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and precautionary considerations in rela. Mr. Jefferson has been now labouring Thus it appears from the ministerial print, tion to the other Barbary powers, demanded ever since he took the direction of our pa. that the force already lying before Tripoli

under Commodore Preble, is supposed that our forces in that quarter should be fu | tional affairs into his hands, to bring to a far augmented as to leave ro doubt of our close a petry war with some of the Barbary fully adequate to the oject of effecting an compelling the existing enemy to submit States, 'His rage for econo iny however, has honorable peace ; and perhaps, but this is our own terms, and of effeclually check been so great : his anxiety 10 send the only inentioned as a matter of expectation, ing any hoflile difpofitions that might be smallest ** force competent," and to furnish perhaps of effecting the liberation of the entertained cowards us by any of the oth

them with the {mallest means" competent, American captives. It then the force un. er Barbary powers.

that after expending sereral millions of der Preble is quite " competent," why at " The following frigates have accor- | money in the pursuit of an obje&t which this time send out four more trigaies ? And dingly been put in commission, and will might have been accomplished for a little why supercede the gallant Commodore soon proceed to the Mediterranean : !e's than one; atter proračting for years

Preble in the midst of his operations ? If a war (and in which we are still engaged,) any reliance can be placed on Smith's " President, Commodore Barron : Con. gress, Captain Rogers ; Efex, Captain || able termination in two months at farthest, that might have been brought to an honor- l calculations, the Tripolitan fleet will have

been destroyed before the four frigates ar. James Barron ; Constellation, Captain he at length finds himselt obliged to relor Campbell.

he at length finds himselt obliged to resort | rive, and it may be realonably supposed, "Your good sense will perceive that

to those very means, and to incur that That some progress will be made in demol. we have thus been unavoidably conftrain. | very expence which he at first reje&ted, be- lishing the fortifications.

caule federalils advised to their adoptate of things, any man may judge wheth. ed to supercede you in a command in tion. Having sent out three frigates and a

er Commodore Preble will feel bimself ve. which you have acqitted yourself in a man.

ry much gratified at receiving the above ner bonorable to yourse!t and usetul to your loop of war, unaided by smaller vessels

which could approach the coalt, and hav. letter from secretary Smith, superceding counity, and in all especis perfe&ly satisfac. try to us. The only Captains in the Na.

ing iffoed his orders merely to" watch the him in the command; nor can we think

harbour of Tripoli" as "the best means of his feelings will be reconciled to the meal. vy now in the United States, juniors to

ure by the complinents to his "good sense, surfelt, are Captains James Baron and securing our commerce in that fea;" thus Campbell, and as frigales cannot be comprefenting for the first time since the world | activity, judgment and valour."-But,

fays Mr. Smith, we have been " unavoida manded but by Captains, we of neceility began, a fiate of things amounting to a

war between two parties, one of whom ably constrained to supercede you," be. have been obliged io send out two gentle. men, senior to yourself in commillion.

was at peace; having fitiet out a second cause there are in the navy two junior cap

watching Squadron with orders for a “vig tains to yourself. How so? Are there • Be a Tured, Sir, that no want of con.

orous,'? not bombardment reader, but a pot junior caprains enough who might be fidence in yon has been iningled with the

called for at any moment ? Why not solve considerations which have imposed upon

vigorous blockade,” that is to say, for a

“ vigorouspoffiveness, which it seems was the enigma at once, by saying that all the us the necessity of this measure. You

attended with but little better success than junior captains out of command are Federa have fu'filled our highest expectations, and

his watching procels ; and having been alists, and Preble is an Eastern man? the President has given itin an especial charge taught the error of all this by the loss of that he has the highest one of our best frigates, and the captivity that might have the most remote tendericy

We should be forry to fay any thing confidence in your activity, judgment and

of some hundred of our fellow citizens ; valor. Through me, he delires to convey

to detract from the compliments lavished he at length gave orders like a man, for a to you his thanks for the very important bombardment of Tripoli.

on Commodore Preble : he deserves them A bombard.

all, and delerses lomeibing more fubifali. Services which you have rendered to your

mene accordinglý las been commenced country, and I beg you to be affured, Sır. by Commodcie Preble and wih high fuc

rial; those lervices ought to have proceded

him from the injuftice of luperceding him that it affords me great personal fatisfaélion

ces, to be the medium of conveying to you

at the critical moment of olizining a com.

Perhaps however it will be said that tho' || plete viétory over the enemy ; al these feriments in relation to your conduct. Commodore Preble might be in force to

considerations fi rcibiy occur to us, yet ". With high respect, I have the honor to be, commence an attack, yet that an augmen. Sir. tation was nece (lary to enable him to bring tribution of colegium on Commidore Pre.

cannot we help leeing in the generous dilYour obedient servant, it to a lavorahle flue. Fortunately Mr.

ble, a fly cenfure covertly conveyed on (Syned)

Jefferson's own editor favers us with the

Commodere Morris.
answer to this. In the National Intelligen

And we take this

occafien in recomiren in every man ca. Commodore Ed. Preble,

cer received by this mornings mail, lietle il pable of reflecting and judging for himselt, Mediterranean. Smith fay's :

to read, attentively, the lucid and elegant The above letter is said by the editor of " The bombardment of Tripoli has defence oi his conduct, just published by the Morning Chrocicle, to be " a truly commenced under circumstances that this Jait gentleman, and for lale in this ci. handlen iftiunie! which redeels a reci promile full and brilliant fuccefs," "The It our ministers are not loft to all procal credit on the Secretary of the Navy, decisive blow with regard to her naval ar shame and dead to all compur Clion the pe. and the w!'anteflicer to whom it is addrel. mament is flruck, by defroying nearly 1 rufal of ihat book muft ftain their cheeks

d." Waving for the present the quel ore half is ftrengehi. The energy of the with lading bluches, for their ignorance, von wreiher aris and what sort of a com. Commodore will next be directed against their inconlileocy, and their cruel insufplizent froin luckan adininiftration as ours, ile fortifications, which are represented to tice. cuid relle credit on any galiant officer, be already injured, although the degree of

To conclude. We could be much we muitake the liberiy to say ihat we can iDjury is not iated. Every day's mail may gratified to hear fome accouni of what has Los consider the above letter as one that be expected to bring us intelligence of the become of Commodore Barron and his does mach credit to the writer, nor will it fall infi:elion of an adequate punishment || [quadron. It inay be remembered :hat lal be received with very strong emotions of on the Bay, of the restoration of peace, and (pring, sometime in May, we expretled grzeu !e by the person to whom it is ad ue hopes of the liberation of our captive || our apprehension that the fleei, notwith. diciled. fellow citizens."

ítanding the boalted exertions at Washing,




ton, would not be able to leave the Chel.

ed," &c. This is so far from being true, apeake till July, nor arrive before Tripoli

that we beliere it could be shewn, by nice till the dangerous feaion of September.

and accura:e calculation, that scaicely six As the fleet did not in fut leave Hampton Roads, till the 4h of July, and it appears

tenths of the free people are in favor of by letters jait received that on the 15h of

Mr. Jefferson's re-el lion. Farther, we September, it had not arrived at Tripoli,

believe that all the democratic majorities we see no cause of dismissing our fears.

in the leveral states, added together, wou!! Wbat mav be the conlequences, no one Cditor's Closet. noi exceed the number of voles, derived can lay; the adminiftration however, will make all right with a finile, and a nod, and

from the representation of Naves! It is, a squeeze of the hand.

PUPPET SHE W. therefore, a question, whether the demo.

crats do not owe their present superiority li jo rumored that there was a very fin

to negro votes ! FROM THE RHODE ISLAND FARMER. gular exhibition of Puppets in this eity on

Wednelday laft. As we hare not seen any On Wednesday lalt, the electors of PreWE observe in a journal of the pro. perfori who was an eye-wiiness, we cannot fident and Vice-Prefident, throughout le ceedings of Congress, that Mr. J. Ran- | preiend to give a very accurate account of

union, met to perform the voting ceremo. dolph, in the House of Reprelentatives, ll it. But it is said that the figures were

ny. The electors for this state met in this had, within the three first days of the sel. Gon, importunately and repeatedly urged

nineteen in number, generally of the full city, and gave an unanimous vote for forward the profecution of the impeach

fize of men, and some of them tolerably || Thomas Jefferson, as president, and George Inent of Judge Chase. This Mr.' Ran well executed. It is also faid, that though || Clinton, Vice-Presidenti': We give the dolph, we recollect, was one of the fore.

no wires could be perceived, ftill it was following as the probable refule. molt, last sefiion, in fitting out a commit.

Fefferson & Clinton. Federal. fee to collect faults committed by Mr. | plain to be seen that all the movements Chase (it any were to be found) in order were governed by somebody behind the Connecticut,


3 that he might be impeached, if possible: curtain. A fer al', we are told, nothing ! Delaware,

Maryland, This committee reported, that Mr. Chase, very wonderful was performed; and it is


20 upon the bench at certain criminal trials, || confidently asserted that one Capt. Stargaz. New Jersey,

8 had decided certain points in question be. fore him, which did nor comport with er of this city, and an old woman of Al. 1 Vermont,

6 New York,

19 their (the committee's) notions of Judicial || bany, knew the whole trick before it be


24 propriely; and Mr. Chase of course was gun.


19 impeached. - In the trial of this impeach

New Hampshire, 7 ment, the Senate of the United S:ales are

The moment we turn our eyes from the Rhode I Nand, to be the judges, and Mr. Aaron Burr is

North Carolina, t2 preside. Whatever may have been Mr. Bee, and pretend not to notice it, the ftu.


South Carolina, Chase's offences, when we con Gider that pid creature begins to tell lies with its usu.


6 the president of this high court is himself al impudence. Last week, by mere acci


8 now under an indictment of wilful mur.

dent, we observed ihe following pallage in Tennessee, der (through apprehension of which he has an editorial article:


3 fied froin his bom.) we cannot but be ap. prehensive for the issue. Where murder. At the prelent epoch more than nine ten:hs of ihe confliiuen:s of the Presi.

163 crs are to set as Jailges, the unfortunate

13 defendant must fland on a slippery ground, “ dent have manfully come forward in and must have but likele to hope from the “ his favor, and teftified their fatisfaction precepts of moral juftice, religious prin. " with his adminiftration by giving their ciple, or judicial righteousness. suffrages for his re-election."

Every coní lerate reader muft know,

In the following note “ to readers and correspou. that ten tenths of the above passage is un. ents," the editor of the Port Folio, corrects an error

The Stargazer pay attempt to help in the second letter of the British Spy in Bostli,'

himself out by a quibble, and say, that by published in our last. IT seems that the constructors of the “ constituents of the President," he meant

“ We take this opportunity to warn the author navy of the present administration are ashamed of their business, by their not

the electors of president. But it must be

But it must be against the rashness if assertion, without pr»cf.

In his character of the justly celervared THEOPHILUS complimenting the administration in the observed, that, at the date of his paragraph, || Parsons, the · British Spy' has introduced a gossipnames of their veflels. While Mr. Ad.

the electors had not " teftified" any thing, ing anecd ute, con:aining a gross and unfound=31 ans presided, we had named the Washington, the Adams, the John Adams, the for the period of "giving their fuffrages." calumas against tise late President of the Uni ed

A3 Mr. Parsons dial accept the appoint. had rot chen arrived. The obvious mean. President, the Pickering, and so on ; but

ment of Attorney General, under the nomination now we hear of Gun-Boat, No. 1, No. 2, ing of the assertion, therefore, is, that nine

of MR. ADAMS, the invidious inference, diawi &c. instead of the Jefferfon, the Gallatin, tenths of the people (who are really the from false premises, is neither a compliment to one the Bob Smith, the Town Paine, &c. conftituents of the president) had teftifi. gentleman, nora r proach to the other."

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ciently plain. Fix your attention on these, the Union, courts of law and justice bave and do not meddle with controversy. If becorre the most important objects of my you get into that, you plunge into a chaos, research, and the inevitable subjects of my from which you will never be able to ex impartial criucism. I have, indeed, mark. tricate your felves. It fpoils the temper, ed ihe forensic talent of the nation, and and, I falpect, has no good effect on the found it of a description, wholly diffimilar heart.

to the prominent trait of senatorial dignity, Avoid all books, and all conversation, I have heard eloquence, and discovered That tends to shake your faith on those || learning in the abodes of Themis, that

great points of religion, which should serve miglit have stampt a new, and more fub. FROM THE WILMINGTON MIRROR. to regulate your conduct, and on which lime, character upon the American peo.

vour hopes of future and eternal happi- | ple. Whence, I have cealed to wonder Experiments in Agriculture. ness depend.

at that influence and alcendancy, which Never indulge yourself in ridicule on the distinguished pre-eminence of its pro, EXPERIMENT V.

religious subjects ; nor give countenance feffors has merited and obtained.

to it in others, by seeming diverted by Upon my first arrival in Boston, appear. PUT a quantity of Gypsum on

what they say. This, to people of good ances were, to my view, greatly inauspi.

breeding, will be a fufficient check. cious. I found a large town, apparently several small patches of old tough sod ; it

devoted to trade, ftreets narrow, crooked, produced a difference in the strength of

and not remarkably clean ; fine houses, in vegetation which was oblervable for three

wretched and almost inacceflible avenues, years.

and commodious filuations, disgraced by From the above recited experiments it

hovels. Such were the conspicuous fea. appears :

tures that met the first coup d'oeil. A fusFirst, That there is no difference be. [The following is the first Letter of « The British

ther introduction taught me that these ill tween the European and American Gyp Spy in Boston,” and ought to have preceded the situated mansions were the abode of holpi. fum.

one published in our last.]


tality, and within those humbler hovels Second, That Gypsum acts as an im

oppression and misery were unknown. I mediate manure to grass, and afterwards in


recognized more of ihe old English whig. an equal degree to grain.

in the character of the Buitonians, than in Third, That one dressing will continue

THE BRITISH SPY IN BOSTON. any State in the Union. Tolerating, lib. in force leveral fucceeding crops.

eral, and intelligent, yet marked by strong Gypsum not producing any remarkable


local prejudices, and inflexible animosibeneficial effects, when used as a top dref.

ties, while feeling freedom, and literally sing to grain, may arise from two causes ;

IT has been observed my dear S, claiming independence, behind his coun. mall quantity made use of; || chat eloquence is not the sole characteriftic which is lost in the rough ground; and

ter the shopman inquires the news and are of the American Senates ; and I have had | raigns the government ; and the poorest fecondly, from the Thort time of its appli. || abundant realon to remark, that plain fevle,

abundant realon to remark, that plain feble, | mechanic reads the Gazette, realons up. cation. It has been found of advantage to

strong judgment, ardent patriotism pre. on finance, and approves, or opposes the Indian corn ; but in this cale it is abso,

dominates in the individual States, as in diminution of taxes. Among this people lutely necessary to apply it immediately to

The National Legislature. But that "best lo congenial to the best portion of my the corn, as it appears above ground, and

harmony of sweet founds," the graceful that in a considerable quantity ; I have put and persuafive rhetoric, which thrills the

countrymen, inquiry has been forcibly a. it on grass ground every month in the year, nerves, and seizes upon the passions of the

wakened, and my anxious attention ceo,

Aantly occupied. Finding the supreme except during the severity of the winter,

hearer, which charms, while it inftrucks, ll judicial court in feflion, I flew thither with and have found that early in April is pret- and seems to commillerate, even while it The solicitude et a mind, whole appetite erable to any other season ; at which time

condeinns--that must be looked for a. the grass jut shooting, the small particles inong a people, more ancient, more afili

for the new and the curious is never grat.

ified to fately. There I found talents, of Gypsum are detained, about the roots,

ent, better defined, and more accurately that were respectable, and genius, that was and prevented from being washed away. defining than the unpatronised and feil. extraordinary ; yet i muft impartially ac. On ftiff clay soils it will produce an in.

taught individuals of the new hemisphere. knowledge my aftomshment at ile general crease of vegetation, but not fufficient to

If these observations be friály applicable irregularity and inattention to forms that pay the expence of manure.

to the senatorial rank of the country, in prevailed. Boys, just admitted as pracii. considering another, and more accuratel, rioners, were suffered, without reprimand distinguished class of public fpeaking, fo. from the bench, to indulge the vividne's

renfic oratory, I am led to conless this ap of their inagination, wandering, at will, Monitorial.

wears to have been culiivated, with an ai. through all the plealant paths of romance,

Siduiry, that indulges the hope and speaks now pompous soaring to bombart, then To aid the cause of virtue and religion.

the promise of uniting, for its poffeffor, linking to the pert fimile, or the milappli, the luxury of wealth, with the arifociacy ed anecdoie. Further, it was to be re

of power. In fact, this people, fo tena . marked of the generally respectable body, E X TRACT.

cious of their righes, and so clear-sighted what their toral inattention to the decorum in their polnical jealousy, have permitted of dress, and external diftinction, muft athe individuals of the bench and the bar waken in every foreigner fome unpleasant

the lucra lenfations. The judges , fentient than reasoning. The important Trive offices of the State, as of the National ratlier en deshabille, in plain coats ; and and interesting articles of faith are lufs Government. Thence, in my travels thro' the apparel of the genilemen of the bar was

RELIGION is rather a matter of almonio monspolice ulice high and lite charakatione Tosce perfeges were drefres, or

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as diversified, as the proportions and fac- ought to make a cautionary provision a fi commander, to the use of the United ulties of their minds-on endless variety, gain at the probable consequences.

gain the probable confequences. The States, in a lom equal to double the valie from the excellent and extraordinary, to danger of voyages to the West Indies and of faid vefl, conditioned that such velel the mean and (limly. However the phi- other places, was so great as to preclude Ihall not make or commit any depredation, losopher may pretend to despise mere ex. the youth of the middle fates generally | outrage, unlawful aflaule or violence a. ternal effeEts, men of the world must be from engaging in a maritime life, and the gainit the vessels, citizens, fubje&ts, or terfenfible of their importance, as it regardsdeficiency was generally made up of for- ritory of any nation in amity with the U. the senses, and attaches to the underland. eign seamen, iwo fifths of the crews from nited States : Provided, That the regulaing; for the ludicrous, which upon the chose ports, indeed he believed ihree fifths, rions herein contained shall not be constru. present occasion is by no means applied, were composed of English, Irish, and ed to extend to refleis bound to any port havir.g a certain tendency to counteract ref. Scotch, fume of whom were naturalized, or place in the Mediterranea: or beyond peet, muft, of neceflity, arrest uselulness. but others of them contrive to obtain pro. the


of Good Hope. Thence, I approve of a costume for all tections without this probationary step, and

Sec. 2. And be it further enaéled, That public characters, and think that the lanc- perhaps it is owing in fome degree to this if any armed merchant vefsel clearing for iity of an oath would be rendered more in. circumstance that we are involved in ev

any port or place within the Mediterraneviolable, under greater ceremony and lo. ery war they wage in the everlasting dif.

an or beyond the Cape of Good Hope, shall lemnity, in the manner of its being ad- pures with Britain. While he would take make or commit any depredation, outrage, miniftered. People without undertand eflectual care of the health of the seamen

unlawlul afl'sult, or violence as atoresaid, ing, and deftitute of the moral principle, ac sea, he would throw it out for consider.

on her voyage to or from, or a: any place may be influenced by their senses, and on ation whether the medicine cheft ought to to which she may be bound, such vessel their impression deserred from the com be at the ex,.ence of the merchant or sea. with her arms and cargo, or the value million of evil-Whence, allowing mere men ;-it will be recollected that Seamen

thereof shall be lorfeited to the use of the forms to be not intrinsically important, li pay 20 cenis a voyage hospital money to United States. they are at least relatively good, respecta- || form a fund for their assistance in fickness

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That ble for their utility, and honourable in on shore-he did not understand why they on satıslcctory evidence or information be. their obfervance.

should not contribute to their own sately || ing given to the collector of any port, that at fea; the Cuptain generally performing any vessel within the lame is armed or armthe part of the Physician in the latter cale, || ing, or provided with the means of being as the hospital Physicians did in that firti

armed at fea, for the purpose of commiimentioned. He moved the committee of ting any unlawful act as herein before ex, commerce and manutactures to enquire prelled, or ot carrying on by force of into the propriety of altering the law on

arms, any unlawful commerce, it shall be this point, which was agreed to, and they the duty of such colle&tor to detain such may report by bill or otherwise.

vessel until the case be submitted to the A message from the Senate informing president of the Unised States, who is that they had passed the Bill making furo hereby authorised to cause such vessel to

ther appropriation for carrying the British | be disarmed, or to order a clearance to be Congress. treaty into effect.

granted, as he shall judge proper. November 23

A letter from Dr. Mitchell, addressed to BALANCE SUMMARY,

Mr. Richards, from the committee of the Speaker, informing that he had taken

enrollment, reported the bill making fur. his seat in the Senate, to which he had In House OF REPRESENTATIVES,

ther appropriation for carrying into effect been elecled by the Legislature of NewNovember 22, 1804.

the seventh article of the Britih treaty ; York, and thereon resigned his seat in the Dr. Mitchell called the attention of the

which was thereupon signed by the Speak house. house for a few moments while hic explain.

On motion of Mr. Thomas, the Speaked a circumstance particularly interesting | ed on that part of the message of the Presi

The chairman of the committee appoint. er was directed to inform the Governor of to the failors of the United States. The

New York of the resignation of S. L. 6!h section of the acl regulating the mer.

dent which relates to armed merchart vel. Mitchell, one of the representatives of that chant service, &c. contained a regulation | fels, asked leave of the House to report by | state. that veisels of 50 tons or upwards whose

bill leave being granied—the chairman crews cunsills of ten men, should be oblig. reported a bill to regulate the clearance of

IN SENATE. armed merchant vefleis. Referred to a ed to carry a medicine chest. But the

November 23. most dangerous part of our commerce to

committee of the whole for Monday, and
ordered to be printed.

“ Nothing was done this day. Alter the health of leamen, was that of the West

waiting with some impatience until aller Indies, and it is well known the vessels en The following is a copy of the bill :

12 o'clock, (the members all this time en. gaged in that trade are under 130 tons, of Be it enacted, by the Senate and House gaged in writing, conversation, or fomecourse the care of the health of such lea of Representatives of the United States of thing else) the Vice-President at lengih men was entirely vader the discretion of America, in Congress assembled, That af. made his appearance.

He immediately the merchant and captains, and however ter due notice of this act at the several mounted the chair, and liat hardly taken distresling it might be, yet the fact was so, custom houses, no merchant vessei armed his pofiiion, when it was moved to adjourn. that we lost one tenth of our sailors, nay or provided with the means of being arm He put the question, which being carried, he believed one eighth is that particulared at sea, shall receive a clearance, or be he adjourned the Sinate until Monday, trade. It was calculated that one fixth of permitted to leave the port where she may and inftantly retired from the room, with. our seamen are in an incipient state of a dif. be so armed or provided, without bond, out a single interchange with any of the eale liable to break out on the passage when with two fufficient suretjes being given by members of the ordiie y acis of civility they coter op board, of course all vessels the owner or owners, or by the master orli or reípect.


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" I am informed that Mr. Burr has di.

On motion of Mr. J. Randolph all the l' the Commodore sent into Tripoli with ned with the President--and was, a few papers of last session relating to the Yazoo clothing, &c. for the prisoners) that they evenings since, one of a Mixed party at Lands were ordered to be prinied. A sin.


killed and wounded. Mr. Madison's.

gular circumftance gave rise to this mo. “ Commodore Preble arrived here on Although congrels, in their constituted tion. The papers on this subject, he ob the 234 ult. with the remainder of tis form, have not yet done any business, it is served, were cut out of the books of doc force, but, on account of the weather, he well understood here, that the members uments which are preserved for the use of i could attempt nothing unul the 24th when of the ministerial interest have not been the house.

we anchored in a line before Tripoli, about inactive in founding the difpofitions and

z miles from the batteries, where we had wishes of the representatives, on the lead.

not been two hours befcre we were oblig. ing obje&ts of the session. Ic is confident

ed to get under way on account of the iy stated, that strong tears are entertained

wind blowing fo fresh on fhore ; but the by this party as to the result of the medita.

wind has this day moderated, and we will ied trial of Judge Cnase. Persons, well

again be enabled to take our flaiion betore informed on the subject, affirm, that the

Their batteries. impeachment, if noi relinquished, wille. Be it our weekly task,

“ The Tripolitans are much difirefled ventually tail of its purpose."

To note the passing tidings of the times. at present ; their crops have failed, and [Extract of a letter.]

the vigilance of the blockading squadron

has prevenied their getting supplies from Hudson, December 11.

abroad. They have been fortifying them. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, November 26.

selves at every point, have removed every

A letter from Washington, dated, Nov. I thing valuable from the town, and have The petition of Benjamin Emmons as

26, says-"M:ss. Derbigny, Save and De. made, and are fill making, great exertions agent of sixty aluciates in Vermont, pray- ireban, the three citizens of Louisiana, for its defence.” ing for a grant of land in Louisiana, for settlement was postponed at the latt fektivn, deputed to present the memorial, attribu

From the same to the same, dated led to Mr. E. Livington, are at present was led up.

• SYREN, OFF TRIPOLI, in this city--they experience from the Mr. Elliot moved its reference to a President and from the members of Con.

August 9, 1804, select committee, which was carried. greis generally, every mark of cordiality

“ The scene of combat commenced on A mellige from the presi lent informing and attention. They are well informed, the 31 inft. when the weather became fathat he has approved and signed the att ma. respectable men.

vourable for our operations ; accordingly, king turdier appropriation tor carrying in.

at, 2 o'clock, P. M. the figgal was made to to effect the Briiish convencion: Amer.

From the Philad. True American. prepare for batile. At 3 o'clock we got sage from the lenate announcing their con.

within gun shot of the batteries, and cast currence in the joint resolve in relation to Captain Ducatur his officers, and crew.

O3 Saturday last arrived the brig Com.

off the gun boats and bomb keiches. They

advanced in a line ahead, lead up by capt. modore Barry, capt. Mead, from the Med. November 27

iterranean. Capt. Mead left Malia on the Stephen Decatur, and covered by the con Mr. Richards from the joint commit. 25th of Aug. for Mirzala, in Sicily, to

flitution and the brigs and schooners. The tee of enrolment, inade a report that the take in his cargo of wine ; while there, he cnemy had soventeen gun boats moored in

a line in front of the batteries, and a brig joint resolution of the two houses in rela. received an advice boat from our Consul tion to Captain D:catur, l.is officers, and at Malta

, containing dispatches and letters of 16 and a schooner of 10 guns to aid and from Tripoli for our executive. Capt. l anxious as we advanced--a dilcharge of

The moments ciew, was found upon examination to be cofree. Meat left Marzula on tie 56 of Septein

theils from the bomb boals induced the enThe engroft:d bill declaring the affent ber, and passed Gibraltar on the 221. be.

emy to open their fire, which was heavy of Co:gress to the act of North Carolina ling chased at that time by a verel which

and incelligt, yet our brave fellows adrelating to lands in Tennessee, was read he cook for a Tripolitan. The United

vaneed with all possible intrepidity thro' the third time palled and signed by Mr. States trigate Jbn Alama, arrived at Mu.

a shower of grape shot. When our gun Speaker.

ta while cape, M:ad lay there, ani foon al.
ter faile] to join our quadrop off Tripoli.

boats got within twenty yards of the enc: November 29

my they discharged their great guns load. . The following interesting information Mr. J. Cay presented a representation from our quadron off Tripodi, writien by

ed with forty pounds of musket balls, which and memorial signed by 237 American cit. an officer on board the Siren, to a gentle musketry. This obliged five of the gun

was immedia:cly to lowed by a volley of izens settled in Louisiana, expressing their man in this city, is received by the Com- boats, composing the enemy's right wing, Saiisfa&tion the arrangement made in modore Barry.

lo cut their cables and retreat ; our gu3 chat country as to its government. Re.

Syren, off Tripoli, boats then bare up for those lo lewardferred to the committee on that part of the

Augufti, 1804 Capt. Decator boarded and carried the first President's mellige relative to the amelio.

« On the 16 h ult, we ailempied to boai-L. Trip boarded and carried the lealion of the government of Louisiana.

bring off, with our boats uader the coin con !, and L. James Decatur, in the act The House then resolved i: self into a

mand of Li, Caldwell and Mr. Dorsey, a of carrying the third, was killed. Captain commitice of the whole, Gen. Varnum in froall vellel, but did not lucceed, for the Decatur continued down their line and the chair, on the bill restraining merchant colletion of troops brought dows for her carried the third-all of which were safely reTels from arming and forcing a trade to) delence was to numerous thai my boats brought off. The attack continued an S. Domingo, fundry ameniments were

had to retire with the loss ol one man kil-hour and a hall. made and reported to the house, but final.

led and three feverely wounded ; tbe lofs “ The Turks were driven out of fort ly the bill was re-coinmitted to a cominis. of the enemy was considerable-we bave : Francais, ard muit have foffered much tee of the wbole for Wedac day next. been informed by a Maltese captain (whom from our fire into the town as well as into


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