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The verdiæt of the Coroner's inquest a. The invafion-drama in France has been gainit Mr. Burr, it is said, comes under limited, is the French papers, to the midthe 2d paragraph of the ad fetion, of the dle of July; but some of those who pre. 4th article of the Constitution of the Uni. tend to be initiated into the arcana of cab.

ted States, which provides, that any per. inets, fay, the invasion will not be attempi. Be it our weekly task,

son charged with a crime," who shall || ed at all. To note the passing tidings of the times.

flee from justice, and be found in another

Slate, shall on demand of the executive It appears that Jerome Bonaparte, now >>>>>400<kcccc

authority of the fate from which he fled, || in this coun:ry, nut being in the order of Hudson, August 21. be delivered, to be removed to the plate hereditament, is not Prince, nor his fair

having jurisdiélion of the crime." If this Spouse a Princess !!!

be correct, we cannot but hope that Gov. MORE PARCHMENI.

Bloomfield will make the demand requir. A new form of prayer is introduced in.

ed ; and that the Vice-President will be to all the churches in France ;-the Re. On Thursday last, the editor of this pa- | delivered up to take his trial for the murder i public is no longer to be prayed for ; and per was served with another piece of parch- || which he is charged with having commit. instead of the words, "O Lord save the ment, from his honor Judge Spencer.-te!.

Consul," the following are introduced, Wtat he now complains of, I know not :

“ O Lord save our Emperor Napoleon.” Neither do I know what his object is, in The report of the illness of Cul. Burr, multiplying these 'suits só rapidly ; neither proves unfounded.

The following is given, under London do I care. If, however, it is posible that

June 20, as an extract of a communicahe intends to persecate and oppress, until

An attendant of the deputy.marshal in tion received by a gentleman at Antwerp, he drives me to submission, he must lay in Lycoming county (Penn.) has been shot.

from his brother at Boulogne, who is ema good fock of parchment—that's all. No particulars.

ployed in the armament destined for the I had almost forgotten to mention, that

invafion of England :his honor De Witt Clinton, Mayor of N.

It is said to be very fickly at Charles

“ All the horses, forage, and leavy are ton, South Carolina. York, lately.commenced what is called in

tillery, are embarked. We wait only the fashionable language a Spencer-suit against A person was detected on Friday laft, by | fore, write to you again from hence; and,

arrival of the generals. I shall not, there. M. Croswell, editor of the Catskill Re

Gilbert & Dean in attempting to gain the corder.

prizę of 15 0 dolls. in the last drawn probably I may never behold you more.

Class of Souih Hadley Canal Lottery, by a Formerly, when the officers of the Fed. Ticket, the number of which had been alter

It was reported in London, on the 19th eral Adminiftration happened to be absent, led from 44. 40-41. After an examination || June, chat a perlon had arrived from on buliness, from the seas of government, i before Judge Bourne, he was committed

France with overtures for peace. the Aurora, and its copyifts, would constanely charge them with a desertion from

to prison for further crial. The man is

from New Salem, and has been working their duty ; but now it is no harm for the

on the New Prison at Charleston, where whole body of executive officers to leave it is probable he will soon become a ten

To Correspondents. Washington at once.

[Bot. Gaz.) Where now is the government of the United States ?”. This queftion can be The French privateers have completely ||

“ ODSERYA TOR" and a “ FRIEND," shall reanswered thus, says the Boston Centinel : blockaded the port of Charleston.

ceive due attention. The President of the United States is at

We pity “OLIVIA," but to publish her poetry Monticello ;-The Vice President, like Reports are prevalent, of an engagement wculd be no proof of it. Cain, a wanderer over the continent ; between the English and French fleets, off the Secretary of State, at his feat in Vir

“ AMOR LIBERTATIS," next week. Toulon. Result not mentioned. ginia ;the Secretary of the Treasury in ihe interior of Pennsylvania ;--the Secre The ship Litile Cornelia, Harrison, from tary of War in Boston ;-the Secretary of Rochefort for New York, was captured on the Navy in Baltimore-:—the Attorney-lihe 6ih int. just off the Hook, by the Bri

Brigade Ordere. General in Worcester ;-the Puft-Master

' || tilh lhip of war Leander, and ordered for General in Connecticut ; and cone left! Halitax. The vefsel and cargo were own. in Washington, fave only a few subordi

AS a-tribute of respect to the memory nate officers in the departments. ed by Mr. J. Juhel, of New York.

of the Patriot, Hero, and profound Statel.

The British thip of war Leander block.mar, Major General CIAMILTON ; and as It is stated in a number of papers that ades the port of N. York-fires upon and

a public teftimony of their sense of the ir Mr. Monroe has been appointed, by the boards American vellels, treats them with reparable loss our country has sustained in President, Governor ot Louisiana. If this the utmolt infolence, and in one instance, the death of that great and good man, Brigis true, Mr, Monroe has, in the courfe of has pressed 17 pallengers froin London adier General Butler, recommends to the one year, been appointed to no less than deiry. Particulars and reflc Elions hereafter, officers of his Brigade, to wear crape on three important and lacrative offices, viz.

their left arm during the regimental and Minister extraordinary to France, with an Cutfit of 9,000 dollars, and a salary of tourteen guns, and full of men, have been Six privateers, mounting from çe'n to company parades of this season.

By Order, 9,000 dollars. Minister to Great Britain fitted out at Gaudaloupe for S. Domingo,

WILLIAM BUTLER, with the like oui fit and falary-and now with expre!ş orders tolake: link and destroy Gwernor of Louisiana L-Thus are Vir

Alifant Brigade Major. all American veffels bound to or from that: Morton Lodge, Delaware ? ginia favorites rewarded !!

County, August 6, 1804.


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HILE lost to all her former mirth,
Columbia, weeping, bends to earth,

And seeks her Hero's grave-
Whilst stain'd with blood, she strives to tear,
Unseemly, from her fragrant hair

The wreaths that Sumner gave.


The thoughts that musing Pity pays,
And fond Remembrance loves to raise

Shall on her steps attend ;
Still Fancy to herself unkind,
Awakes to griethe soften'd mind,

And paints the bleeding friend.

By Hudson's broad descending wave
Her ceasless tears bedew the grave,

Where HAMILTON is laid-
That sacred spot, with cypress crown'd,
Shall jealous Honour watch around,

And Truth protect the shade.

O'er him whose doom thy virtues grieve,
Aerial forms shall sit at eye,

And, bend the pensive head;
And fall'n by fate's severe command,
Imperial Honour's awful hand

Shall point his lowly bed.

A CURIOUS caule is likely loon to

find its way into the courts. A young PETER PINDAR.

gentleman, just come of age, calls upon

his guardians to put him in possession of a TOM PAINE once afferted, in the

fortune left him in the funds. The guarpresence of Peter, that the minority, in all

dians demur, on the ground that he was deliberative, bodies, ought at all times, to

willed the possession of the fortune" when govern the majority. Peter smiled. - You he came to years of discretion ;" at grant me, (faid Paine) that the proportion which, from some of his late actions, they ot of sense to the ignorant, is

mean to contend, he is not yet arrived !! not more than twenty, or at most ihirty,

Libid.) to a hundred: consequently, the majority of mankind are prone to error ; and if we

A barrister, blind with one eye, pleadwould act rightly, we ought to be guided Ling one day with his spectacles on, Genby the senle of the minorily."

tlemen in my argument, I shall use no. Peter, who had listened with great seem. I thing but what is necessary.” Mr. Min. ing attention, now mildly replied, “ i | gay replied immediately, “ take out then, will not say but your arguments are cogent,

one of the glasses of your ípe&acles. though not entirely convincing. As it

[Ibid.] is rather a subject out of my line, I will not attempt to argue the point, but merely

TERMS OF THE BALANCE, hold the negative of your proposition and

FOR 1803. leave it to the good company which is

To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty right. Agreed" said - Paine, who saw | Cents, payable quarterly: himself surrounded by his admirers. To those who receive them by mail, Two Dola “ well gentlemen,” faid Peter, with all ars, payable in advance. the gravity of a Speaker of the House of To those who take their papers at the office, in Commons, "you that are of opinion that | blindles, or otherwise,' a deduction from the city the minority, in all deliberative bodies, I price will be made. ought in all cases to govern the majority,

A handsome Title Page and Table of Conteals please to rise in the affirmative." Paine will accompany the last number of the volume. immediately stood up himself, and, as he Advertisements inserted in a handsome and con. had foreseen, the company all role in his spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which accompaa favour. “ Then I rise in the negative" | nies the Balance.

cried Peter, “ I am the wife' minority,
who ought in all cases to govern your ig.

norant majority ; and consequently, up-

The first and second Volumes of the Balance, on your own principles, I carry the vote, let it be recorded.

may be had on the following terms

First Volume-unbound
This unexpected manœuvre raised a

Second Volume,
hearty laugh, Paine retired from the prel-

Both Volumes, ence of triumphant wit, mortified with

If bound, the price of binding (either plain or el being foiled at his own weapons.

egant) will be added. -- An unbound volume may be [London Paper.] sent to any post office in the state for 52 cents post.

age ; or to any post-office in the union for 78 cents Ata city feast in London, one of the company was expatiating on the bleslings of Providence," aye faid Alderman

PUBLISHED BY Curtiss, smacking his lips, « it is a bles HARRY CROSWELL, Ted place fure enough; we get all our tur.

Warren-Street, Hudson. tle from it."



The warlike dead of ev'ry age,
Who fill the fair recording page,

Shall leave their sainted rest
And half reclining on his spear,
Each wond'ring chief by turns appear

To hail the blooming guest.

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Great WASHINGTON unknown to yield;
MONTGOMERY, from Abram's field-

Shall gaze with fix'd delight:
Again their country's wrongs they feel;
Again they snatch the gleaming steel,

And wish the avenging fight.

$2 S 2, 50 $ 4

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But lo! where sunk in deep despair,
Her garments torn, her bosom bare,

Impatient FREEDOM lies!
Her matted tresses madly spread,
To ev'ry sod which wraps the dead,

She turns her joyless eyes.

. If weak to sooth thy soften'd heart, These pictur'd glories nought impart :

[blocks in formation]




practised against the federal administration. || the darkest colours, and malignance has

The passions, the prejudices, the tears ol faftened with rapture on the spurious cai. Hither the products of your closet-labors bring,

alogue of their political iniquities. They the people were roused, inflamed, and a. Enrich our columns, and instruct mankind.

larmed, to forward the ambition of aspir- have been described as tyrants and oppres

ing demagogues. Our nation, prosperous fors, who wished to enslave and impover. TO THE EDITOR OF THE BALANCE.

and encreasing in opulence, was represent ifh their country; who were planning your

ed as groaning under the most rigorous op. destruction to gratify their ignoble ambi. SIR,

pression, as empoverished by the pernicious tion, ard who would foon sacrifice your

hand of government. The voice of delu. || liberty at the altar of despotism. Here I FEEL a cordial satisfaction in be.

fion awakened the jealousies, the suspi- || would pause, and leave them a moment to ing able to produce, in favour of the Fed.

cions, and the resentments of the people, | reflečiion. I would then proceed, and eral adminiftration, the evidence of expe

obscured their judgments, and silenced my language wuuld be- Fellow.Citizens, rience, in opposition to the calumnies of

their reason. It was in vain to endeav. is it not extraordinary that under fo bad an fuccessful and unprincipled ambition.

our to oppofe facts to calumnies and al administracion ; conducted as has been Whatever may be the decisions of preju.

fertions. Doception had taken a com. represented) in a mapner fo ruinous to dice, our own deliberate judgments, fe.

manding ground, and the people listened your intereft, you should have experien. conded by the voice of truth, will inform

with implicit deference to the language of ced a prosperity almost unparalleled. us to which side is inclined the scale their deceivers. They withdrew their

You have increased in wealth and popu. of justice.

confidence from the Federalifts, and raised lation. Agriculture has flourished. ManNo men have been more cruelly tradu.

to power men who had flattered their prej. utactures Lave been encouraged. Your ced, than those Federalists who have been udices and imposed on their understand.

Commerce has been extended to every most conspicuous and efficient in conduct.

ings. Etablished on the basis of calumny, || quarter of the globe. Your lands have ing us to our present Rare of prosperity. the present administration, unless aided by enhanced in value. Your property has Their motives have been wantonly misrepthe degeneracy of the people, cannot with.

been secure. The Merchant, Farmer, and resented, and designs have been imputed | stand the powerful attacks of truth.

Mechanic have reaped the fruits of their to them, which they never entertained.

industry, and enjoyed in competence or

As a Federalist, I only desire a candid affluence the rewards of their labour. Are Every measure adopted by the late adminiftration to place our government in an at. hearing before the people.. I wish to ad

such the effects of an opprefsive adminis. dress myself not to their prejudices but to titude efficiently to resist foreign aggrel

tration ?' Can the people prosper under the fion, and to protect us againk foreign in their understanding; and could I be affur.

ed of their attention, I would thus address auspices of tyranny ? Willexorbitant imsulis, were maliciuosly construed into an in

pofitione enrich those who bear them ? them :vasion of our rights. An honeft zeal for the

No! Yet these palpable contradictions energy and stability of government,

Fellow Citizens, Your cars have been must be reconciled, if you mean to say and only desirous of giving a solid basis to deatened with incessant clamors against the chat federal policy has been detrimental to our liberty, was malevolently aspersed in Federalists. They have been reprefented

Federalists. They have been represented your interests. The operations of govern. the most opprobrious language, by the fu. to you as men hoftile to liberty, arbitrary ment have a powerful influence on the wel. rious spirits of faction. The most atiro. in principle, and entertaining sentiments fare of the community. A fyftem of cious calumnies were propagated with un- incompatible with the spirit of our free

incompatible with the spirit of our free l pernicious measures weakens and distracts cealing perseverance. Palfhoods were re. conftitution. The federal adminisration the adminiftration, and is followed by the iterated with unblushing effrontery. No

has been denounced as odious and op moft deleterious effets ; trade, industry artifice, no trick, no deception, within the preslive. The measures of the Federal and enterprize will decay, and the people reach of human ingenuity, was left un. ifts have been pourtrayed by a fallion, in li become at epce both poor and contempti

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of Harry Crofwell, in the Bulance, wil

ble. Did you experience those miseries great and intrinsic merit : But to those i mire it. Men less brave than you, might during the period the Federalists were in who judge with candor and disinterested have condescended to attack Harry Cros. power ? I now appeal to your under land nels, I believe their inerit will appear at well ; or they might have deigned to be ings, and rely on the determinations of least equivocal : What, then, have we come the antagonists of somebody who bad your calm unbiased juilgmenis. Take a gained by a change of nen ? Are we more a name ; but you, most intrepid captain, retrospect to the era of the organization of rich, more happy, or more contented than disdaining such small things, have had the your government-contrast your situation we were four years ago ? Are party di. unparallelled heroism to call into the field at that time with your fituation at the time visions healed ? Have party animosities a inighty champion-no less than Blank of the change of adminiftration. When subsided ? It is not merely the opposition | Biank, Elg. Too noble to wage war with your prelent government went into ope of the Federal: its, that now difturbs the Alch-and blood, you have most dauntiessly ration, you had an immense debt to pro. harmony of social intercourse." The attacked ... ... Nobody! You have vide for. Your revenue was not more mos serious differences have arisen among || tollowed the example of a famous gallic than sufficient to pay the interest that year. the democratic worthies. In Pennsylva-hero, of whom I will relate to you a little ly accrued on the same. The specie cir nia, M.Kean has been denounced as an anecdote : This hero, like you, captaia culating in the United S:ates, did not ex. apoftare. Duane has plucked from the

Holt, was brave without a parallel. He, ceed that interest. Public credit was low, brow of Tench Coxe the laurels he ac. like

you, would resent an insult, at any and your finances were disordered. The i quired under the noble Howe. The lig | risque. Once on a time, it happened that Federalists, who were iben at the head of nal honours gained by Brackenridge, in an insult was offered him ; but, like

you, affairs, by their wisdom and perseverance, || the attack on the Judiciary, will not, I he pretended not to know by whom it was Surmounied every difficulty.' They called | fear, be able to "reprieve his fall." Gal, offered. However, like you, he threaten, into action your resources, arranged your latin, whose fame fhall endure as long as ed and blustered, and declared that if the disordered finances, systematized your whiskey shall be drank, is threaiened with person" would assume his proper shape." sevenue, made provisions for the discharge the thunder of democratic vengeance; and

he should receive attention." . At length of your debt, and established your credit even the terrible and celebrated Lyon (a. his gallic intrepidity run so high that he on a solid and permanent basis. What has buíed by Duane) roars tremendous in the counted down ten guineas, and offered been the result of their labours ? The woods of Kentucky . :

them to any man who would discover the whole amount of your revenue, from the

person who affronted bim. The other,

What will be the relult of these violent year 1789 to the year 1791, was somewhat

with a waggith air, scraped the reward dissentions, I will nat pretend to determore than four millions of dollars. The

from the table, and frankly acknowledged mine, The caule which has originated circulating fpecie in 1790, about the fame,

himself to be the author of the insuli.them, may be satisfactorily explained In 1800, your revepue was equal to eleven

Here was a scene for a hero ! "Goddam," and I believe the unprejudiced will agree million of dollars ; your specie to nine,

exclaimed the enraged. Frenchman teen millions. Here, ther, is a simple ambition which, upon the fame prirçi. with me in attributing i hem to that seism

4. Goddam," (with double vehemence) ftatement of facts, fufficient to oppose to

GoddamnGoddain-Goddam ..... the impudence of filhood and the calum- ples that united the deinecrats in their op.

nobodee!! nies of malice. Where truth is respected, position to the tederal adre.iniftration, now divides them, since they have effe&ted the

Bui, most valorous captain, not your it will command attention, though una. oftenfidle object of their opposision.

bravery alone is made manife by your dorned with the eloquence of declamation.

" Card." Your juigment is equally ap. It is evidence which will carry to pofteri


parent"; for 'who can be more til to attack ty the unfading honors of state men and

a phantom, a nobody, a blank, than soch patriots, whose names will dig vily the pa.

a merę ņothing as Ç. Holle ges of the impartial historian, when bore


Yours, to serve, of their calumniators, shall be lost in ob. livion, or recorded only to be execrated or despised. From those faithful servants,

Ma. EDITOR, you have withdrawn your confidence, and reposed it in men as much dilinguished

Sa certain blank man, who for the vehemence of their professions, as calls munteit." C: (meaning Captain) their characters are equivocal in point of Helt," has addrelled me in a certain blank uprighness and fincerity.

For my part,

paper, I cannot do less than to return che I question the soundness of their under. compliment : I, therefore, with you to flandings, and the purity of their hearts. republish bis “Card," with my reply sub. I cannot bestow my praise on a man who joined, affumes the language of a patriot, and acts

Yours, the part of a perfecutor ; whose practice

-, Esq. demonstrates bis political theory to be the

Editor's Cloger. mere offspring of philofophic reverie or

A CARD, artifice, decorated with rhetorical flourishTo --, Esq. and all others concerned.

FROJ, I HE BEE, es and the tawdry figures of an intoxicat. ed imagination ; whose philanihropy in [We omit the body of the Card here, because it is vites to our hures the outcasts of Europe, insered under the Closet head.]

A, CARD, and deprives she houry veeran of his

To --- Egg and all others concerned. bread : arid whose poliucal emlerance, pro. REPLY TO CAPT. BLIXT-ALIAS C. HOLI

If the learned and irgerious gentlemen fcribes the citizen who differs from him I HAVE often, moft noble captain, who apule themselves in venting their in opinion, and who will not abandon had occalion 10 admire ihe undaunied malice and spleen again the editor of the principis which he hone#lv thinks cor. spirit and amazing courage which you have Bee under cover of the name or authoriy rect. Sich men av apnenilo those who wanitefled in your editorial career. Bui reasize tie benefits of adulation, ta polless never yotil now could I fufficjentiy ad.!! please to affiume their proper thape, they





no concern.

our country, he shall also be duly noticed that you, or your dirty sheet of blue paper, People's Rights," has appeared at Duver,

shall receive due attention. It is not very sents to the imagination the picture of a

the “ secrets of the cabinet," we should honorable to direêt attacks under a cloke hedge-hog, brittling with quills—or a tar

like to know it, as bis affertions, without or Gignature that secures from retórt. And

get, pierced thro' and thro' with arrows. lomething to back them, cannot be be. they know that no editor can be found

lieved. In performing the latter, fome random who will submit to be the perfonal antago. nift of Harry Croswelt. Or if they will

shots have found their way to my real an. persuade Mr. Croswell to advance any tagonists, who have never failed to expose | Confitutionalilt ; or, the Defender of the

A new federal paper, entitled, The charges against us amenable to the laws of themselves by their fluttering. Think not

, ,
us have no more cowardly

Delaware. Publishers, J. B. Wooton & and mean insinuations, hints at misde. could claim attention, were there no other

P. Allee. meanor, or base' inuendoes on character. | object to be gained, than bringing either If there is aught in the public or private the one or the other into ridicule and con

Another paper, of the same politics, enlife of the fubfcriber offensive to the laws

titled, the "Rhode. Hland Farmer," has o morality, decorum; or the flate, let tempt. With you, as an ordinary (or ex.

been started at Providence, by Heaton & these gentlemen proclaim it boldly, and traordinary) member of society, I have

Williams. “ give the truth in evidence," that he may

I have always carefully abe publicly convicted and exposed to the voided every investigation of your priworld. As to any... faloods published

vate conduct, and I have seldom alluded to in the Bee," they may be corrected in the

To Correspondents. Bee.


your general moral character. But your

editorial character and conduet I have ever TO C. HOLT.

considered as fair game. I have scrutini “ OBSERVATOR," and a “ FRIEND."zed and tested it. I have found it cor.

Some days since, we received, from RenyCOWARDICE, meanness, and a total

selaer county, the commencement of a pó. disregard for truth, are so mingled togeth- || rupt and base. I have never hefi:ated to er in the above card, that I hardly know treat you frankly and openly. I have not

em, entitled, The State Swindler." It dealt in infinuations, hints, or inuendocs.

was accompanied by a note from the wriwhich appears most conspicuous. Had a. ny person been particularly pointed at'in My charges have been bold and explicit.ilter, requesting an intimation from us wheth

er a continuation would be approved, and the address, the blank mighi be considered' l-Go back to the files of ihe Balance.as a mere shield, for a. coward; but this

You will there find accusation on accufa-l observing that filence would be considered

cion-charge on charge. The truth of as a negative. Having, in a preceding pablank is nothing but a paltry artifice to these you tacitly acknowledge, by contes.

per, taken a final leave of Foot, only reserye cover the fallhoods that follow it for you

ing to ourselves the right of animadverting do not believe that any'" esq." or, indeed, l ling that they are not amenable to the laws.

After this acknowledgment, for Heaven's on the conduct of our rulers, should they any other persons amuse themlelves in

fake, let us hear no mure of writing against you under my name or au

continue him in office, we supposed that

your prating about your character. Do not ask me to

that would be a sufficient apology for the thority. Although you have heen in the cunftant habit of furnishing out your edimake any worse charges against you:

non-appearance of the Poem. By a line Hundreds are on record : And, if you

trom a " Friend," however, Gince receiv. torial department with the productions of

ed, it appears, that many are displeased. others—although you have been the pack dare, resort to the laws of your country to

have them tefted. But remember the fate A little explanation, therelore, becomes ne. horse of your party—although your broad

of Foot and Spencer-and beware! cellary:—Before a public ufficer has been shoulders have been made:o bear the whole


convicted of mal-conduct, it is undoubtburden of the productions of certain great

edly the duty of a printer, to expose every men-yet you know this has not been the

The Bee says, that " our government misdemeanor of which he knows him to be case with me. You do not think tliat


is pursuing, energetic measures of repara- guilty. It is undoubtedly his duty to hold person except myself furnishes a single ar- tion for the insults," which have been ot. l up a worthless officer to public view, and ticle for my editorial department. Your

fered our flag, by the British frigates off to point out the rotten (pots in his character. infinuations, therefore, on this point, are the harbour of New York. We fincerely | The people have a right to expect such an base, false and detestable. You correctly with that this information of the Bee might exposure. But after a public officer is observe, that " it is not very honorable to prove correct, because we think it is high

prove correct, because we think it is high convi&ted of orimes, and of a shameful negdirect attacks under a cloak or signature time that our government had taken mear.lect of duty, in a court of justice; after his chat 'secures from retort ;" but the observa

ures to prevent, such unwarrantable aggreworthlessnels is on record, it can be no part tion comes with a very


you. Gions on our commerce. But we do not of the duty of a printer to pursue him turSkulking behind your rotten reputation, give it any credit.-We should like very ther. We repeat, however, that if Foot is titled poltroons have spit their venom at well to know upon what authority the continued in office, the inen who keep hinn the Balance and its editor; and I have been dronish inseEt predicates this information there shall bear from us. compelled to retort by pouring my shafts Is the Captain entrufted with the "secrets The Poem in question has merit; and into your callous hide, or by throwing of the cabinet," or does he receive it from when.“ Observator" will treat of subjects them at random at your maslers. The some of the understrappers in the depart. more worthy of his pen, his productions fort has been done, until your body pre ments ? It he is actually entrusted with all be attended to, with pleasure.

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