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- what we deplored ;--lamenting or la.
mented all our lot."
These sacred truths, though summarily

expressed, are replete with interesting ad.

The following was communicated to us from res.
We are apt to think this life of ours im.

pectable authority, and we have no doubt of its mortal ;-and to bestow no attention to

being literally correct. the narrow limits destined Tooner or later to confine it.Thus thinking, we live ; THE HERMITESS OF NORTH-SALEM. and act on many occasions repugnant to

WHEN the train of human events ap-

that virtue and justice which we should
admire, venerate and practice, did we cal!

pears to deviate from its wonted coule, FROM THE COURANT.

to mind the uncertainty of our profpe&s and becomes productive of characters al. and duration here, and the certainty of an

together new and unexampled, it has a hereafter, in which we are to be rewarded,

claim on the world to be perpetuated. WHEAT UPON CLOVER. or punished, according to the good or bad,

An instance of this kind, where nature deeds done in this life.

has appeared surprisingly to wander from

its 'wonted operations, is displayed in the T is a very common pra&tice with A grave-yard is both in Arvetive to the caracter, and manner of lite, exhibited by the English Farmers and it is becoming so mind, and wholsome to the soul :- While

a certain female in the vicinity of this in Pennsylvania and some other States, to it ridicules the idea of any other superior

town. We ofien hear of men from vari. turn in clover sward near lowing time, ily in human nature than that of worth and

ous motives preferring a life of solilude in and low wheat upon it, harrowing in the virtue ; it demonftrates that death hurls

fome gloony cavern of the earth; but lo seed. This saves the expence of one or

his darts alike at all; and that in the grave find one of the fair.fex immured in a two ploughings, and gives also one cutall share one common fare, to moulder and

cave, wholly secluded from human focie. ting of grass, or half a summer's palturage ; decay :-Ard as we pass on, from stone

ly, is a rare phenomenon. while the wheai crop is rather beiter than to sone, from tomb io tomb, and either

Acquainted with all their delicacy of it would be were the same land fallowed. refleet upon the inscriptions, or upon the body, ibeir natural timidity of mind, theis The clover by covering the ground pre-airons which distinguished the persons loquacity of temper, and their inordinate vents the fun from exhaufting ita ftrength, | they mark ; a voice feems continually as

love of seeing and of being feen, to find and when turned in full of lap makes a

cending to our ears, saving—" Liveright- | tbem forsaking all human fociety for the rich, though not lafting manure. If the il cously, that you may die good and live a. dreary haunts of savage beasts, appears, clover be fout, and the router the better, gain, to immortality happiness and glo. shen related, too romantic to gain behef. it Mould be rolled down, and rolled the

Yet the reader may rely on the sequel, as same way the plough is to go, that it may

a fimple narrative of facts. be the better covered. The clover it

SAPAH BISHOP (for this is the large and thick, as it may alınost any where

name of this Hermi:els) is a person of a. be made by the Plaister of Paris, destroys Improbement. bout fifty years of age. About thirty years, noxious weeds, and by piercing and filling

ago she was a young lady of confiderable the ground with its roots, renders it as mel.

beau!y, a competent share of mental en. low as fallowing would do. This mode


dowments, and education ; she was pola of culture is carnestly recommended to the

le fred of a handsome fortune, but she was trial of Connecticut. Fatimers. If coubia


of a tender and delicate conftitution, and ful, their experiments inay be upon a small

enjoyed but a low degree of health ; she scale at fiit.

FOR horing post-holes, wells, and for

could hardly be comforiable without conother purposes, invented by Christopher || ftant recourse to medicine, and careful at. Hoxir, of this city.-The utility of these tendance ; and added to this, he always augers, is well known to thole who have

discovered an unusual antipsihy 10 men ; bonitorial. had an opportunity of trying them. Far.

and was olten beard to say, that fhe had no mere, whose larid consists of clay, loam, dread of any animal on earth but man,or sandy foil, may enquire, for their own

Disgusted with them, and consequentiy To aid the cause of virtue and religion. fatistachion, of almost any gentleman, who with the world, about twenty three years have loss in this city, some of whom will

ago, she withdrew berself from all human EXTRACT. atteft, that they have bored poft holes three

society, and in the bloom of life reloried feet deep in two minntes-others will say,

rothe mountzirs, which diside Salein from that one hundred holes may be bored in North-Sekm; where [:e has spent her FROM THE BOSTON CENTINEL. one day, and with less trouble than to

days to the present time, in acave, or rath dig twelve with a spade. Amongst many er in a cleft of the rock, withdrawn from THE MONITOR. others, the Mayor of Albany, and Chan.

ibe fociciy of every living creature. Yer. cellor of the face-Thomas Powers and

Terday, (in company with the two Capi.

Frothingham of Hudson, and Smiths of this town) I went into the IFE's little stage, (observes Henry Merriot, of Claverack, are refer.

tnountains to visit this surpriling Hermit. YOUNG) is a sina!! eminer.ce, inch-high || red co.

ge, a juft portrait of which, is contained the grave above, that final home of man,

in the following lines. where welis the untold mulitude : Well or These Augers may be had for the tri. As you fa's the southern and most ele. Juoise around--we read their monuments filing film of five dollars, feel plate, vated ridge of the mountain, and begin #Sgh-and, as we figh, we fiok, and are from the Paienter.

to descend the southern Reep, you meet

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with a perpendicular descent of a rock of proached, and after some coversation with || from St. Domingo, and who were deli, about ten feet, in the front of which is her, we obtained libcriy to remove the tute of support, and many of them cé this cave. At the foot of his rock is a palisadoes and look in ; for we were not cloathing, have been relieved in Charlesgentle descent of rich and Scriile ground, able to enter, the room being only suffi- ton, S. C. by charitable donations. This extending about ten rods, when it instant cient to accomodate a single person.-- | support so grateful to the feelings of hu. ly forms a frightful precipice, descending We conversed with her for some consid. | manity, arose from 3.667 dls. 69 cts; of about half a mile to the pond, kuown by errble cime, found her to be of a found which, about 2,083 dis. 19 cts. were give the name of the Long pond. On the'right mind, a religions turn of thought, and to

mind, a religions turn of thought, and to | en by the citizens, and the remainder of and left of this fertile ground, the moun. be entirely happy and contented with her the above sum was contributed by several tain rises in clips, and almost incloses'it, situation of this she has given to others | French residents in the city.—The above being a square of one half acre. In the repeated denionitration, who have, in vain, sum being nearly exhausted, the various refront of the rock on the north, where the folicited her to quit this dreary abode. Itgious focieties, and some citizens have cave is, and level with the ground, there We saw no utenlil, either for labour or lately raised the additional sum of 2.366 appears to be a large fruflrum of the rock, cookery, excepting an old pewter bason, I dls. 49 cts. for the unfortunate emigrants ; of a cubic fat hom in size, thrown out of and a goard-shell ; no bed but the solid

and a goard-Shell, no bed but the folia and the ladies of Charleston, have contribthe rock by some unknown convulsion of rock, unless it were a few old rags, scatter. uted their mite, by delivering to the Com. nature, and lies in front of the cavity from ed here and there upon it ; no bed cloths | miuce ot Benevolence, various articles of whence it was rent, partly incloling the of any kind; not the least appearance of apparel from their ward-robes, for the feo mouth, and torming a room of the fame any fort of food, and no file.

male indigents. dimensions with the fruftrum iselt, the She had indeed a place in one corner of rock is lelt entire above, and forms the her cell, where the kindled fire at times, root of this humble mansion. but it did not appear that any fire had been

FROM THE EVENING POST. This cavern is the habitation of this kindled there this spring. To confirm Hermitese, in which she has spent twenty lichis opinion, a certain man lays, that he BUST OF HAMILTON. three of her best years, felf.excluded from passed her cell five or fix days after the all human society. She keeps no damel. great fall of snow in the beginning of WHEN Ceracchi, a celebrated Italias ticared animal, not even a fowl, a cat, or March lat, that the had no fire then, and sculpter, was in this country, about 12 a dog.. Her little plantation, consisting of had not been out of her cave since the years ago, he took a model of Gen. Ham. one halt acre, is cleared of its wood and snow had fallen. How she subsists during | ilton's head for a buft, which, in 1794, he reduced to grass, but she makes but little the severe seasons, is yet a mystery.

the severe seasons, is yet a mystery. She executed in marble, at Florence, and sent ule of it, excepting that she has raised a says she eats but little fleth of any kind, to Gen. Hamilton, in whole pofleffion it

few peach trees on it, and the planus year. and it is difficultioimagine how she is sup- continued during his life, and by whose I ly a few hills of beans, cucumbers and po. ported through the winier {cason.

ported through the winter season. In the family it will doubtless be preserved with taloes, The whole plat is surrounded will: summer she subfills on the berries, nuts, The most facred care. All who have ever a luxuriant growth of grape vines, which and roots which the mountains afford. It seen this wonderful piece of art will re. overspread the surroundin; wood, and pro. may be that Mhe secretes her winter flore in collect their emotions of pleasure and lur. duce grapes in great abundance. On the some other fissure of the rock, more con prize at the striking resemblance it bore to opposite fide of this little tenement, or venient for the purpule than the cell she il the illustrious deceased; its perteat delin. Cave, is a fine fountain ol excellent water, inhabiranis.

eation of every feature ; its correct exhi. which issues from the Gde of the moun. She keeps a Bible with her, and says shell biţion of character : The friends and ad. tain, and loles itself in this little plat. takes much satisfaction, and spends much misers of this truly great man will there. At this foursiain we found this wonder: lime in reading in it, and meditating there.

lime in reading in it, and meditating there. | tore hear with the liveliest satisfaction, that fol woman, whose appearance is a little on. It may be this woman is a sincere a mould from this buft has just been com. difficult to describe ; indeed, like nature worshipper of God; it so, he is yet more pleted, under the direction of Mr. John in iis fir cate, the was without form, that rich, wise, and happy, than thousands in Dixey, of this city, and that one cast is is, the appearch in no form or posicion 1 ffluence and honor, who behold her with finished from it in plaister of Paris, which had ever seen before : her dress appeared astonishment and scorn. At any rate, from

Alany rate, from preserves in the greatest perfection all the Hirile elfe but one confused and shapeless this humble, yet aftop thing page of human characteristics oti he original.. These casts mals of rags, patched together without any nature--we read a most excellent lecture may be multiplied to an extent that will ordur, which obscured every human shape, on the human heart. It was ihe peculiar enable, all who set a proper value on his excepting her heart, which was clothed state of this woman's heart which drove unequaled talents, virtues, and eminent with a xuriency of lank grey hair, de. her to forsake the society of man, and led public services, to gratity themselves witla pending on every side, just as nature and her to this solitary mansion. The pecu. a perfect likeness of HAMILTON. time bad formed it, wholly devoid of any liar relish of the human heart will embrace P $. The Cafl that has been taken may artifio al covering or ons ment.

lolitude, dishonor, delormiiy, and death be seen at Mr. Dixey's, No. 118, Wil. Wien the discovered our approach th: itself for happiness, whilst its antinathies tam-Sireet. extsited the appearance of any other wild can embitier a paradise of joy. Reason 31 ! tipid aniinal. She Ataried, looked has no power against its influence; it is wild, and haftened with the utmost precip. not the energy of science, but a heari form.

L O N D 0 N. ation to her cave, which she entered ani ed to a wise, decent, and useful life, that barricailed t.e entr3ice with old she'l«* must regenerate the world.

THIS metropolis, comprehends, be which she had pulled from the decayed

Gides Lundon, W Amiriter and South. trces. To this humble marli is we af.

w:rk, roles than 45 villages of consider.

BENEVOLENCE. abie extent, independent of a valt acceflion * By" shells" we jubpole our rerris

wit buildings upon the cper fields in the porting means th n pieces of timider pr. FROM the ill of January, 804. to sicior. Is legat: is nearly 8 mles, its from falling irees.

sie 8th Augut', 1015 French Englants bresch 3, and its circunsteience 23 ; It

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contains above 8000 streets, lanes, alleys ' dence, in the state of Rhode Illand and that any vessels lying there have received and courts, and more than 65 different Providence Plantations.

ferious injury squares ; its houses, warehouses, and oth

Mr. William's warf, is much icare! er buildings make 162,000, besides 246

TERRIBLE STORM!!! by the driving of the yeffels againit is churches and chapels, 207 meeting houses


fides. The ship Dana is left with her for Diflenters, 43 chapels for Foreigners, and 6 fynagogues for the Jews, which in duty to record one of the most calamitous

As public journalis, ii becomes our

ftern relling on the wharf ; and the schr,

Rising Sun driven into the dock with darell make 502 places of worship. The

and distresing events which has occurred || age--2 pilot boat schooner is allo fuoka. number of inhabitants during the sitting of

find the settlement of Charleston--we | long fide of the whart. Parliament, is estimated at 1,250,000 ; have endeavoured to state the particulars

Governor's Bridge. The cast front of among these are found about 50,000 common prostitutes, and tio less than 60,000 of the city will permit—and where the acwith as much accuracy'as the present fiate the wall is broke down in several places-

almall building on the outside blown down thieves, coiners, and other bad people of count is found 'no: to be strictly correct,

—and the new drain recently built from that description. The annual depredations it must be ascribed to its proper cause. In

Church-strect to the Bay, totally defror. on the public, by this numerous body of some cales we have been compelled to re

ed. The brigs Norfolk and Unanimiiy 3,100,000!. sterling. In this vait city there they are given as our own. pilferers, are estimated, at the sum of Ily upon the statements of others, although of this port, the schooner Mary of Wil.

mington, and a small coaster, driven a. are, moreover, upwards of 4000 seminaries for education ; 8 inftitutions for pro- || Friday last, it commenced blowing a heavy

About ten o'clock on the evening of || gainst the bridge, and much injured.

Mr. Paul Prichard's wharf, together moting morality ; 10 institutions for pro- l gale from N. E. which continued during

with that of Mr. Ham, has felt the effects moting the arts; 122 asylums for the inthe night. The wind moderated about 5

of the gale.-The schooner Mary is funk digeni ; 17 for the sick and lame ; 13 o'clock on Saturday morning-but at lev.

at the latter whart. dispensaries ; 704 charitable institutions ; en came on with redoubled force, and con

Mr. Faber's wharf has been considera. 56' couds of justice ; 7040 professional | tinued to increase untii iwelve o'clock,

bly damaged--the head and Gdes are much men connected with various departments

when it blew with tremendous violence injured--- The floop Favorite, Dryburg, of the law. There are 13.500 vessels tra and fury; nor did it in the least decrease funk; "the ship Halcyon, Manly, nearly ding to the river Thames in the course of ll until ten 'o'clock the fame evening, when loaded" for Bordeaux, so much injured

, a year, and 40,000 waggons going and rethe wind shifted round to the $. E. It still,

as to render it necessary to take out her turning to the Metropolis in the same pe. however, blew with great violence until cargo--two schooners driven up, and left riod, including their repeated voyages. one o'clock on Sunday, accompanied at

with their bows on the wharf--and the The amoun: of exports and imports to intervals with heavy showers of rain.

ship Middleton closely jammed between and from the Thames is ellimated at

Twelve o'clock on Saturday was the pe

that and 65,81.1,9321. sterling annually, and the riod of high water, at which time the ride

Mr: Keith's wharf, where the ship Co. property floating in this great city evety had risen several feet higher than the usual lumbas taking in a cargo for Bordeaux year, is 170,000,000l. fierling. These cir- lspring tides; after which it began to ebb,

is sunk.-Considerable lors will be here cum tances me be sufficient to convince and about 6 o'clock in the evening it had

sustained by the drifting off of lumber. n's of the amazing extent and importance fallen a little more than two feet ; as this

Mr. Prioleau's wharves are much inn. of the Capital of the British Empire.

ebb was so inconsiderable, it was feared jured. The east end of Fil-Market carthat the next flood would be much higher ried away, and the foundations thakea. than the former ; but on the contrary it

The brig Concord, Oldriage, of Provi. continued to fall, and was not as high on dence, with about 50 tierces of Rice, Sunday morning at one o'clock, the time bulged and her filern parted. The schr. of high water, as it was the evening before Republican of Baltimore, lett dry on the at fix o'clock, the period of low water. wharf. The floop Two Sisters, of New.

The following summary of the damages port, loft her mast; and feveral coasters, Be it our weekly task, sustained by this gale, is hasily drawn up:

schooners, and wood boats, driven up and To note the passing tidings of the times.

In the city, a number of large trees are | jammed in the dock, torn up by the roots--almost every slated Mrs. Cochran's whari, the bead nearly

house is in part unroofed ; and a number washed away-several small vessels jamQudson, October 2. of fences blown down.'

med in the dock, and much wood and lum.

Gen. Gadsden's whart has sustained con ber lost. Our lalt Vermont papers are of opinion, | Giderable injury-Several wooden stores are Mr. Blake's whart much damaged-he from the returns received, that His Excel-blown down and washed away, and their hip" Lydia, Heyward, driven high span lency Gov. TICHENOR has more support contents, about 250 barrels of rice, and a the dock, and a brick building, used in a this iban he had the last year ; and that his quantity of cotton, much damaged, and a scale house, beat down by her bowsprit. re-election is not doabied. --The Hon. I great part loft. A brig lying at this wharf, Mr. Champney's whárt has suitain.d JAMES ELLIOT, Esq. it is believed, will rode out the storm with but little damage. i considerable injury--feveral small vessels obtain his re-election to Congress.

To form an estimate of the loss fustained by are jammed up in the dock.

Gen. Gadsden, at prelent, is impossible Mr. Beale's wharf has suffered confiderMr. NICHOLAS BROWN, of Providence, 1 - It has however been stated to us as little ably- Spanish schr. is lett dry on the has presented to Rhode Island College, short of fifteen thousand pounds.

wharf ; the ship Africa driven high up in 5,000 dollars, to establish a Professorship

Mr. Pritchard's wharf has also sustained the dock-several small vefsels severely of Oratory and Belles Letters ; and the considerable damage, and a slip which he hattered, and several of the island boats Corporation in grateful commemoration of had built for the convenience of repairing broken to pieces. his liberality, and in pursuance of a clauseihips, is, we are told, driven away, Mr. Craft's wharves, particularly the in their choriec, have given to the College Mr. Mey's whart has fortunately escap- | south one, very much injured—the Spanthe pan of Brown Univerfity' iu Provi- led with little damage ; dor do we learn With loop Montfern funk; the ship Mary

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lof her bowsprit, and is otherwise very feared that not a house would have escap

LONDON, AUGUST 11. much injured ; the Birmingham Packet ed the storm ; nor was it until noon of yes. A letter from Berlin, of the 28th ult. lof her rudder; the brig Amazon állo loft terday that a boat could venture to their re. says, that “ with two Russian armies on her rudder; the schooner Orange left with lief. The accounts we have received from his eastern and northern front'ers, and her bows on the wharf; and several other that quarter, are, however, more favorable three French armies on his, weltern and veflels driven into the dock, and severely than we expected. About twenty houses southern, the King of Prussia has declared Ahattered.

were either blown down, or their founda. to the Courts of St. Petersburgh and St. Gen. Vanderhorft's wharf has, compar. tions undermined and washed away. The Cloud, that his Majesty iriends to preserve atively, suftained but little damage-be inhabitants had fortunately resorted to the the ftri&teft neutrality, and therefore will brig Favourite, of Rhode Island, from Af. Lazaretto, Barracks, and other parts of the not permit the passage of any troop:, artil. rica, is gone to pieces.

island not immediately exposed to the fury || !ery or ammunition through his dounin. • Mr. Gever's wharves have severely felt of the waves ; and we are happy to state || ions ; but regard as an enemy, any power the effects of the storm-The African fhip that only one life was lost-a black boy attempting to force such paffage." Christopher funk at the head of the whart; The storm was lo violent that nothing

Bombardment of Havre. and the negroes taken out with much diffi. could be saved from the houses deftroyed, Dispatches from Capt. Oliver coni. culty-Several other vessels are much shat. and every article they contained was wah manding our blockading squadron off H.:tered and jainmed up in the docks. ed away with the buildings. The situation vre, were last night received at the Admi

Col. D'Oyley's whart is almost torn to of a number of families was truly diftres. rally. They contain intelligence of the pieces-The brig Thomas, Bishop, much fing. In many cases women and children renewal of the bombardment of chat town injured in her upper works and sheathing. | alone occupied the house ; who were un. and port last Friday. The houses and shipa

New East-Bay-Street, which, fince the able to help themselves ; and but for the ping are stated to have been considerably gale in O&tober 1800, has been repaired at prompt aslistance afforded by several gen. damaged. During the bombardment, in a great expence, is again destroyed : the tlemen on the island, they must have per

che course of which a great number of lea made clear breaches through it, and ished. Several houses which have stood shells were thrown, a division of the enerushing into Water. ftreet, and the adja. the gale, we are told owe their security to

the gale, we are told owe their security to my's gun boats ventured out, for the purcent parts, compelled the inhabitants to large beds of sand which were driven a. pole of annoying our squadron ; but ihey quit their houses, in the lower flories of gainst them, and formed a rampart. Some were very nearly cut off by the skillud Tome of which the water was 14 inches of the finest buildings are destroyed. Sev. marcuvres of our vessels, and regained, deep. In this part of the city, we ftate eral gentlemen who were on the island, with much difficulty, the harbour. The from actual observation, that the tide rose have expresled to us their firm conviction, particulars of the attack will, it is expect. Chree feet higher than it has ever been that had the tide continued to rise half an ed, appear in the Gazette of this evening. known since the hurricane of 1752 ; and hour longer, not a single building would several feet higher than the usual spring have been left ftanding. From Fort Moul. tides the whole of Water-Street was cov. trie, near which the sea made a clear breach, ered, and in Meeting street it was nearly to the cove, every spot was covered with two feet in depth. The public loss in the the water.

« CATO, NO. I." is received. We can see noch. destruction of East-Bay-Areet is cor Gidera

Fort Johnson, which has long been in ing in this number that entitles the writer to the ble ; nor do we suppose ihat ten shouland

tottering state, we are told is now destroy: signature he has assumed ; neither do we consider it pounds will repair the damages.

ed; nor can a single cannon be mounted sufficiently interesting for publication. South-Bay, presents a scene of ruin and

-the buildings are also much injured. defolation. The whole of the bulwark,

“ Ode, on General Hamilton,” shall have a placer from Meeting-street to M.Kenzie's wharf

Fort Pinckney. The breait-work and

The poor fool who lately robbed me of a shilling is washed away, a two story house belong

palisades of this Fort are washed away- || by sending a scurrilous letter under the signature of ing to Mr. Veitch, built on made ground,

and unless prompt repairs are made, it is “ Betty MOPSTICK,” in the mail from News torne liitle distance from the freet, was supposed the walls oi ibe Fort will be en.

York, is supposed to be very nearly related, in char. washed down, and we believe all the fur. dangered.

acter and disposition, to the “ Young Democrat," niture swept away- A large brick ware. From the country, we have received but of New Jersey. It affords me some consolation to house of Mr. Williman's was also blown inperfect accounts--all the bridges be.

reflect, that it must take some time for “Betty down, and his wharf confiderable damaged. tween this and Jacksonborough are carried MOPSTICK," and Tom Kinney, and the Knave of The tide rose so high, that most of the in away ; and so many trees have been blown | Clubs, to run their draughts to a large amount. habitants quit their houses, and took shelter

down across the roads, that the stages, it is in a more central part of the city.--Two apprehended, will not be able to travel for or three small coafting veisels were bere several days. We are told by a gentleman

The Linot. driven to pieces.

who came in yesterday, that all the cotton The brig Venus, loaded for New.York ; plants along the road for many miles, are and the Sally, Spooner, for Bordeaux, are

destroyed--the rice fields were so com. diven afhore on James-Iland ; the Dar pletely covered with water, that it could i'lThip Fraumetta drilled trom her anchor. not be ascertained what damage the banks ago, and is afhore on the marih opposite

have sustained. Willinan's wharf. The schooner Eliza In the vicinity of the city, the gardens

MARRIED, Aan upset in Ahly-River about two have suita'ned considerable inji'y-the

At Stockbridge, Mass. on Saturday the 15th ul? o'clock on Saturday, and her crew remain ferces were blown dowii-large crees torn

by the Rev. Dr. Il'est, Thomas ALLEN, Jun. Esc.. ed on the wreck until 7 o'clock the next up by the roots; int the reçetation a :

of Pitisfield, to Miss Sally INGERSOL&., daughter morning. Several snia!' velleis are faid nears blast it with the fale spray--several of Mr. Jorathan Ingersoli. to be ahore in Ashley River.

mall buildirishics, &rarrallo ihrown At Troy, on Saturday the 22d ult. by the Rer. Sullivan's land. Very great anxiety dowr, more winch trage on the Wm. Mr Cre, Mr. Joseph KETCHUM, Merchant, of prevailed in the city during the gale, for inginn C .. ocenced using the races Wate:ford, to Miss Maria Tey Brozcm, duingia The fals of the persons on the island : it was as public but we levelled.

ter of Major Juka C. Ten Broeck, of this vity

To Correspondents.


and g:h municipalities of Paris. During I tell me honey !"_To which the other an.
the trial it came out, that the prisoner had [wered No my dear Mac, I an't dead
made it for years a regular practice to mar at all; but by shoul I am speechless."
ry a new wite, wherever he went with his

regiment; and to the knowledge of his SIR CHARLES WAGER was seized with Wreath.

own brother he had already 14 French a fever while he was out on a cruize ; and wives alive, besides one Italian, one Swiss,

the furgeon without much difficulty pre. and two Dutch women who had been mar vailed opon him to loose a little blood, ried to him in those countries, when in and suffer a blister to be laid on his back ;

garrison, or encamped there. Before he by and by it was thought necessary to lay FOR THE BALANCL.

was eighteen he had been divorced, accord on another blifer, and repeat the bleeding,

ing to the laws of the republic, from to which Sir Charles also consented ; the M. EDITOR, five wives, not included in the above

symptoms then abated, and the surgeun I SEND you the following paraphrase of a || number, by whom he had fix children ;

told him, that he must now swallow a few famous Ode of a favorite author, to dispose of as and the three wives now before the tribu.

bolusfes and take a draught : N., Doctor, you deem proper. W. nal all declared themfelves to be in a state

say's Sir Charles, you shall batter my hulk of pregnancy by him. Being asked by the public accuser if he had many child- | Shan't board me.

as long as you will, but d-n me! you HORACE, B. 3d, ODE 30th,

ren with the other women not present,

though known to be married to him ? be A MONUMENT I have rear'd, which shall

THERE is now living in Virginia an answered cooly, “ I had at least one with

idiot, who was never known to make any outlast each woman, and I believe that I have as

sensible observations, except that he could those works erected of perennial brass, many children alive as I can count vears.

always tell when the moon changed. A And stately pyramids, whose tops outvie

He offered to give the names and places of lawyer, wishing to make a laugh for him. The royal domes, where Egypt's mummies lie. residence of as many wives as he could re

self and companions, asked, "when will member to have married ;--and gave the the fun change, "-" When lawyers go to Nor hyperborian blasts, nor wasting storms, names of cleven in eleven different departheuven,” replied the fool. Can shake their summits, and impair their forms;

ments. To gain time to inquire af. But the long series of revolving time

ter these women, the commissary of gov. Shall pass away, and these remain sublime.

ernment proposed, and the tribunal con. My works will live, alth i'my form decay,

lented, to pnt off his trial un:il the 6th of TERMS OF THE BALANCE, And their fair morn shall brighten into day. Germinal, on which day, eight of those

FOR 1804
women, each with a child, came before
While sacred fires shall in your temples glow,
Le tribunal, and identified their faithless

To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty And holy priests receive the virgin's yow, husband, who had the impudence to declare,

Cents, payable quarterly. Your sons, as yet unborn, shall oft rehearso that it he had been Grand Sultan, he

To those who receive them by mail, Two Dor The name of Horace, and Apulian verse.

should have kept them all with the same af. ars, payable in advance. Where thirsty Daunus rul'd his rustic swaios, feflion. After a trial of three hours, he To those who take their papers at the office, it And loud Auficui rushes to the plains,

was tound guilty of Bigamy, and con. hundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the city The prince of verse, fiom humble parents sprung, demned to be punilbed with a fortnight's price will be made. Shall be acknowledg’d, while his lays are sung, imprisonment, and to regard Anna Varois, A handsome Title Page and Table of Content'

whom he had married nine years ago, as The unnumber'd Lesbian verse to have tam'd,

will accompany the last number of the volume. And the due honors of Italia claim'd.

his only wife. To this he refused to af.
fent, fáying, that inftead of punishment, epicuous manner, in the Advertiset which accompan

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and con Come then, O tuneful Nine ! thy pride assert, he deserved a reward ; and that many per

nies the Balance. Claim thy rich due, and with a mind alert,

rons had been made meinbers of the le. Demand the willing tribute of renown,

gion of honor for less patriotic deeds than And round my temples bind the Delpic crown.

his, and that he intended to petition be YATES. first conlul for obtaining permiffion to chuse

Ν Ο Υ Σ.
his own wife from among his own wives.

The first and second Volumes of the Balance
A GRANDEE of Spain, handing may be had on the following terms -
some refreshments to a circle of ladies,

First Polume-unbound

$ 2 občerred one with a most brilliant ring, Second Volume,

$ 2, 30 and was rude enough to say, in her hear. FRENCH TRIAL,

Both Volumes,

$ 4 ing, " I hould prelerine ring to the hand.” TROM JOURNAL DEX TRIBUNAUX. " And I," said the lady, looking stead.

If bound, the price of binding (either plain or el

egant) will be added.-An unbound vrlume may be JACQUIS NOTTIER, an invalid, taftly at the glittering order suspended to aged 25, having lost his right leg in the the 'Don's neck,) " should prefer the

sent so any post-office in the state für 52 cents postservice of the republic, appeared on the collar to the beast.

age ; or 10 any post-ofice in the union for 78 cents 16ib Ventose, before the criminal tribu. tial of the department of the Seine, accu. TWO Irishmen fighting together, one

PUBLISUED BY fed of having married within the last eight of them knocked the other down, and sec. months, three different women, Maria ing him lie motionless, thought he had

HARRY CROSWELL, Debaud, Maria Bertrand, and Louisa killed him ; taking him by the hand be

Warren-Street, Hudson. Perrani, who were all present and proved ) cried, “ O my dear Paildy, now he after WALRL PRINTING IN GENERAL IS EIBGYT thelr acts of marriage before the 2d, gih, speaking to me and if I have killed you VTR LLEGANCE AXD ACEVLAGS,

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