fare them :-But when.. dangers flect. Federalists content themselves with tew, but faithful friends. Might I choose

to be encountered, or Reven-proving, by unanswerable arguments, that my talent, it should rather be good senfe,

ues to be raised, Virginia very readily their cause is a good one, and that the ihan learning. I would confult, in the

says, and will say, WÉ must bear them. aristocratic faction are deceiving the peochoice of my house, convenience rather

And experience during our revolu- | ple to their roin, They discharge the than itate; and for my circumstances, de. tion, and since the adoption of the Fed- dury which their consciences di&tate, and fire a moderate but independent fortune.-

eral Conftitution proves that it is idle for us then retire from the field; while the fac, Bu Gocís enough to secure me from in

to in Gift that the should share them with


rious junto, wrapt up in the cloak of re. dolence, and leisure enough always to During the war, the Northern States fur. } publicanism, laugh at them ior their folly have an hour to fpare. I would have no

nilhed full quotas of troops, and provil. ll in apposing fair investigation to their wily mafter, aad I de fire but few servants, I

ions.-And Virginia--bauallions; which intrigues, or for vainly! supposing that would not be led away by ambition nor one of her poets has described.com

principle has any thing to do with the perplexed with disputes. I would enjoy

contest. the blessing of health, but would rather

• Where fifty officers, in martial pridem be beholden for it tò a regular life and an

** March'd with an hundred soldiers side by side."

This, I say, is the common error of easy mind, chan in the school of Hippo

The Reports of the Secretary of the

tederal effayists, because it will not bildet crates.

its object. They ought to pursue the As to my paflions, lince we can. Treasury, on the revenue will turnih

wretches in all their little wiles, and guard not be wholly diveiled of thein, I would

other documents of the latts :- And whoi hate only those whose manners rendered ever will advert to the proceedings in 796, cunning. They hựuld point-him to par.

the honeit elector against their small-scale them odious, and love only where I know will find, that of the HONORS of that

ticular aĉts within his knowledge, which, I ought, Thus would I pass cheerfully year, this was the division :

03 an impartial examination, appear felt. through that portion of my life which

eviuently base, and adopt the most effekt. cai:not lait always, and with relignation NINETEEN Representatives to Congress. ual means to preveil on bion to think for wait for that which will laft forever.

TWENTY ONE Electors of President &c. himself,




212 211

tub 026

s The de parity of our adminifraţion

penie. And such has been his opinion do the

respecting some measures of the admin. ci izens. They are at this day as much

iftration, that he is not prepared to ex. devoted to the happiness of our country,

" press that unlimited confidence which

to the resolutions seem to purport." as they were when they elected men of idiegrity to office in the days

of Wash

Be it our weekly task, ingion and Adams. But fystematic in.

HORRID MURDER ! ! ! ! trigue has veiled truth from their eyes;

To note the passing tidings of the times. : and unless this veil be removed, before it


AN industrious Frenchman, named Lew. is 150 late, dreadful indeed will be our

is L'Orient, (but better known in this place fluation. But how can this be done ? Id : budson, July 17, 1804. by the name of Look Shirp) who for some can be done whenever fome method is

years kept a retail dry good store in Church. adopted by which both parties can be


Street, was found murdered in his bed on - heard. Federalism' wants nothing but a

Sunday morning last, having his throat per. hearing to ensure its fuccets. And the Laf week, at the Columbia Circuit, il forated, and his head and body mangled party styling themselves republicans never

in a barbarous and inbuman manner. He dared, nor ever will dare, to meet them were brought on, before struck juries, the

was an eccentric character, lived by him. on any fair groundert! » trials of the following causes, viz :-Am

felf, and not withitanding his bölines was Every, Federal editor in the U. States

brose Spencer vs. Ezra Sampfon-the fame confined, still he amaffed a large sum of ' would willingly throw open his paper to

vs. the fame-Spencer vs. Crofwell, and ready ealh, which he kept by him for the both parties, if the republican editors Foot ús. Croswell. The two firft suits || purpole of attesiding vendues, "not having would do the same. But this they dare li were settled by compromise between the

confidence in any body Acrow.bar

and two cbiltels were found in the house. do. They we!! know that their owes its whole existence to the withhold parties. In the cause of Spencer vs. Crol

. It is fupposed the murderets have got a ing, of truth, and the dissemination of

welt, plaintiff obtained a verdict of One || considerable fum in gold and bank noces. faithood. They well know that it such a Hundred and Twenty dollars: -Cause of There was near150 weight of Glver i

rin method should be adopted, whenever the Foot vs. Croswell (for charging plaintiff dollars, &c. tound in the house, which

they had not time to carry off. This un. people suffered any grievances from their li with being a Sivindler and Blockhead)

fortunate man had a wife and child, which, party, they could not make thein, believe verdiet for plaintiff, fix Cents. A partic. federalifts had done it.' Tha: fuch has been ular account of these trials will be com

we are told, he sold fome yers ago, and their constant practice, and that the party menced next week, and I shall lay it be.

that she was lately in Baltimore in the ca. has raised it fel by such base means, can

pacity of a servant

.....SI never be denied. How many well mean fore the public with the more satisfaction,

Aliule after he above shocking murder ing electors there are; whic, even to this becaufe it will not only convince my fead.

was discovered, a young fellow of the

name of Greenliw or Greenlow, was apmomeni, are made to believe, that the

ers of the uprightness of my éditorial conon selt flyled? republican parey were not

prehended on suspicion, and after a friet the cause of the direct tax and chie provi: du&t; but also will bear honorable iefti

examination, it transpired that the unforfional army. Whereas on hearing a faig

mony of the candor and impartiality of the tunate.maa had been gaming with him at a ftatement, they would at once learn, not court and juries before whom the causes

house of ill fame on Sxurday night

, and * only that they were the cause, by inviting

had lost some money; also, he smith that . el!

made the crow came forward and made a French invafion, but-shat ehe diretta were tried.

SIS plu" }

oath, that Greenlaw was the man who or. (was even moved by one of the beadersibi * The legislature of New Hampshire, hay. that party. v. Aad every other objection, ing becomie democratical,' by a small

dered and paid for it. : This, with other which was raised against the late adininis majority: took the earliest opportunily to

flrong tefimonies (which we do not wish tration, woult etter belthewn to be an pals a set of resolution, congratulating magiftrares to commit him to prison;

io ftare at prefeat) induced the examining abfoluie failbood, or would be explained their fellow citizens upon the result of to the faưisfaction of every honest elector ceriain measures of the general govern.

and last evening a man by the name vf by some other fa£y, which their deceivers ment; and declaring their full confidence picion of being an accefly in the above

Smith was also committed to prison, on selhave ever withheld from thein. They in the prefent adminiftration of the fame, kaow better than to consent to give truth and in the 'fuffice, 'bënevolence and wil.


[Norfolk paper.] • " an equal chance with famiwil! It is on loin of the President of the United States. this accogat, obat fa great päies are taken

Mr. John Bruce, a Kentucky farmer, who These resolutions were sent to Gov. Gii. by then to prevent the circulation ot fel. man for his approbation. The governor,

came passenger in the (chr. Experiment : eral papers: ul lyd is on this account'alfowho, it will be recollcéted, lately declared brought wish him lix tons of Hemp of his

which arrived yesterday fruin New Orleans, that they are to saugtigoing in the work himself -a federalist of the Washingtonof faithuod in secret, it it come to the school, and, who, of course, cannot be Siderably fuperior, in quality to that impor;

own culture. This hempis said to be con. | zwears of those who would dete& itu Ever a great, admirer of the Jefferson-kvftem, Tied from Rafi As a proof that it is of

jucopinig demagogue ista living packet reupned the relolutions with his, object: Garner rexiure, it may be mentioned, that ol (candal., Al every grog.li pibe is de ons, which clolę nich the following point when three fibres of the ruliin hemp i livered, gra i gnd poll tess points at the ed remark: : council.cbamier.. Since it is by fuck

were pulled between the hands, they {náp.

"It the second of thole resolutions reTitle workings in the dark, thias (u.14

ped, whereas an equal number of the Ken. uters was the purchase of Louis ana, he is lucky produce reflies the power of the ranus are, 'createdill becomes the dpry of

nu: lufficiently informed respecting the hands completely. Mr. Bruce jatends, eyer mag oi principle orelesnio de

probable advantage of that purchase, to , mean, projets, as well as $*.

should be find a good ina ke, to raise :

eoanle his to congratulxe' his fellow very considerable cantity of this article poftibbicumpre dlarin 3 wękednek's,

guvergon: more efpeciaily, as it is in future years. We trust he water i to bave been

his ut jiet,

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