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"And we are equally willing that the I presume that few of the men who know We have received the firit numbers of a " Bee thould be tested by the same fand. beft how to appreciate them, ever perusel paper, published at Danbury, Conn. by "'ard of truth in which the Balance has “ been weighed. Holding ourselves fole

that farrago of stupidity and taldhood in Messrs. Gray & STEELE; entitled, the

which they, originally appeared. The * ly responsible for whatever we públilh,

" NEW ENGLAND REPUBLICAN." • it is not tor the want of ingenuity or

Cincinnati societies,' every reader knows, i The complexion, both editorial and typon " malice in our enemies that we have cr. are composed of the old revolutionary of graphical, is very promising. The inaucaped legal animadversion. Nor do

ficers, who served ibrough the war, and gural address, is writeen in a fiyle by no * we desire exemp:ion from this species “ of fcrutiny one moment longer than

were honorably discharged, and now, be. means inferior to any thing of the kind, our conduet secures 11.".

cause the number that remains is so linall which has recently taller under our ob.

That the Connecticut Society is diffolved, servation. The politics of this paper be. In reply to this, it may be proper to ob. a chicken-livered poltroon, who never

ing Federal “Republican,” we wish it the serve, that no man's reputation can be injured by any thing that appears in the

{melt gun-powder except on training days, 1 best success, Bee. The character of that paper is fol exultingly exclaims, " Aristocracy is giv.

I DU V comple:ely esiablished--it is so very low in. I ing up the gholt." Soldiers of the revo.

you with the public eftination, that it is absolutely lution, it is not enough to brand

DELINQUENT SUHSCRIBERS, the epithets, of “ Aristocrats" and "Old honorable to any man to be flandered in

ARE informed, that payment would be Tories." ' It is not enough to drive you || peculiarly acceptable to the Editor, at this it.-Suppose, then, a reputable character Tories." It is not enough to drive you should proiecuie Holt for charges publish and protection. No! A hireling printer from office, and deny you countenance

time, as he mult in a few days, contribute ed in the Bee. Holt would appear in

a small sum towards new-gilding the remus mock at your hoary locks and vene. court, and plead, that the charges were

. He must exult because so mna.

putation of an honorable gentleman. Be. tarmless, for nobody believed thenı ! It is

G des this, he has a family to support, ny of you have

“ gunc down to the laughable to hear Holt talk of his refpon. comb," that the scattered " remnants of

workmen to pay, paper-makers', ink-maJibility. What could be gained by profe

kers, and type founders' bills to discharge. your band," cannot assemble annually to cuting him, even it damages were made commemorate the events in which you per

Nothing but ready cash will answer these out ? There is an old adage that would

demands. formed your glorious parts, and which apply here, but I will not repeat it.

will render your names immortal.The fact is, Charles Holt is screened

Really, it is too much for flesh and blood, from legal animadversion, by his impotence and the spirit of seventy-fix to bear.

[The following communication is from a gentieman

of the democratic party. As it seems to evince and insignificance : But a verdict has been

something like an awakening, I give it without pronounced against him, at the bar of the A number of the democratic editors

Edit. Bal.) public. The Bee is printed and distribu. have copied into their papers, Holt's false

FOR THE BALANCE. ted. It is read by a few ; and believed

Statement of the cause ol Spencer vs. by none. It is immediately defroyed, or

Crowell. Those of them who make a. used for the vileit of purpofes. It is heard ny pretensions to editorial honesty, will

EING a patron of the Hudson of no more. Its contents are forgotten. | undoubtedly immediately correct the er

Bee, and observing in that paper No. 101, Its editor is negleEted and despised by all

Those, on the contrary, who, like

under Hudion head, the appointment of classes.- Where, then, is the necesiy, for

Holt, are mere knaves in types, will let | Major William Dickie, of Kinderhook, legal scrutiny ? Even newspaper scrutiny it remain uncontradiced.

as a justice of the peace, I asked a bystandis worle than thrown away on such a

er when William Dickie received the title worthless object.

Of all the toasts lately published, we of Major-be replied, that it happened

observe none more bullish than the fol. about the same time that his dog was dub. ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS ! lowing, from the Aurora :

bed captain, and a female llave, first liezMay we live, love and laugh, all

tenant. Be that as it may, I beg leave The following paragraph appeared in the the days of our lives.

to ask, what can be the motive of our Bee of the 24th ult. and is certainly de

rulers in appointing such a charaéier to terving of the most serious attention.

A new paper, entitled, the “ NORFOLK

an office that ought to be held reputable “ Aristocracy giving up the ghoft. GAZETTE and Public LEDGER," has re.

in a tree country ? And, I would fur“ The Connedicut Courant says:

We “ underfand that the society of the Concently appeared at Norfolk, Virginia, un

cher ask, how that late pompous member ““ cinnati in this state, at their meeting on der the superintendance of Mr. Geo. L.

of the legidature, by whose recomienda. si the fih in slant, voted to dissolve che GRAY, (former editor of the Baltimore

tion alone, I presume this appointment society." Anti-Democrat) and Mr. John Cowper.

was made, can reconcile these things to These six lines contain more of the pith To those of our readers who have been

the principal inhabitants of Kinderhook, and marrow of democracy, than all the acquainted with the Anti-Democrat, the

or the county in general ? Bees that were ever published by Capt. name of Mr. Gray will be a suficient re.

A FRIEND OF PURE REPC321C.INISV Stargazer, and I have copied them because commendation of the Public Ledger,



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On the morning of Wednesday, the with strong emotion, to these representai'ith inft. Thürtly after the rumour of the tions, and declared his abhorrence to the General's injury had created an aların in whole transaction. "It was always," 2d. the city, a note from Dr. Poft informed ded he, "against my principles.' I used me that she was exireme!y ill at Mr. every expedient to avoid the interview; Wm. Bayard's, and expressed a particu. but I have found, for sometime past, that lar desire to see me as soon as possible.” my life must be exposed to that man. I

I went immediately. The exchange of went to the field determined not to take his gricultural

melancholy falutation, on entering the life.”-He repeated his dilavowal of all

General's apartment, was succeeded by a intention to hurt Mr. Burr ; the anguish E X T R A C T.

silence which he broke by saying that he of his mind in recollecting wbat had pal"had been anxious to see me, and have sed ; and his humble hope or forgiveness

the facrament administered to him; and from his God." I recurred to the topic of Richmond, May 17, 1304.

that this was still his wish.” I replied, the divine compassions ; the freedom of HE inhabitants near New York

it gave me unutterable pain to re pardon in the Redeemer Jesus to perihh. have been troubled since 1783 with an in.

ceive from him any request to which I ing sinners. “That grace, my dear Genfect called the H than fly, fupposed to be

could not accede :: that, in the presenteral, which brings salvation, is rich, rich" imported from that country, as it first began instance a compliance was incompatible -- Yes," interrupted he, “ it is rick about their camp on Long Island. A small with all my obligations ; as it was a prin. grace." " And on that grace," continued

a Ginner has the highest encourage. insect eals the straw off by the ground, I ciple in our churches never to administer i, caules it to turn yellow and fill down.

The Lord's Supper privately to any person ment to repose his confidence, because it

under any circumstances." He urged me is tendered to him upon the surest foundaPull up a bunch, strip down the leaves, and will find a parcel of inleds, co

no further. I then remarked to him, that || tion; the scripture testiłying that we have lored generally like flaxseed, which total.

" the holy communion is an exhibition redemption through the blood of Jesus,

and pledge of the mcrcies which the Son the forgivnefs of fins according to the ly destroys almost every crop, after two or

of God has purchaled; that the absence | riches of his grace?" Here the General, three years

in any place, ill we luckily found out an easy m'thod to destroy chem,

of the fign does not exclude from the mor- | letting go my hand, which he had held without injuring ihe wlieat; and the crops

from the moment I sat down at his bedcies signified ; which were accelible to have proved good since.

him by faith in their gracious author.” side, 'clasped his hands together, and, Should the farmers think this informa “ I am aware," said he, of that. It is looking up towards heaven, laid with em


only as a sign that I wanted it." tion worthy of their atiention, in the fev.

phasis, I have a tender reliance on the eral countjes in this and the adjoining

short pause ensued. I'relumed the dil: mercy of the Almighty through the merits fates, and fend, either by letter or a per

course, by observing that “ I had nothing of the Lord Jesus Chrift.” He replaced fon fufficient to reward me for my trouble ;

to address to bim in his affliction, but that his hand in mine, and, appearing someI will find, either by letter or personal ap

same gospel of the grace of God, which what speni, closed bis eyes. A litle after, plication, to any county or coenties in

it is my office to preach to the most ob. he faftened them on me, and I proceeded. ihis or the adjoining states, as may suit

{cure and illiteraie : that in the fight of “ The simple truths of the Gospel, my dear the people, with exact dire&lions how ev.

God all men are on a level, as all have || Sir, which require no abstruse investiga. ery man may easily be fatisfied, by making inned, and come short of his glory; and tion, but faith in the veracity of God who trial for himself, as Gl evidence is the

that they must apply to him for pardon cannot lie, are best suited to your present

and life, as finners, whose only refuge is moft fatisfactory, that he may have sufli.

condition, and they are full of confola. cient time to prepare a crop forihe next,

in his graće reigning by righteoufnef: Lion." "I feel them to be fo," replied

through our Lord Jesus Chrif." "I he. as it has answered in every initance. Those

I then repeated these texts of scripwho would with information, as above,

perceive it to be so," laid he ; “I am a ture :- It is a faithful saying, and wor. may, by letter or person, apply to the

limper : I look to his mercy." I then ad- | thy of all acceptation, that Jesus Chrif

verted to the infinite merit of the Refubfcriber, third door from the Court

came into the world to save finners, and of House, or Mr. Samuel Pleafant's, printer, deemet, as the propitiation for fin, the finners the chief. 1. éven I, am he that Richmond, Virginia.

sole ground of our acceptarice with God; blotteth out thy trar/greions for my aan

the fole channel of his favor to us ; and fake, and will not reinember thy fills I am, with respect, a friend to the public.

cited the following possages of the Scrip- | Come now, and let us "reason together, ABRAHAM HUSTED, JUN. ture :- There is no other name given un. faith the Lord; though your sins beas

der heaven among men, wherthy we must learlet

, they shall be white is face";
be saved, but the name of Jesus. He is though they be red trke crimson, they fhall
able to save them to the uttermost who be as woal.
come unto God by him, jeeing he ever liv. “This," said ne," is my support. Pray
oth to make intercojon for them. The

for me.”

pray with you ? To aid the care of virtue and religion. blood of fus. Chr cleaned from all " Yes." I prayed with him, and heard

Fan." This all part ige introduced the him whisperas went along; which I In ike Eitor of the Commercial Advertiser. fair of the duel, on which I reminded supposed to be his cunconcnce with the

the General, what he was not lo be instruc. petitions. At the conclufion he foid " A. SIR, ed as to its moral aipeet; that

God grantin... cious blood of Christ was as effc Eual and Being about to part with him, ! ! ! AVING.read in your paper

of as recetary to win away the tranerosions him “ I had one request to make."—He the zon, a very imperfe&t account of my which had involved him in li.il rings, as asked " what it was?" I answered, "split converfation with General H.milion, the any other tranfgrellion ; and that he muit whatever might be the issue of his affl c. dy previous to his ileale, I judge it my here, and there alone?,' feek peace for ljon, le would give his 'ieftimony againit duy to lay the following narrative before his conscience, and a here that thouk ne pra&ice of deling." "I Will." Wit the public.

not make him afleireid.” He accented, like, si bave dune it. I that,'' evident.

Shall I


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Here they

ly anticipating the event, “if that be the utmost importance, not only with regard Too little attention is paid to the cleanissue, you will find it in writing.--It ir to property, but to life and health. For liness of veflels on their going out. If please God that I recover, I shall do it in my pais, I am confident that ships may be they are sent out clean, and are well ven. a manner which will effeĉually put me rendered as clean, pure and wholesome as ulated during the voyage, they cannot be out of its reach in future." I mentioned, || buildings upon land, provided proper very impure on their return. By the a. once more, the importance of renouncing means are used for the purpose. I form. bove-mentioned proces, used before and every other dependence for the eternall erly sent you two communications touch after every voyage, there is little doubt world, bu: the mercy of God in Christ ing this subject--one of them proposing but vessels might be kept perlearly sweet, Jesus ; with a particular reference to the an improvement in building ships---the pure and wholelome. catastrophe of the morning. The Gener. other giving directions for purifying those al was affected, and said “Let us not pur. built in the common inode. As an imsue the subject any further, it agitates me. provement in ship-building, I proposed He laid his hands upon his breaft, with The following method of filing the spaces Tiesuscitation. symptoms of unealinefs, which indicated between the timbers :an increased difficulty of speaking. I then Take mortar, made of lime and saw. took my leave. He preifed my hand affec. duft, or cut straw, hay, or other light sub.

[We have the satisfaction to announce one more intionately, and desired to see me again at a Rance, which will save the expence o! stance of the efficacy of cold water, in restoring proper interval. As I was retiring, he lime ; and alter the timbers are dubbed

persons struck with lightning :lifted up his hands in the a:titude of prayer, and fiited for the inside plank, let every

Edit. Bal.] and said feebly, “ God te merciful to il pace be filled with this mortar. Where

His voice sunk, so that I heard the spaces are large, blocks of pine or "On the 10th ult. a young gentleman not the rest distinctly, but understood hin other light wood, might be crouded in, so was ftruck by lightning, at Richmond, to quote

the words of the Publican in the as to make a saving of mortar; in which || Virginia, and was luppoled to be dead. Gospel, and to end the sentence wiih, care, care must be taken to cover the · A large contusion appeared on the right “me, a sinner.”

blocks sufficiently to prevent them from Gde of his head; and his hat had a rent in I saw him, a second time, on the morn coming in contact with the planks on ei. it as smooth and regular as any which a ning of Thursday ; but, from his appearther side.

pair of scissars could have cut. A freak ance and what I had heard supposing he Many advantages, I conceived, would I proceeded from his head to the right clavi. could not speak without severe efforts, I refult from this mode.-By pre-occupy. cle. When it reached the wires in the had na conversation with him. I prayed, ing the space between the outside plank right side of the suspenders, it appeared for a moment, by his bed-side, in compa and the ceiling of ships, the accumulation to have divided into two streams, each of ny with his overwhelmed family and of filih would be prevented, and until the which pursued its own portion of the fulfriends; and for the rest, was one of the quality of the line should be wholly de peuders until they came within the attractmourning spectators of his composure and Itroyed by time, it would prove an effi. ing distance of the watch. dignity in suffering.–His mind remained cient barrier against putridity or corrup seemed to have been united, and to have in its former flate ; and he viewed, with tion; and, consequenily against the gene. | discharged themselves in one stream along calmness, his approaching dissolution. I rarion of foul air. I supposed that a thip the external part of the thigh and leg. leit him between twelve and one, and at thus prepared, and properly ventilated, The chryftal of the watch was broken, two, as the public know, he breathed his might be kept perfectly iweet and whole and some pieces were found in a fused last. fome.

flate in the pocket. The catch of the I am, Sir,

But my directions for purifying ships' watch and several of the links of the chain With much respe&t, built in the common mode (without even

had evidently been melted by this peneYour obt. lerv't,

removing their cargoes) wherever they l :rating fire. The right leg of the pantaJ. M. MASON. have been followed, have been attended loons and the right Ihoe were completely

with the most flattering success; and a rent in pieces. The young gentleman af. New York, July 18, 1804..

hope of calling the attention of my

fellow ter he had fallen to the earth exhibited no citizens to this important subjeći, at this signs of animation. There was no motion, time, induces me to request you to repub no puise, no respiration. Cold water was lith those directions :-

thrown upon him at first without any efDirections for purifying a loaded ship without re tect : upon continuing the application, moving the cargo.

however, he appeared to recover from his Take a calk that will hold 100 gallons FOR THE BALANCE.

corpid flate, in the same manner as a peror more, with one head out--fei it below Ln who gradually recovers from a fainting

in any part of the velTel--put into this fit. It is suppole] that the water simply I observed in your paper a few weeks cask one bushel of unflacked lime--aud operated by reanimating his fuspended fii ce, an account of the appearance of to this 60 gallons of boiling water, after fenfibility, and that a continued af fion yellow-tever at the Waale boght; and its dililving 30 pounds of poi or pearl-athe. of i would have extinguished the fm. I introtuarion is attributed to the arrival of therein--this ihould be done as quick as (paik of life, which it had contributed to a vefle from St. Dmingo. It has often poffible--then that the hatches, and make


He was then removed 10 a haopened, that vell is arriving from the ibe (hip tight--in this faction, let the sanket, and cartoly rubbed in cvery Tlf-ladia Ilands in the fuinmer leason, vellel remain uniche next day, and then lumb. A greater degree of animation apparticularly thole in ballait, have been discharge the air by means of the Air. peared ; violent convulsions' enfoed, his bound fo fithy, and the air in their holds Pump Ventilator. By this time the lime extremities exhibited uncommin ftrength,

impure, that they have spread ührodi will be felld in the cask, and the water and a fuam iflued from his lips. The fickools and contagion. It has ever ap. or ley, will be very clear-dip it out care veins of each arm were afterwards pened; peared čitonishing to me, that so little rc iully, and, atzer drawing the boxes ou and each moment increased the fl: tering gard his been paid to the cleanlinis at of one of the ship's purps,. fend it thro' yentoms of his recovery. The faculties veliels. It is certainly a subject of the l, that channcd inio the pump-well.

of the mini, and the power of speach did


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not return until the next morning, when to France, has gone to England. On the myself among the soldiers of liberty from he exhibited one phenomena which de. 25th of May, Mr. Fox gave a dinner to al ambition--I embraced the military life ferves investigation. His memory appear. || large party in which Mr. Livingston was from respect for the laws of ihe nation : 1 ed eminently defeative. He could scarce. included. We observe that Mr. Fox is became a warrior, because I was a citizer. ly recollect any event beyond the lapse of highly censured in some of the London I lupported this character under the col. five minutes. The period of recollection prints for giving this countenance to a man ours I have always preserved it. gradually increased, and his faculties re who had grossly insulted the English na I advanced very rapidly, but always covered their accustomed tone."

tion in his answer to the French govern- from grade to grade, without overleapiog ment upon Mr. Drakes's correspondence. any--always lerving my country, never

flattering the committees. Arrived at the

chief command, when victory caused us to It appears that the Spanish government advance into the middle of hokile nations, at Pensacola has taken umbrage at the U. I did not less apply myself to make the nited States assuming jurisdiction over the character of the French people respected, Mobile Bay. Five regiments have been ordered by the Spanish government to re

than to make their armies dreaded. The Be it our weekly task, pair to Pensacola, to keep pofleflion for

war under my orders was a scourge only

in the fields of balle. Even from the midst To note the passing tidings of the times. Spain.

of their ravaged plains, more than once > > >

have nations and hostile powers rendered

A decree has passed in the British par. Dudson, August 7, 1804. | liament for prohibiting the importation of lieved as proper as our viđìories, to make

me this tcftimony. This conduct I be. llaves into their colonies.

conquests to France. A very interesting, tho' painful, discul.

At the time when even contrary maxfion, has for several days, occupied some

The new Emperor of the Gauls, it is

ims appeared to prevail in the committees of the New York papers, particularly the faid, is to reside in the ancient royal resi.

of government, this conduct did not exa Evening Poft and the Citizen. Thé object is, to lhew that the late melancholy

dence at Versailles, for the fitting up of cite against me either calumny or perfecuwhich 40,000,000 livres have been issued

cion. No cloud ever arose io tarnish the event was the effect of a settled, deliberate from the French treasury.

inilitary glory which I had acquired, till design of Col. Burr and a few of his friends,

that too famous day-the 18.5 Fructidor: to take the life of Gen. Hamilton and oth.

Those who, with too much rapidity extolA legal investigation of the same na. Bonaparte is said to possess private trealed that day, reproached me with being too ture is also going on. It is our intention ure, in gold, silver and diamonds, to the llow to denounce a man, in whom I could 10 give a review of these discussions at amount of 500,000,000 of livres.

see only a brother in arans, even at the mo. some future day.

ment when the evidence of falis and of SPEECH OF MOREAU,

proofs convinced me that he was accused The king of the Olage nation of In.

by truth, and not hy unjust suspicions.-dians, with eleven chiefs and two boys,

I'he Directory, whó alone knew the cir. have recently arrived at the seat of gov.

cumstances of my conduct fufficiently to ernment, for the purpose of effecting a Geislemen,

judge of it coniectly, and who, every one treaty of amity. These people are inhab. IN presenting myself before you, I ask knows, could not be disposed to judge me itants of the new territory of Louisiana, to be heard for a moment. My confidence with indulgence, boldly declared that they purchased by Mr. Jefferson ; and if the in the counsel I have chosen is entire: I found me irreproachable; they employed following paragraph from a Baltimore pa. have resigned 10 them without relerve the me in their service ; the post was not per is true, they will soon remunerate the care of defending my innocence : it is on brilliant, but it soon became ro. U.S. for the valt fum paid for their coun ly in compliance with their desire that I I dare to believe that the nation has not try.

wish to speak before the court, but I feel forgotten how much I shewed myself wor'. The king with fifteen warriors, fome the need of speaking myself, both to you thy of it ; it has not forgotten with what years ago, intercepted a Spanish convoy and the nation.

facile devotedness I fought in Italy in subwih ingots, guing across the islamus of Unhappy circumstances produced by ordinate stations; it has not forgotten how Darien, and loaded themselves with the chance or prepared by hatred, may ob. I was restored to the chief command by the rich booty; they were, however, after Icure some periods of the life of the montreverses of our armies, and renamed genwards over aken by supe.ior torce, and o. uprighi man. With much address a crim. eral, in some measure, by our tnisfortunes ; bliged to furrender their {reasure. With inal may remove from him both the suspicit remembers how I iwice recomposed the 500 itand of muskels, they think they cion and the proofs of his crimes : a whole army of the wrecks of those that had been cond become purveyors to the mint of the life is always the surest testimony against, dispersed ; and how, after having twice United States, and supply it, in profusion, or in favour of the accused. It is then sent it back in a condition to oppose the with ingots from the Spanish mines !" my whole life which I oppole to the ac. Rullians and Austria, I twice resigned the

Woether our economical president will cusers who pursue me. It has been fuffi. command of it to enter on one of much immediately furnih these arms without a ciently public to be known. I will recal higher confidence. jpecific appropriation, or whether he will fome epochas of it, and the witnesses that I was not, at trial æra of my life, more call Congress together, on the occasion, it I fall invoke are the French people, and republican ehan in all others : 1 appeared is difficult to tell. At any rate, such a rare the people whom France bas conquered. more so. I saw fixed upon me, in a more opportunity to furnish the U.S. with ready Ai the commencement of that revolu- li peculiar manner, the regards and the con cash, without taxes, ought not to be per . tion which was to found the liberty of the fidence of those whole province it was to mitted to pass unimproved.

French people

, I was devoted to the study | imprcfs new rovements, and new direc:

of laws." Ti changed the destination of my litions on the republic. They proposed, if Mr. Livingîion, American Ambuflador life : I devoted it to arms : I did no place is well known, to place me at the head of



little similar to that of the 18th | I enjoyed the entertainment of my retreat. Georges Cadoudal, Bouvet de Lozier, Brumaire. My ambition, if I bad had Surely I was content with my loi-l who Rumillon, Rochelle, Almand, Polignac, much of it, could easily conceal itself from never envied the lot of any.' My family D'Hozier, De Riviere, Louis Dicorps, all appearances, or even do donour to it.

and my friends, so much the more precious Picot, Lajolais, Caster, S. Victor, Deville felt by every sentiment of the love of as not having any thing to hope from my Armand Gaillard, Joyaut, Borban, Lemer. country.

credit or my tortune, they could remaiu cier, Lelan, Cadudals, Merille, Roger. The proposition was made to me by attached but to myself alone.

To two years imprisonment-Le Gen. men celebrated in the revolution by their All the blessings, which alone I highly eral MOREAU, Jules Polignac, Leridant, patriotism, and in our national asemblies

appreciate, filled my soul entirely, and | Rolland, La Fille Hizay." by their talents ; I refused it ; I believed could permit no undue desire or ambitious Acquitted - Victor Couchéry, David myself made to command armies, and did wish to enter ; would it then be open to

Herve Lenoble, Rubin Lagrimaudiere, not wish to command the republic. criminal proje&ts ?

Noel Ducorps, Datry, Ever., Troche fa This was enough to prove, in my opin This condition of my soul was so well ther, Troche the fon, Monnier & his wife, ion, that if I had an ambition, it was not known, it was so well guaranteed by the Denande and his wite, Caron, Gaillais and that of anthority, or of power : very soon distance at which I kept from all the paths his wife... after, I proved this still farther.

of ambition, that since the victory of Ho. Donand and his wite, and Verdet, are The i8ch Brumaire arrived, and I was henlinden till my arrestation, my enemies remanded to the Correctional Police. at Paris. That revolution, provoked by have never been able either to find or to others, as by me, could not alarm my seek me by anocher crime than the free. conscience. Directed by a man environ.

dom of my discourses-they have often ed with a blaze of glory, it made me to been favourable to the operations o gov

Che kinot. hape for happy results. I began to second

ernment; and if at any time they have not it when other parties pressed me, da put been so, could I therefore think that that myself at their head io combat it. I re

was a crime among a people who had so ceived in Paris the orders of General Bo.

often decreed that of thoughi, that of word, naparte. In executing them I concurred that of the press, and who had enjoyed to elevate him to that high degree of pow. much of it even under its kings.

MA PRIE D, er which circumstances rendered necel I conless that, born with an openness of sary.

· At Loonenburgh, on the evening of the 7th ult. disposition, I have not lost this attribute of When, fome time after, he offered me

the Rev. Philip F. Mayer, Mr. Chester Hun. the country (of France) where I received

TINGTON to Miss RACHEL VARING. the chief command of the army of the lite, neither in the camp, where everything Rhine, I accepted it from him with as

On Friday evening the 27th ult.' by the Rev. Mr. gives a new impetus, nor in the revolu. much devotion as from the hand of the re

Mayer, Mr. Joseph B. Parker to Miss MARY tion, which has always proclaimed it as a public itself. My military successes were virtue of the man, and as

SPENCER, danghter of Mr. Thomas Spencer, all of

a duty of the never more rapid, more numerous, more

Loonenburgh. citizen. But do those who plot blame lo decisive, than at that epocii, when their openly what they disapprove ? It I had splendour overspread the government wished to form and pursue plans of conwhich acculed me.

fpiracy, I would have dissembled my sen. Upon the event of so many successes, timents, and solicited all the situations

The knell. of which the greatest of all was to have al. which could have replaced me in the midt certained, in an efficacious manner, the of the forces of the nation. peace of the continent, the foidier heard

In order to trace this plan, in default of i he lofty shouts of national gratitude. political genius, which I never possessed,

What a moment to conlpire if such a I had examples known to all the world and d-lign had ever been able to enter my

soul. rendered imposing by their success. I Every one knows the devotedness of ar know well that Mönck did not withdraw mies to chiefs whom they love, and whom from the armies when he wished to con. they have just led from victory to victory : li {pire, and that Caffius and Brutus apan ambitious man, a conspirator, would he proached the heart of Cesar to pierce it. have suffered the occasion to escape when Magistrates I have nothing more to say Suddenly, on Wednesday the 25th ult. at Newa at the head of an army of a hundred ihou

to you. Such has been my character, such town, Long-Island, Doctor Richard Lawrence, fand men fo often triumphant, he returned has been my whole life. I protest in the in the 38th year of his age. Society in his death to the midst of a nation Bill agitated, and face of heaven and of men, the innocence have been deprived of a skillful physician, a social, always refless with regard to its princi- and integrity of my conduet : You know hospitable and benevolent man. Mild in his temper, ples and their duration ?

your dutiesFrance liftens to you, Eu unoffending in his manners, and generous in relievI only thought of dibanding the army, rope contemplates you, and posterity a ing the wants of his fellow creatures, he was enand returned to the repose of a civil life. waits,

deared to all who knew him. He has left an amiaIn this repore, which was not without

ble wife to weep over his early tonik, ard a numeglory, I enjoyed without doubt my hon.


rous train of relatives and friends who'will long ours-thofe honours which human power

cherish his virtues in mournful remembrance. can never wreit fram me, the remembrance Bulletin of the proceedings of the Court

[Euning Post. ] of my actions, the teftimony of my con of Criminal and special justice, 'against fcienice, the esteem ot my companions and Georges, Moreau, and others, 15th fitftiangers, and, if it may he said, the filter ting, June 10th, at 4 o'clock in the morn

LITERARY NOTICE. ing and prelentiment of pofterity.

ing. I enjoyed a fortune which was not great, The Court of Criminal Justice, after 29 The first Volume of the Life of Washington, is because my defires were not immense, and hours deliberation, have returned a decree ready at the Balance Book-Store, for delivery to which caused no reproach of conscience. which condemns to the puni!hment of death, subscribers in this vicinity.

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