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of putting the whole union under the gov.'ll lowing passage occurs, which I republish || What is their ohjeet P- What their deernment of the ancient dominion. Had at length, that it may be particularly no. sign? if the nomination of as firm, as the nomination of Mr. Clinton been vol. riced. If the passage has no meaning, it is genuine, as respectable a republican as the untary, they would have been entitled to worse than nonsense,—it it has a meaning, country can boast, spreads delolation thro* all ihe credit of it ; i but we find it was all it is such, that it deserves to be completely their ranks, and prevents the day of tri. measure of neceflity, not of choice. This unriddled and minutely explained. umph from flushing upon their hopes ? is luficient to release the fate of New

" The jealousy (says the Kentuckian)

The case is as plain as the noon-day fun. York from all obligation to luppois a Vir: " that has been evinced by the republican It is 100 obvious to be mistaken by any ginia President ; and it would be an aft of party towards itself is replete with the person whatever. It was the intention of retributive juftice to hold up Mr. Clinton " moft alarming symptoms. Fifteen years the southern taction to give a President

have'we been truggling by uniting our as a substitute.

and a Vice-President to the United States. " wisdom, our talents and our prudence, What does the Kentuckian mean by in opposing the anglo-federal party in || They intended to usurp all the powers of saying, that," Virginia and New York "America. During the greatest part of

the government. They "overturned a “ that period, our hopes and tears have “ always calculate on filling the office of

multitude of obtacles," some of which " ebbed and flowed ; we have experi were conftitutional obstacles, and at length " President and Vice-President ?" New

“ erced all tlie malice of oppolnion and " beheld the day of triumph fathing upon York has never furnished a President, nor

so all the inveteracy of a conflict which we but one Vice President ; and even that " considered as teeming with the fate of

their hopes." They really flattered them. one has now become an inhabitant of the ", our country. By steady and determin. selves, that the work was complete, and south. Virginia has, indeed, always fil.

" are means, after overturning a multitude they anticipated the pleasure of bolding the

" of obstacles, we beheld the day of tri. led one of the offices, and ihis modest and

northern fates in complete subje&tion." umph Nushing upon our hopes with all candid Kentuckian scems willing to cor

“ the beauty of spring after a long and Jealousy, they now tell us, has alone pre. rect the evil, by allowing her to fill both, " disastrous winter. At this auspicious

vented the execution of the design.—They or what amounts to precisely the fame " period, when the majesty and justice of are dissatisfied with the nomination of Mr. thing.

• our cause began even to make our ene. Clinton ; and we have every reason to be.

" mies fuipeat that they had been fighting lieve that he will not receive their support. Let it be understood, that, in these re " on wrong grounds, behold! the demon | They exclaim “We are clearly not bound maiks, I am not actuated by any regard “ of jealousy springs up, spreads defola. for the political tenets of Mr. Clinton. No " tion through our ranks, and threatens by the nomination." And I think the peo.

“ by dividing us to give the enemy a ple of the northern and eastern states might person has been, or will continue to be,

“ chance of regaining the ascendancy." with propriety answer--Nor are we bound more sincerely zealous in opposing the

What does this writer mean by by the nomination. progress of thole tenets : But when he is

Finally, (like the Kentuckian) I here figmatized by the democrats of the South, I cause,” &c? Can he mean any thing but

the cause of Virginia and her fatellites ? conclude thele remarks by observing, that it is the duty of the federalists of the north,

He cannot mean the republican or demo no man ough to be voted for as an elcétor, to become his advocates.

cratic cause generally : for he lays, that in the northern and eastern itates, who will This Kontuckian represents Mr. Clin.

the nomination of Clinton, “whole prin not unequivocally declare, that he will ton as a man worn out with years." He

" ciples (he acknowledges) cannot be vote fur George Clinton as President of may be answered, in the language of Mr.

donbted," "" spreads desolation through the United States. The end and object of Jefferson—" Dr. Franklin, at a much

our ranks, and threatens to give the en. this measure has been sufficiently explain. greater age, was the ornament of human

"emy a chance of regaining its afcen. ed. nature.” That Mr. Clinton is far advanc

" dancy.” Who is this enemy ? Not ed in life, nobody will deny ; but it is believed that he is not much, it, any, older

the federal party ; for they have nothing

to do wish the business, No! it is the than Mr. Jefferson ; and I hope the writer northern democrats, who have got Mr.

Selected. does not expect tu gaia credit, when he

Clinton 'nominated, "to the disappointment says that he is "worn out." As to the alof the southern te&tion:- Fifteen years

FROM THE LANSINGBURGH GAZETTE. fertion, that Mr. Clinton is " deal with

have we been fruggling," says this writer. : years," it it is true, I have never before “ After overturning a muhitude of obsta

The following extract from a charge, ce heard of it; and there is every reason to

Lord Ellerborough, chict justice of the cles (he continues) we beheld the day of believe that it is a groundless calumny.

Eoglish court ol King's bench, on a late triumph flushing upon our hopes"-ihat trial of a person indicied for publishing a Alter the Kentuckian has given suffi. is, a * Virginia Prefident and Virginia libel, will the w that the doctrine auvanc. cient vent to his malice, by abufing Mr. Vice President" were to be chofen.-Bu',

ed by our late chiei justice (Lewis), in alc Clinton, in the most indecent and illiberal

cale of Croíu ell, is not now, and, in the " at this auspicious moment, the demon of manner, he returns to bis theme of be jealousy springs up," and Mr. Clinton is

opinion of Lord Eller berwugh and his

learned predecessor, never was, the law wailing the jealousy that has prevented fixed upon as our nexe Vice-Preficent. of England :the nomination of a 4. Virginia Prefident What, in the name of common sense, is Lord Edleoborough..--" Gentlemen of and Virginia Vice-Prelidert; and the fol the 'cause of the Icuchern democrats ? the Jury: The evideace on both sides,

h our

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and the arguments of the counsel,' heingably appear in the Bee; and if it does, the stage-driver, after waiting double the now closed, it remains for us to discharge I hope that all 1pirited young men who ap. time flipulated by law, was forced to go the respective duties which the laws of the country have cast upon us, I never doubted

prove of the honorable manner in which he on without it. Several of the paffengers that an English jory had the right of judg

obtained bis commission, and who con lo who were in the stage, it is said, will attest ing, in these cases, not only of the facts of

far humble themselves, as to serve under to the truth of the above. the publication, but also of the nasure and such a captain, will rally round his ftand. construction of the thing published. And ard, and fill up his empty ranks.

The proprietor feels great pleasure i he noble person (Lord Kenyon) whose place I io unworthily fill, entertained the

in being compelled, by the liberality of same sentiments. The act of parliament

his friends, to enlarge his advertising sheet.

A TRAIT OF DEMOCRACY. which has been alluded to, is merely de

He wishes to see it encrease, rather than claratory ; and, had it not passed, I would

We republish the following paragraph diminish. nevertheless have submitted the whole

from the Newport Mercury, for the purcafe to your confideration. On the three

NEWS! following points you have to exercise your

pose of thewing to our readers that Demo. judgment : First, the preliminary allega.

crats and Democracy are the same every tions and inuendoes ;-next, as to the facts where. Give me voles and I will give third quarter of the third volume of the

# This number (39) completes the of the publication ; and thirdly, the qual. you rum : so they go :ity and sense of the thing published. This

Balance: And now, be it known, that is the maiter at isue."

“ The elelion for deputies to the Gen

the editor contemplates an enlargement of " eral Allembly of this State, holden the “ 28th ult. in this town, [Portsmouth] af.

his paper on the first day of January next, “ forded the most friking evidence of provided all arrearages are previously

bribery, which 'I ever recollect to " have seen or heard in New England.

: is Money to obtain voies, was openly and

We are desired to state, that the acpublicly offered by those, who have ev. " er pretended to be above corruption,

count, published in the Bee of last week, " and the reproach of carrying a point by

of the marriage of Mr. Joel BARNS to a such means.- I Thall be juftified in al girl

: of ill-fame, is totally false and ground. serting as a positive fa&t, that votes were

lels, and that it was inserted by Holt, purchased by our seli-ftvled Republi. Editor's Closet. cans, at various prices, from a gill of

without any proper authority. As Holt is New England Rum, up to a Yoke of

to answer in a court of juftice for the inju. ." Oxen-and seventy-five, if not one ry, we indulge in no remarks. “ hundred dollars. By such means they

“ obtained iheir election by a majority of Capt. Stargazer grows wiser every day.

“ three votes ! ! !". There is no end to his cunning tricks. It

CORRESPONDENCE. would fill a whole newspaper role!l of hall

I wonder if Foot was in court, when! « Liar';" canto second, on consideration, is omithis arch schemes to fill' up his company. Judge Wilson delivered his charge ; and So completely has he managed the maiter, lit. 1o, I wonder how he looked, when the that, unless the number is greatly exaggero judge spoke of the negle&t of the laws for sted, he has actually enlisted eleven men regulating taverns and preventing gaming i But as this number is not quite fufficient and particularly when he hinted that someto save his commission, last week he had body bad not duly enforced those laws.

HMR, SOLOMON WHITE, of this recourse to another'expedient. He fent me

city, has obtained of Mr. ABRAHAM HEUS. for publication, a piece of his own com.

In a late Southern paper we observe the

TED, jun. of Virginia, the right of vendpontion, and in his own hand-writing. I mention of a most shocking murder under

mention of a most shocking murder undering in this and the neighboring states, his setting forth the great advantages of uni

secret directions for destroying the Hefian the head of "

Levity.form militia companies, and urging in the

Fly in wheat. We understand that Mr. most persuasive manner, the young men

WHITE will sell single rights or by coun

A DIRTY POST-MASTER, to come forward and fill up-(not his

ties in the states of New York, MoiTachu

do Managing the public affairs in bis own way." company-Oh, no! bat) unitorm com.

fetts, Connecticut and Vermoni. A bond panies in general. The piece partook of

The Canandaigua paper mentions that

of secrecy is required of every person who all the qualities of Sergeant Kite's re.

the mail lately failed in its arrival at that purchases a right. As the charge is tricruiting harangue, except fire and spir-place, and assigns the following as the ling, we deem the discovery of confiderit. There was none of this--and a very || caule-that one of Mr. Granger's deputie's, able importance to farmers. good reason for it-It was written by Capt. this side of Canandaigua, * being under Printers of papers in the above Holt!—I did not feel much honored by the influence of arduous fpirits," could rates

, may confer a lenefit on their irado having such a correspondent, and therefore not, or would not, attend to the opening ers by publishing the above. Lellers, post retused to publish the piece. It will prob- ll and discharging the mail, and, therefore, I paid, will be altended for






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proper for a barrel, but if the cask is larger quarrel with : But we can fee nothing it will be well to put in more lime.) Into

but what has diftin&tion to recommend it, the casks thus cleansed put your cider, and This neceffarily contracts our view of the immediately after put them in the coolen Creator's beneficence within a narrow place you can find in the cellar, or in compass ;-and most urjuftly. It is in constant chade open to the North, but clor. those things, which are lo common, as to ed from the Southern air. There the casks | be no diftin&tion, that the amplitude of the

may remain until the frost becomes so se. Divine Benignity is perceived. gricultural vere as to endanger their bursting. Cider

thus made, cured and prepared, will be

prelerable in flavour to four fifths of imEXTRACT.

ported wines, and vastly more salutary and




WE are informed that a gentleman of GENTLEMEN,

this county has invented a fire-place, on To aid the cause of virtue and religion.

an improved construction, for which he F you wilh for a rich delicious li

intends to obtain a patent. This firc. quor, whereon to refresh yourselves after

place, which combines all the advantages the fatigue of labour--if you wish in a


of a common fire place and a clofe fore, leisure hour to regale youtselves and your

may be erected at liicle


It saves friends, on the fruits of your industry-


fuel, and secures fire from the ordinary you wish that the comm'ın drink you


accidents attendant on fire places. No to flake your thirst should it lelf be a highly

trouble is required in kindling a fire in it, nutricious food; it you with your cider

and the heat may he encreased or dimin. in the markers to command a high price,

HE Monitor would call the at.

ished at pleasure. We are not at liberty and thereby make the surplus of your tamily ule fill your chest with dollars, make tention of his readers, this day, to some

10 give further particulars at present.

BALANCE your C.der according to the rules of ari.

reflections upon the Goodnefs of God. Let the first droppings of your apples, un. One great cause of our insensibility to gipe, worm eaten and blasted fruii, be eat. the goodness of our Creator, is, the very

.1, en by your swine ; never gather your ap. extensiveness of his bounty. We prize,

NAIL CUTTING. ples for cider when wet either with dew or but little, what we share only in common iain, and if the stafon will permit, not with the rest, or with the generality ollour within three days after a rain ;-but at all || fpecies. When we hear of bleffings, we

THE Rev. Burgils Allison and Mr. cvents have your apples, perfectly dry on | think forthwiih of successes, of profpe- Jersey, have invented a Machine that is

Richard French, of Bordenion, New. the outside. When gathered put them in rous fortunes, of honors, riches, preler | capable of Cutting and con:pletely heading a heap under cover, and let them so remain mens--. . of these advantages and fupemena—. 2. of these advantages and supe. Il from thirty to fixty nails in a minute

, will thoroughly mellow, but not lil toisen riorities over others, which we happen ei. or foured; when put into the mill for, liberto postuss, or to be in pursuit of, or to

without handling, and may be panaged by grinding see that they are clear from ficks, cover. "Tue common benefits of our na

a boy twelve years old. Ii is believed that

this Machine will prove to be a very val. luaves, and

kind oi fii : --when you? 'lures entirely cscape us :-Yet these' are

uable improvement.
lay up the cheele lei no water be put with be greaten -bings. These cooftitnte, what
i, büt wet your straw in the juice of the mosi pronerly ough to be accounted, bles.
apples, or what is hy fome farmers called Gngs of Povidence ;-what alone, if we
poma' or pomace. Let the out or juice be migh: fofpeak, are worthy of 'its care-
trained as clear as poffible through fine Nighly reft, and daily breal, the ordinary

iscellany. (weet hay. New casks or those which ule of our limbs, and senses, and under. lave never had in them any thing bui ipir i landings, are bills, which admit of no js, are to be preferred, but at any rate de comparison with any others. Yet, be

FOR TIE BILANCE. the cask be clean. l: the cask has before cause almost every inan we meet with, pofhad cider in it, pui in:o ii a couple buck (esses chele, we leave them out of our enu

JUDGE WILSON'S CHARGE, cis of water, then bung it up ight, set it meration;Thev raise no sentiment; ibey in the sun feveral days with the bung' nive no gratitude. Now, herein is our To the Hon. William Wilson, FTA downwards, then after shaking the barrel judgment perverteil by our fe:fifhaels. A weil, turn out the water and rinfo it as ble fing ough, in iruh, to be the more fat

Fudge of the Court of Common Pleas, clean as poflible, then put in two or three listałtory ; the bou ev a least of the doner

for the county of Colúmbia. Jounds oi unslicked lione line to which is rendered more coolpicuous, by its very

SIR, turn a golion of boiling water, then 'bung diffofin, its con moness, its cheapress ; THE Grand Jury, being duly imprelthe cask tight and roll it ever so that aby its failing to the lor, and forming the led with the excellene fenuinienti corizin. white wash shall adhere to every part of the happiness, of the great bulk ar d body of

ed in your charge, deliveret betove them barrel within--and so let it remain for for our species, as well as of ourselves. Nay, on. Munday lalt, beg leave to sean their cral hours, when you may again rinse vour even when we do not pe fois it, it ough it sincere thanks for the face, and.milan calk, and it will be thoroughly cleariled. He matter of thanklalnére, har Others do. pranimou s vole, to requetta cosy loppu. (The quarti.y of lipe I lave mentioned is We coort' diftinction : That I do not lication ir agrecable. A Committeint 14.

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half.of faid Grand Jury. wait on your || is not one criminal in jail-a circumftance | paslions, is presumption without grounds. Honour for that purpose.

pleasing and fortunate, on which I con None of us but labour under their bias ; With Sentiments of

Eraiulate you and the county at large.. and it requires our ftrorgelt exertions of
Great Respect and Efteem,
The time of a Grand Jury is too ofien

reason to guard against them in our conThey are, Sir,

taken up in bearing complaints of a leffer duét through life. How much, thien, Your obedient fervants. nature. Breaches of the peace, assults,

ought we to hear their effe&s, when cur de. SETH TOBEY, Foreiran. and the like, arising from intoxication and

cilions may affect the peace, the character


or liberty of our fellow.citizens. Claverack, Sept. 12, 1804.

iudden quarrels. liis to be regictieu that
the county should be troubled with hele prejudice against individuals, is baie

trivial things, fhameful liculeives--00 times so greai, that we credit every unía.
much so to be proclaimed to the world;

vorable report ; and night suspicions a. and as most of them way teluwfully fet mount to proof. A person of stained repGentlemen of the Grand Jury, tled before single magiftrates, it is lurely

ulation, is halt convicted. Be careful : THE Court, in charging you, do not

advisable so to do: But when they do Let not the guilty cscape for the fake of allume any authority ; but dilcharge a du come before you-when you find ibe laws

his good fame, nor the innoceni be imty recognized in the oath administered to have been broken--when the peace of the peached on account of his bad reputation. you, and required by the law,

community has been disturbed -- wlien a Against party-spirit and its effe&ts, I The frequency of these occasions has af

citizen has been mal-treated, then let the trust and hope, it is unnec: ssary to cau. forded most of you opportunities of hear.

offender be brought to justice. The laws | tion you. It is an evil grievious enough ing the observations then made. You are

are to protect the peaceable and to check in private life : But shouli it once cnier

ile turbulent. not to expect any thing new ; but

courts of justice-Mould this dire time being especially a propriated to this

It is our duty, and we now give you in fiend influence our legal discussions, lere. ľubject, the duties of a grand jury render charge, to enquire of all offences against

charge, to enquire of all offences against well to the peace and harmony of fociety it favorable to make suitable impressions, the act to prevent private lotteries, and --to law-lo justice and liberty herself. The lew momenis I shall detain you, would

the act to prevent duelling. There are, To sum up the whole, then, and to dir. be illy employed in wandering in the de.

however, many other laws too little at charge your duty, hear and enquire with vious paths of speculation, or in making ended to, the breaches of which are fo | patience and diligence, judge with imparknown my opinions of the jurisprudence notoriously public and frequent, that we

tiality, and decide with justice and fim. and politicks of the country. Happy, in. can scarcely believe them extant. Those

ness. These may be common observadeed, might we be, living under a confi.

I allude to,'arc the aĉts for the suppression |tions ; but they are important. They are tution framed by ourselves, enforced by

of immorality-!or regulating taverns~ offered with diffidence and a good intenJaws of our own waking, and administered for preventing gaming ; and several oth

tion ; and, I truft, will be received with by men of our own choice. Under these

Laws of any kind, openly violated

candour, circumflances, the first, the great duty of

and with impunity, become worse than a a good citizen, is to submit cheerlully to

de ac letter. They habluate the unthink. the constitution and to the laws, and dulying and vicious to hold religion, law and

ERROR CORRECTED. to selpect ibose who adminifer them. morality as nought ; and nothing but duly Judging it improper to pursue this idea enforcing the laws, will give them ripet

and effe&t. further at present, let us attend to the du.

Whatever others mav do, it is

[By last Tuesday's western mail, I received the fula ties we are called upon immediately to ex. no reason for your passing them over in fi.

lowing letter, from a physician, who resides in lence.

Kortright ; and believing. from its contents, that ecule. The oa:b administered to you is fuffi.

As it is not possible for the statutes of a it was, intended for the editor of the Bee, I en.

ny country to reach all cales, so there are closcd it and sent it to him. He hawever declin. ciently energetic and comprehensive. Let ine recommeni il to your attentive conlid. many circumstances arising, though not

ed publishing it, although signed by the writer's eralion. li enjoins on you diligently to direct breaches of the writen law, yet re

proper name. I forbear all comment on this conenquire into all matters given you in quiring corre&tion and deserving punish. duce at present, and will only remark, that I think

it a great pity that the editor of the Bee cannot charge, and you are charged to enquire in ment. These are called indiaable offen. 10 and prelent all tranfgrcflions of the law ces, and are often more grievious than oh. confine his disingenuousness ard partiality to polo

Should any such come before you,

iticks alone. For my part, I am under no oblicommitted in this county, from the highet to the lowes-from Tieason to Tier they will merit proper attention.

gation to publish the letrer, nor am I even repaís. To give you nice definitions or e. Gentlemen, in all your proceedings, a

quested to do it ; but, as the editor of a free and jaborale explanations of these crimes, is proper degree of fecrecy is required.

independent paper, I conceive it to be my duty to not in my power. The general knowledge Whatever complaints are made, whatever

aid in correcting erroneous veports, particularly of right and wrong which obrains among information is

those which are calculared to injure the interest

given, it ought to remain us, if not suflicient to prevent ibe com with yourselves ; for, by divulging thele,

and welfare of a large body if cirizens. multion of crimes, is the means of detect. unnecliness and anxiety may be unrecessa.

Edit. Bal.] ing them when committed.

riiy given to the innocent ; or, what is Your powers is a grand jury are great worte, information may be given to the

THE LETTER. and extensive. Your own jurament will guilty, and an opportuni:y of escaping al. direct you to excicile them with difcit. Torded them. lion ; and we hope that this valuable part Another important caution, is to guard

" It is with anxious concern, that I of our inftitution will not be disparage yourselves against improper motives and find it Rare in the Bee of the whirl. by any act of yours.

i.flrence You are to present no one that a malignant fever has lareli made iis Onces of a highly criminal nature, " through cuvy, batred or malice-nor appearance in the towns of Wilion and furtunately, feldom occur. None are i * screen any ore through love, fear, favor, Konight, in the county ci Delaware, in my knowledge at prelent ; and mor', ! eflection o: hope of reward."-To pie. de interior of his ftare ; that it is attended The.it has no calleader for you. Tacrel lend that we can dires ourselves of these with black vonoi', yellow skin, pain in the


"S IR,

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fomach, and other unequivocal symptoms NEW HAMPSHIRE FIRM AND STEADY. tageously situated to carry on the working of yellow fever, &c.

of il with economy. It must give plealure to every Federal" ), therefore, from the sense of duty list to observe ihe late :riumph of sound An act was passed the 29th June, perwhich I owe to an alarmed public, take principles in New Hampshire-notwithmitting the exportation ot all Linens, of the prefent opportunity of correeting the Atanding the unceasing efforts of the demo.

the manufacture of the United Kingdoms fuid ftatement, and representing facts as I crats, the Federal candidates for Members

ol Great Britain and Ireland, free from find them.-As to yellow fever--I have of Congress have succeeded by a handsome duty, to any place whatsoever. had a considerable practice in the medical majority. line, in the county of Delaware, for nearly

Accounts from St. Domingo itate, that nine years, and I freely declare, that I


Desalines, the table Emperor of Hayti, never have found so much as one solitary

has declared War against Spain. case of yellow iever-nor do I believe that The elegant United Sta:es scoooner Lou. there is one at present in the county ; and ISIANA, neatly coppered and pierced for to my certain knowledge, there is no such

Capt. Douls, arrived at Baltimore last sixteen guns, was on Saturday last launch.

Monday in 12 days from Guadaloupe, in. thing in the town of Kortright. At the ed from Parson's ship yard, in Baltimore.

forms that about the 20th of August, three same time, I confess, that a fever has pre

She is intended to be ftationed off the Wailed in our neighbourhood, which in the Mississippi, under the command of Capt; i with provisions, were brought into Print

large English fhips from Ireland, loaded courle of the season, has carried off Mr. li Joseph

The materials of

Petre by a French privateer of six guns, Philip Burret, with two of his fons, viz. which she is built, and the workmanship

which affected the ma kel very much. Moses and Aaron--allo, Mr. Joel Good refle&t great credit on the builder. rich, in number, four, which is the total

When the official account of the exal. of deaths in this cown by said fever this By accounts, received since our last, it

tation of Napolean to the Imperial dignity feaion. This fever is altogether of the ty. appears that Col. Burr is not at Charles plus kind in some cases, typhus malig

was announced to the crews of the French on as llared, but that he has lately arrived chips at Ferrol, it was received by a genernant-in fome, typhus icterodes, and a in Spanish America.

al cry of Vive la Republique ! and with few cases of synochus. It must give pain

It is rumoured that Jerome Bonaparte

many expressions of difapprobation and to any miad, but that which is deftitute of

disgust. sentiment or sympathy, to find the afflic.

and his liule Baluimore beauty intended to tions of a fellow man painted in deeper fa.

have taken a French leave of this country,
and proceeded to France under the wing

FROM CUBA, July 1, 1804. ble than they will naturally bear. The author of the paragraph alluded to, with of Gen. Armstrong, but that the General

· Fifty American vessels, captured by

French picaroons, have been leni in bere. his aims and ends, are cqually unknown Nipped off without giving them a call.

This port i' now shut against all strangers. to the subscriber and to truth ; at the same

The Governor has just now intormed me, time, it is requested that the above may find A late bequest from the Rev. SAMUEL

hat he liad received in:e!l.gence, that the a place in the Bee, as soon as possible, that i PRESTON, of England, to the Philadelphia the numerous and dilant acqua:ntances Library, consists of 2,500 volumes of an

Spanials have REPURCHASED the and relatives of citizens in our town ard ciei:t and modern books ; two shares of

whole Sate of LOUISIANA." This the U. S. Bank stock; and a fine brocze

moon Shine," but Itraws New county, may be relieved from those anxi. ries which such reports are bui too well burt of Martin Luther. This donation was

which way the wind blows. calculated to inspire."

accompanied by a present from our coun.
try woman, Mrs. West, of a fine portrait

NATCHEZ, AUGUST 14. Kortright, 15th Sept. 1804.".

of Mr. Preston, painted by Mr. Weft. By a gentleman arrived here yesterday, [The writer's name is not published, but the origin

from the neighbourhood of Bayou-Sarah, al letter may be seen at this office.]

A Horn, 9 feet 7 inches in length, be we have been favoured with the following tween 20 and 30 inches in circumference, information. " That Mr. Nathan Kemper, and weighing 144 pounds, has lately been with a party of about 30 men, with col. taken up by a party of men fishing in Ohio ours flying and horns founding, marched Salı Lick. The hollow part was all routed from the neighbourhood of the line of de away. It is conjectured to be one of the marcation beiween this Territory and Welt horns of the Mammoth. Wherber it will Florida, on the 7ih inf'. against the fort

be sent to Mr. Peale's museum or not, we of Baton Rouge : on their way made pris. Be it our weekly task, are not informed.

oners of John O'Connor, Esq. (an al. To note the passing ridings of the times.

cade) and Capt. Pintedo and Terry. >>>>>94((((

A short time since Mrs. Mary Smith, They arived on the following morn

who lived a few miles from Lexington, ing, about day light, near the tort. The Huuson, September 25. Kentucky, was found dead, fitting cro's Spanish commandant, (apprised of their

legged in her chair, her spectacles on, intention) had posied a piquet of 18 or 20

with work in her lap, and she in the atti men, who hailed the party as they approach. OH, DEAR! tude of Jewing !!!

ed: they immediately answered with a

volley from their riles, which difper lcd So great have been the exertions of the A valuable Lead Mine has been lately the Spaniards, two of whom were obferv. democrats in the state of Connecticut as discovered at Perkomen creek, near the ed to fall. the last election, and so wonderful have Schuylkill. The richness of it has been “ Kemper returned on the following been the cfTeft, of the constitutin bub ascertained by chemical process to be 70 day, with his party to Bayau. Sarah : he b'e, that (alack and alas !) they have gain- li per cent. The lead produced has been has established 'his head quarters near the ed, in the assembly-alofs of about 30 i proved to contain much filver. The bed house of a Mr. William Cobb. The follow. members.

of ore is faid 10 be extenGive, and advan- ing is an extract of a paper which is pofod up

may te

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