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and customs had been misunderstood, and the wharf could not be got off, and receiv. One two story wooden building, occuconseqnently complained thereof, and ed much damage in their fails and rigging, pied by Byrne and Smith as an aucien that the low of last reffion was passed by a floop and a Spanish brig were burnt al. ftore. Congress under these miflaken impressions. most io lhe water's edge. Amongst the One iwo story brick building, owned They therefore pray an alteration of the buildings destroyed are ihe old Coffee. and occupied by Mr. Pult as an office. law fo far as to allow them to be their own house; the office of the Morning Chroni One three story brick building, uccu. legislators, not dividing the territory into cle; and the new and elegant brick stores pied by E Backus and co, auctionects. two governments, and not prohibiting the of Mefirs Bailey & B gert, which con. One small brick building, occupied by importation of slaves.

tained Est and West India Goods to a ve. Mr. Hyde, watch maker, and owned Ly M. Nicholson moved alter the memo. rv large amount. These gentlemen, and the Widow Dobglas. sial was read, to refer it to the Committee Meflirs. John D. Martin and John R. One iwo ftory wooden building, occu. appointed on that part of the President's Wheaton, preserved nothing from the de pied by Mr. Cavener, and owned by John speech which relates to the amelioration of vouring element, not even their books or Jones. the Government of Luisiana, and it was papers. Happily no lives were loft. Mr. One two story wooden, occupied by referred accordingly.

Daniel Riker, fi versmith, an active fire Mr. Fsher, and owned by John Jones. man, was very leverely bruised by the tall. One ihree ftory brick, occupied by


of the wall of the old Cffee. Mr. Petii, and owned by John Raibone.« house ; but hopes are entertained ot bis One iwo story brick, occupied by Mrs. recovery.

Beiry and owned by the iftare of W. The value of the buildings destroyed || Bruce. is elt.mated in one of the evening papers 0:he brick three story occupied by Mrs. at !07.200 dollars.

Wentworth, and owned by the estate of Be it our weekly task,

The following is a list of the particular Commodore Nicholson. To note the passing tidings of the times.

houses, owners and


affecter. Ove two story wood, occupied by H.

Seventeen Buildings in Front-ftreet. J H-fley, hair dresler, and owned by Hudson, December 25. One three story wood building, ocupied by W. B ngham.

John Sullivan, wholelale and retail grocer. Four Buildings on Jones's Wharf*

One three story wood building, occu. One three story wooder, occupied as a The Rev. David B. Warden, late

pied by N. Blake as a flaxseed store. wholesale grocery store by Joshua Jones. preceptor of the academy at Kingston in

One tour story fire proof building, occu One three flory wooden, occupied by this ftale, goes to France as Gena Arm.

pied by Jubin D. Martin and John R. N. Horton, commission merchant. krong's private secretary. Wheaton, merchants.

One three stury wooden, occupied by One owo flory wood building, occupro | George Gibbs and W. Seabury, commií. A letter from a gentleman at Madeira to ed by Diniel Sullivan, as a flaxseed store: Gion merchanis. his correspondents in this city, dated Oc.

One iwo ftory wood building, occu Oe three story wooden, occupied by .tober 28 h, received via Philadelphia per pied M. Ward.

John A. Robertson, wholesale grocer. the brig Saunders, favs, We have this

Two four story fire proof fores, occu-Eight three story brick Buildings in W'a. day been informed of a Déclaration of pied by Bailey & Bogert, Commission

ter.freet. War by Great Britain against Spain." Merchants.

Old Coffee-Houle, occupied by Ed. The above intelligence is corroborated One three story wood store, occupied | ward Barden, and owed by ihe widow of by Captain Ingraham, of the ship Indul. by James Forbes.

George Douglass. try, from Madeira, who informs us that One three story brick building, occu O je dwelling house owned and occu. two or three days previous to his failing || pied by George Shonard, boarding house. pied by James Patterson. (November 3!) a Portuguese schooner ar Ore three story brick building, occu. One occupied by John H. Hurtin as a rived there from L fb.n with accounts of

pied by J. B. Kursheedt, Merchant. Grocery Store, and by Benjamin Bailey The actual declisilou of war against Spain. One three story brick building, occupi. as a dwelling, owned by Captain Maxwell. [N. York Mercantile Adv.] ed by John Sullivan as a dwelling.

One owned and occupied by Isaac Go. One small wood building occupied by mez, Jun. and Shay & Noah, auctionNEW-YORK, DECEMBER 19. Charles, M'Carily, Grocer, where the Between two and three o'clock yes Gie is said to have originated.

One occuped by Henry Wylie as terday morning, one of the moil exien. One 3 ftory wood ftore, occupied by Wholelale dry Goods Store, and owned by Sve and injurous fires that has lap en d Roche & Belis, Grocers.

The widow Hallet. in this city for several years broke out One 3 story wood flore, occupied by One occupied as a Printing Office, by in the building No. 104 Front-trees oc. Honnab Ruflell, Tobacconilt.

the Morning Chronicle and by Mr. Wik ncupied by Mr. Charles M'Carthy as One 3 story wood store occupied by Al. ley, Pilot, and owned by Michael Price, a retail grocery store, and extended round exander Ogilv?, Grocer.

One occupied by Capt. Storey, owned the whole block up Wall-ft eu, along Ole 3 Itory wood sore, occupied by || by widow Sivcker. Water. Itreet, from ihe old Collie oule Wiliam Bradbury, Grocer.

One occupied by Capt. Cortifs, and to Governeur's Alley, croflug Froir-freet One 3 story wood store owned and oc. owned by the estate of Isaac Governeur. to the water, consuming in iis progress cupied by James Briar, Tobacconift. * Owned by John Jones. not less than 40 dwelling-houses and livies, Twelve Houses in Wall street. and merchandize to the amount (as is laid) One wooden shree. Story building, oc.

LATEST FROM EUROPE. of more than one million of dollars. The

cupied by Sredditord and Marschalk as an flamesalso communicated to leveral houles

auction store, and by J. McGavilten as a Captain Tomkins, of the flip Thomas across the coffee.house-flip, several of retail grocery:

Wilson, who arrived at Nortolk on the 5h which were destroyed, and others consid. One linadi brick building, occupied by inft. brings London dates to the 13 of erably injured, it being low water at the

John Place as dwelling house and retail October. The leading articles, furnished time of the accident, the vessels lying ai grocery

by this arrival, are published in the Com.


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mercial Advertiser of this evening. They | Spain, It not the ally of France, was o . with his own dignity, or the honor of his will be found uvusually interesting. On a penly yielding to her the fuccois of her

crown, permit any official intercourse, perusalot there, it will be found

wealth and all the facilities of her friend. alter such an insult, he has ordered me, That hostilities between England and ship. England even overlooked these acts

ship. England even overlooked these acts, Sir, to communicate to you, that from this Spain have actually commenced, and that of indirect hostility; until at lengih her day, all diplomatic intercourse of every three Spanish frigates, richly laden with vigilance and her prudence were awaken kin.l, both private and public, is immethe treasures of the South, to the amount ed by the circumstance of Spain authorising diately to cease between the French lega. of 20,000,000 of dollars have been cap. extraordinary naval and military prepara

tion at Stockholm and his majesty's gove tured, and a fourth deftroyed.

sions. Any longer to forbear would have ernment. That the English squadron have made a been the extreme of weakness and foll;'. “ As a sentence in the article above successful expedition against the port of Hence we find explanations were re. mentioned, seems to imply that the Frenclı Boulogne, in which 150 of the French quired by the British : and what was the government is disposed to admit that the gun-boats were destroyed—the remainder consequence ?-Spain, under the heavy | continuance of the commercial intercourse much injured, and many of their soldiers | pressure of French influer.ce, dare not a. between Sweeden and France would be killed

vow with sincerity the motive of these attended with some advantages, his majesThat much discontent prevailed in the preparations, nor deny, with boldness, ty, on his part is willing to permit the French armies near Brest, and particularly that they grew out, and were the conse same from those lentiments of esteem which among the Irish Guards

quence of, her subservency to the views he always entertained for the people of That a revolution in the government of of France.

France ; sentiments which he has inherited Holland was soon to take place, and prob. In such a state of affairs, it were impos from his ancestors, and which owe their ably a monarchy to be established on the ru. sible for England to tolerate a treacherous origin to far happier times. ins of that ancient and prosperous Repub- peace; and that an open war is inevitable, (Signed) licis amply manifested by the articles in this

"T. D. EHRENHEIM." That the misunderstanding between the day's Gazette.” Emperor Napolean and the King of Swe. On the disagreement between France dea was afTuming a more virulent and de-lland Sweden, the Political Register thus

DEAL, O&ober 4 cided character ; the Minister of Sweden remarks:

Several ships of war from the Bologne having, by order of his Majesty, present " The lofty and even contemptuous ftation have juft arrived in the Downs, and ed to the French charge d'affaires at Sock. tone assumed by the King of Sweden, in by them we are happy to learn that the exholm, a Note, written, as will be seen, in his notice of the Emperor Napoleon, an. pedition against the French gun-boats has a ftyle of peculiar firmness and spirit-and nounces his confidence in the support of completely succeeded. There were about

That the Russian Charge d'affaires, at. Russia, and justifies the expectation of an 200 og Gde of Boulogne. The night was ter several unsuccessful conferences with immediate war on the coniinent of Eurrpe, very dark, and every thing favorable. the French Minister, had at length quitted || which the departure of the Russian Min . A new invented machine floating under the territories of France.

ifter from France strongly. corroborates." water, conducted by a small boat on the These laft circumstances justify the o.

surface; the machine containing 4 tons of pinion, that Sweden and Russia will soon Note transmitted by order of his Swedish stone and several barrels of gun-powder take an a£tive and resolute part against the Majesty to M. Gillard, the French was carried one to one end of the French plunderer of Europe,

charge d'Affairs at Stockholm, Sept.7, squadron and the other to the other. These On the capture of the Spanish frigates,


machines exploded after a given time, threw the Philadelphia Gazette has the fol

" His Majesty the King of Sweden has up the stones, destroying many of the lowing observations :

received a report of the improper, the in. French boats and threw the reft into con“ Among the articles most interesting, || solent, and the ridiculous observations lulion. Some fire ships were then sent a. those which relate to the approaching war which Monfeiur Napoleon Bonaparte has mong them. The land batteries, &c. &c.' between England and Spain, will more allowed to be inserted in his Moniteur, of firing briskly but without effe&, as the particularly attract the attention of our the 14th of August, under the article of night was dark. The French sent out readers.-To many it has long been a mat Ratisbon.

boats full of men, but a dreadful havock ter of surprise and alto nilliment that this “ The tone, the style, and the subject was make among them all. It is said that event has been protracted even to this pe of this article are all ot so extraordinary a upwards of 150 of the enemy's vefsels were riod of the present Britih administration. nature, that his majesty has been yet hard. destroyed, and that none of our men were During that part of the war in which Mr. I ly able to comprehend the object of such | killed, and a few only woundcd. Addington directed the concerns of the na. an act of political extravagance.

If it has tion, a policy, with regard to its foreign been done in the hope of misleading the relations, almost the reverse of that pur. Il public as to the conduct of his majesty, as sued by Mr. Piti, was adopted. . The en. it appears from the uncommon pains that ergies of the nation were unfortunately

Che Pinell. are taken to draw a line of separation be often suffered to languilh for want of luit. tween his majesty and his fubjeéts, let the able objects of enterprise : and its high world underitand, cha! any instigation !!

DIE D, and scrupulous claim to difcriminate jul that effect never could have been less likels * Last week, suddenly, at the house of Mr. Peter tice nearly jeopardized by untimely and ill ! to succeed than at this moment, or than it Vandenbergh, in this city, Mr. MIX (his other jodged forbearance--with M. Pitt the

always will, with a people whose interests name not known.) He said he owned land at mere suspicion of national injury was a la

are bound up with those of a sovereigr. the westward, and had left 'wo watches in Hudson justifiable pretext for demanding explana who has never separated his property from to be repaired. We do not learn where iis friends tion; and, where explanation failed theirs, and who never feels so happy as resiile. the “ laił refortwas uravoidabte. Pie. when he contributes to the glory and to the A: Kinderhook, Hon. PETER VAY Ncss, Esc, cisely in this situation was Sain to England happiness of his subjects.

la e Juure of he court : f Camcnl'leasi f Colum when the pielent administration revived. " As his majesty cannot, consistent bia counti, ard ar aged 2:0 20paciabi, ci izen.






by the public accuser, what he had done with the portraits he had of the late King

and Queen—" Ah, villians (he replied) ENGLISH AGILITY.

what have your party done with the ORIIN the great Duich war in the reign of

Charles ll. the English fleet and that of
Holland fought in the channel for three

SINGULAR FACTS. days successively, engaging in the day and lying to at night. But just as they were WHEN the present king of Great Brit. preparing to renew the action, advice came ian was crowned, the Lord Chancellor off that an armiflice was concluded upon, was in the act of placing the crown on his and the hostile parties began to exercise head, one of the most coftly jewels in the mutual civilities. On board a Duch chiet cross, being accidentally loosened, man of war, which lay long-side an Eng.

telito the floor. The accident did not e. lith first raie, was a failor so remarkably | Icape observation ; and those who see fignis active, as to run

to the mast-head and and omens in almoft every thing, predictstand upright upon the truck, after which ed that some rich appendage to the crown he would cut several capers, and conclude would fall off during his M jesty's reign.with ftanding upon his head, to the great

“ The sage Astrologers, if they please, may tellastonishinent and terror of the spectators.

The jewel was AMERICA that fell." On coming down from this exploit, all his countrymen exprefled their joy by huzzaing, and thereby lignilying their tri

DURING the American war, (1782) umph over the English. One of our

the Atlas, an 80 gun ship was built at bold tars, piqued for the honor of his

Chatham, in England. Her head was a country, ran up to the top like a cat, and figure of Atlas supporting the Globe. By essayed with all his might to throw up his

some error, the globe, was placed so high, heels like the Dutchman, and not having

that part of it was obliged to be cut away the skill, he misled his poise, and came

before the bowsprit could be filed in. down rather lafter than he went up. The

This part happened to be no other than all rigging, however, broke his fall, and he

North-America, and the carpenter who cut lighted on his feet unburt. As soon as he

it was an American. The next year all had recovered his speech, he ran

Norch-America was declared independent. side, and esuliingly cried out to the Dutch The reader may rely on these facts. man, " There d-n your eyes do that if

to the

you can."

The American Captive in Tripoli.

[Rcferred to in our last.) Y

Flurid domes ! whose tott'ring columns stand, Marks of the despot's desolating hand ; Whose weed-grown roofs, and inould'ring arches

show, The curse of tyranny, a nation's woe ; In every ruin, every pile I find

[ A line evidently omitted.] Your dreadful cells expressive silence break, Echo to groans, and eloquently speak :The Christian's blood cements the stones he rears, This clay was moisten'd with the Christian's tears Pale as these walls, a prisoner oft has lain, Felt the keen scourge, and worn the ruthless chain; While scoffing foes increasing torture pour, Till the poor victim feels, alas ! no more. -E'en here thy sons, America, are found, Lock'd in foul prisons, and in fetter3 bonnd ; Heavens! what a time ! must free Columbia bow Before yon tinsel'd tyrant's inurky brow ! Cringe to a power, which death and rapine crown, Smile at a smile, and tremble at a frown ! Kneel at a throne, its cleinency implore, Enrich'd by spoils, and staind with human gore ? To pirate fiends obsequious homage pay ; Thieir presence honor, and their will obey ? Endure the laslı, the ponderous load sustain ! Suppress their anger, and their threats restrain ? Leave a rich clime! explore the treacherous waves, The sport of iniscreants, and the slave of slaves ? Heavens! at the sight, each patriot captive glows With virtuous hatred on his country's fues, At every blow, indignant passions rise, And vengeance flashes from resen ftil eyes. But heaven is just, though mau's bewilder'd mind, To the dark ways of Providence is blind, Else, why are some ordain'd abve the rest, Or villiaris treated betier than the best ! Why, mar:yr’d virtue ! hang thy injur'd head ! Why liv'd an Arnold, while a Warren bled ? Earth's murderers triumph, proud oppressions reign, While patriots b'eed, and captives sigh in vain, Yet slumbering jus:lle, soon shulwake, ai d sliow Her sword unsheathial, and bend the hostiie bow; Columbia's geniva haver round each son, And thy Llest shade, immorial Vashington, Unite to guard us from nefarious foes, And heaven defend, and argels interpose ; Devoted t:rau's cauie our wrath to feel, And Beys and Bashaws in subrnission kneel; Man's equal rights, sweet liberty, restore, And despotism fall, forise no mufc.


FOR 1804. To City Subscribers, Two Dollars and Fifty Cents, payable quarterly.

To those who receive them by mail, Twe Dol ars, payable in advance.

To those who take their papers at the office, in bundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the city price will be made.

A handsome Title Page and Table of Contents will accompany the last number of the volume.

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and con. spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which accompanies the Balan

FROM A LONDON PAPER. ON Tuesday lat, a lady drest in the moft elegant style, and affeing the wornan of tafhion, went into the shop of a jeweller in Oxford- ftreet, and being without a hat, she appeared as it juft fept out of a carriage, which in tach, was the case ; she alked to look at some rings, and several were shewn to her ;, presently a servant in livery came in, and, wiih bis hat off, laid aloud to her, Sir Robert is in the car. riage, my lady.” Very well,". The re. plied, “I will be wish him in a few min.

She then paid for iwo rings, left the shop and got into a poft chaise that was standing at the door, and the servant tollowed her into the chaise, which immediately drove off ; this latter circumstance fomewhat forrprized the jeweller, but on his returning into his hop, he foon found othercaule for his surprize; for, on examin. ing his stock, he found to bis very great regret, that her lady ship' had diminished it considerably, by taking five rich dia. mond rings, and several other areicles of value, which, in her hurry to attend Sir Rubert, she had forgotten to pay for.

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When the French Royalist Georges was lately on bis trial in Paris, he was asked

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