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Will they quietly resign all their libertit has invented a new rudder. It is fait

be on an entire new contruction, and does

rind, ranged abroad through the immen- | the " French Republic," I was capable of
sity of space, discovered and illu?rated forming a tolerably juft idea of the liberty
those laws by which the Deity unites, which the people of that Republic now
binds and governs all things ? Who was it, enjoy
soaring into the fublime of astronomic fci. Notwithstanding ihe affairs of our own
ence, numbered the fars of heaven, mea. nation are condučted in a manner' which
sured their spheres, and called them by does not, in the opinion of some, reflect

their names ? It was NÉwron. But New. the highest honor on its rulers ; notwithe H gricultural. ton was a Christian.. Newton, great as he || Manding we are kept in an almost contin.

was, received instruction from the lips, ual uproar by a host of transatlantic po.

and laid his honors at the feet of JESUS. lirical scribblers-fill, as a people, I be. E X TRACY.

" Who was it, that developed the hid. lieve we enjoy as many political privile.

der combination, the component parts of ges and as much real freedom, as do fone TO FARMERS.

bodies ? Who was it, dillected the animal, of the nations of Europe,
examined the flower, penetrated the earth, This gentleman related, that in France

and rarged the extent of organic nature ?
POUND of Turnip feed || It was Boyle, But Boyle was a Chris-

he had seen men, and one American in sown, alter harvest, upon an acre of light cian,

particular, who, for expressing his belief sandy, or gravelly land, that is poor or " Who was it, that !ifted the vail which | escaping the English fleet in crossing the

of the impoflibility of the French fotillas worn out by over.ploughing, and where had for ages covered the intellectual world, manure is wanting (the crop of which be analized ihe human mind, defined its pow-l red to prison, and there confined for the

channel, had been taken up and commit, ing ploughed in, when grown high) will

, 1 ers, and reduced its operations to certain in two months time, die away and rut, and and fixed laws ? It was Lecke,

space of twenty.four bours, without know.

But enrich the land, so as to prove as good a

ing the cause of his commitment-This Locke too was a Christian,

is a true specimen of French Liberty ! manuring as cwenty loads of dung,

" What more shall I fay? For time

This is the Liberty enjoyed in the French more, upon an acre.'' would tail me, to speak of Hale, learned

Republic, From such Republics wa in the law ; of ADDISON, admired in the

should with to be delivered, schools ; of MILTON, celebrated among

The gentleman tarther related, that he the poers; and of WASHINGTON, immor, Monitorial. tal in the field and in the cabinet.-To this

had never seen the First Consul walking catalogue of profesling Christians, from

or riding out without a ftrung guard tu

attend him. That he was the exclubve To aid the cause of virtue and religion. among, it I may speak fo, a higher order of beings, may now be added the name of

governor of France--no one could follow ALEXANDER HAMILTON. A name

him-no one could imagine what flep he The following passages, are extracted from the which raises in the mind the idea of what.

would cake next--" his ways were past Rev. Mr. Nott's incomparable Sermon on the death of Gen. Hamilton, delivered at Albany, on ever is great, whatever is splendid, what

finding out," and his mysterious fchend the 29th ult.] ever is illuftrious in human nature; and

were all kept secret in his own breast,

&c. &c. which is now added to a catalogue which

might be lengthened--and lengthened- Such is the "LIBERTY & EQUAL T a time when skepticism, and lengthened with the names of illuftri. ITY": for which France has been esta thallow and luperficial indeed, bot depravous characters, whose lives have blefled lo tending for years. Such is the Liberia

for which she has facrificed one milice ed and malignant, is breathing forth its ciety, and whole works forin a COLUMN

of her citizens. And such is the " 1.5 peftilential vapour, and polluting by its high as heaven-a column of learning, of unhallowed touch, every ihing divine and wisdom and of greatness, which will stand erty & Equality" which they will contine facred; it is confoling to a devout mind to

to future ages, an ETERNAL MONUMENT ue ro enjoy so long as a Corsican U/174"


remains at their head. refleet, that the great, and the wife, and of the tranfcendent talents of the advo. the good, of all ages; those superior gen

cates of Chriftianity, when every fugitive We have feen a Picbegru, and a Dola juses, whose splendid talents have elevated leaf, from the pen of the candling infidel | d'Enghein shamefully put to death. thein almost above mortality, and placed witlings of the day, shall be swepe by the have seen that veteran and soldier, My them next in order to angelic natures-- tide of time from the annals of the world, reai, cast into prison.--And for what. Yes, it is confoling to a devout mind to

For expresling their sentiments respeare reflect, that while dwarfin infidelity litts in oblivion."

the extraordinary conduct of the Fait Cis up its deformed head and mocks, these il

ful! Will the people of France fubir LUSTRIOUS PERSONAGES, though living in

to be governed by this aspiring Corsicas different ages-inhabiting different coun.

Migcellany. tries-nurtured in different schools-del

into the hands of this haughty Ujui per tined to different purluits-and differing

AMOR LIBERTATIS on various fubies--hould all, as if

Touched with an impulse from heaven,
agree to vindicate the Sacredness of Reve-

lation, and present with one accord, their
learning, their talents and their virtue, on

NEW RUDDER the Gospel Altar, as an offering to Eman- | much entertained by the conversation o! a nei, gentleman who has come very lately from

CĂPT. MUGFORD, of Salem, No “ This is not exaggeration. Who was France. Alter liftening pretly attentively, ir, thai overleaped the parrow bounds || for a short time, to his conversation, which which had hitherto been set to the human was chiefly refpe&ting the transactions in the inventor the greateft honor,


I was, a short time since, very

No. 3:

No. 4

politic, and giving to that similar per. \! public, they allure them, that their skill if peror of the French, do certify, that on


the Sign of the Guillotine; where any | al of the United States, certify, that the State may, on the fortet notice, find a. Constitution of the United States labored

Constitution ready made, or procure one under a difficulty from its birth, and that, From the NETV.ENGLAND REPUBLICIN.

to be completed' exactly suiied to their upon application 10 Paine, Tinker, & Co. ADVERTISEMENT EXTRA..

condition ; and where allo any old Con. || they repaired it with perfecl eale; so that

Nitution, or Charter, or part of a Con- it is now.entirely whole and found in every NEW CONSTITUTIONS MADE,

ftitution, may be new-let, repaired, or part; and, for aught appears the present

tinkered, so as to confer on the people for arrangement will laft during the life of AND

whom it is designed, perpetual peace, the Prefident. Oldones Repaired, Tinkered and Mended!

happiness, and immortal vigour.

The public are also respećttully informTHE Subscribers, and their associ..tes, ed, that the acting partners of this great I, ARTHUR FENNER, Governor of refpe&tully inform the good people of the

concern, are THOMAS PAINE, lately from the State of Rhode Ipand, certify, that leveral States in the Union, that they have

France, who has visited every part of that the Constitution of the United States, when long noticed, with a mixture of surprise bleffed republic, and seen and minutely exand regret, that, till within a few years

it first appeared in this Stute, had two ainined all the Manufactories of Constiru. palt, no effectual preservatives have been

HIEADS, which was confidered as an incu. tions under the direction of Abbe Seyes ; rable evil; that Paine, Tinker, & Co. provided for the several nations, States, and that the other is Abraham Tinker, I have repaired it to our entire satisfaction. or bodies politic, which exist in the world.

of New-Haven, who can give full proot They every day fee announced to their

In the year of the reign of Virtue, 4. of bis skill in this glorious science, to any tellow-citizens, infallible remedies against candid inquirer ; and who, on the 11th of all diseases which tend to destroy human

May laft, developed, in an oration, fome lite; and the apothecaries' shops are filled of the leading principles on this fubje&. ll in the upper regions, folemnly

swear, that,

1, ROBESPIERRE, lately of France, with the various new-discovered medi.

To prevent als deception and fraud in ipu- ll during a few of the last years of my refle cines, to effect that important object- rious Conftitutions, they inform the pubI dence upon earth, one of the new Conjli Thus all the maladies which Irave afflicted lic, that no Conftitntion will be considered | tutions, models of which are now in pofthe human race, from the most dreadful

as genuine, unless there appear on it, in feffion of Paine, Tinker, 3 Co. was apoplexy down to a simple tooth-ache, or the hand-writing of the faid ABRAHAM ||'used by me and my affeciates, with the a ring-worm, may be radically removed | Tinker, the following inscription ; by Hamilton's I lixir of Life; Solomon's

most surprising success, and would have Cordial Balm of Gilead; Simer's Refto.

At the sign of the Guillotine

remained to this day, had not a few evil

Liberty and Equality rative Balfom of Life; Richard Lee's

minded persons cut off my head with the

Paive, Tinker, and Co. ore and indivisible. Indian Vegetable Specific; Wheaton's

guillotine ; and that I should deem one of Genuine Pacent Jaundice Bitters; Hahn's

They also aver, that in any constitution || Those Confitutions an admirable remedy Genuine German Cornplajter; Perkins'

which they may make, or repair, or sanc. for the disorders of these regions. Tractors; Sovereign ointment for the

tion by the aforesaid inscription, there can. (Signed) ROBESPIERRE. Itch; Hamilton's IVorm Lozenges; or

not be found any particle of, or allusion Suorn to before me, Dr. Northup's Bitters. In the midst of to, divine revelation; but that the same

MARAT. Notary Public of the Inthese astonishing inventions, so well cal.

are free from even the appearance of reli. fernal Regions. culated to promote the immortality of the gion. This they deem necessary to state,

left some of their brethren might fear the body, and render it perfect, little is done - towards curing the diseases of the body horrors of a priesthood.


leave no doubt in the minds of the ,

from Egypt, a few years ago, was derived from the most eminent artists Are there not diseases in every society in France; and as proof of the blessed | afflicted with the gripes of democracy,

I found the body politic of France forely and government, very alarming, and which

and tend to destroy the happiness of the peo. ll of fimilar infitutions, they subjoin the and glorious effects of their labours, and

rapidly hastening to the

apoplexy of anar. ple? Who has tot witnesTed and lament

chy: ihai I applied a Conftitution similar ed the apoplexy of anarchy ; the obllinare following Certificates from the most rel:

to that now used by Paine, Tinker, & Co. gout of aristocracy; the fever of republi. | peciable of the human race; and are, with I

and the disease entirely subpded : that I canism ; the gripes of democracy; and the universal debility of monarchy? And

Their most devoted and humble fervants

, ll afterwards infused a licile more strength

intoit, and it has now become eternal in me who is ignorant that many of these mala


and my family, to the destrullion of the dies are to be ascribed in certain well

caprice of elections," and to the ever. known caules, which exist in every body

lasting prevalence of liberly and equal. politic; such as St. Anthony's fire, St. LABBEY SEYES, residentin the repub. Mily. ” Vitus's dance, salt rheum, tetters and lic of France, certify that Paine, Tinker,

Year 11. ring.worms, which are juftly denominated Co. of the United States of America


GON AN ITCH FOR POPULARITY. are in pollsfion of the most useful and re.

Impresled with these ideas, and, with a nowned art of making, mending, and yiew io render the people whom they at. || tinkering Constitutions, as practised in

Nota Bene.-Specimens of the above

models of Conftitutions are entusled to fectionately love, as happy in their politi. this Republic with the most unbounded

Jaac Hilliard, of Reading, in Fairfield cal condition, as any of the aforesaid me. I uccels, for the last twelve years.. dicines can, as their health; the Subscri. (Signed)


county ; to John 7'. Peters, Esq. of He. bers and their associates have established a

Paris, 28th Floreal

bron, in Tolland county ; and to a numYear of Liberty and Equality, 11. S

ber of young fourth and fifth rac lawyers, CONSTITUTION MANUFACTORY,

whe, having no great prost slioral busi. Atebe Fail in Hartford,

No. 2.

ness, bave offered their services for the To be kept in their Caucus Chamber, at I, LEIT LINCOLN, Attorney. Gener. ll good of ihe people.

No. 1.

State Payer.

1, 10, 11, 12, and 13 of the decree of the of the Ministers, of the Great Officers of 21st of December, 1770. The Emperor the Empire, of the Senate, of the Coun.

may fix the dower of the Empress, and cil of State, of the Legislative Body, of FROM THE BOSTON CENTINEL.

assign it on the Civil Lift. His successors i the Tribunate, of the Court of Callation,

shall not be permitted to make any change of the Archbishops and bishops, of the NEW- FRENCH CONSTITUTION. in his difpofitions in this respea.

Great Officers of the L gion of Honour, (WITHIN the last fourteen years, the

The Emperor will visit the departments ; \ of the Presidents of the Confiftory, of the French have adopted and destroyed nearly

in consequence, Imperial Palaces shall be | Consistories and Mayors of the principal as many Constitutions, or forms of Gov. established at four principle points of the cities of the Empire. He shall swear to ernment, until the people, heart-fick of empire.

maintain the integrity of the territory of the mad and toolish vagaries of democra.

In case of a minority of the empire, the French republic ; to respect and caule cy, and mock patriotism, consented to

there shall be a Regent of the Empire. to be respected liberty of conlciene and permit the ruling party in Paris, to make

The Emperor is a minor until the age of the laws of the Concordat; poluical and whatever Conftitutions it thought fit.

18 years, complete. Females are excluded civil liberty : the irrevocability of the These Constitutions are now called “Se

from the Regency. The reigning Emper- | sales of national property ; and not to levy natus Consultum." That by which Bɔ. or may previously appoint a Regent from any tax but by virtue of a law. naparte has caused himself to be created among the French Princes. In default of The Senate Mhall be composed-it, of Emperor, was in force at the date of our such appointment, the regency shall be French Princes : 2), of the Titularies of last accounis. It is too lengthy for a

given to the Prince nearest in degree of the Great Dignities of the Empire: 31, of femi-weekly Gazette. We have, there. I consanguinity. No organic Senatus Con. 36 Members nominated on the prelen:a. fore, made the following summary of it

sultum can be issued during the Regency, tion, ar.d of candidates chosen by the Em. for the information of our readers; and

nor before the end of the third year which peror, from lifts formed by the Electo. as a State Paper to which frequent refer

shall follow the majority. There shall be a ral Colleges of the Department; 4'h, of ence will be made.]

Council of Regency, composed of the tit-Citizens whom the Emperor thall judge

ularies of the great dignities of the Ein proper to elevate to the dignity of Senators. SENATUS CONSULTUM.

pire. The Regent shall not be empowered There shall be formed in the Senate,

io declare war nor to make peace, until after and from its body, a Committee of Indi. This instrument was promulgated the

a deliberation in the Council of Regency, vidual Liberty, consisting of seven mem16h May, 1804. It contains 143 articles, ll of which the Members, in that cafe only, bers, who, if any person is arrested and divided into 16 titles. The firit of them

shall have deliberative voices. The guar not brought to trial after ten days from his declares Napoleon Bonaparte emperor of | dianship of the Emperor, in his minority, i arrest may, on application from such perthe French, and the imperial' dignity he

shall be confided to his mother ; or in de lon, call on the Minister who ordered his reditary in the direct natural and legimate

fault of her, to the Prince appointed by arreft either to fet him at liberty or bring descent. The First Consul may adopt the

the Predecessor of the Emperor who is a him before the Tribunals, which if he re

minor. children or grand-children of his Brothers,

fuses to do, the Committee may demand provided they have attained the age of

The great dignitaries of the Empire are, an affembly of the Senate, to which eighteen years complete, & he himself' have

the Great Elector, the Arch Chancellor of the matter shall be referred. no children ; adoption is prohibited to his the Empire, the Arch Chancellor of

There shall likewise be in the Senate a fucceffors, la default of a natural and le.

State, the Arch Treasurer, the Conflable, Committee for the Liberty of the Press, gitiinate heir of the Firft Consul, or of an

and the high Admiral. They shall be nom which shall proceed in the same manner adopted heir, the Empire will be transfered

inated by the Emperor :-They thall enjoy in case of any infringement of that libero

The same honors as the French Princes and to Jofeph Bonaparte and his descendants;

ly. and in default of Joseph Bonaparte,

rank immediately afer them : They shall The Senatus Consultum contains various and his descendants, to Louis Bonaparte | They shall form the Great Council of the Budy, the Council of State, the Tribu.

be Senators and Counsellors of State : other regulations relative to the Legislative and his descendants, and in the case of failure of the heirs of Jojeph and Emperor : They shall be Members of the

nate, of the Electoral Colleges, and the Louis Bonaparie, a Senatus Consuls | Great Council of the Legion of

Honour. I

P.ivy Council ! They shall compose the High Imperial Court. This Court is to 1um, proposed to the Senate by the great

Great Council of the Legion of Honour. It be compoled of the Princes, Great Dig.

Shall not be possible to remove them.--Sen. nitaries, great Officers of the Enpire, dignities of the Empire, and submitted for the acceptance of the people, hall appoint li atories shall be attached to each of the great the Chict Judge, 40 Senators, and other

dignitaries of the Empire: They shall beel- members, and is to iake cognizance of peran Emperor.

The members of the Imperial Family, I tablished in the departments or the Dyle, fonal offences coinmitted by the Members in the order of inheritance thall bear the

the Gironde, the Rhone, the Po, the Low- of the Imperial Family, by the grand Dige title of French princes. The eldest son er Loire, and the Mouths of the Rhone.

nitaries, and the Senators, as allo oł O of the Emperor shall bear the title of Im. There shall be great Officers of the Em.

fences of Ministers where they are-officialperial Prince. A French Prince who shall pire.-it, Marshais chosen from the most ly responsible. marry without perin:flon from the Emper. diftinguished Generals, 2d, eight Infruct

The laws thall be thus promulgated or shall be deprived of all right to the in ors and Colonels, Generals of Artillery,

“ NAPOLEON, by the Grace of God and the heritance, unless he in all have no children | Cavalry, and the Marine; 31, Great Civ.

Constitution of the Republic, Einperor by this marriage, and the marriage shall be ll ii Officers of the Crown such as shall be of the F.ench,” &c. afterwards disolved.

instituted by the statutes of the Emperor. The French people shall vore, in the The Civil Lill shall remain regulated as The great Offices are immoveable. forms appointed by the decree of the 20th it is by the 1st and fih articles of the de. The Emperor, within the two first years Floreal, of the year 12, on the inhericree of the 26 h of My 1791. The after his accession :o the throne, or attain tance of the Impcrial dignity in the dire&, Frencii Princes 7o/eph and Louis Bona ment of majority, shall take an oath to the natural, and legitimate defient of Napoleparic and ihe vounger foons of the Empire, || French people, on the Gospel, and in the on Bonaparte, Folph Bonaparte, and thall be treated conformably to the articles presence of the Titularies of the Empire, I Louis Boraparte,

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doubt) Mr. Burr, Mr. Van Ness and Mr.

wrapt up in a very old dirty shirt, tied in Pendleton, are by the last law againit du. a filk handkerchief full of holes, was elling, passed by the legislature of this found a large heap of leaves two or three ftate, completely disfranchised, and of small stones, a falt herring and one bile

course disqualified from holdirg any of cuit, with a note, flating " that as they Be it our weekly task,

Sce of honor or profit, or voting in the state had the day before supplied him with fresh To note the passing tidings of the times.

for the term of 20 years. The Murder provisions, he had left them a relish for

of Gen. Hamilton, having been committed breakfast.'' [Balt. Telegrophe.] >>>>>$cocccccc

in the fate of New Jersey, the Grand Ju. ,

ry did not feel authorized to take cogni A schooner, called the Eliza, and com. zarce of it.

[N. York Gazette.] manded by capt. Johnson, has lately been Last week, an execution was issued, and

finted out at Charleston S. C. and was in.

What will be the conduct of the Gov. the money collected (whether legally or

tended to be converted into a French pri. ernor of New Jersey, respecting this af. not, time will shew) which his honor judge tair, it is dificult to conjecture. The

vateer ; but she was seized while laying at Spencer lately recovered of the editor of this

anchorma libel was filed againft her in the public indigna:ion has been raised to such paper. We understand, bis bonor has ob.

Federal District Court. Her trial came a pitch, that many and we have been 2tained a verdict of one thousand dollars a

on the 14th ult. when, after a hearing of mongst the number) have expressed a hope gainst the printers of “The Corredor," N.

that Gov. Bloomfield would demand the eight hours, the jury broughe in a verdict York. It his honor and his friends are to

Vice-President, and that he would be de. | against the vessel and cargo, which are in be believed, (and who would presume to

livered up, to take his trial, &c. The consequence condemned as forfeited to the disbelieve them) none of the suits in ques.

United States. more we reflect on this subje&t, the more tion have been brought to obtain money, or interesting does it appear. Were this laft, to grausty a revengeful or malicious spirit;

Accounts from Spain, to the 24'h June, the only crime of the kind that had been but, on the contrary, to promote the public committed-had Hamilton's been the only

contradi&t the report of an engagement be. good, by reftraining the licentiousness of blood with which the shores of New. Jer. || The repo.t originated in this circumstance:

tween the French and English off Toulon. the press. This being the case, it may rea.

sey have been reddened-had no duel been sonably be expected that his honor willex

The French fleet from Toulon followed a fought before, Gov. Bloomfield would not, pend the money drawn from the pockets of he could not hesitate for a moment. But,

decoy English 74, and a frigate, round the printers, in erecting and endowing churalas ! Crime after crime has been commit

flands off Toulon harbour, and exchangches, or in establishing some charitable inted-duel alter duel has been fought-life

ed a few shot with them ; but on ihe Eng. ftitution, Should he actually erect a after life has been taken, and "justice into port." The French Toulon fleet was

lifh fleet appearing in sight, they returned church, it is to be hoped that some of the

has numbered--and slumbered and flum. persons who contribuie to the fund, will have the privilege of writing an inscrip

bered.". The governor is therefore placed composed of eight fail of the line ; ihe in a delicate and trying fituation. To be

English twelve. tion for the corner-stone,

consistent, he must proceed alike against

all offenders. All are equally amenable On Friday last, we had the satisfaction to the law; and circumstances of aggrava.

Che Linot. of seeing the water brought from Hudson's

tion or palliation, can be made mani!elt, river, over the bank in front of this city, only on a fair and legal investigation. If

MARRIED, a perpendicular height of about 80 feet, by

none of the offenders are arraigned, justice On Thursday evening last. Mr. MATTHEW means of a new constructed fet of pumps, will still sleep ;-If all are arraigned, a

PINKHAM, of this city, to Miss HEPZibeth Cor. invented by Capt. Benjamin Folger, for vice-president of the United States and a

FIN, of Chatham. which he has obtained a patent. As the judge of the Supreme Court of this state

On the 16th inst. at Kinderhook, by the Rev.

Mr. Sickles, Mr. JAMES L. VAN Alen, to Mrs. works are but temporarily erected, for the

must appear before the same tribunal. Lidia WysCOOP, widow if the late John C. purpose of experiment, it would perhaps | Heavens ! to what a state of degradation

Heavens ! to what a sale of degradation | Wyricoop, Esq. and daughter of Judge Sylvester. be improper to give a description of thein

are we brought, when justice muit sleep, in their prelent itate, or to mention the

or some of the high officers of our govern. quantity of water delivered per minute :

ment, be broughilo che bar to be tried tot But, judging from present appearances, the crime of murder.- Whatever course

Che Pinell. many people believe that a fufficiency

24 pursued in the present case, we trust the may be raised, at small expence, to supply

public will not be satisfied until some the whole, orat least, that part of the ciiv,

means are adopted to prevent the repetition which in dry seasons, is almost .wholi:

of a crime, the enormiry of which now apde ftitute,

pears in the most striking, the most tright.

lul colours. Yesterday the G:and Jury, nowin sesiur. much to their credit, after pasiently heari,

A CURIOUS FRAUD. a mass of testimony for three days, 'unani.

kolezankiais mously brought in a bill of indictmeni e O Monday morning laft, a good look.

" In this city, on Monday evening, 20th inst. gainit Aaron Burr, Vice-Presi lent of i! ng man came into a very respectable tav. Miss Rachael Elias, aged 25 years. The assurUnited Sales, tor sending a message urn in this city--he said he was travelling

ance that she expressed, in her last moments, of fu. challenge, inviting Cn Alexander Han the northward and was larely from New.

iure happiness, gave great satisfaction to her sur.

rounding relatives." ito1 to be killed by him in a duel, and Oleans. After regaling him'eif fumpiu.

In Utica, of a typhus fever, on the 13:11 inst. Mr. gain Willian P. Van Ness, and Nathan fly, and enjoying a comforiable bed, he FLAVEL BINGHAM, aged 28 years, (lare consort iel Pendleton, fi's acting as seconds. B leparted next morning, telling the boy in

of Mrs. FANNY BINCHAM, who died on the 11th this 1 cm', if confirmed by the com të bar to take care ot his bundle che not

ult. of the same disorder.) In his death society has

bust an irdustrious citizen- a friend of vir ve andre. peceat tribunals (ut which we have ne cturning, the bundle was opened, when, ligion-highly esteemed by all who knew him.

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fupposed expiring husband di&tated his last i telament to be framed according to the wish.

es and interest of his imagined wite, for A GOOD JOKE.

some time ; but at length he proposed, Wreath. IN good King Charles's jovial days,

that as he had until then complied with when the most extravagant wit, had, like her desires, he might leave one legacy acthe loyalty of the time, no harm in it, it cording to his own-which was five hun. is recorded, that when a gentleman drank dred pounds to Tom the Barber ;-and,

a lady's health as a toaft, by doing her ftill to prevent a discovery of the fraud, the E X TRACT.

more honor, he frequently threw fome | lady was obliged to consent to the propo.

part of his dress into the flames. In this I fal, and faithfully to pay the money to the FROM THE REPERTORY.

proof of veneration to the ladies, his com. proposer, to insure his secrecy: The tenor of the following fable may induce our

panions were obliged to follow him, by

consuming the same article, whatever it Readers to consider it a fictitious translation ; but

I will not present you with the unmeanthey may find the original, il padrone del Campo might be. One of the friends of Sir

ing compliments of the season, but I will Filosofo, ed il Contadino, by de Rossio, in the Charles Sedley, afrer dinner at a tavern,

send you my warmeft wishes, and moft arITALIAN MERCURY, for 1790. perceiving he had a very rich lace cravat on,

dent prayers, that Fortune may never throw when he named the lady to whom honor THE PHILOSOPHICAL FARMER.

your subsistance on the mercy of a kaave, was due, made a sacrifice of his cravat,

or set your character on the judgment of a and Sir Charles and the rest of the com. Translated from the Italian,

tool ; but that UPRIGHT AND ERECT, you pany were all obliged to follow his example. T HERE lived a gentleman, whose bead Sir Charles bore his lofs with great com

may walk to an honest grave, where men Was full of philosophic notions, posure, observing that it was a good joke, || honor to Science, and men of worth thall

of letters shall say here lies one, who did Who had ten thousand volumes read,

but that he would have as good a frolic Which filled his mind with strange emotions. tome other time. On a subsequent day the say, here lies one, who did honor 10 hu

man nature.

[Port Folio.] He owned a very large estate,

fame party being afsembled, when Sedley
Whose annual crops were rich and great.

had drank a bumper to the health of some
beauty of the day, be called the waiter, and

Lady Wallace sent a very civil message To farmer Ralph he sent one day, ordering a tooth drawer into the room,

to Mr Harris, patentee of Covent Gar. Who came with all precipitation, whom he had previously stationed for the

den Theatre, offering him her comedy for Ralph, I intend to change my way,

purpose, made birn draw a decayed tooth, I nothing-Mr. Harris observed that her la. " And former mode of cultivation ;

which had long plagued him. The rules dyship knew the exact value of it.
i. To weeds and tares no more a foe, of good fellowship clearly required that
I mean to let them thrive and grow. every one of the company should loose a
tooth also; but they hoped he would not

TERMS OF THE BALANCE, « No argument can I discern, be so unmerciful as rigidly to enforce the

FOR 1804. " Against poor weeds for force employing. law. All their remonstrances however • The darnel, cockle weed, and fern were vain, and each of his companions Cents, payable quarterly.

To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty “ Henceforth, good Ralpb, forbear destroying successively, multa gemens, was obliged « Free let them rise midst rival grain,

To those who receive them by mail, Two Dol. to put himself into the hands of the ope“ And taste the blessings of the plain!"

ars, payable in advance. rator.

To those who take their papers at the office, in Ralph scratched his head, and gaped with wonder,

bundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the city " Alack-a-day! Sir; why this change ?


price will be made. "Fool," cries his Lord, with voice of thunder, A WIDOW, who had been induced A handsome Title Page and Table of Contents Why should your numscull think it strange? by the declarations of her husband to be

will accompany the last number of the volume. To root up weeds their is no reason, lieve that she would be well provided for

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and con. " Against the rights of plants 'tis treason. by his legacy, round after his death, on pe.

spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which accompa

nies the Balance. rufing his will, that he had acted very differ• Each has an equal right to live,

ently, and excluded her from the property " To which his life kind nature yields, the expected to pofsels. She made known

Ν Ο Τ Ε. " And why should wheat and barley thrive,

her disappointment to her female servant, “ Despotic tyrants of the field ? who cheered her {pirits by assuring her,

The first and second Volumes of the Balance, “ The smallest blade by man that dies,

that the effect of the wi!I might be a. may be had on the following terms
« Draws tears from philosophic eyes."

voided, and a new one easily framed. First Volume-unbound-
The mistress degred to know by what

Second Volume,
Ralpb scraped obedience, and departed,

The maid answered, that there Botb Volumes, Much wondering at his Lord's conceit,

was a poor fellow, called Tom the Barber, If bound, the price of binding (either plain or em The weeds unculled, in thousands started,

in the neighbourhood, who much refem egant) will be added. An unbound volume may be And choaked the barley, corn and wheat. The harvest realized Ralpl's fears,

bled her late master; and that for a small sent to any post office in the state for 52 cents post

fum he would feign himself a dying man. age; or to any post-office in the union fer 78 cents Yielding but few and barren ears.

If, therefore, an attorney was provided, Away flies Ralph, and tells his master,

and proper witnesses, a will of a date sub That all his granaries empty lay ;

sequent to the true one might be made, * And whence cries he, this dire disaster, which would consequently supersede it.

HARRY CROSWELL, # Have tempests swept my crops away?" Tom was sent for immediately, and agreed

Warren-Street, Hudson. " No, please your worship-10,"quoth he, to play his part. The parties were sum.

PRINTINC IN GENERAL IS EXECTED Twas-what you called philosophy." moned--the attorney atiended, and the WITU ELECAXCL AND ACCURACY.

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S2 $ 2, 30 $4




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