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of noT GUILTY ; and let me meet my re-
ward in liberal patronage and prompt

“ AS the great expence of supporting the Baz!

“ Ance establishment, requires prompt payments - GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY." payment.

“ from patrons, you are desired to transinit the aHere, then, we will rest this cause, and “ mount by mail, or otherwise, or pay it to our aproceed to the next :

taking his receipt. Yon YEAR has now elapsed, since

“will please to inform me immediately (post paid)

THE PRINTER VS. HIS PATRONS. the Balance fell under the sole direction

“ whether you wish the BALANCE continued. You are empanneled, gentlernen, as a

" Yours, &c. of the present editor; and I can now appeal jury to try your own cause :

« HARRY CROSWELL." to its numerous and respectable patrons, as co a jury empanneled to decide on its mer.

Have you complied with the terms on To fome of thele letters, I have received its, and ask, “What Jay ye, gentlemen,

which you subscribed for the Balance ? answers which gave me pleasure ; becaule GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY ?"

are all your arrearages paid ? If so, then the writers of them evinced a dispoäition,

you are NOT GUILTY. . You are aquitted not only to receive papers, but to pay for If you have found me (werving from with honor.

them. Their apologies have been perfe&ly the true line of my duty : If I have devi.

Or, on the contrary, are you now in ar. latisfactory; and they will accept my thanks ated from the principles which I prosessed rear for one, two or more years? If so,

for their prompt compliance with my rewhen I first commenced my editorial la.

quest, and tor their continued patronage. theo are you GUILTY, and judgment must bours : If I have suppressed the truth thro' be entered against you.

A lew others have returned answers which fear of offending the powers that be: It I

clearly few that they are willing to receive have flattered those whose principles and

What say ye, gentlemen, GUILTY

papers until th:y are called on for pay. i OR NOT GUILTY ?” measures I disapprove: It I have advoca.

From the remainder, no answers ted the base and condemned the worthy :

have been received : They must not, If I have been inattentive to the best in


therefore, be surprized if no more papers terests of my country : If I have provej

are sent to them. An apology is due to an enemy to the conftitution : If, in short,

On examining my subscription book, a

those who had paid my agents previous to short time since, I found, that, out of a. I have declared that truth is a libel, and

the receipt of my bills. ated accordingly-hen, gentlemen, pro

bout eight hundred subscribers who re. nounce me GUILTY ; and let my punih-ceive their papers by mail, nearly one

AGENTS, ment be, the lofs of your patronage.

hundred, from want of opportunity to

pay, neglect, or some worse caule, were To whom payments have been made, But if, on the contrary, I have stood, indebted for two year's papers or more.

are desired to improve the earliest opportu. like a faithful centinel, al my posi : It I

Sen Gble of the various plaufble reasons nity to forward the money in their hands. have pursued, with undeviating fteps, but

which could be offered for these delin. one object, and that object has been the

quencies, I adopted a plan which I con. good of my country: If I have maintain

Deficiencies in either Volume of the ceived would remove every difhculy, and ed my ground with independence, and a tolerable degree of spirit : If I have inva. ensure me the payment I required, or save

BALANCE, will be filled up, it application riably told truth, at the risqe of incurring

methe trouble ard expence of sending oui

be made immediately. A few complete the displeasure of the powerful and the vi papers without receiving a just remunera. || lets, may be had on application.

rion. I enclosed to each of These subscri. 07 A Title Page and Index for this cious: If I have condemned with candor,

bers, a bill in form, for the Balance up and applauded with fincerity : It I have

volume, will be turnilhed with the first been a friend to our copfiu son, and an to the end of this volume, accompanied

number of the next. To those who have enemy to ufurpation and innovation-hen, with a note, of which the following is a

ordered their papers discontinued, they gentlemen, give me an approving vetuict. copy :

will be fent separately.



il yule every measure either to keep the "addicted," never to frike a man who is Ilumne ibat is burning in the interior paris | down.

down. This liberality in conducting per. of their own body, closely pent up or to sonal contests, has suggested to him ihe ex.

discharge its eruptions at a distance; and pediency of causing it to he proposed to the It is somewhat remarkable, but not un.

differeni Poientates of Europe, to amend one powerful expedient is, to direct the

attention and vent the angry passions of the the laws of war, by a declaration that in accountable , that the Jaie success of the democrats in Massachusetts and N. Hamp. fome cunning princes have engaged con. 'whole corps against the federalists.--So all future battles as soon as either army

retreats, all firing of musquets, bayonet. fhire, has not apparently excited any gen. tinually in foreign wars, for the sake of ing, flashing with juords and cannona. eral joy or even much netice, in the south. prererting infurrections at home.--Now ding, Jhall forthwith cease, and that The democrats of those lla:es had long been toiling in the vineyard with painful universal, the victors would loose their in the event of a conquel compleat and thenceforward no man Mall be considered

as a prisoner of war, who is not overlak. induftry; and now when they seemed to

main point of union; and no longer hav. en in fair running. have consummated their labours and were

ing it in their power to lound the tocfina Although mankind are, at present, far expcéting the warmelt plaudits from their

gainst a pretendedly formidable host of a from a state of perfection, yet ihe " per.. elder brethren, they appear to be treated

ristocrats and monarchists, and through | fedability" of human nature is not the by them with a contemptuous indifference this channel copiously discharging the ma. less fure of advancing to its highest destin. -an indifference, that seems to speak this lignant humours of their own aggregate ed grade : Generous combatants fight for Janguage, -" we were already powerful body, these bumours would ferment in- | victory, without seeking the destruction enough without your affiftance, and you ternally, and soon become too powerful of their enemies. If Big Ben or The have come into the field as auxiliaries, at. for restraint, as they are already too invęt.

Chicken would scorn to frike their profter our viétory had been compleated," erate for cure.

trate 'antagonias-who have given in," Maflachusetts, N. Hampshire, and the oth

The wise ones know this full well, and ought not illustrious Generals to disdain er states of New England, are neceflary

therefore do not rejoice at the success of the firing on soldiers who are running out of appendages of the union as far as relates late elections, 'with all their mind and with harm's


? The time must come when to the defraying of the expençes of tlie all their Arength. ---At any rate, we actu.

this relict of monarchical barbarism will government, and would be very necessary || ally find that some of the late victorious be abol fed. We indulge the hope, that in the event of a dangerous and expensive | party in Massachuseits have discovered the era of the prefent adininiftration, will war ; for they abound in hardy ruggedquirmings of resentment on this subjeét- be as diftinguished for improvements in men, such as are the proper sort of stuff thinking their successful atchievement the arts of war as it is illustrious for prefor foldiers-infinitely better than the pale (passed over, as it has been, without a

serving an uninterrupted peace with all the healic, lady-fingered sons of the south : I general Jubilee) is held much cheaper a.

world. but in matters relating to the management broad'than they had expected.

We must not, however, dillemble our of the general government, Virginia can

regrets that Mr. Jefferson's firft contro. do well enough without them, and wishes

verfy has happened with the Spaniards, not to be ecubarrassed by their interfering

who have made but little progress in Phi

FROM THE EVENING POST. regulations, It is well remembered, that

lofophy, and are said to be very revengeful, throughout the American revolution-war,

As iheir affent to a proposition for melioVirginia resolved and New England acted; A passing tribute of applause to Mr. Jef | rating the rigour of the military code is Virginia came forward with many boldférson, after the manner of S. H. Smith.

hardly to be expecied ; we are told that a and fpirited paper-resolutions—New-Eng.

defensive armour has been invented, which land fought. So now, Virginia, with her IN conseqöence of the late threatening | is expected to be very usetul in covering wonied ipirit of patriotism, undiminished | alpeet of our relations with Spain, we are retreats. If we are rightiy informed, this and uncooled, is willing to take upon her. I intormed that Mr. Jefferson has turned his

armour is constructed on the most scien. felt the whole trouble of governing the attention to military affairs, and has tific principles, and after a full consulta. union, provided the other states and those been particularly engaged for several weeks tion with an eminent disciple of Esculapi. of New England particularly, will not be part in devising methods for mitigating the us, now a member of the National Coun. fo unreasonable as to refuse to take the ex horors of war and sparing the "effufion cils, who, at the request of Mr. Jefferson, ponies of the government upon their own of human blood." From peruling the ac has prepared a report on the im riability of shoulders--and provided too, they will counts of memorable baitles, it is found, the pollerior muféles of the human body, not object to taking upon themselves when that all authors concur in representing that if it is laid the armour before mentioned ever occafion shall require, another fum nine tenths of the slaughter happens after confifts of three pieces, the first, orgales of five hundred thousand paunds sterling an army has been overpowered and has occipitalis, is a copper covering for the of her private debis.

commenced its retreat. This melancholy back part of the head and neck, relembling There is also another circumstance to tact demonftrates by a carrollary, as iny a night-cap ; the second, or clypeus dorhe confidered : it is well known to the mo! friend Duane has it, the atrocious charac. | falis, is designed to cover the whole back; intelligent of the predominant party, that ter of landing armies, and the horrible the lift, or podicis panniculus ferreus, is there are furious heart-burnings among coníequences of ways, as they have been intended to protect ine fiat of honour, or themselves; there has been a third party hitherto conducted.

as Mr. Jefferlon wouid more ele unuy exin the state of New.York, and another in It is the character of genius to convert press it, the surcharge of the human body, Pennylvania, and warm bickerings elf the most common incidents to purposes and is composed of several flexible joinis, where; and though the fire is fimot herei, uleiul to the interests of science and bu.' so as not to encumber the foldier in runit is not quenched. The loaves and fishes manity. Mr. Jefferson has given many ning. Experiments have been made on are not enoug'i to satisly so many hungry fach proofs of his genius. This great phi. Virginia negroes cloathed in this armour, civipants; and they have not yet the pow. lofopher is faid to have noticed with far and it is found not only to protect their boer of miraculously multiplying these necel isíaétion, that it is an established rule a. dies against iliurles from kicks and fick's fire wriicies of lood. Whatever is within mong the Irish Republicans, in the box- of a cudgel, burro be proot against ma iconpas atleisabilities, they alerily do: fi ing inalches to which ibele citizens are quet balls, swords and bayonets, and, 1

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fact, against all military machines except indeed has been the modesty of Mr. Jef.

A LONG STRIDE. cannon. Further experiments are, how-terson, that but few perlons know at this We know full we!!, that we are abuced by ever, to be made ; and we are happy 10 cine, that the pidometer is a curious ma

the democrats as olien as we declare vurde. learn, that several of Mr. Jefferton's pat. chine invented by himsell, and for many riotic friends in the administration have, years worn under his pantaloons, by which

lief that bey have no real regard for reli. with a ipirit and promptitude highly hon a precise account of the number of his own

gion. Perhaps it is a poinuhat is not worth ourable, volunteered iheir persons for the tepsis" preferved. The average length of difputing about ; but we are inclined to purpose. Their names we have not heard, + ilep during a philosophic walk, being place on record eve:y thing that will go but report says Mr. G. Garis one. found by measuration to be three feet four

to prove our belief correct. --The followThe trial is expected to take place the first inches and during a race, five fect two in. fair Smday morning after the Christmas ches ; thus the period of a walk or a race,

ing article is copied from the Aurora, and holidays. The advantages of this arınour being shewn by a watch, the distance wal. consequently must be to democrats eviwill, we understand, be denied to all the ked or run, may be computed with great dence" as prong. as holy writ.officers and men who were engaged in the accuracy.

“ The tollowing relolation was offered service during the “ reign of terror," 11 In Mr. Jefferson's Notes on Philadelphia, " in the houle of reprelentatives of Virbeing desirable that theic men, who are (a work which we hope foon to iffue trom ginia, and ordered to lie on the tabie :' generally difaff Eted, thould." die or re. the press, and wlaich will increase the

Reloved, that any application of pub. fign" as soon as possible."

isme of its immortal author) the periods of “ lic money, as a compensation to a chapThe present Secretary of War, it is said, his elongation from his ludgings, to sev. “ lain of this house, is illegal; in as much dillikes this new kind of deance, and has ral remarkable places, are noted and fim as it conravenes the iecond section of very imprudently declared, that the Latin Por observations have been marie at Walh.

“ the act, “establishing religious tree. nañes above mentioned are Greek to him. 'ng'on, between the Prezzidoliad and

dom," and one other at of allembly, Though this Secretary has good points. | Goose Creek, not only on ihe direct route, passed the 24 h day.of Januari, 1799, yet it is certain he is not a bright siholar out by various circuitous perambulations. he is suspected of envy, and ot prejudices A n.ember of the Legion of Honor, e.

explanatory of the said recited acı. in favour of the Washingtonian mode of quipped in armor and furnished with a

ANOTHER. wartare-he is, moreover, one of those lec of the instruments before mentioned, We find the following extract of a letter New. Englandmen, who always exceed will not only be able to run securely, but 'or fall short of what is desired, and un his arrival at Carter's Mountain, will

in the Troy Gazette :never step at the precise roint of genuine or be possessed of data enabling bim co estab.

Extrait of a Letter from a Member, of " temperate republicam/m. It istumour lith his title to those honors, which will be

Congress to a Gentleman of this town. ed that he will ihortly resign, and we men awarded to those who in their flight, hall

“ I have this moment bet n afluied from tion this from pure love of " publicity,' have united the greatest skill with the a quarter not to be disputed, that the whole and without the least ill will to the Secreta greatest celerity of movement. Some im.

of the democratick reprelentation in the ry, who commands the homage of our perfect rumours of this establishment hav.

Senate (excepting 1. Smith, of Long.IN. te peal." ing reached the community, we have no:

and) have signed, and this morning forWe cannot deny ourselves the pleasure | been able to resist :he pleasure of commu

warded a Pention to Governor Bloomfield, of giving tome intimations of a plan toren nicating this rapid sketch of what is con

10 grant a Pardon io the Vice President rolling a Legion of Honour, on principles templated-a more detailed description is

Mr. Burr, for killing General Hamilton." analogous to thole which govern our ad. reserved for the future gratification of the

Several letters from Washington corrub. miniftration. Notwithstanding the great friends of principle.

orate this account. After what has been advantages to be expected from the use of

before announced, the reader will not be dorsal and podicial armour, yet while

furprized at any mark of regard which the thole devilish engines called cannon are in ule, it is evident the best preservative of

democrats may shew towards Mr. Burr.human lite, in battles, will be found in ce

To what a pitch of degradation must :he lerity of flight.

morality of a people be funk, when such To encourage skill in this necessary and

things are tolerated ? useful accomplishment, ihe candidates for the new order of Patricians, will be invi. ted to affemble at Richmond to run over the celebrated course from the Capital 10

Editor's Closet. Carter's Muntain; this exercise which

We readily publish the communication of " A is intended to combine, present health

CUSTOMER,” because, according to a rule from with future security, will allo serve to


which we will never swerve, every ar:icle that apnourish a patriotic and republican spirit, by preserving the remembrance of a remark. Since the democrats have gained their

fears in this paper, whether selected or original,

whether editorial or communicated, wheiher politiable revolutionary movement. Each can presidential election in M-ffachusetts, they

cal, literary, or medical, is open to free criticism, didate besides his armour will be fupplied begin to disclose their designs by degrees.

begin to disclose their designs by degrees. Il scrutiny, and investigation. Whether the recipe with a watch pocket compass and pedome

The following pafliige is found in the lead. which we selected, was good or bad, our livnited ter, and the principal rewards, will he

knowledge of the healing art," prevents us from distributed to those who arrive first at the ing democratic paper of that state :

judging : But weconfess, that we had hitherto been Cave of the mountain, after having run Every citizen in the United States 61 credulous'' enough to believe, that in consumpthe greatest proportion of the distance a “ who is not a republican, (meaning a de. lions “ expectorants” were uesul. However, as cross hi-ids and through swamps and bush mocrat] is a 'TRAITOR ; and are our CUSTONER" builds his opinion upon actual exes. Tuis hur lalelv c intemplated to apply " those persons TRAITURS, who oppose periment, lie is unquestionably entitled to credit, the pedometer to military purposes. Such " the prelent adminftration ?"

and consequently to w.anks for his hint.

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she came down. Just as they were seated,
a rap called him to the door. While he
was there, happening to taste her tea, The
found it too sweet for her, and therefore
exchanged her cup for his, he being in the
habit of drinking his tea sweeter than the

He returned, swallowed the con.
tents of his cup somewhat hastily, when
looking earnestly at the sediment, he turn.

ed to her with a face oi horror, and asked it
she had changed the cup ? Being antwered


in the affirmative, then I am gone, said
he, and died in less than two hours.


November 30, 1804.

Mr J. Randolph from the committee ap. EGYPTIAN WHEAT.

pointed on the 6th inft. reported articles

of impeachment against Judge Chase. HERE are few countries from

Thev were nearly the lame as reported at whenceine patriotic and scientific traveller

che last selfi si except the 5th and 6th ar

FOR THE BALANCE. may not bring something to enrich or ben.

ticles, which are new ones. efic his own. The peculiar qualities of the MR. EDITOR,

Mr. J. R. moved to refer them to a Egyptian Wheat have long been unknown

commiliee of the whole on Monday next. even to the nations to which Egypı was

BSERVING in your paper of

Mr. Elliot role to move a more distant formerly the granary : but one of the offi.

day, and to assign his reasons for the mus cers whom the delolating spirit of Bona. the 2710 Nov. 1804, an extract fromthe U. tion.

It had been to him a subje&t of con. parte occasioned us to send there, has nited States Gazette, a recipe for the con. siderable regret that the prelent report bad brought from thence a few grains of wheat sumption, a disease than which nothing is been fo long delayed, and he bad Tepeat. which are likely to fupercede the culture more formidable or more effe&tually bafilles edly examined his own mind to imagine of all others, not only in Ireland, but here. the healing art. The writer, cho' ftrenu reasons for the delay. Twenty-four days ago The ftem, which for strength and thick. ous in his beliet of the beneficial effe&t of

the gentleman who now presented the re. ness, resembles the strongest reed, is about hoarhound and new milk, appears to found port, announced to the house bis convic. 'fix feet high, having when nearly matur. his confidence on one case only, and tion that all the time which our political ad, a top or head about twice the size of makes no allowance for different tempera existence would allow should be given to an ear of our wheat, together with smaller ments, habits, sex or age. I myself have the person accused for the purpose of maears, branching something in the manner experienced the consumption for two years king his defence; and he moved a re. ot our oats. But what is moit important, and eight months. When I was first tak

commitment of the report of the last session the stem is particularly nutricious for horf. en, at different times I adverted to the use for the purpose of alteration or amendment, es, rendering unnecessary the use of hay of hoarhound, which invariably proved

A solution of the difficulies which have and corn. It will not be a matter of fur. injurious ; not only hoar hound, bu' the occupied my mind upon this subje&t, said prize, that all the seed, which Mr. Hum whole class of expectorants were similar Mr. E. may perhaps be found in the report phries, (a gentleman of Dublin, to whom in their effects. They all increased the itself. If I understand it, it embraces ac. it had been originally presented could be cough and pain in the cheft ; rendered the

culations, the evidence of which repose in induced to dispose of laft year, was pur.

matter expe&torated saline and acrimonious, the breasts at the committee alone, as it chaled with avidity, for ten guineas per producing irritation in the lungs and fauces,

producing irritation in the lungs and fauces, has never been exhibited to the hcuse. fone of 141b. ; nor that he has been of and increasing the exertion of coughing This course of proceeding may be parlia. tered, and refused, eight thousand guin. to an alarming degree. And his effect of

mentary and proper, but it strikes my eas by one perfon, for a crop of nine acres. hoarhound and expectorants is not confined mind as possessing a very different charac. which is, or was recently ftanding.

lo my case alone. I have frequenıly ob Althe last session a voluminous body served the saine effe&t in others. There is

of evidence was reported, upon which the a fpecies of cough attendant on the afth house decided the general question of im. ma and catarrh, which common people peachment. The cosmittee appointed are wont to call consumption, in which

to prepare and report articles of impeachexpectorants have a salutary effect; but in

ment, posless not the powers of a comthe tuberculous affe Elions of the lungs, mittee of enquiry ; the enquiry is already To aid the cause of virtue and religion. such a quantity of the expressed juice of

at an end ; they are only to reduce 10 hoarhound as stated in the above mention. form the decision of clie house upon the [The following fact ought to be recorded in every ed extract, will hasten the approach of

evidence, before them ; and if they have paper, as a monitory lesson : In this occurrence the king of terrors to all who take it.

proceeded to make a vew erquiry, to obthe Hand OP PROVIDENCE must be visible toev. N. B. As the common mass of peo iain new evidence, and report new articles ery capacity.

Edit. Bal.]

ple are disposed to place more con fidence thereon, they have wandered beyond the

in recipes from almanacs and newfpapers, limits of their duty. Nor am I furnished From the N. Y. Eve. Poft. than in the ableft counsel at home ; and as with that intuitive knowledge of right and

the above prescription is in this wav calcu wrong in cases of his kind, which would

lated to injure the credulous, I have been be necessary to enable me to decide almok AST Saturday morning a Mr. induced to write this remonftrance, which, instantly upon a question of luch magni. Way of this city arose before his wife, it you think worth a place in your paper,

aude. While it is our duty to grant a and had breaklift prepared, and even the is at your disposal.

reasonable time to the perfon accared to sea pound out ready for drinking against

A CUSTOMER. make his defence, it is indelpenfibly ne



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cellary to proceed not only with delibera. tourth article there are a variety of objec. || with correct motives, fuch an irrefillable tion but with caution. He concluded by cions. After having stated in the second torrent of public opinion is precipitated, moving that the report be made the order and third articles, everything which it was with a favorable eye. It is our duty to en. for Thursday next. Motion loft

necessary to state, when the strong ground deavour to realize che ancient idea of the

of the constitution was abandoned we are blindness of justice. Let us be blind as it December 4.

presented with the blackest catalogue of relpećis ihe man, blind to his political o. I. committee of the whole, on the im judicial crimes that has ever been invented. pinions, but eagle eyes as it respects his peachment of Judge Chase.

This article will forever form a phenome crimes. The pure fountain of juffice The several articles were taken up

and non in the history of impeachments, and ought not to be polluted with a single agreed to, as follows:

command admiration by its wonderful dis. mudly particle of the spirit of party. Article 1 83 Yeas 34 Nays | play of the powers of invention, amplifi I have said en sugh to explain my fenti.


cation, and embellishment. Never havel ments and views upon the subject, ard I 3


been more completely convinced that gen. will not trouble the committee with a rep34

ius is capable of creating any thing what ersion of any of my argumenis at the lak 72 45 ever, that it possesses even magic powers.


We are here presented with a fupendous

pyramid of judicial guilt, of which mani The fcllowing persons are choirnby the

fés injustice forms the pedestal, and inde house, as managers to condući he im.

cent solicitude constitutes the apex. Judgol peachmen! ct Judge Chale. viz.The following speech was delivered by Chale is accused of man.teft injustice, para Mesfis. J. Randolph, Rodney. Nich. Mr. Elliot, afier the several articles of tiality, intemperance, rudeness, vexation, olson, Early, Boyle, Neilon, and G. W. impeachment, as amended, had been a. solicitude, &c. &c. If this horrid list of || Campbill. greed to :

The crimes of a judge is to be crowned by Mr. Chairman, as I have voted in op " folicitude," if folicitude," is to swell Mr. Pickering lareiy moved the follow. position to every one of the articles, and the list of new tranfgreffions ; I must still ing relolution in the Senate of the United Thall of course vote in the negative when be permitted to believe that iis decency or

States: they are considered in the aggregate, it is indecency has very little connexion with Relolved by the Senate and house of rep. indispensably necessary that I should make the essence of its criminality. Bilides the ielenta:ives of the United States, in Con. a few observations, in order to rescue my conduct of the judge was different at dif. gress assembled, two thirds of both houses felf from the imputation of voting, on this Serent stages of the trial, and were I to con. concurring, that the following article be occasion, in a different manner from what lider his supposed solicitude as criminal, proponed to the legislatures of the several I did at the last session : although I am al I could not consider the report as consist. Itates as an ainendment to the conflitution ready sufficiently justified to my own con ent with truth, unless amended so as to of the Uniied States, which, when ratified science.

read in this manrer--In manifefling, in by the legislatures of three tourths of the My cool judgment tells me that were I the early part of the trial, an indecent so several flares, shall be valid to all intents to vote in favor of the present impeach. licitude, and, in its latter pages, a very and purposes, as part of the said conftitu. ment, in its present form, I must forteit decent folicitude, for the conviction of the

tion. in my estimation that political character as prisoner, 3c. Solicitude is a mere mental

ARTICLE, a republican, which it has been the study operation. Had the judge diiplayed an From and after the third day of March, of my life to acquire and preserve, and anxiety to save the prisoner, he might onc ihousand eight hundred and nine; repwhich has hitherto secured me the con with equal propriely have been impeached resentatives and direct laves, shall be apdence ot a people as truly republican as ev. as guiliy of sympathy or pity.

portioned among the several states, which er have existed in any age or nation. It I cannot vote for the last article without may be included wilhin this union, accor. is upon republican principles that I op. a violation of my political principles. 1 || ding to the numbers of their free inhabi. pose the report. At the last session I de. do not believe that the expression of polit. tants respectively. clared mylelt in favor of the impeachment | ical opinion is a crime in a republican gov . so far only as related to the conduct of ernment. I have repeatedly declared that I

December 3. judge Chase. upon the trial of James considered it improper in a judge to read Mr. Nicholson presented a memorial Thomfon Callender, I considered the political lectures from the bench ; and I from the inhabitants of Louisiana, said to conduct of the Judge upon iliat occasion have also had frequent opportunities, both be signed by 200 leads of families, which as amounting to a denial of important and op former and recent occafions, of expres. takes a view of the laws of ihe United conftitutional privileges of compulsory | ring my conviệtion that judicial officers Siatts, for their territorial Government. process for witnefles, and of trial by an ought not to be punished for declaring He observed that the three Gentlemen apimpartial jury of his country ; and had the their political opinions. We ought not

pointed from that country had requested committee taken that strong ground, I must ourselves to practice what we reprobate in him to ftate that the copy which appeared have given it my support. They have, ll others, and it is always desirable to carry in our papers in the courle of the lati fum. however, abandoned il : and I am decid. our own theories into practice.

mer was by no means authenuc, inany exedly of opinion that it ihe conduct of the With these powerful confiderations, pressions as well as ideas in ibat do not apjudge did not amount to a violation of others of a different nature have naturally pear in this, and there are expressions and the constitution, it ought to be considered mingled themselves, in my own mind, ideas used in this that are not to be found as a mere error in judgment. And for er. while reflecting upon this important sub.

in that. The translation that accompanies rors of judgment a magistrale is not im. jiet. Is there no danger that the feelings ibe French original, though correct, may peachable.

and views of party have, impreceptibly to contain expressions that the House will It is not upon any trifling or minute urselves, involved ihemlelves. with our have to pardon, afcribing them to the feel. distinction between firm and fubftance if étions, and that they will improperly ings of inhabitants lo peculirly si:uated, that I found my objections to the facond jfl.:ence our conduet ? For mylell I am and not to any want of up & for the and third articles, but upon what I confid.

dilposed to look upon a member of our Government of the Union; they laboured er as strong and solid ground. But to the "l.highest judicial tribunal, upon whom, under an idea that their moials, manners

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