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hesitation as some troublesome dependent Then came a coxcombical chap, who Original.

who had been put into a petty office, to pasles (as French crowns formerly did) for

give him consequence and bread. more than he is worth. Hither the products of your closet-labors bring, Enrich our columns, and instruct mankind.

He was followed by one much young. Mr. Editor, your paper is not large e.

er, wish not a jot the less wisdom or pom. nough to mention halt the sketches obFOR THE BALANCE.

polity. This was a supercilious fellow, tained in this way. But, I hate tediouf. who had such a habit of turning up his ness--So, adieu !

PETER PALLET. nole at every thing around him, that one THE LIMNER.

could hardly refrain from asking at wbat
price he valued his name.

The next was a pretty sensible old gen-

tleman, but every inuscle in his face was T was a pleasant day, and I had distorted by his extraordinary peevilhness A writer in the New-York Evening Post, treating

of the purchase of Louisiana, furnishes the fol. feated myself at my front window. At and moroseness. This man, thought I, is

lowing statement and remarks, which we recomfirst I had no particular object in view. angry if others know less than himself,

mend to the attention of every candid reader :But, attentively observing the countenan and he is more angry ftill, if they pretend "'AS this extraordinary purchase, has ces of thole who passed by, I was ftruck to know as much. Thus has he always been celebrated through the United States with the astonishing diversity of feature, sufficient food for his spleen. If his tho's

with thanksgiving and public rejoicings,

and many thousand genuine republicans figure and dress with which I was present or deeds were balf as bad as his words, he

have been drunk on ibe occasion, it may ed. “ 1!," faid I, musing, " I could would be the most vicious man on earth.

be well to calculate each flare's proportion contrive some method to detain these peo.

The next was a plain dressed man ; but of the expence of the first coft. Taking ple a few minutes at my window, I could the brim of his hat was lo large that I could

the present ratio of representation in Consketch a curious groupe, exceeding, per.

gress for the rule, confiling of 142 Memnot get a peep at his face.

bers, 105,634 dollars for each, will give haps, the most complicated mixture, ever

Next came a consequential character. a product of 15,000,028 dollars, or a trifle delineated by Hogarth.” I was so well He was employed in whittling a pine fick !

more than the price of this great acquisipleased with the whimsical idea, that I im.

tion. Now the annual interest of this And through his pbiz wore every sign of mediately hunted up an old caricature, and

then, ac fix per cent. amounts to 900,001 stupidity, Atill the moft fuperficial obferv. dolls. and 68 cts. and will be for each faftened it against the window. This was

er could read in it - I will not be disputed. | Member 6,338 dolls. and 4 cents. my gull trap, Mr. Editor, and I assure you, || Clothe this man, said I, in " a little brief

Members. Annual Interest. it was not let in vain ; for vast numbers

New Hampshire has 5 $528,171 $31,690 20 authority," and his conduct would be in.


422,536 25,352 16 were caught by it, and their heads taken sufferable. He would want even the ele.

Massachusetts, 17 1,795 778 107,746 68

Rhode Island, 2 of, not as by a guillotine, after the French

211,268 12.676 8 ments (particularly air and water) io sub Connecticut,

759,438 44 366 28 tathion--but merely sketched with a craymit to his controul.

New York,

17 1,795,778 107,746 68 New.Jersey,

633,804 33,028 24 on.

Then came a lump of magifterial dull. Pennsylvania, 18 1,901,412 114.084 72 A countenance full of wisdom, first

Delaware, ness; but ail his dignity lay, not in his

105,634 6,338 4 Maryland,

950,706 57,042 56 presented itself. Indeed, the owl, the celface, but in lomething--above his head. Virginia,

22 2,323,948 139,436 88 ebrated bird of wisdom, placed by the side

North Carolina, 12. 1,267,608 76,056 48 The next was a knowing, cunning old South Carolina,

845,072 50,704 32 of this man, would have appeared like a tellow. He had such a habit of screwing


4 422,536 25,352 16

And then he had such a

633,804 38,078 24 fimple fool. up his face, blinking, and looking wise, Tennessee,

316,902 19,014 12 pompous strut, and such an air of fellthat one could hardly refrain from think. Ohio,

105,634 6,338 4 conccit, that I put bim down without | ing of a baboon.

142 15,000,028 900,001 68




1 9


6 3 1

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“ Thus have the profefTed idolizers of 1 ed States, fo modelling the mode of voting in office, amounting to 8600 doll. 30 cents. republican economy, embarrassed their for President and Vice Prefident as effec Of this sum 4000 doll. has been paid from country with an additional debt, the an. tually to prevent a repetition of the un their private purses, which they requeft nual intereft of which is more than the a. pleasant scene exhibited at the last election may be relunded to them, and provision mount of the late United States dire&t tax. of those officers.

made for the discharge of the balance. Ao But, say the deluded and deluding Gov. During the recess certain concurrent institution so hoporable to the justice and ernmental lycophants, "the intereft of

resolutions of the two houses of the Legis humanity of the government, will, it is this debt is to be imperceptibly paid by ad lacure of the Commonwealih of Massachu. confidently hoped, continuc to enjoy the ditional duties on goods” consumed by setts, having for their objc&t an alteration patronage of the legislature. the liege subjects of that profiled friend of the thiró clause of the second fe&tion of A bill drawn at the infance of the in. of the people, who su feelingly commiffe. the first anticic of the constitution of the U. (pectors, proposing additional penalties for rates the mouth of labour, where he says nited States, ha 'e been transmitted to me the greater security of the Prison, and of . Government should sot take from it the by the Executive of that state. A propofi i:s internal government, will be presented bread it has earned." Whether a man is tion from fuch high authority merits the to the legislature. The infli&tion of capital beguiled out of ten dollars, or pays it for a most respectful conideration, and (should punishment in certain cases will be found direĉi tax, the effect on bis estate is the the claule alluded to be found, on exami. among its provisions. How far such an alfame.

It chescoltatements are, as I pre. nation, incorreâ in principle, or incon. teration in the criminal code may be deem. fume them to be, in substance corre&i, I venient in practice) will, I trust, receive, ed a departure from the principles on fubmit to the confideration of all candid Gentlemen, your cordial Support, pro which the institution is founded, and how inen which would, in reality, have been vided no infurmountable barrier presents

far it would be consonant to justice and le. mis proper upon this occasion, a thankf- i ii self. How far this is the cale at pres. gal policy, will require, gen:lemer, your giving or a fajt.....

ent, and will so continue till the year 1808, lerinus and deliberate confideration. If it CENSOR."

you will be enabled to determine by exam. be an element of the political theory on ining this clause in connection with the which our government is ereEted, that it is fourth of the ninth section of the same ar vested with no rights but such as are deriv.

ticle, and the filih article. The resulu. ed from the individuals composing the Speech tions will be laid belore you.

community, and it be admitted ibat indi. The mission of General Arni strong to the viduals have not the right to dispose of Court of France has occasioned a vacancy

Their own lives, it may be reasonably THE GOVERNOR.

in our representation in the Senate of the doubled whether the government can jul.

United States. Congress is now in session, tify the inflation of capital pudihment in Gentlemen of the Senate and Assembly, and as there is reason to believe that inter. any case not sanctioned by the divine man.

YOU were adjourned to this early day || esting discussions will early take place in Its policy allo may be doubled. 10 enable you to execute a trust important the National Councils, I prefume, Gentle The principal object of punishment is thę and interesting as any that can be reposed men, you will consider the filling fuch va. prevention of crime. To him who is de.

the representatives of a free people. cancy as meriting a place among the first prived of liberty for lile, death can have The period for which the President and objcēts of your attention.

but few terrors, and the efforts of despair Vice President of the United Siates were A circumstance much to be regretted has are seldom enleebled by the apprehension respectively chosen will expire with the taken place fince the last adjournment. of confequences.-While on this subject, third of March next.

It becomes your

Some convicts in the State. Prison fet fire gentlemen, pern.it me to suggeft to you duty, therefore, in obedience to the con. to the buildir.g, and though the utmost ex the propriety of a revision of your fyllem fitution of the General Government, the ertions were employed to extinguish the of criminal jurisprudence. Ce ainly great ac of Congress, and that of the Legilla. || flames, they were not successful until one improvements bave been made in it: it is ture of this state relative thereto, to ap. of its wings was nearly consumed. On however fill far from being perfect, and point, during the present meeting of the consulta:ion of the infpe£tors with the judg is fufceptible of further amendment. It feflion now about to be opened, the legal es of the supreme courl, and the mayor is of the effence of every good fyftem that number of perfons duly qualified to elect and recorder of the city of New York, it there be a due apportionment of punifhment to them succeflors to thole dignified fta was an unanimous opinion that the public to crime, estimating the latter by iis degree tions. The selection lies exclusively with interest demanded the immediate repair of of moral turpitude, and its consequences you, and in making it, that you will feek the damage sustained, and as there was no to society. Commencing with the lower for charaéters of approved integrity, void fund froin which the fums necessary to

order ot felonies we mall find an unwar. of prejudice, firmly attached to the prin. detray the expense could be drawn, it was rantable diff'rence in the degrees of punciples of our government, and the true in. recommended to the inspectors to raise them ishment annexed to grand and petit larceterests of our common country, is not to

on their individual credit. This they | nies, and yet a ceni more or less confti, be queflioned.

have done, and the building has been re. cutes the eflential difference beween thele On an examination of the laws above paired in the most economical and effe&tual offences. This is not the only objection. alluded t, it will be foun! that no provi. manner, and rendered much securer against The adminiftration of justice being comfion has been made for the contingency ut future similar disasters than it was in its o. mitted to more than thirty judicatories, of. an Elector's absence from the neeting en.

riginal fate. In addition to the repairs, || tences of the came grade are punished joined. This is a delect, the propriery | they have lound it necessary to erect at a more or less feverely according to the diland manner of remedying which, I fubmi small expense an additional work. Thop. ferent ideas of different magiftraves, arising to your discretion.

The amount of disbursements for these ob. from the too great latitude of discretion It is with pleasure, Gentlemen, I an jeels is fourteen thousand four hundred and veiled in the courts of jullice. ] the cal. nounce () you oflicially the ratification, by forty-two dollars filıy-one cents, for the endars of conviétions and judgments are the compeient numver of states, of the a. reimburfement of which they now apply examined, the fame offences, probably ac. Dendment proposed during the last felho to the juttice of the legillature. They tur. companied with the same circunstances o Congress so the first lection of the fe vier file that the irititution is einbarrafled of arocity, will be found punibed i.y coid article of the constitution of she Unit by debis contračied by their predecessors i confinement at hard labor in the tale-pril.


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on for periods varying from one to ten | squadrons. An estimate of the expence to agree upon fit characters to support with years : They may vary from one to four. will also be submitted.

their suffrages. No such things there.--teen years. While so valt a disproportion I cannot conclude, gentlemen, without exists between the punishments annexed

Candidates for office are already cut and calling your attention to a subject which to these different species of lacerny, where

my worthy and highly respected predecel., dried to their hands-which must of course in the degrees of criminality not a shade of for in office bad much at heart, and fre. save them considerable expence and troue difference is to be perceived, sinple and quently I believe presented to your view, ble, and any thing for the promotion of compound larcenies are subjected to the the encouragement of literature. In a

republican economy !--- It would seem, fame punishment, tho'the latter generally government refing on public opinion, and evince greater depravity, and ever pro- deriving its chief support from the affec

however, that this republican mode of duce greater injury to society than the for rions of a people, religion and morality

nominating one's self, does not go down mer. Thus no distinction is made between cannot be too sedulously inculcated. To with all the “ sovereign people" at the forcibly entering a dwelling and commit them science is an hand maid ; ignorance southward. Some of tbem are not alloting a larceny therein, where pot dune bur the worst of enemies. Literary informa . glariously, and reloniously taking the pro

gether pleased with it, as will appear by tion should then be placed within the reach perty of another when exposed in the high- il of every description of citizens, and pov.

The following resolution, passed at a lown. way.

erty should not be permitted to obltruet meeting held in Woodbury, Maryland :Alcending from the lowest to one of the

the path to the fane of knowledge. Com. highest lpecies of felony, a similar defect

Resolved unanimously, That this meet. mon schools under the guidance of rel

“ ing highly disapprore the practice, lo presents itselt. In the crime of murder | pecable teachers (hould be established in ihere are various degrees of turpitude, | every village, and the indigent be educat.

" inimical to republican principles, otinbut no discrimination of punishment. A ed at the public expense. The Sigher

“ dividuals announcing themselves in the deliberate and premeditated kiiling, with seminaries also should receive every pat

" public prints as candidates for offices in express malice, is certainly more criminal

" the gift of the people, and pledge themronage and support within the means of

“ felves to oppose, by all proper means in the eye of religion and morality, than enlightened legiflators. Learning would where the malice arises by legal implica- | thus flourish, and vice be more efectually

“ in their power, the election of any person tion alone. So murder committed in the reQrained than by volumes of penal statutes.

persisting in such indelicate practice.". perpetration, or attempt to perpetrate any With grateful acknowledgements to a beof ihe higher offences, is certainly more neficent God for the large portion of nation. Genuire Republican Compliment. criminal, than where it is the consequence al prosperity he continues to bless us with, of an intended trespass or a mere want of

permit me, gentlemen, to affure you of due cantion. These distinctions, I am

It is said that when some person observ. my ready co-operation in every exertion perluaded, accord with public sentiment,

ed to Gov. Lewis that his late speech was you shall make to add to the mass of geoas must be evident to all those who have eral happiness.

not sufficiently elevated and polished, he wilnefled the embarrassment of jurors, when

MORGAN LEWIS. drily remarked, that it was his study to fit directed that the law imposes upon them

his language to the capacities of his hearers. to find one guilty of Murder whom they | Albany, November 6th, 1804. verily believe never intended to commit it. This is placing them in a delicate situation,

We do not observe, in our governor's and offering violence to tender conscien.

Speech, any recommendation of the reces.

duation of wages or salaries ! It is sincereThe crimes of forgery and counterfeiting are also susceptible of a clasification of

ly hoped that the Legislature will not be their various species. A detailed plan of

guilty of the same oversight. such an improvenient would far exceed the proper limits of this address. I shall

The Nuns of Ursula at New Orleans,” therefore reserve it for a luture occasion.

have addressed a letter to Mr. Jefferson, to In the event of an irterruption of the har.

wbich he has returned an answer, affecmony which has subliñcd between the Uni Editor's Closet.

tionately styling them Holy Sisters." ted States and the maritime powers of Eu.

This, says a correspondent, reminds us of rope, wecannot butlook with anxiety towards

It has for some time been a general prac | the devil's falutation to the Pope-"Good the defenceless state of our principal fea.

tice at the southward for persons publicly morning, Holy Father.port. To afford it compleat protection against an invading force, would require an expence

to announce themsilves as candidates for beyond the ordinary resources of the state, office. In Virginia and Kentucky this A writer in the Charleston Courier, apt. and is an obje& emphatically appertaining practice has been carried to its highest

practice has been carried to its highest ly styles El Marqais de Casa Yrujo, the to the general government. As far as it may l pitch. Not an election for one of their be effected by militia arrangements it is

tip-end of a long line of Spanish Nobil. certainly our duty to attempt it. I shall for

molt inferior officers can be held, but we ity." this purpose in the course of the session see their papers crowded with the adverfubmit to your consideration a plan for or. tisements of these modeft gentlemen, pul. A Philadelphia paper mentions the mar. ganizing a brigade of artillerists and corps

fing themselves up as deserving of public riage of Mr. Silence to Miss Jackson. It of engineers tobe provided with a competent

patronage. In Maryland and several other park of heavy field artillery, howitz, mor

may, with justice, be declared, that this tars, and the neceslary apparatus for the

southern states, this delicate practice has al. man has done what few others have been use of hot hot, which may afford


so been prevalent. The people there are able to do, i.e. he has reduced a female to tion against single thips, and even small not troubled with meetings and caucusses |filence.




new one.

Let me ask him, who has rioted in diflipa. | Providence, answers the designs of our
tion, who has drank the bowl of intemper. | Creator, and converts temporal, mislor-
ance to the bottom, what must be think if tunes into blessings, which " time can
he awoke from the deep of intemperance at

neither give nor take away.”
the eternal tribunal of offended and insule.
ed Omnipotence? Lite is held by fo tranf.
itory a tenure; so many casualties waylay Miscellany.
and beset us at every step we advance,
that not to prepare for inevitable event,
betrays a kind of morbid infenfibility of


heart, more fitting for a brute than a man.
Well does inspiration ask the question,

Experiments in Agriculture,

“Our Fathers where are they?" Webehold
the mansion of our youth; the tree, where

ISITING, in our quarter, is

our infant sports endeared our existence ; li the “ order of the day." How long it

and where we once beheld the venerable will continue fo, the Lord only knows, EXPERIMENT I.

form of a parent, smiling with tenderness Scarcely one moment can elapse tut what on his children. Look for hiin now the my wife is tittering about vifting. Where

“ place, which once krew him, knows all I next go, and when fall. I again N the year 1785, I lowed three a.

him no more ;' and we can only find him have company, is her whole ftudy. On cres, ut light isinglass Toil, containing a little clay, with barley and clover. In the

covered with the clods of the valley. It these two things her attention is drawn al. month of April the following year, I di. is an undoubted fact, that death redoubles most every day fhe lives.

She does not vided the field into three parts, and Itrew. I the value of the object of deprivation. | pretend to calculate on the expence that

attends visiting. No-his is entirely out ed fix bushels of Gypsum on No. 1. the Although the heart cannot tax ii self. with

of her thought. But the bell and most - fame quantity of American Gypsum, any criminal all, yet remembrance awakes brought from the bay of Fundy, on No. 2.

a thousand infances of those petty tranf- genteel manacr of receiving her guests is and left the intermediate space No. 3.

gressions, to which all human nature is li ihe object. --- this thing does not suit without any. On cutting the first crop

able, which give a poignancy to the sut. her altogether, fhe “vows'' she will have

However much nothing to do with it, but will have a that year, little difference could be obser: || ferings of the mourner.

we loved the obje&t of our grief when a. ved, the fecond crop produced double rhe

It that thing does not exaaly

please her talle, it is the homelieht in the quanty of grass, where the Gypsum had live, when dead we are persuaded that we

Whatever ir.

world, and the wonders I had no more been put : and the succeeding year the dif- ought to have loved wore, ference was Bill greater in favor of this ma.

ritations existed, are buried with the corps judgement than to selea kuch an old fashnuie; early in oa. in 1787, the clover | -- whatever was poble or lovely in the lioned article. Thus is goes, Mr. Editor,

my wife mult visit and be fafhionable, and lea was ploughed once, about four inches character, survives in melancholly remem.

brance. Thus does the heart of a diction 1 muf pay for it. There is no knowing deep, was sowed with rye, and in that create new materials for misery ;--and I

what I shall conie to. rough ftare was harrowed, the rye was of

But I shall endeav. will add, for the copfort of the mourner,

our to make the best of a "bad bargain. a superior quality and double the quantity on number one and iwo than on three. Af that this very propeoliy is the fure mark This very evening, Sir, she is on a jaunt of an amiable mind. When sickness wears

some wliere. I have fat alone will I am ter harvest, the rye ftubble was plowed and fowed with buck-wheat, when a striking away the conftitution by the " cold grada. Lired, have written these lines, and the has diff:rence was still observable in favor of tions of decay," the lurviving friends are, not corre yet. the Gypsum.

i with, Mr. Editor, that you would put in a mealuse, prepared for the awful change that is loon to succeed. But where these lew lines in your paper, that my wite we behold the face at one moment n..thed may have a chance to see theirl. I don't wiib health, and the next covered with the

know as they will have any good feet, Monitorial. palerels of death, the change is lo sudden

but certainly they can have no had one, and autul, that the heart finks under the I shall put just the fame letters in the ligweight of its predture. Let those, who

nature to this piece as there is in her own To aid the cause of virtue and religion. have been ehus ifliciet, now pals in mel.

real name, and leave her to pick them out. ancholy review a hle without reproach to.


wards man and towards Gon. Let mero

ry Supply what death has taken away ; FROM THE RHODE ISLAND FARMER. and by followirg the footsteps of the dear

deceased be prepared for a dilla'udion as

fudden, and leave behind them a charac. MR. EDITOR,
ter equally revered.

LY inserting the fillowing in the Balance 48 Lei us not, liu'wever, give ourselves up vor:ly) you will much cllige your most obedicos O contemplate the hour of dif. to melancholy forebodings and gloomy lunible servant. solution is the indipensable dury of transi. anticipations. We are under the protec. tory mortals. Did we know the moment sion of a Brisg ubcie" tender meicies are

ON FRIENDSHIP. of departure, repentance might, perhaps over all his works,” and who will leal be procraftinated. But as the Deity has, the wounds wbici lis on liuids bare in. for wife and benevolenı pürpries, shui fu 0 Aed. To compiain is puerile. turity from our view ; as ihe next kreiwskie ierare by which lie is holden ; be a nuiual aliaci mute uh hing between meni may be the harbouer of death, the lio defend is pufillanimus õnd unevail. two perions, and writing not merely from call for preparation is loud and imperious. iing; but to improve ile afiliations of

ing; tui io impicve se afllictions of emotions ol gratitude, los favors receive

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RIENDSHIP may be defined to



ed ; from instinctive affe¿tion, or from an. death and to receive them as his bosom || believing that thy sentiments coincide with imal paflion ; but, from an opinion pre friends.

mine, respecting negro Navery, I request -vailing in each of them, thai the oihar

The power, both of love and friend. chee to publish in thy widely circulating pofTesses some virtuous and amiable quali Thip, is finely illustrated by the following paper, the fubjoined severe ironical rebuke ties,

narration. Two male negroes, belonging. against its advocates. It is copied from Many connexions have been formed

to an English gentleman in the island of Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws, Book 151h. and carried on under the mild appelation | Sc. Christophers, were nearly of the same

Chapter 5th. of friendship, upon no other basis, than

age, and very
eminent among

their fellow the fordid hope, which one, or perhaps laves, for their gracefulness of figure, dex. ON THE SLAVERY OF THE NEGROES. both, of the parties, entertained of accom. terity and adroitness. They were also displishing lome selfish purpose through the tinguished for their reciyrocal friendship, WERE I to vindicate our right to means of the other. But such a connex.

and likewile for their muiual attachment to make llaves of the negroes, these should be ion is so base and deieftable in its very naa young female flave, who was confidered

my arguments. ture, and so temporary in its existence,

as the most beauritul of her complexion that it would be needlefs to spend time in

The Europeans, having extirpated the in the island. The young female appeared demonstrating it to be totally unworthy of

Americans, were obliged to make slaves of to be equally pleased with both her lovers, the title of friendship. Equality of age is

the Africans for clearing such vaft tracts of

land. and was willing to receive either of them tavorable to friend thip. The pasions and for her husband, could one content to pursuits of infancv, manhood and old age, yield to the pretensions of the other. Nei.

Sugar would be too dear, if the plants are so different from each other, that ihe ther of them was willing to reliquish his

which produce it were cultivated by any man will seldom be disposed to converse

other than llaves. claim, nos to intringe the sacred rights of with the boy in preference to one who has | fiiendship that exifted between them. The

These creatures are all over black, and had the like experience in the world with

two youths, therefore, long suffered the se. with such a flat nose, that shey can scarce. himselt; and the old man will wish for verelt affliction while their hearts were vi.

ly be pitied. the company of fome ancient friend, with

olently, torn between love and friendship. It is hardly to be helieved that God, whom he may “ speak of the days of for At length, when they were no longer uble who is a wisé being, should place a soul, mer years" and think,

to endure the contest, (being fill unable to elpecially a good soul, in fuch a black and • Of joys departed-never to return,

repress the love they bore their dear coun ngly body. “ How bitter ile remembrance !!** tryman, and incapable of violating the

It is so natural to look upon colour as laws of friendship) on a certain day, they, I she criterion of human nature, that the AI believe I may venture to affirm that some of the most substantial friendships are logether with the object of their ill-fated ll a the

fiatics, anong whom eunuchs are employotten found between persons of the same sex. If resemblance of taste, ot opinions, | caressing the lovely fylph, calling her by

ed, always deprive the blacks of a resem. Icene of their labours. There after tondly blance to us by a more approbrious disof manners, be favorable to friendship, this

tinction, thousand endearing names, and lamenting certainly must take place. The distinc

The colour of the skin may be detertion which nature has established between their own unhappy fates, they fabbed a

mined by that of the hair, which, among the sexes, and the different occupations reeking with her immaculate blood, was by knite into her breaft, which, while still

the Egyptians, the best philosophers in the which they are led to pursue in this life,

world, was of fucb importance, that they have all a tendency to dispose men and them, each in his turn, plunged into his

put lo death all the red-haired men who own. Her cries reached the people at women to enter into liabits of intimacy

tall into their hands. with persons of their own sex, in prefer the ran to the place, a:id found her juit work in the neighbouring fields; rome of

The negroes prefer a glass-necklace to ence to those of the other.

that gold, which polite nations fo highly expiring, and the two youths already dead

value : Can there be a greater proof of Young girls have their favorite diver. | by her lide ! fions. The boys have theirs. The girls

their wanting common sense ? knit and sew together, consult each other

It is impossible tor us to suppose thele about their dress, and associate at their idle

creatures to be men ; hecause, allowing

FOR THE BALANCE. hours. The boys prefer the society of

them to be men, a suspicion would follow, their equals of the lame sex, unul such

that we ourselves are not christians. times as their bearis begin to finish with the Neighbour Croswell,

Weak minds exaggerate too much the Itrong impulse of a recent pallion. This

wrong done to the Airicans, for were the gentle paffion, undoubied!y, causes the

EING a constant reader of thy

case as they ftate it, would the European youth to prefer the fociety of his fair Dul.

paper, I observe thou hast made great ob. powers, who inake so many neediein con. cinea to that vi his dearefi companion, and

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