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move this shade from her countenance, I arose to fhut the door.' On again tak

but all in vain. She pergled, and I was ing my seat, I observed that she had to dilHither the products of your closet-labors bring,

obliged to comply. After sketching the pored the folds of her gown that the shape Enrich our columns, and instruct mankind. face, I proceeded downwards : The bo. of the knee was no longer visible.' I took

som was next to be copied.

" What a the hint, and instantly altered the picture. FOR THE BALANCE

pity,” | exclaimed, " that this part is not “Ah," said I, as she left the shop, '“ if all concealed, instead of the forehead.”. A || fashionable young ladies could have their thousand singular ideas crowded into my

uncouth and ridiculous inodes of dress THE LIMNER:

imagination, as I reflected on tbis strange properly exposed, they would not hesitate

incon Gftency in female fashion. I made to strike them out of the picture. MR. EDITOR, no great hafte, in performing this part of

PETER PALLET, my task. I was so much taken up with S I intend to give a faithiu!

gazing, that my pallet hung carelessly upaccount of the most distinguished of my on my, thumb, and my pencil actually

FOR THE BALANCE. customers, I shall begin with A FASHION.

once fell from my fingers. This threw the ABLE YOUNG LADY, who called last week

young lady into some confusion. I apol TO THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES. at my shop for a full length picture. She

ogized and proceeded. The shoulder and was an excellent figure, handsome, and

arm were next pourtrayed. In drawing Temarkably easy and agreeable in her be. the elbow, I tound it necessary to heighten

ROFESSING as you do, fellow haviour. She was talhionably, and, I my flesh-colour to a deep purple ; for al

citizens, to make it your pride and your need not add, very expensively dressed. though the skin of her face and bofom was

boast to be governed by laws and inftitu. You may suppose, Mr. Editor, that I was uncommonly white and fair, her elbow

tions which are the result of your own denot a little gratified at the appearance of

was rough, high-coloured and uncomely. I liberations, and which are sanctioned by such a customer, I sprung out of my " I think that is much too dark, Mr. Pal.

the voice of a majority of the community, chair and flew round the room, in such ag.

let,” said the, casting her eye on the pica | is it not long enough that you have peritation, that I kicked over my easel, upset ture. “ Not at all, madam,” I replied,

mitted an insignificant minority, conftitut. three gallipots, and came within a hair's

pray compare it.” She placed her el

ed by, perhaps, a'n hundredth of your num. . breadth of daibing my old Reflector to

bow upon the canvass.

" It injures the

ber, and consisting of individuals poslefpieces. At length, having everything in looks of the picture,” said she.

• Not

sing, on the principles of government and readiness, I began the work. "Madam,"

more than it injures the looks of the real policy which you profels to advocate and said I, “ will you part your locks on your ity, madam." She proposed to have the

maintain, the smallest pretension to your forehead a little, that I may be enabled to elbow covered with a glove. I approved | respect and confidence, to impose upon see the colour and thape of your eye.” the plan. Nothing now remained but the you laws, the consequences of which are

Oh, fir,” said she, simpering " you drapery. She was dressed in white mus. most important, moft disastrous, most fatal must paint the locks and the eyes as they lin, very fine and transparent. My shop to your dearest interests ? are, because it is the fashion to wear the door was open, and the wind blew back Bleeding with the recent loss of an hair in this way. -" It matters not what her gown, and exposed the shape of the HAMILTON, not an individual American the fashion is," I replied, “ for should I joint vulgarly called the knee. My pen. will need be told that I allude to the barpaint you with your hair in this situation, cil, faithful to its duty, immediately threw barous, the disgraceful and wicked practhe eyes and the forehead, the finest part on all the shades that were necessary to tice of Duelling-not an individual A. of the face would be wholly lost." I used make the pi&ture a true copy of the orig- | inerican, deserving the name, but will many arguments to persuade her to re. inal. This called a blush into her face, Il bluh, under the recollection of that ca.



{cure one,


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tastrophe, at the allosion-would to God I he improved it or not, to shoot, or ftab, at plicitly permitted, to call those citizens to dared to add-not an individual American his murderer, the penalty does not attach? a personal account in the field, and either but will instantly resolve, if he has not al. Do we live in a country protesting to to take their lives, or brand them with dil. ready resolved, that IT SHALL BE SO NO maintain republican institutions, lounded grace and infamy, does that security fiand TONGER!

in reason, justice, and equity ; where to upon the basis which it ought? For what, my countrymen, can excuse fecure the prevalence of these principles, While so many confiderations conspire you for having conferred upon this system | fo essential to the happiness, and even the 10 form the most impressive inducementof honorable MURDER a degree of fanétion, existence of civil society, the subjects of while it is equally the dictate of icligion, authority and reputation which not e. our laws are the framers of them; and reafun, of duty, of justice, of polscy, ven the weight of character pofsefled by shall it be said that in this country the man and of interest ; will not the citizens of ihat man was deemed sufficient to relift? who to secure the pofleflion of the travel. the United States at length content to be Will you not bluíh at the recollection of ler's purse, for the relief, perhaps, of a awakened and aroused to the worthy and laving hitherto virtually said to such as starving family, finds it necessary to take noble resolution of abolishing at once a have aspired to particular consideration in bis lite, or who, in an affray of passion, || practice so disgraceful to them, and which the community- Put your life at risque || Atrikes his antagonist an unlucky blow is so perfeâly foreign to all their other in. with the man, be he who he may, that with a simple bludgeon, which happens to ftitutions ? Nothing but the most singulari claims it, or consent to be branded as a terminate his existence, shall suffer the ut. and unaccountable apathy, and lethargic coward and a poliroon, and to have your || noít leverity of law, as a murderer ; while ftupor ut the country, have lanctioned the name erased from the lists of the honora. another fits down coolly and deliberately prevalence of it hitberto ; and nothing ble"-until even Alexander Ilamilton, al in his closet, commands by an imperious more is necessary to its immediate and though itrongly impresled with the con mandate his neighbour to meet him on the complete destruction, than a bold, manly, viêtion of the unjustifiableness and wick. field of blood, praciices in the interim with and decided expresion of the national lenedness of the practice, and although he the weapon of death, to make surer work, ument, and the national spirit. dared, without emotion, to meet the aim and plants the well-aimed ball in his heart; for an individual to assume upon him., of a man long practised and drilled in the all, perhaps, for a disrespectful word, a felt the province of prescribing ihe manart, dared not to encounter the consequen- || jofle in the street, or a tread upon the ner in which that expression shall be efces of a refulal ?

toe ; and all-with impunity ! -If fo, téled, is, indeed, a bold undertaking : Will it be said that some of you have then, for Heaven's fake ! io preserve When that individual is a private and cb. pafled severe penal special laws for its pre. fome:hing like consistency in our policy

it be thought up warrantavention-how, I ask, have those laws been and jurisprudence, let us abrogate all our ble prefumption and arrogance. On a executed ? Victim after victim has fallen ; || Alımly laws founded upon modern ideas of fubji &t which did not carry its own cre. and to display the severity of your dilap- truth and juftice, and restore the ancient dentials in the very face of it, and which probation and resentment-lo fignalize || feudal lifts of ordeal, combat, &c. - Le were not in iis nature lo perfeétly iodeyour abhorrence of the deed, and your re. us pursue the system in all its parts and a pendent of argument or elucidation, the gard for justice, you have--what ?-1 | nalogies--let a good fhot" be the crite writer had helitated lorger. He requcfts blush to proceed-you have conferred | rion of purity of characier--a feady hand, you to weigh the futject, regardless of 1. pon the perpetrator the honors and emola the evidence of an honest mind a narrow hin.- He is only the humble porter who iments of office! Your Senates and your escape, the mark of innocence-but a unlades himself of a pondrous lurthen at Courts of Justice exhibit men lained with bleeding heart, complete demonftration of the blood of those victims ! You were told guilt and villainy.

So far as the subject has been affumed that it was

an affair of Honor”-and Gud forbid that I thould trifle with a by the worthy General Pinckey, in bis awed-appalled at the najesty of that theme fo tull of folemnity and importance. letter to the Society of Cincinnati of the name—hat imperial principle, to which If an apology be necefiary for having af. flate of New York, a valuable asurance the laws of God, and of civil society must fumed in any measure the appearance of it, is afforded 10 our country ol the influence bow-you impliciily acquiesced in the I have only to excuse myself by observing, of a very respectable body of its citit Ts deed ; or food aloof in lience, until the that the subject is so flaugh with absurdi.

in favour of the abolition ; and great subject is at length brought home to your ty, that it is difhcult to preserve the dig credit is due to that gentleman for the fug. bosoms, in its true deformity, by the late nity of reason in difcuffing it, while it is geftion. He will pardon, however, the most unfortunate event.---Mit unlortu much too serious to jifty leviry.-It was intimation of a hope, that on friher re. nate, did I say? Is not the merciful sin. with impreilions folem as the thought of flc&ion upon the subject, the mere 'diful ger

of God discernable in that very event? death that I entered upon it; and with the of lo vile a practice, by the fociety over A treasure, indeed, is loil ; but the correc. reader's permission I will now recur 10

which he presides, how much Icever that tion-pot of the nationai lentiment, tor that view of it which those impressions may conunbute to the defined otj at, will this is already correct-but of the national were calculated to exhibit.

not satisfy the good sense and patriotism apai hy, and the consequent abolition of Nothing, perhaps, is of more interen. of the fociety ; but that they wili be inthe practice, would almost reconcile one ing and vital importance to community, duced to pledge themselves to each other even to such a facrisce.

than the security of that species of proper and to the community, to go all lengths in But why, in the name of conscience, do | ty which, as a commonwealth, it poft lies driving hom our free and happy country. we talk of special laws for the prevention in the talents and the services of that class that abominable e fi privg of goue bailaiot duelling ?-Merciful Heaven !--Ale of citizens, of which General Hamilton ity, by personally interfering in every in. there not every where standing laws a. was a prominent individual : While the fance where it may be necefisry, to caufe gain it MURDER ? Oi is it to be underlood principles of the duellift are sanctioned, as the law of the lana to be enforced in its that those laws provide only against dishon. ihey have heretofore too long been-whi'ejust and exemplary punishment. arable MURDER ; and that whire, in con. every desperado in community, possessing Ana in this measure it were greatly to be formity to that nondefeript principle of merely the name and exterior of an hou wished the example of that gallane fociety IDONOR, the murdered is a lowed, by pri orable gentleman. is vested with the au may be imitated, not only by every affoci i or convention, an oportunity, whciher thority which results from an ulage im. ated and corporate body in the United

your door.

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Editor's Closet.


any to lose.

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States, but by every individual citizen.

In the Bee's account of the sham.fight, .some maLet it be manifested to the world that we

terial circumstances are entirely omitted-pariicu. are not the savages and barbarians ihat they

larly, the wonderful feats, and merry pranks of a would be led to suppole us from the con.

certain mountebank, who bears the characteristic tinued prevalence of so notorious a trait of

name of Captain Stargazer. As no:hing gave the those characters ; that we do possess some

crowd more diversion than the antic capers of this regard for religion, realon, truth, and juí.

merry andrew, the omission of them is extré mely rice. To this end it is most respe@ttully

reprehensible in the Bee. Did I feel competent, I recommended that on this interesting oc.

would supply the deficiency myself ; but as it is, casion, while the public mind retains the

they must go untold. impression which it has lately received, fo favourable to the object, an universal asso.

E. W. Bull, one of the democratic candida.es ciation be set on foot throughout the coun.

for representative in the assembly of Connecticut, try, among all ranks and clafles of citi.

Davır AUSTIN, who has been insane for a

from the town of Danbury, has lately briught an «zens indiscriminately, in which each and number of years, is announced, in an official list action against 'Mr. O. Steele, one of the printers of every of them shall stand pledged to each published by the governor of New Jersey, as a can

the New-England Republican, (a paper of first-rate and every other, and to the community at didate for Congress from that state He has ad.

merii) for Jander, damages laid at 3,000 dollars. large, to bear testimony against, discour. dressed the citizens of New Jersey on the subject, This Spencerish candidate, it appears, ob:air.ed buc age, discountenance, and by all the means stating his political and religious sentiments, and ap 3 voies, at four different trials in 'fricman's meet. in his power suppress the practice of du. plauding, generally, the measures of the present ad. ing. He will, therefore, be able to prove, on como elling; and that in all instances where ministration. The following singular passage oc ing to trial with Mr. Steele, either that his reputa. it occurs within the sphere of his immedi. curs in the address :

tion has been taken from him, or, that he rever bait ate acquaintance, he will ule all proper

Glancing an eye upon the skirts of the exertions to canse the parties to be brought

" national enclosure, we behold the Lou. to condign punishment. May it not with

“ isiana ferpent bought, but not tamed ! New Hampshire, after being brought; by demopropriety be made the subject of a vote in " Wisdom is needtol so to ally the temper

cratic deception and intrigue to the very brink of the town or county meetirgs, and entered up “ of this serpent to the rich abundance of precipice, has discovered her danger, and is now raon the records of such corporations ?

American paftorage, that it acquire no pidly reassuming the high and honorable ground Whether it be most a subject of pride in

which she has so long heid. The following is the

anti-republican tendency ; and revert the future, or mortification for the past,

result of the late election in that state, for Members " not to the sands or feas of its former let pofterity be told that whatever may

of Congress : have been done heretofore, we now Re

proprietors, clothed with fifteen mil" lions of silver scales."

FEDERAL TICKET. SOLVE not to demand the life of our neigh

Hon. S. Tenney, bour for every trifling offence-not to ac.

10,988 When Louisiana was bought, it was hinted by

D. Hough, knowledge as principles of HONOR, a code of rules which contravene, and set at dethe federalists, that it might cost something to de

S. Betton,

10.977 fend it. This was stoutly denied by the democrats. C. Ellis, jance the laws of God, and our country

10,973 --not to countenance and encourage, by Now we are told i hat an elegant schooner, neatly

T. W. Thompson,


DEMOCRATIC TICKET. passing over with impunity, the open and coppered and pierced for 16 guns, and called the

LOUISIANA, is built for the purpose of being sta. public murder of our innocent and most

N. Parker, valuable citizens, while we severely puntioned off the Mississippi. This clearly proves that


E. Bartlett, it will cost nothing to defend our new territory. ith the lets criminal highwayman. In

C. Storer,

10,171 fine, that we will not infilt our Maker,

T. Cogsweil,

10,171 difcredit ''s holy religion, dishonor our Poor Gun Boat, No. 1, no sooner does she get 1. K. Smith,

10,161 country, and disgrace and ruin ourselves,

laid up in dry.dock on White-marsh island, than by harboring longer in our bofoms that the whole artillery of federal wit is discharged at

Average Federal Majority 803 mo' deformed and abominable offspring

her. The Evening Post says of the age of Javage barbarity.

" It is stated that in the late tremendous It is relpccifully hoped that the Prin.

“ gale at Savannah, Gun Boat No. 1, has ters throughout the United S:ates will con. · been driven alhore, into a corn-field, tribute to the publicity of the foregoing “ where she now lies high and dry ; ready hini, if in their opinion it be calculated to " for action."

We have received from "A Spectator"' a huino.

TOUS and satirical account of the appearance and promote the caule of humanity and good

The United States Gazeite says

conduct of Capt. Stargazer, at the late regimental order ; and if the expediency of fo doing be noi superceded by the labours oi soome

“ Amidst the distressing calamilies oc

review at Canaan. It is stated that “ he appearabler pen upon the subject, and more de. casioned by the hurricane at the south.

ed as a stranger, known and unknown by every 62

ward, we cannot avind a smile at the dy"-hat" his dronish disposition led him to reclire serving of their attention.


singular fale of Gun.Boar, No. 1, which, against the fences or gingerbread carts ;" and that Odober ist, 1804. " it seems, in the hour of distress betook

he " walked in review before the regiment.” Now, · herlelt to the confieids for salery.

as none of this information would be new to any “ We shrewdly suipeci that, in imitation body acquainted wi'h the captain, we decline pubPEACE AT HOME." ! !

- oi her gallant Lord High Admiral, the lishing the communication. IT is reported that Govenor M.Kean, was setting out for Carter's Mountain."

We beg leave to call the attention of our readers of Pennsylvanid, has ordered out two brig.

and of our fellow editors, to the essay under the sixades of Militra to enlurce the laws, again The democratic papers assure us that twelve more nature of “ ALFRED," in this day's Balance. The Connecticut claimants of land and that the gur, bars are to be built. If his is true, the far. reined: prescribed by this writer for a most sericus Connecticui claimants were rallying to op. mers on the sea. coast are cautioned to take care of evil, we crnceive to be judicious of itself, and by r.o pose them. their corn-fields.

means diuicult to be applied.


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To Correspondenta.

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joined statement was communicated, in the first instance, to the Government-In a

1efpe&ful solicitude for the rights and inTo aid the cause of virtue and religion. tereft of our country the deposition and

letters are now made public. E X TR ACT.


Seplember 20th.

On Thursday, Sept. 6th, 1804, about

noon, a note, of which the following is a

HERE are, in all republics, transcript, was left at my office, as my CAUTION TO FARMERS.

certain vile and montirous opprefTors of clerk informed me, by a person who lives the people ; and against thele oppreflors with Mr. Francis Breuil, Merchant, in

the voice of public indignation ought to be Philadelphia : HE following Agricultural ar raised ; and even a revolutionary struggle “ The Marquis de Casa Yrujo prelents ticle has been copied into several papers, to effect their destruction would be lauda.' “ his compliments to Major Jackson and from the Ballimore American, and as it is ble. Many are horribly oppressed with " would be very happy to know from biin calculated to do more harm than good, we

the tyranny of their own vices, which load • and where he could have the pleasure 10

them with such intolerable taxes as to bring do not hesitate to caution farmers against them to want and ruin. A single vice

“ see him in the course of the day," the use of the means here recommended :

Thursday 6."
sometimes lays a ten-fold heavier tax on a
man, than all he has to pay for the support

Never having before received any comProfitable 'way of making Butter in " Winter.-Put your milk, soon after it of government, for public worship formunication from Mr. Yrujo-Nerer hav.

comes from the cow, into a keitle over schools, and for the repairing of streets, ling even exchanged one word of conver

a flow fire, heating it a little above blood highways, &c. Nay, it sometimes cults afation with him in my life-'I was not a " warmth; then take it from the fire, and man more to maintain one vice, than to

little surprized at receiving this inestage, " as it grows cool, the cream will rise of bring up a family of ten children. The which I answered by a note to the follow. " an unusual thickness. - In very cold drunkard, for instance, is most horribly | ing purport : " weather, it will very much increase the oppressed, and is, in fact, treated like a

Major Jackson presents his compli. quantity of cream. If you warm the

Virginia negro. He is taxed not only in "ments to the Marquis de Casa Yrujom “ milk again after it becomes cool, in a

a yearly or quarterly bill, but daily : --ev. in reply to his wore of this morning, " boul 24 or 36 hours after you may a

ery day a large portion of his time is de " just now received, Major Jackson will "! gain take of the cream, which will then

manded ; every day a money tax is ex :' be at his office until 2 o'clock-and at “ be much thicker than at any other sea. il acted of him : nay, his insolene oppressor s his house in Chesnut Street, next son of the year.

ofien throws him down in the dirt and “ Gen. Dickinson's, until 4 o'clock-at The long time spent in churning in

mud, and there fits aftride him. Though “ either of which places he will see the M winier, will not be required, if the

bis wife be fick a bed, or his children fam. Marquis de Cala Yrujo--ot, if more cream be raised in the above method, llishing with hunger, the daily tax is de.

".convenient, he will wait on him." manded, without as generally the better will be made in

abatement or mercy. any

Thursday, Sept. 6." 15 or 20 minutes. It is also a consid. Indred an hundred infances might be is eration of importance, that by keeping ithed, enllaved and abrolutely ruined by

This note was sent by Mr. Johnson, my

clerk, and left at Governor M Kean's. " a fire in yours

milk room, it prevents il " from freezing: cruel oppressors, which are neither more

Mr. Breuil called on me soon after, and !! If you feed your cows with earrots nos less chan their own vices and follies.

laid that the Marquis de Casa Yrujo would " or pumpkins once in 24 hours, it will

be glad to see me at the Marquis's houle Now it frangely happens that these op

5 o'clock, “ make the butter produced from them preiled people, while they steadfaftly main. Icok yellow and have all the richness of

I asked Mr. Breuil if he knew on what tain the doctrine of " poffive obedience May butter."

and non rehilance" toward their real ty. business Mr. Youjo wanted to see me--he

rants, are pecuijauly apt to get at logger. said he did not know, Ii the only obje&t in making butter, is

heads with law and government, and to I went at 5 o'clock to Mr. Yrujo's quantily, the above directions may be well complain of abridgments of their rights.-- || house, and, on entering the room, was eno!igh ; but it quality is the object, they

Would they let obe public government a. accosted by him in nearly the following oughi by all.eans to be avoided. Butter lone, and bend all their efforts to effct a

words : made in this manner, has none of that rich, I themselves, happy for their families and

revolution at home, it might be happy for “ You will be surprized, Major Jack- delicious flavour, nor yellow colour, which

“ son, at the liberty I have taken in tend. happy for society,

ing to you, but lirust an explanation of is so much admired ; but, on the contra.

The motive Avill excuse me, I confider ry, is 'white, tafeless and infipid, when

you, Sir, as a gentleman, a man of letters, fuft made, and immediately grows rancid

and a man oi honor. and disagreeable. On being melted; it


“ By a political intolerance you have separates, and turns half to curd, and the

been forced to adopt a profesion different remainder to oil.--The writer did well to


from what you have heretolere pursued

but it is one in wbich you are qualified to prescribe a method of giving the buiter


be very useful. I observe by certain o. richness and colour, alter first giving di

pinions expressed in your paper, ri at you rections for (poiling it.

IN the discharge of an important, and confider the present administration for i BALANCE. to niy felt an indispensible dury, the fub.lt will not call them government) as dibu .


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she can

clined to go to war with Spain-in' this, The accompanying document refers to we cannot affent to the opinion that a war however, you are mistaken--the reverse is the moft interesting objects that can engage between the United States and Spain is ina the fact--and they only with the federal my attention, and for the moment; thole evitable, or is likely to happen immedi. papers to uiter those opinions that they obje£ls, banish every other remembrance. ately. Spain is froe now in a condition to may have an argument of that sort for in. Mr. Yrujo's official character, precludes make' war upon any country, much less dulging their wish to go to war with my the only reparation I would consent to re upon ours ; and the pacific difpofition of country, which would certainly be very ceive for this attempt against my honor. our adminiftration gives is very little reainjurious to your's-For if the King, my It is for you, Sir, 10 determine what fatis. son to believe that i he first declaration will master, was to order three ships of the line taction is due to our country and its gov proceed from us. and lix frigates to the Millilippi-three ernment.

We can very readily imagine that diffi. ships of the line and fix frigates to the Chef. I shall wait the time necesary to learn culies, 011 the part of Spain, oppose the apeak—and three ships of the line and six your decision before I give further pub-l execution of the treaty; and we are easily frigates to Sandy Hook-what would you licity to the iranfa&tion. "

convinced that any demands upon her for do? But you have it in your power, to

I am, Sir,

money, at this moment, are very mal-a. do much good, by espousing the part of

Your most obedient ferit,

propos. The contributions levied by the peace, which is só necessary to both na.

W. JACKSON. Emperor of the Imperial Republic, must tions-And if you will consent to take e Thomas Jefferson, Esquire,

preis heavy on the embarrassed treasury of lucidations on the subje£t from me, I will | Prefident of the Uniteå States.

the King of Spain and India. They are, furnish them--and I will make you any

however, of higher dignity, and must be acknowledgement." Perceiving, at this

fatisfied. Our requisitions are only back.

Monticello, Sept. 15: h, 04, moment, his infamous purpose, I' with

ed! by juftice, and may, therelore, be SIR, difficulty stifled the emotions which it ex.

thrown afide ; as there is little dread of

I have received your letters of the 7th cited, and restrained my indignation. He

their being enforced by arms. went on to examine in detail the several

and gih instant,* and, Dall use their con-
tenis in due time and place for the benefit requires rot much penetration 10 perceive

If there should be any thing serious, it points in dispute between Spain and the United States and, as I wished to learn of our country. As you seem sufficiently

who is at the bottom of it. Spain would his opinions 'refpeting them, I fuffered apprised that the person of the Marquis

noi dare to provoke war with any natior, him to proceed." Among other things be. Yrujo is under the safeguard of the nation, and secured by it's honor gainst all viola.

feeble, exhaufled, and dependent, as ihe said that if Mr. Pinckney had acted by in.

is, without assurances of support from, or structions from the administration, or if tion, I need add nothing on that head. On

being compelled by, France. She knows his conduct should be approved by then another however I may be permitted to

well that her colonies depend upon the Uadd that if the information respecting a let. war was inevitable. But he had no doubt

nited S.ates, as entirely as her European war was the 'wish of our administrationter, faid 10 have been written by me was

possessions do upon the will of Bonaparte ; for he had received a letter from New. meant as a fample of the communications

no more defend the une against Orleans dated on the 2gth of April lalt, | proposed to be given to you, their loss will

propoled to be given to you, their loss will famine, than the can defend the other awhich stated that there was a letter at that place in Mr. Jefferson's hand writing, da.

written by me, by my authority, or with gainft the fuord. The latter is the near my privity. With my acknowledgements lays make war, war is made ; though it

er and more dreaded ; and if Bonaparte teá in March last, which declared that it

for the communication I tender you my the settlers between the Mislillippi and the falutations.

may, in the issue, threaten her with inev. Rio Perdido, would raile the American

itable destruction. colours they should be supported.


We cannot help, in this place recalling He continued his observations, and prel- | Major William Jackson.

to the mind of Mr. 7.ferfon, that once sed me to give him an answer-affaring

* Duplicate.

belore we were on the eve of a mipture me that this was no diplomatic manage,

with the same power ; the subject of dil. ment, but an épanchement" (unibosoming)

pute was the navigation of the Miflissippi. of himself to me as a man of honor-and

The then Secretary of State was directed,

From the Gaze:te of the United States. he truited I would so consider it. I then

by the President to instruct the American quitted the room ; He went with me to

THE following article, extracted from

negociator Mr. Thomas Pinckney, to ad. the street door, and again asked me when the Norfolk Publick Ledger, contains our

drefs the Spanish Monarch thusa-" The I would give him an answer. With dilh. lentiments upon the probable result of our

United States know their own strength, culty I suppressed the indignation of my present differences with Spain. We have

without boasting of it; they also can rolfeelings and left the house. never believed that the Spanish govern: Jearing it."-Wafhington was then presi


peel the strength of other nations without W. JACKSON.

ment will dare to go to war with us, unSworn the 7th Sept. 1804, That

less compelled to it by France, and of

dent. He might hold fuch language; and the contents of the within slatecourse backed by the Emperor of that re.

from him it wovid proceed with roblement are just and true. public; and having such assistance, they

nels, and command reverence. EDWD, SHIPPEN, Chief Juslice can never provoke our government to go

a statesman and a soldier ; wliv knew that of the Supreme Court of Penn. to war with them. They may, perhaps,

the independence and dignity of his coun. Bylvania. block up our ports again, and again compel

try were inseparable ; and was by nature Philadelphia, September 7th, 1804. us to pay a havdione lum for having them

and by habii, qualified to sustain both.SIR,

We will not exbibit an antiilelis. That opened--but nothing more.

unpleasant task we will leave 10 others.--Considerations paramount 10 all others, the love of my country, and a sense of PROM THE PUBLICK LEDGER,

He who is not rotally divested of freling,

who will hold up the iwo ideas before personal honour, which no change of for


him, who' will “lork upon this picture iune or circumstances can ever, efface or

and on THIS," will find the convi&ion diminih, have decided me, on the present NOTWITHSTANDING what has occafion to address you.

torced upon him, that, at prcieni, ile lon. been publified in this and other papers,''l guage of Washington might, with frie?

He was

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