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The Hon. Samuel L. Mitchell, is chol. || for by a particular statute of the fate of en by the legislature, Senator of the U.S. New-Jerley, if the Atroke be given in in place of Gen. Armitrong.

New- Jersey, and the death ensies in an.

other Itare, it is murder. No doubt there. Messrs. Calvin Goddard, John C. Smith, fore remains of the nature of the crine,

Samuel W. Dana, Roger Griswold, John and that the grand jury have been correct. . Be it our weekly task, To note the passing tidings of the times. Davenport, jun. Benjamin Talmadge and

[U. S. Gaz.] Jonathan 0. Mosely, are chosen to repre

sent the state of Connecticut in the eighth The French frigates which have for a Hudson, November 13. Congress of the United States.

long time been blockaded in the harbor of

New-York, by the British frigates off the Federalism is triumphing in Massachu. Hook, have at length escaped through Hell. ELECTORS

setts. Mr. Quincey, a federalist, has been gate and the Sound. OF PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT.

elected member oi Congress in the room
of Dr. Euftis,

Sylvester Dering, Suffolk County, The commissions of the following per.

By the arrival at Wilmington (N. C.)
James Fairlie,
New York,

fons, as justices of the peace, have been on the gth it. of the brig Orange, Cap!. Cornelius Bergen, Kings,

revoked by the Legislature of Conne&i. Pelham, from Cadiz, we learn that Gen. John Hering, Rockland,

cut, on account of their having published MOREAU and family arrived at that place Ezra Thompson, Dutchefs,

a false and leditious declaration, ihat that about the 8th of August, in a small SpanJohn Wood, state has no constitution, and that its gov.

ish vessel from Gibraltar. The Governor C. I. Elmendort, Ulster, ernment is an usurpation :

of the province of Andalusia, who ex. Stephen Miller, Columbia,

William Judd, Jabez H. Tomlinson, || peeted his coming directed the Health OlAlbert Pawling, Rensselaer, Agur Judson, Hezekiah Goodrich, and ficer to lend a boat to the vessel immediate. Isaac Sargeant, Washington, Nathaniel Manning.

ly, for the General and his family. He John Cramer,

allo ordered the gates of Cadiz to be openAdam Comftock, S.Saratoga,

Welearn from Rutland, that in the South ed at 12 o'clock at night, and went him. Thomas Brooks, Otsego, eastern and Northeastern Districts, there is

selt to cor.du&t thein into the city. The Matthias B. Hildteth, Montgomery, no choice for Representatives to Congress. Il gates of Cadiz were never belo:e opened William Floyd, Oneida,

In the Southwestern, Gideon Olin, Fig.is after dark, which is there considered ibe Jonas Earl, Onondaga,

re-elected ; and in the Northwestern, Mar- | greatest mark of respect that can be fbewa Joseph Ellicott, Genefee, tin Chittenden.

to the inost exalted individual. The GenHenry Quackenbofs, Albany

eral was waited upon and welcomed by all Abraham Bancker, Richmond.

Thursday, the 15th November, is ap. the distinguished personages, both French
All Democrats.

poinicd as a day of public thank giving and and Spanish, in the city,
prayer in the state of Connecticut.

The French papers say, that in July,

The Vermont democrats, notwithstand Lord Nelson fent a frigate, with a third Jonathan Trumbull, | Lewis B. Sturges, ing their political terpitude, discovered in | Messenger to Algiers, to demand the res. John Treadwell, David Smith, the late election the characteristic shrewd.

coration of certain vessels, the release of a Oliver Ellsworth, Alher Müller. nels of Yankies. They very readily gave

number of feamen, indemnity for certain David Daggett, Sylvester Gilbert.

their suffrages to a democrat, for Lieuten losses; thai the British Couiul should be Joshua Huntington,

ant. Governor ; because they considered received again, and that the Dey should a. All Federal. him as a kind of lupernumerary officer; ll pologise for his conduct.

The Dey not but when they came to vote for Treasurer, only Aill continues to refuse to comply they looked out for one in whom they

with those demands, but he insists on bar. VERMONT

we:e willing to entrust the Public Money ; || ing large sums of the English before he reJosiah Wright, Nothaniel Niles, Samuel Shaw, William Hunter,

and finding none of their own party, they cieves the Consul again.

voted for and elected a Federalist. This
Ezra Butler,
John Noyes.

fa&t bites.
[Boston Centinel.]

The violent fquall which occurred a.
All Democrats.

bout 8 o'clock yesterday morning, drore

The Ship Fortune from her fasts at the Laz. The “ act concerning libels," which was before

aretto, and overset her within one hun. our legislature last session, and concerning which

A grand jury of the state of New-jer- || dred yards of the wharf. Three of the there was at that time, so much controversy, is

fey having prelented a bill of incidre e for passengers who happened to be on board Tejected! and returned to the legislature by the Gov.

murder, against this gentleman, it has be. were drowned.-Two were fathers of fam. with the reasons why the bill is improper to become

come an interesting question, whether the ilies, who, by this accident, are leit deitia law. This affair shall be duly attended to here.

crime of which lie has been guilty is tute, in a country with the babits, culo afier. In the mean time'let the democrats remem.

really murder in legal fignification. By toms, manners, and language of which ber the million of lies they have told about it.

the common law, if the stroke of which they are unacquainted.
one dies be given in one county and he

This vell: I arrived from Embden more die in another, it is not murder in either. than a fortnight ago after a tedious partage OP Col. BURR took his feat in the The cafe being much stronger between of go days, during which twenty perlons Senate of the United States, on Monday || different states, it is supposed that as Gen. had perished of a contagious fever, gene. the 5th instant, at the opening of the ser. Hamilton died in New York and not in rated by her crowded state, and of which fion!! We have no room for reflections | New. Jerley, Col. Burr cannot be guilty | 41, including the Caprain, were landed ill this week. of murder. But the fact is otherwise ; on her arrival,

[Philad. Paper.]




tion :

WASHINGTON, OCT. 29. without any appearance of success, and

110 Commodore Barron arrived at Gibraltar tearing that a turther attempt on the subjeet with his squadron on the 12th August last. might lead to suspicions unfavorable to a On his arrival he found several dispatches good understanding, I made fail and pur

We acknowledge the receipt of the second canto from Mr. Simpson our consul at Morocco, lued my course back to Tangier where I a. of “ The greater the truth, the greater the libel." all flating in frong terms the hoflile dilpo gain on the 27th joined the Effex. Ai La: In this canto, the writer lashes with considerable sition of the Emperor of Morocco against rache I found the ship Melhouda (cidevant severity

, a couple of partners-inlow, of Rensselaer our commerce, and the preparations ma Tripoline) in a state of ordinary, but at

county, who have laid their pretty heads together, king by him to send out three frigates and Arzilla and Mamora there was not a single

in furnislıing out several vulgar, pitiful, and abusive two galleys upon a cruise. Mr. Simpson vesel of any discription.

publications, touching the first canto On account urging the indispensible necessity of leav.

of certain allusions which would not be generally

On my return again to Tangier I made ing iwo of the frigates upon that station,

understood, we decline giving the piece at length. the ulual signal to communicate with our che commodore accordingly left the Cyn. Consul, and in an hour atter had the pleas

The writer commences with the following invocagrels, capt. Rogers, and the Effex, capt.

ure of receiving advices from himn corrob. Jimes Barron. The following extract of, orating my own opinion that whatever

“ Hail, glorious falshood ! at thy shrine once more a letter from capt. Rogers to the Secretary grounds there might have been for fufpi.

I bend my knee-thy gracious aid implore ; of the Navy discloses the result.

cion, that they were so far removed as to O, be propitious to my ardent pray'r'
United States frigate Congress,
admit of one of the ships leaving the coast."

And take me under thy peculiar care.

Through your kind favor, my yet humble name
Tivo days after I left Tangier for Salle, the
iwo galleys which the Effex was left to

May soon advance to dignity and fame.

Already busy whispers circle round, I have the honor to inform you that I watch, failed, and one of them was board.


ed by her in light o! Tangier. This cir. have this instant arrived here with the Con

That thro' Columbia's bounds there is not found

(0, happy thought! my joys on pinions rise) grels and Effex direa from Tangier from

cumstance serves to prove that they had no
orders to capture American vessels, or they

Not one to equal nie at telling lies."
which place I failed on the 27ih inf. our
certainly would not have gone to sea while

It appears that the writer of the first canto had passage has been long owing to a strong lhe Elex was in fight. These two gal been called a foreigner in some of the paltry publiLevant gale which lasted from the night I leys, with the three ships at Salle, com.

cations of his opponents, to which he thus alludesof the 27h until the morning of the 26 h, and drove us through the Straits into the

prise the greater part, it not the whole “ I'm also call'd a rude « imported brat,”

maritime force of Mrocco. Since the Atlantic.

And all vile names-except a democrat. In my last communication dated Tan. || galleys failed I have heard of their being so sung a native Bird, of sweetest note

, at Cadiz. gier Bay, 17th inft. I informed you of

The thips are inside of Sulie Who like the nightingale attunes his throat." Commodore Barron's having sent the Con. Bar, and I have reason to believe there is

The lines copied from this nightingale's “ wild gress and Essex on this coast in conse.

but little probability of their going to sea numbers," and all allusions to them, are too vulgar quence of advices received from Mr. chis summer, as I am told there never bas

for the Balance. . But the following lines are chaste, Simpson our consul at Tangier, of my in. been an instance of their large cruizers go.

and certainly possess considerable point and spirit : tention to leave the Ellex to watch the ling to sea for the purpole of cruizing, af.

I shall leave

“ They who contemu all foreign source of rhymes, conduct of two galleys at that place and of ter the 10th of September.

Would Brandy prize, tho' brought from foreign my proceeding immediately to Salle to in this the instant I get water on board fuffi

climes ; form mysell, of the movements, and if cient for 6 or 8 weeks, which I am in

And whilst they in the Muses' fountain dip, possible, of the intentions of the Emperor's || hopes will not take longer than tu.morrow

Imported Cogniac would, delighted, sip. three thips mentioned in Mr. Simpson's | evening, and proceed direct to Tripoli, || Who can from him withhold due dif-rence, communications to Commodore Barron, where I flatter myself, (if capt. Preble has

Whose foreign genius baffes native sense ? copies of which the latter gentleman has not made a previous attack) Í shall yet ar.

Behold our financier, of genius strong, forwarded to you : I did so and arrived rive in time, to co-operate with Commo

Assist " de veels” of goyerume:it along !" and anchored belore Salle on the 20th (ta- l lined it the Congress did not hare a part dore Barron ; for I should be greatly mor

After deviating into several stanzas of truth, the king Arzilla, Namora and Larache in my Tout) where I found the three ships in

of the credit to be derived from the reduc. ]ingenious writer thus turns again to his tutelur question & to all appearance nearly ready | honorable remembrance of her name on its tion of Tripoli, by infcribing a lafting and guide :

“ Most gracious falshood ! see that beggar rudefor sea. Afier lying three hours at anchor within about five miles of the Town with walls.

That bankrupt Trub, u'welcome dces intrui'e,

And leadis me from thy flow'ry paths astray, American Colours flying and a signal in.

Thru' her long since forsaken thorny waydicative of friendship and a wish to com.

A waste, where weeds and briars do abound, municate with the shore, without any ap.

Nor - loaves nor fishes" there can e'er be found. parent disposition of the like on their part,

The linell.

Drive far from hence that pest now doom'd to weighed anchor and food within the

shame, range of a common shot of the ships with

Whose bold intrusions much cbstruct my theme." out any further success of bringing about a communication, although every means

Under the protection of Falshood, the wri er prowhich a friendly demeanour could suggest,

ceeds ; and addressing “ great Nep:une," says, were used. However I have no reason to

“ Long as our shares thy foaming fluid laves, fuppofe that hottile intentions on their part

Grant Gun Buat No. 0:c to rule the waves, were the caule of my not succeeding, but

With No. 7 wo equipp'd in martial pride,

s SA that they either did not comprehend the

Oer thy domains in triumph may they pile ; meaning of the signal, or were afraid to

With those, unaw'd, we proudly will alvance renture ofl. On the 21 lt atrer repeating In this city, on Thursday last, Mrs. STIRLING,

To curb the pow'r of Britain, Spain arel irarur; again in the same way as on the preceeding wife of Mr. David Stirling, in the 35th year of

With broom at miast kead, scas stecca: 50 cell's day, my wishes to exchange civilities

And sink their worde:2-walls into acep."



her age.

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" And I, Sir," the youth was not slow in replying, AT London, in the month of Auguft [He, to brazen it cut with an impude:t face meant.] last, iwo tradelmen near Blackfriars had a “ About the quadrangle can't stroll without spying difference refpe&ing a bet, which it was You thrusting your head, Mr. Dean, through the agreed next morning to decide with pisa casement."

tols. They met near ihe Windmill, below Petty France, when the seconda had the good sense to drop the bullets into the

proper place their own pockets. One Diversity.

of the parties, who was let into the secret,

dropped dead on the first five! His oppoE X TRA C T S.

nent fled on the wings of lear, and next THOUGHTS ON MODESTY

morning proceeded in a poft chaise to [The following Epigram is copied from the Boston


depart for Hamburgh or America, when Gazette. It seems to be founded on the fact, that

he saw his deceased antagonis very coma certain representative in Cong ess from Massa

AN easy and unaffected Modesty is a

posedly serving his customers behind the chusetts, by some republican art of making out virtue not only graceful and excellent, but

counter ! accounts, received payment for two or three days

may be reckoned among the most durable (at six dollars per day) more than Congress was

beauties; it improves every look and teain session.N. B. The representative had been

A NEW invented carriage, called velo. ture, gesture and motion, atones for a mean a great dealer in Bullock's flesh.- Honee is sup- dress, and sets off the richest with an addi.

cifere, drawn by four horses, palled lately posed to be a nick-name for one Ben. Austin, a

through the Elysian Fields in Paris, Ic tional luftre. The standard of beanly vaco-editor of the Boston Chronicle. Edit. Bal.]

carried no less than 35 passengers, and ries in proportion to the various opin

will be no longer than 36 hours going from ions oi mankind in different EPIGRAM.

coun- | Paris to Lyons, a distance of 110 leagues, tries ; but modesty, like light, is the same

or 330 English miles.

This curious in. to all. Beauty, like a flower, is flow in Says Bullock to Honee, pray what shall I do,

vention promises to be of the greatest ad. its growth, short in its bloom, and its de.

vantage, both for their commercial and To stop the cursd Feds, from incessantly boring ; cay raises in us a sort of illnatured com

military transports. The inventor has ob. l’m caught by the horns, and no mercy they show, I passion. But modesty, in its dawn has its

tained an Imperial patent. Replies Honee, why stop them by still louder roaring. charms: and, when it has stood all attacks, is entitled to our adiniration. Beauty may

[London paper.] Tis true, says old Bullock, I did squeeze a little ; win the eye, and satisfy the present gult or But who would have thought that for this little sin,

appetite ; but modesty engages the heart ; I should have been plac'd in so shameful a pickle, it is the furest proof of good sense, and

TERMS OF THE BALANCE, When big rogues come off with an unspotted skin. good sense is the strongest security a fine

FOR 1804. Says Honee, to cheat is an every day's case,

woman can give of making her admirer To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty happy for life.

The attempts made upon Cents, payable quarterly. Your taking the money, is nothing at all ; 'Tis the trade of our party, and proves no disgrace ;

the fair to deprive them of this virtuc, are To those who receive them by mail, Two Dole But to be found out, is the devil and all.

a plain demonstration of its fuperior excel. ars, payabie in advance.
lence ; for a robber always aims at the most To those who take their papers at the office, ir
valuable plunder.

bundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the city
With the men modesty gives rife to true price will be made.
bravery and confidence, or at least fup.

A handsome. Title Page and Table of Contents INSCRIPTION,

Modesty is flow but sure, and

will accompany the last number of the volume. advances in a firm body; whilft Impudence YOR TRE TOMB OF A MRS. ELIZABETH PIDGEON,

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and conmakes one bold and daring onlet, but is

spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which accompaeasily demolished by breaking the front.

nies the Balance. WEEP, reader, the sad tidings here announc'd !

DIED, lately in Germany, Tagek Tal Death, that fell kite, on Betty Pidgeon pounc'd : pier, aged 120. He had buried ten

Ν Ο Τ Ε. Yet, though her sudden flight our grief demands,

wives ; his last, the eleventh, who is now Her's is the Pidgeon house, not made with hands ;

living, is but i wenty fix years of age. By The first and second Volumes of the Balance For in her life the serpent's wi:dom shone,

her he had 5 children, the youngest is 5. And the Dove's innocency was her own.

may be had on tbe following terms.-
months old.
Then, till Heaven wakes to happiness the soul,

By his other wives he had
First Volume-unbound

S 2
31 children, all of whom are living, mar-
Rest, gentle Pidgeon, in this Pidgeon hole.

Second Volume,

S 2, 50 ried, and have large families. His memory was very retentive ; he could recount

Both Volumes,

$ 4 a succinét history of Germany and Europe If bound, the price of binding (either plain or el ANECDOTE OF LORD THURLOW,

generally, for more than 100 years part, llegant) will be added.- An unbound volume may be While at Caius College Cambridge. and was very loquacious and witty.

He sent to any post-orlice in the state for 52 cents post

never experienced any kind of sickness, age ; or to any post-oflice in the union for 78 cents To young Thurlow the Dean of his College

was of large flature and voracious appetite once said,

and very athletic. He came to his death [Sure his Rev'rence that day was dispos d for a by attempting to leap over a gate 8 feet

PUBLISHED BY wrangle) high : he palled it, but unfortunately fell

HARRY CROSWELL, Through my casement I never can once put my upon a stone which wounded his head to

Warren-Street, Hudsmi. head,

severely, as to occalion a inortification and Without seeing you strolling about the quadrangle,

his death,

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FEARFUL, Mr. Editor, that

tended to his own business, and cared noe || great pity that with all his knowledge, he what became of the rest of mankind. He had never learnt one important fecrci.

was rich, but was nevertheless delving for || viz,- that he was himself a fool. Hither the products of your closet-labors bring, Enrich our columns, and instruct mankind. more money. He boasted of neither high


birth nor breeding ; but was perfe&tly wil. FOR THE BALANCE.

ling to be considered as a man of afflu.

ence, provided it would ensure him atten. THE LIMNER.

rion anå respect. He was fond of seeing

people stirring around him ; for he wisely

concluded that, without people there would
be no traffic, and without traffic, he could
add nothing to his riches.

The next was one of the simplest faces should tire the patience of your readers

imaginable. It was a clever fellow. Such and yourself, I broke off my sketches rath.

Editor's Closet. a character reminds one of insipid broth er abruptly last week ; but some pretty

without pepper. If boiling-hot, it will prominent ones yet remain, and, with

STATE FACTS, SPEAK TRUTH, AND DIE NARTYRS. scald the throat as bad as high-seasoned your leave, I will give some account of

soup. them,

As the next face came before the win-
I could not avoid observing in a partic. || dow, I could not avoid starting. Such a

It will be recollected, that, early in last ular manner, one person who presented | fieady, plotting, cold countenance ! Such

winter's feffion of the legiflature of this himself at my window. He is a man of

iron nerves ! I could think of nothing but ftate, a federal member introduced a bill fortune, and, had he the difpofition, might

the French revolution. This man's looks for allowing the truth to be given in evi. be of immense benefit to the public and

will never be obliíerated from my memo dence on trials ot indi&tments for libels. to individuals, without injuring himself ;

ry. I felt relieved when he passed on. It will be recollected that previous to this, but then, it is said, his felfishness is fo great, that it is doubtful whether he ever

Next was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Ambrose Spencer, while Attorney-Gen.

eral, had “thanked God," with much ap. did a benevolent or charitable act. Sull His smiles and falutations cost him noth.

parent sincerity, that the common law doche is proud and oftentatious. He takes He takes ling. It was but little trouble to shake ev.

It will trine was likely to be reformed.

But then, his

ery body by the hand. great pains to inform every body that he

be recollected that Barber,“ printer to was bred a gentleman ; and yet his consmiles, and salutations, and shaking of

the state," immediately after the introducdu& contradicts the pretension in the hands, meant nothing—they were worse than nothing.

lion of the bill, published a paragraph in molt forcible inanner. Ark a favor of


in which he called the common this man, and he will laugh at you, as it

Then came a wrong-headed oid man.

law doctrine, "a hoary (yilem of folly inhe should say-Wny should I grant a la. The next was a face as smooth as oil; ll justice and tyranny.” It will also be revor, when perhaps I may never want it but looking through the window of his

collected that the bill was opposed, alter. returned? One such man is enough to fill eyes, I thought I plainly discovered a vait

ed, cut, carved and mangled, by the de. a world. He neither wants nor deserves deal of lurking malice.

mocrats until there was scarcely one of its an associate.

The last I shall mention, was a man fo | original features left. Bearing thefe fa&is Next came up a man with a hafty step. very ignoran:, and, at the same time, fol in mind, let us note a few of the many He had but liric time to gaze. He at very self-conceited, that I thought it a falhoods coined by the democrats con

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cerning this bill; and then let us enquire The Council objc&t to the bill, enti. they will maintain their opinions with in. after its fate.

" tled “ An act concerning libels," as dependence and firmness, or whether they On the day of our election, laft spring, " improper to become a law of this state.

will play the sycophantic part of “the

“ Because the bill making no discrimit was industriously reported by the demo. “ ination with respeet to the nature, tenprinter to the ftate." This bumble tool

1 crats, and published in the Bee, that the "dency, or intent of the libel, is calcula, once declared the common law, on libels law for allowing the truth to be given in " ted to subject men in, or candidates for

to be a “hoary system of folly, injustice evidence, had been passed ; thereby in“ office, to wanton and uselels obloquy and tyranny."

Now, he would sooner -o have their mental foibles or corpo. tending to make the people believe, that “ ral infirmities exposed, distorted and

lose his ears than hazard such a sentiment. the bill had actually become a law of the " exaggerated ; although fuch foibles or state, and that printers could no longer be infirmities may neither detract from the

GENUINE REPUBLICANISM. punished for publishing the truth. On

" integrity of their moral or political char.

acters, from the rectitude of their official As his excellency Morgan Lewis is the examining the official list of acts pafled

conduct, or from their ability to dis first genuine republican governor, it must during the session, no such law could be

“ charge the duties of the places they fill, be expected that his conduft in office will found : The report was therefore contra or are candidates for, beyond which the di&ted. Considerable warmth was excit. public cannot have any essential inter.

be narrowly watched and closely invefti. ed, and the democrats, finding themselves

" est that can possibly be promoted by the gated—that the most trivial circumstance

" publications described in the bill-this will be noticed and minutely narrated, in in a hobble, undertook to explain away the

leaving the feelings of private citizens order to enable the people to judge whethfalshood in the following manner.They sheltered by the salutary restrictions of

er there is any real difference between gen. declared that the bill had actually passed " the exifting laws, and abandoning those " of the public funétionaries to the mer

uine republicanism, and the ordinary kiod both houses of the legislature, but at so late “ ciless laceration of inalice and revenge :

of republicanisın; and if any, what ebat a day, that it had not been returned from

“ And permitting factious, turbulent or di Gerence is. the council of revision, and consequently " discontented individuals, to awe & hum. could not become a law until the first day

The advocates of Mr. Jefferson, have “ ble the spirit of officers disposed to dilof this winter's feffion. It was, however, “ charge their duty faithfully, and whose

ever pertinaciously insisted, that he is the aflerted, over and over again, that it would " independence and respectability it is of most correct standard of republican per. certainly then become a law. This fall.

“ the utmost importance to the communi. fection : And a llavenly dress—a humble

ty effe&tually to preserve, holding them || deportment--a dislike of form and oftentahood did not gain much credit until a

“ only responsible for the legitimate exer. judge of the supreme court, (according to

sion, have been confidered as the outward ! “ cise of the powers entrusted to them for Holt's story) was engaged to belp it along, " the public good.

marks of this perfection. In Mr. Jeffer. Two extracts of letters without figna.

"MORGAN LEWIS." fon it is deemed highly republican to ride tures (but which Holt asserted were writ

unarmed and unattended, on horse-back to

Although the law which has been thus ten by two of the judges of the supreme || reje&ted, was very different from the orig- the Capitol, and to hitch his horse to a court) appeared in the Bee. The judges inal bill introduced by the federalists-al.

wooden peg, &c. &c. To shew that gen . of the supreme court constitute a part of | though it was so mutilated in some parts,

though it was so mutilated in some parts, | uine republicanism is totally different from the council of revision, and must have and trammeled with provisos in others, all this, let us attempt to give the reader known, at the time these letters were that it was little better than none, fill we

some idea of the manner in which Gor, wiiten, the fate of the bill in question. were desirous that it might pass. We Lewis commenced business in his new itax It was rejected by the council of revision, should have been thankful for permission tion, of which these judges were members ! to tell the truth on any condicions short of His excellency the governor, having and yet, one of them, to give Holt a tem fine and imprisonment. But the demo. been informed that she two houses of the porary and short-lived yictory, gave a false crats, it seems, are determined not to grat. || legislature were ready to receive his com. and deceptive colouring to a plain fact, ity us. They feel so much comfort and mụnications, proceeded to the court-house and supprefled balt the truth, by asserting security, while " heltered by the falutary in a new and superb chariot, and, with that the bill would not become a law un. restrictions of the existing laws,” that they i chapeau under his arm, haftened, with a til the next feffion, when he well knew have no disposition to abandon this shelter, | quick Bonapartean step, up to the aflemthat it would never become a law ! With, and expose themselves to the “ merciless bly chamber. He was dressed in a coat out offering any comment on these trans lacerations" of truth. We knew not be- of black silk velvet, íattin under-garments, actions, we proceed to few, by the fubfore, that honest and faithful officers had and white filk gloves--an elegant sword joined official document, that the bill is any thing to fear from truth ; but we are hung by his side ; and a beautiful copaze REJECTED :-

now told, that it has a rendency " to awe breaft-pin glittered in his boson. He Legislature of New-York-House of Al- and humble their spirit,” &c. &c. mounted the rostrum, and threw himleil, Jembly-Nov. 6, 1804.

How this doctrine will go down with with a graceful and negligent lounge into “ A mellage from the honorable the " Council of Revision, delivered by his

the democratic party genarally we know the chair of late. After fitting for a few " honour the Chancellor, with the bil! not. Many of them have formerly expres moments, during which time he call his " therein mentioned, was read, and is in sed themselves very freely on the subject ; eyes alternately on the house, on his hear!! the words following, viz.

and time alone can determine, whether ers, and on himself, he arose (with the


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