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fore the corps.

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at the quarters of Kemper, and at several || proceed on horseback to the Hotel des In

LONDON, JULY 25. other places throughout the country.

valides. He will hear mass there, and We are assured, that Gen. Angerau had, “ FOR A PEOPLE TO BE FREE while the Gospel is reading, all the Mem. on the 28th ult. iwo long conferences it is sufficient that they will it: we the un

bers of the Legion of Honor, who are at Pa. with Bonaparte, previous to his departure dersigned, citizens of West Florida, ris will take the Oath.

for Brelt. At the last, Talleyrand, BerBENDETH THESE PRESENTS GREETING. The decoration of the Legion of Hon. their, and a few Senators and Ministers of

" WHEREAS the despotism under or (the new French Nobility) will consist of Sia:e, molt inibe confidence of the Corli. which we have fong groaned, has grown a star, with five double rays ; the centre can, were present. Angerau is said to have into an insupportable burthen, and as it is surrounded with oak and laurel, will dir. pledged himself for the success of the landlong since admitted, men are born with e. play the head of the Emperor, with this le. ing in this country, provided the plan which qual rights, we the underligned inbabi. gand_" Napoleon, Emperor of the he has himself projected for efleétiug the tants of that part of the doninion called French."-Oil the other side, the French enterprise,' be adopted without any change Wett Florida, have resolved to throw off | Eagle holding the thunder, with the legand, or alieration, and Bonaparte is stated io the galling yoke of tyranny, and become " Honneur et Patrie." The deccrations have acquiesced in the condition. - Free Men, hy declaring ourselves a FREE will be ornamented with white ; in gold The Emperor of Morocco is preparing and INDEPENDENT PEOPLE: and or the grand offices, and in Glver for the an Embassy to congratulate his brother emby supporting with our lives and property Legionaries. It is to be worn at the but peror, Bonaparte, on his affuming his new tha declaration, and we do by :hele prei ton hole, tied to a red and white ribband, it


The Moorish Ambassador carries ents invite our fellow sufferers throughout It is always to be worn. The Emperor may several fine Arabian horses, to present to the province aforesaid, to repair to the wear either of the two stars. Arms are to Bonaparte, also iwo very large offriches, {tandard to aid in the effecting our cim be presented before the grand Officers. which it is supposed will be highly accepte mon emancipation ; we pledge ourielves The decoration is to be received at the lameable, as they can swallow every thing that solemnly to each other, and to our fellow time with the Diploma. When it is sent is prelented to them. men inierested in the events ; to avoid as 10 any Military Officer on duty, it is Madame MOREAU has caused a memorial far as practicable the effusion of blood to be prelented in the Einperor's name be. to be printed and distributed every where, (save that of our common enemy) and in

Thewing the innocence of her husband. It all cases shall priva!e property be held la The seal is to represent on one side a

was read with great avidity at Paris, but cred. So soon as our emancipation is ef. Spread eagle on an azure field. Above

2,000 copies destined for the Army of Eng.fected we will offer ourselves to some


and below the escutcheon is to be the dec. land, were seized by the Police, and the ernment accustomed to freedom.

oration of the Legion of Honor. The es. book seilers have since been probibited “ Those who set up in opposition to our cuicheon to be surmounted with an Impe. from selling it. operations for the purpose aforesaid, will rial crown, in a drapery ; the hand of be received as our common enemy, the Justice and the sceptre to be placed under

LATEST FOREIGN. enemy of mankind and of liberty, and ihe Escutcheon and in the drapery. The will be treated accordingly. other side will reprelent the Emperor fit.

By an arrival at Boston, London dates • Given under our hands on the ting on his throne, clothed with the Impe. however, announce nothing of vast im.

to the 11th August are received. They, sourbside of the line of Demarca. rial robes, with this inscription, " Napo

portance. tion, in the province atoresaid, leon, Emperor of the French."

With respect to the invasion, every this first day of Floradian Free. An Imerial Decree has just been issued ; lihing till remains doubtful. dom. August 7ıh, 1804. of which the following are articles :

The bombardment of Havre had been "Our informant, further adds, that Art. 1. The taking of the oath, and the Mellrs. O'Connor, Pintado and Ferry

commenced, and considerable damage donc Coronation of the E:n peror, Thall take to the towo. were liberaled, on the return of the party, place on the 18th Brumaire next. (Nov.9.) who exacted their parole of honor, to 2. The solemnity will take place in the take no active part against them, during presence of the Empress, the Princes, the the continuance of the contest." Princefles, High Dignatories, and all the

The knot.
Public Functionaries, described by the Sen.

atus Consullum, in the Chapel of the in

valides. PARIS, JULY 11.

3. After the solemnity, his Majesty the The Minister of Police is re-established

Emperor, will proceed to the camp de

Mars. with the same attributes that he had belore his office was united to that of the admin.

General Angerau is still here, and till he

“ How blest the alliance where no int'rest rules, iftration of Justice. repairs to his post, the expedition of which

The bane of bliss and perquisite of fools : M. Foutanes, President of the Legilla.

he has the command cannot fail, he will, Where love its full unmingled joy displays, tive Body, is appoined Commandant of however, very foon go to Breft.

And reason dictates while the heart obeys.", the Legion of Honour. It is remarked that Admiral Truguet,

MARRIE D, Saturday next being the 14th of July, who formerly commanded the fleet at Brent , the grincipal Theatres will exhibit their is the only one of all the Commanding

In this city, on Tuesday evening last, By the spe ucles gratis. Officers who has not voted for the al

Rev. Mr. Sears, Mr. JOHN TROWBRIDGE to Miss The following day, at six in the morn. lumption of the Imperial dignity.

Naxcy FOLGER. ing, the Festival will be announced by a Mcreau, the day before his departure,

in this city, on Sunday evening last, by the Rev. {alule of 30 pieces of cannon. figned a legal inftrument, by which he

Mr. Sears, Mr. ISAAC CHARLES Bill to Miss Ar ten o'clock the troops will file off the em;overs his wife and his mother in law SUSAN CLARK. Place du Caroulel, and will line the hedge juinely, or in case of the ablence of the

Ai New-Canaan, the 11:h in'st. Mr. CHARLES of the Invalides. former, the latter alone, to sell his eftates

Brown of Locrenburgh, to Miss SALLY HAICK At noon bis Majesty the Emperor will in France,

cf the fornier place.




. THE following stanzas were written a few years ago, at the time that a great number of our country men were cap:ives in Algiers. If you deem them worthy of preservation, their insertion in your Wreath, will oblige, Yours, &c.




ON Afric's torrid shore Horatio stood,

As dawn of ev’ning clos'd the smiling day ; He view'd the changing, ever restless flood,

And saw his mates distress'd with pale dismay.

Fix'd to the lab'ring oar, he saw them bound

In dismal order to their wretched fate,
Where pınching chains gave many a rankling

And lank-worn Slav'ry was their constant mate.

" Alas ! my countıymen ! those sounds I hear,

Which swell in piteous murmurs o'er the wave, Have often from my bosom wrung the tear

And forcd complaints from him who could not

" Or shall we, our blest freedom to regain,

'chase it for his wife to ride upon. ' “ No, Our Saviour's* glorious merits all despise ? no," says the other, “I will not sell the Ere this shall be, let Slav'ry rule maintain,

little fellow, because I intend to marry a. And take your stores and all your smiling skies.

gain mysell." " Shall Europe's sons in harsh derision say,

Those base Columbians sold their Saviour dear AT Woodbridge barracks, where the Weak was their faith--ne'er shone one heav'nly ray Lancashire Militia are quartered, two hen's To cheer their minds in weakness and in fear. eggs have been placed under a cal, who

has actually hatched two chickens, and " There is a bright reversion from this scene suckled three kittens at the same time.

I feel the impulse sway my mind with joy : This little family is said to live together on Beyond those stars that glow with light serene, the most affectionale terms. The feline I shall my future life in bliss employ."

part of it are so extremely fond of their

leathered friends, that they are almost * It is a custoin with the Algerines to offer their cap. ready to eat them up. tives ibeir freedom, on condition of their renouncing the Christian, and adopting the Mabometan religion.

THE Fellows of Baliol College, in Oxford, ordered the gates to be fhut on the fall day.

Ds. Leigh, the master, said On the occasion : we are very ftrict on the observance of the day ; we not only fast ourselves, but make the gates fajl

also.AN honest peasant settled in a small vil. lage, where in a short time, he gained the good will of all his neighbours. He had ONE thing is clear, says an Irish print, however, the mistortune to lose one of his chat all things are very dark at present. best milch cows in the firit year, which grieved-bim exceedingly ; while his wite, who was an excellent manager took fick

TERMS OF THE BALANCE, and died. The good man lamented the loss

FOR 1804. of bis helpmate, with the moit unaffected forrow, and remained some months quite To City Subscribers, Tiro Dollars and Fifty inconsolable. His neighbors now thought | Cents, payable quarterly. it their duty to realon him into resignation. To those who receive thein by mail, Two Dol My friend, said one of them, the wife you

ars, payable in advance. have loft was really an excellent woman, To those who take their papers at the office, ir but still you have a good remedy ; you are

bundles, or otherwise, a deduccion from the city a young, and an hone it man, and you will

price will be made. find no difficulty in procuring another.

A handsome Title Page and Table of Contents For my pari, continued he, I have three daughters, and shall te tappy to call you

will accompany the last number of the volume.
fon-in-law. Another, on this, offered him Advertisements inserted in a handsome and con.
his lifter, and a third his piece. Good spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which accompa-
God, said the mourner, what a strange

nies the Balance.
place this is, fioce a man who lives here,
had better lose his wife ihan his cow. My
wife is dead, and behold! you tell me I

N O T E.
may pick and choose, to supply her place!
but wken my poor cow died, no body tho't The first and second Volumes of the Balance

, of offering me another?

may be had on the following terms .

Firat Volume-unbound
LORD FALKLAND, the author ol

Second Volume,
the play called the Marriage Night, was Botó Volumes,
chosen very young to sic in Parliament.;

If bound, the price of binding (either plain or el and when he was first elected, some of the

egant) will be added. -- An unbound volume may be members opposed his admission, urging

sent to any post-ottice in the state for 52 cents posle that he had not foued all his wild oats.-

age ; or to any post-oflice in the union for 78 cents Then (replied he,) it will be the belt way to fow the remainder in the House, where there are so many geefe to pick



Warren-Street, Hudson. started and broke his wile's neck, a neigh

PRINTING IN GENERAL IS EXECYTED bouring squire told him he wished to pur WITH ELEGANCE AND ACCURACY.


“ Europa's sons, immers'd in bloody strife,

Forgetful of the bliss that flows from peace, Attack with rage the scenes of peaceful life,

And bid each joy and smiling comfort cease. o Amid such scenes, curst Afric's lawless crew

Prowl o'et the deep to lunt their wretched prey: To blood accustom'd, life they close pursue,

Or shut the captive from the eye of day.

When safety scarcely reigns in Europe's land,

And peace is hunted through each distant clime, Must then the Algerine give drood command,

And check in Slav'ry, youth's aspiring prime.

S2 $ 2, 50 S4


“ O, Liber:y! thy ever-smiling face

First charm'd my mind upon my native shote : Thou nursest there an independent race, - Who shall thy raplur'd charms with joy : dore.

" If piy e'er had charms to sway the mind

Of brave Americans, our less deplore'In ransom for our lives be bravely kind,

'That we may see again our native sitore.

them up."


" Spread all your stores, 0, Afric! at our feet,

Give us, in constant round, your smiling shies, Whilst we must Slav'ry bear in all we mrct, mWe can, for liberty, the whole despise.


[blocks in formation]

He plac'd in view ; resolv'd to please
Whoever sat, he drew from these i
From these corrected every feature,
And spirited each awkward creature.

All things were set ; the hour was come,
His pallet ready o'er his thumb,
My Lord appear'd; and sealed right
In proper attitude and light,
The painter look'd, he sketch'd the piece,
Then dipp'd his pencil, talk'd of Greece,
Of Titian's tints, of Guido's air;
Thor: eyes, my Lord, the spirit there,
Mit ht well a Raphael's hand require
To nive them all the native fire.
The features fraught with ser.se and wit,
You'll grant are very hard to hit;
But yet with patience you shall view
As much as paint and art can do.

I ,

Observe the work. My Lord replied,
Till now I thought my mouth was wide ;
Besides, my nose is somewhat long;
D: Sir, for me 'tis far too young!


the heart is wholly uncovered, with all its

dark and light shades--all its rotten and Hither the products of your closet-labors bring,

defective specks, and even all its throbs Enrich our coluriins, and instruct mankind.

and vibrations. This kind of painting, I

understand, was formerly much in vogue ;

but I believe the art is now in much dao.
ger of being lot. It is said to be very

much discountenanced by fome of our

great men, insomuch that a person who

keeps the necessary implements, (a glass MR. EDITOR,

called a Refieilor, and a pencil called

Truth) is almost certain to find an enemy
AM, by profession, a Painter.

in every upstart politician in the country. I am a felf-tanght artist. On this account

Besides, the colours used in this art are I claim the peculias favor of the public.

very expensive : Notwithstanding this, I Nor am I the only person that has done

bave obtained an old glais, a pencil but the same thing. No man can offer a high

little worn, and have laid in a small stock er recommendation at this day. Nor is it

of colours, all of which shall be at the fer. confined to painting alone. A natural

vice of any gentleman or lady, young or genius,-a feli-taughe divine, phyfician, | old, who is not afraid to fit for the per. or lawyer, is !ure to meet with better fuc.

formance. cess in the world, that those who acqoire

Hitherto I have not met with the best an act or profession by ftudy and instruc.

success, because I had not perfe&tly ac. tion. With much fatisfaétion, thea, I

quired the art of flattering my customers. declare, I took up the painting business

However, I thall endeavor to profit by " of my own kead;" and after advancing the leffon contained in che following fable, regulariy through all the grades of the art,

and do better in future, particularly in oil. I have at length become a molt perleft

In my transparencies, I can use no flat. Limner. I paint full lengih portraits,

tey. bufts, or heads, in oil, water colours or

" So very like a painter drew, crayons ; miniatures, exqmfely beauti. That ev'ry eye the picture knew i ful; and no phyfiognoirace in the country

He hit complexion, feature, air,

So just, the life itself was there. can beat me at a profile ; but I have ai.

No flatt'ry with his colours laid, tained to the greatest perfection in trans To bloom restor'd the faded maid ; parent fainting. This art conífs in ex.

He gave each muscle all its strength ; hibiting the inside as well as the outside of

The mouth, the chin, the nose's length.

His honest pencil touch'd with truth, my futje&t. In drawing a face in this

And mark'd the date of age and youth. way, 13t only the musks visible to vulgar Me lost his friends, h:s practice failid; is de clie! pourtrayed, but the Truth should not always be reveal'd ; Je hebrated the face, is exposed to

In dusty piles his pictures lay,

For no one sent the second-pay.
C'i the front generally called the

Two bustos fraught with ev'ry grace, 1.1.1. I: Wamig a lel-.ergo or butt, A Venus and Apollo's face,

Oh! pardon me, the artist cried,
In this the painters must decide.
The piece ev'n common eyes must strike !
I warrant it extremely like.

My Lord examin'd it anew ;
No looking-glass seem'd half so true.


A Lady came : with borrow'd grace
He from his Venus form'd her face.
Her lover prais'd the Painter's art ;
So like the picture in his heart !
To ev'ry age some charm hc lent
Ev'n beauties were almost content.
Thro' all the town his art was prais'd;
His custom grew, his price was rais d.
Had he the real likeness showa,
Would any man the picture own!
But when thus happily he wrought,
Esch found the likeness in his thought.
I have let up a little shop, which may
calily be found by those who seek it ; and
varing put my pallet, pencil and paints in
urder, am now ready to wait on culto.


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identical convention, which, by the ma- || pursued : Pinckney commenced his ope. gick wand of democracy, had so'ofien been rarions : the Spanish Dons relused to com.

carried through the various states of non ply: our government, when too late, cora From the Gazette of the United Stams.

existence, reje&tion, &c. &c. now actually cluding to make sure of what they could ratified by the Senate, the federal minori. get, rarified the convention as it Ituod o.

ty to the contrary notwithstanding. It was riginaily, and had the mortification of be. THE awkward and embarrassed Gituanow promulgated with great pomp, as a

ing told that it would not be agreeable to tion in which this country has been plac-prooi of thai guardian care which our gov.

proof of that guardian care which our gov.the Spanish court to hear any thing tur, ed, in relation to Spain, has excited much

ernment is ready to exercise for the protec. iher upon the subject : so that our diffres. attention in every part of the union, and tion of commerce, and was returned to fed merchanis, while waiting for the mo.

bey of which they have been plundered, has induced us to attempt a recapitulation Spain for a final exchange of ratifications. of some of the leading acts of our admin. But mark the sequel. li had been kept in

will have abundant leisure to contemplaie istration, which have contributed to bring

the pocket of the President till long after and admire the wisdom and profound pol. us into this situation. the iwelve months originally ftipulaad had


of a democratic adminiftration. The expired, and till alter Congress had au remainder of the story may be cold after In the year 1802, a convention was ne thorized the President to establish one or we shall have had time to pay fifteen mil. gotiated between the court of Spain and

more ports on the river Mobile, within the lions of dollars for LouiGana and then 10 our ininiser Mr. Piockney, in which it was territory claimed by Spain. That court conquer the territory. ftipulatel, on the part of Spain, that resti.

now refused to ratify the convention, al. entior should be made to our merchants | ledging, that, after such a lapse of time, ior (poliations cum mitted upon our com

they had supposed the United States had FROM THE CONNECTICUT COURANT. merce by the Spaniards, during the last abandoned the clainn, and as the latter now One condition of the convention

maniteiled a disposition to make encroach. ON the 17th inft. the Freemen of this was that it should be ratified, on the part ments upon their territory, they would co. Siate chose their Representatives for the of the United States, within twelve months.

ter into no further negotiations on the sub-| Legilature, and their members of Con. Having been duly figned, it was immedi.

jeet of claims until other inatters in dii gress, and the Nomination for All itants. ately sent to the president of the United il pute fould be previously adjusted. Here

pute should be previously adjusted. Here | By the attention of our friends in various Stares. The first that was publicly known ihe affair refs, and it is supposed that our parts of the State, we are enabled to give of the existence of this conventior, lo in.

minister has already left that court in des our readers an almost complete return of teresting to the commerce of our country, || pair of being able to bring about an accom the Representatives. The State of votes was about the middle of November last, modation.

for the Nomination we are not so tolly pol. and then, frarge as it may seem to thole

That our readers may be able the more

feffed of. not weli versed in the secrets of democra. || fully to comprehend the whole of this sub. The public attention, both in, and out cy, not divulged by the government but | jeet, ard to judge how far the conduct of of the State, has been for some time poft througb the medium of this Gasette

our own gove snment has been censurable, I highly excited towards this election. The Having learned (noi from an eastern Sen

we will liere briefly recapitulate what we friends of New England have watcbed ator, as has been asserted in one of Mr. I understand to have been the particular steps with anxiety the progress of an attempt Jeffersoo's prints, but directly from Eu taken by the adminisiation, while the con. 10 lubvert Connecticut; the friends of rope) that such a convention existed and vention remained a fate fecret.

Virginia, and of disorder and mischief, 1 had been kept a profound secret by the ad. That convention, as has already been hive exerted every possible nerve to effect miniftration for twelve months, we called mentioned, came into the poffeffion of the ur. total overthrow. The bold attack loudly upon the government to lay it be.

President during the session of Congress upon our state Government, the falliout fore ibe Senate that it might be acted up belore the latt. I stead of laying it before attempt to throw the State into uproar, on, and that our suffering merchants might | the Senate, wbich is a constituent part of and anarchy, under the pretence that we know what proteflion they were to expeer the treaty-making power, as we prefume have no Constitution, furnish comple:e from the government. After a great deal. his duiy required, he merely confulie evidence of the lengths to which the ene. of prevarication and contradiction on the certain favourite individuals of that bony, mies of the state would go if they dare, part of the governmental prints, one day who, it leems, were ot opinion that more to accomplih their darling obje&t-CON. doying that any convention had been né.

ought to be demanded from Spain than FUSION. With exireme taustaction we g scared between the two powers ; anoth. was fipulated for : namely, ihat Spain | congratulate the friends of treedom, ol er, forming that though a convention had should make restitution for American pro virtue, of peace, and pure Republicanis, buen negotiated, it related merely to the

perty taken by French cruisers and carri. on the defeat of Democracy, and the iria liinits of territory, and had nothing 10 do ed into Spanish ports. The convention umph of New.Eng!and principles, in our with commerce ; on the third, confefling made provision only for the payment of

Election the last week. I will be remer. that such a convention as we described hat

claims founded on captures by the Span-. bered, that in Major Judd's celebrated ad. been executed in Spain and sent to the iards themselves. lo this situation an or dress, is the following pallegeprefideat, and a rempling to-jullily his dinary politician would have thought i “ Our with is that men of all classes ! conlukt in with Iding it a whole year best to make sure of wliat was offered, by " would coolly examine this subje Et in all from the Senate and the country ; then de accepting the convention, and, in the “ jes parts, and would decide un'en a fuil nying that it had been withheld, and de

mean time instru&ting our minifter to com. * conviction of its importance. By their claring, hat it had, more than a year be

mence a negociation relative to the other “ votes will be known their decision. If fore, been laid before the Senare ard aliu. sulject. Our wise ones thought other. " a confiitution appears defiiable, they ally reje&ted by the federalifts, who were wile

, and very fagely concluded to keep “ will vote for men who are in favori then a minority in the body; after all this This convention a profound secret, until

27." fcandalous and impudent prevarication, that paragon of diplomacy, Mr. Pinckner, Evebis teít, the question has been fet. which filled dir. Jefferson's papers for fhould either liter or frighten the Spanih test. The Freeinen, after having coolly months; behold ! just before the chose of court into a compliance with their wiioli iture! he subject, with all that the is die lanfellion of Congrels forth camo che la demanda This couto was according to tellurs vi a New Capitautica ccull wij

open to view.

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in favor of their project, have given their “ The Amendment to the Constitution || thereby.” The Virginia democrats, have votes, and they are in justice bound to a ratified.--On Friday the 27th ult, the openly exulted at this ; and they have unbide the decision. There will not be so legislature of the fate of TenneTee, by il gehionably, in their private circler, many Democratic Representatives in the

- an unanimous vote of both branches, || Broached the idea of " an hereditary chief Legislature this fall, as there were lat palled an act ratifying the amendmeni spring; by at least fifteen.

" of the constitution of the United S:ates, ll magistrate,” boasting at the lame time of The strength of parties in the House of “ respecting the election of president and the tameness and credulity of " three Representatives will be New-ENGLAND vice-president. Thirteen states having | fourths of the states.” The writer of the MEN, 132, VIRGIN:ANS, 63, leaving a fed. now agreed to the amendment it of

paragraph above quoted, being a demoeral majority of 69:- In the Spring the “ course becomes a part of the constitu. majority was 38. Thus, not only the fed. “ tion; and we sincerely hope that its a.

crat, has heard these fecret whispers ; but, eral towns, but many of those which have doption inay answer the expectations of being also an honest man, he has been a. heretofore fent democratic representatives, “ its most sanguine advocates. We how. larmed at them ; and, being alarmed, has in obedience to the call of the New Haven "ever, cannot fuppress our fears that such | candidly and frankly expressed his fears. Convention, have explicitly declared by os will not be the result. The conftitu.

-Thus will it be with every honest man, their votes, that they are satisfied with the " tion of the United States, wisely propresent conftitution of the state, and that 66 vides for its own amendment; but the when the real designs of Virginia are laid however they may differ from their neigh. "prefent measure bas already been the fa. bours on certain points of National policy, < vorite of federaliits and ot republicans, with respect to the government of the State " and we view it more as an alteration

THE CONTRAST. they are agreed.

us than an amendment. It establishes, in It may be gratifing to the public to see “ our opinion, a very dangerous prece. THE following is an official lift of the what has been the progress of democracy " dent--that the ruling pariy in congress vessels of war, built or purchased by the in this State for some years past. In Octo “ have the power of proposing any altera

federal administration, and owned by the ber 1802, Mr. Babcock published in the " tion in the constitution, that such pro

United States, in the year 1799. American Mercury, the following faie. position, would be constitutional, howment. " The House of Representatives ever absurd, and that provided three NAMES OF VESSELS.

GUNS. “ contained in October 180i, about 40 “ fourths of the state legislatures could be

United States,

44 “ republican members--about 55 in May " prevailed upon to adopt it, the people


44 " 1802, and at the session of Datober “ of the United States must be bound


44 6 1802, between 70 and 80.". In May thereby. Suppose it fhould hereafter Chesapeak,

44 lalt, they had 78 members--They will bappen, (which we trust never will be Philadelphia, have this fall 63. No comments are ne. " the case) that Congress should think it Constellation, ceffary upon the foregoing facts. It in .“ for the interest of the people, that their Congress, trigue, and corruption could have revolu. “ President should be changed for an he

New York, tionized Connecticut, she would have met " reditary chief magistrate, and that three Insurgente, her late long since. She stands firm and " fourths of the States were of the faine Effex, increases in strength, and vigour. Our opinion,' would a proposition to that John Adams,

32 fifter State of New Hampshire has in a “ effect be constitutional It might with Adams,

32 great mealure regained the ground, from as much propriety be styled an amend. George Washington, which she was forced by surprise in the ment as the present measure.”

Bolian, spring. Massachusetts we have no doubt

General Greene,

33 will pursue her own dignified, and comThis writer feems willing to allow the Ganges,

26 manding course at her approaching elec. “ most fanguine advocates” of the amend Porifmonth,

24 tions. In this tate of things, let the ment more credit for their good intentions


24 friends of New England thank God, and than I think they deserve ; but in his fears



Baltimore, and opinions I entirely coincide. It may


20 very naturally be asked, how it happens,

that a Virginia democrat should be the Herald,
first to express these opinions openly ?

Let us, then, endeavor to account for it.


18 Warren,

18 The amendment or alteration was a Vir.

Norfolk, ginia measure. In effecting it, that fiate


10 has obtained a complete triumph. It se.


16 cures to them a President. But this is not Eagle,

14 Editor's Closet. “ It establishes a precedentthat the


14 Pickering,

14 ruling party in Congress have the power


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