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Monitorial Department.

of the danger of misimproving their time, and abusiing the means of grace, and ur.

ged them in the most earnest manner to the To aid the cause of virtue and religion. observance of secret prayer, exhorting

them to consider, that now was the accept. [In a department of our paper, devoted to moral and ed time-that now was the day of falva.

religious topics, we think we may, with propriety tion.-So deeply impressed was he with introduce i he following narration.]

the importance of this duty, and so lender. Agricultural.

ly concerned tor their weltare, that noh. DIED,

ing lels would fatisty him, than they

should immedi..ely retire for the performE XTRACT,

N the 7th ult. of the Hydro

ance of lecret prayer, and insisted on their

leaving bis apartment for that purpole. From Forsyth's Treatise on Fruit Trees. I phobra, JAMES WILSON, of ihe town

Actuated by the benevolence which true ot Wakill, in the seventeenth year of his

age, after a few days illne's The bite of religion inspires, his fympathies extended F THE PROPOGATION AND PRUNING OF the dog which produced his awful diftem

to blacks in the family, tor whose falvation QUINCE TREES.

per, he received four months before. li he manifested a tender concern, and gave Having made use of certain medicine pre

a particular charge respecting their reli. fcribed for the purpose, said to be an in

gious education. To them allo he tender.

ed serious advices. His conduct on the HEY are raised by layers, or by fallible remedy, and no fymptoms of the

whole, was peculiarly interesting and edi. cuttings taken from the tree in March (A- | disease appearing at the usual period, the

fying. He discovered a placidness of dis. pril for America.) They should be plant fears of his friends were in a great measure ed in a shady place, in rows at about a foot subsided. In the adorable and all wise pro

position, and a complailance of manners, distance from each other, and about three vidence of God, however, they were not

not to be expected in his disorder. Though

sensible of his fituation and approaching inches from plant to plant in the rows. long permitted to enjoy this temporory re

diffolution, he was perfectly religoed to Mulch them with rotten leaves, or routen pose. Their fears were foon awakened by

the divine will, and not a murmuring ex dung, which will keep the ground about

the symptoms, which usually announce them moit; and water them frequently in the approach of this dreadtul distemper, l: pression escaped his lips. The propria

and clearnels of his answers, when in:er. hot weather. About Michaelmas thole and which, in a few days to the inexpress | rogated on divine things, and the seasons. that are well rooied may be planted out, fible forrow of his parents, deprived them

bleness and force of his observations, at and those that are not should remain anof an amiable and promising son. Ar the

once excited the astonishment, and attra&i. other year. They may also be propagated same time through the tender mercy of God,

ed the admiration of experienced and aged by budding or grafting ; and these trees

who alots all our afflictions, they have will bear foorer, and be more fruitful, much to console them under the trying dil.

christians. To this young boy the world

had loft its charms-he pronounced its than those raised by any other method.

penfation. He was mercifully preserved
from thole violent and outrageous symp-

treasures to be of infinitely less importance,

than an interest in Chrift-he was willing The Quince.tree may be pruned much tors, which commonly mark the progress in the same way as you would prune an of this diftemper; and in the death of a

to leave it and go to Christ, which is far apple-tree, taking care to cut out all the beloved child, his parents are not left to

better. After taking an affectionate leave old deceated and dead wood, and the cross forrow as those who have no hope.-The | he said to a friend ftanding by his bed

of his friends, bidding them all farewell

, branches in the middle of the tree, which exercises of this youth were of so extraorare apt to injure each other by friction. dinary a nature, and afford such a clear

side, “ I am just a going"-on being ask. In general you will find old trees much evidence of the power of divine grace, that

ed where ? his reply was, (which were the

laft words he uttered) “I am going to Jesus hurt by injudicious pruning : In that case they oughi noi only to be known by the you must head them down, cut out all the public, but be kept in everlasting remem.

Chrift, my Saviour-I hope to be with

. him in a few moments"-and immediately cankery parts, and allo all the deceased and brance. Impressed himself with the im. dead wood where the tree is hollow, or be

after expired. Thus died this promising portance of religion, he constantly emwhere large branches have been cut or ployed his time, during the intervals of

youth, whose conduet, during the whole broken off, applying the compofition* as

of this terrible oi diseases, afforded anoththe spasms, both day and night, either in for apple-trees. personal acts of devotion, or in recom.

er proot, to the many already given, of

the truth of religion, and add new triumph Quince-trees are very apt to have rough mending it in the most earnest and affec.

to the cause ot chriftianity. I cannot but bark, and to be bark-bound : In that cale, tionate manner to all around him. With

admire the grace of God in him ; and be it will be necessary to shave off the rough manly freedom he reproved and admonishbark with a draw.knife, and to scarify them ed the careless and hardened finner ; wish

lieve it impossible to account for the devo

tion of his inind, or the benevolence and when bark-bound; then brush them over | becoming modesty he put the aged in mind with the composition, as hereafter direct. of their duty, telling them, that although ciple. For the honor of that grace,

zeal of his conduet, upon any other prin.

and ed.

their hairs were grey not lo desfile the ad. not for the exaltation of the creature, I I would, however, advise to plant quince

vice of a child. With the greatest earneft.
ness he exhorted the young to improve public attention.

deem this communication worthy of the trees at a proper distance from apples and

their time, and not to neglect any longer pears, as bees and the wind might mix the

MONTGOMERY, Jan. 12 1804. Farina, and occasion the apples or pears

their eternal interefts. to degenerate.

pear ftill more remarkable and interesting
-to his own parents who had given him a Several pick pockets were yesterday ex,

religious education, he addressed the word amined before the Lord Mayor, charged [* For directions for preparing and of admonition, advilling them to the more with attempting, at Bartholomew Fair, to applying this composition, the reader is caretul performance of religious duties. make themselves merry at other people's referred to the book.] His filter and brothers he faithfully warned expence.

[London paper.]

And what may ap

25.548 9.396


Iron pig,


Ocher green, .










41 677

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99 crcantile affairs.

Hair powder,

Salis glauber, , cwil


other, bujhels Hemp,


1731 130 Segars, pounds STATEMENT

Hides raw, number


Tobacco manufac.

Horned cattle



152,415) Horses, OF THE UNITED STATES,




hhd. From the 1st of Oct 1802, to the 30th Sept. 1803.

tons 877

Tallow, pounds 59,217


Tea, Bohea, pounds [From tbe Report of the Secretary of the Treasury.]

Castings, dollars

531,885 All manufactures

Ну fon, ,

95,208 SPECIES OF MER QUANTITY OR VALUL. of dollars 21,261 20,151

666,364 CHANDIZE. Domestic. | Foreign. Indigo, pounds 56 21,148

barrelil 78,989

Ates, pot,
Lons) 3,270


spirits of gallons 11,336 Du. Pearl

Lead & shot,

61,018 | Wheat,

Meal, rye, barrels

Whalebone, pds 69,802 Beer, porter, &



197,141 cyder,

Buckwheat, .


Wine Madeira, In casks, gallons 37,750 3,360 | Molasses, gallons


Malmsey, & Lon In bottles, doz's


Muftard, pounds

don particular,gal

22,832 Beet, barrels 77.9341 Mules, number 344)

All other,

10,495 Biscuit or shipbread

Medicinal drugs dol


Sherry & St. Lu.
keg 38,085
Merchandize & all!


13,183 Buckwheat, bujk,s 74

other articles of

Lisbon, Oporto, Barley, 2,7451 goods not par-K 303,33 5,048,193

Teneriffe, Fayal, Bran & shorts 1,221) ticularly enu.

Malaga, &c. galls Beans,


A'locher in casks.

233,804 Butter, pouuds 2,489,954

Nails, pounds! 77,551 139,167 Burgundy, Chau Boots, pairs 1,701 125 Oil, linseed, galls

paign, &c. dozen.

829 Bricks, thousands 730

Spermaceti, 46 984

Claret and othe:
Bark, el. of galls 1,33
Whale & other fill 550,53:

in bottles, doz
Corn, Indian, bush: 2,079,60€
Oats, bufhel

Wood, ftaves and Coal, 1,000 barrels 96,603



35,290 Cheele, pounds 1,190,867 77,454


4 80€

78.926 Chocolate,

Peale, bushels 48 650

Hoops & pcles 3 501
37:7 12,07 3,493 544



Boards, planks, Coffee, 0,294,693 | Poulury, dozensi


79 225 Cocoa, 367,177 || Rice, tierces 81,83

Timber ton 20,172
Chandles, wax, pds 401


All other

50.76 Spermaceri, 236.73


lumber, dollar. 67,102
1,255 44 5,555 Spices, pepper, pds


Oak bark ana Cables & tarred



other dye, doll. 225.732 cordage,

1,974 All other dolls


All manufacture Canyas or fail

of Spirits foreign,

145,500 cioth, pieces ( from grain, galls

38,962 Cards, wool & cot

other materials,


SUMMARY ton, dozens 29€

Domestic, toreign
Playing, packi


EXPORIS FROM EACH STATE. Copper or brass, &

domestic produce 18,120 Shoes and slip

From New Hampshire, tured, dolls


pers, pairs


8,768,566 Coaches and other Skins & furs, dolls

Vermont, 532 3671

117,450 carriages


Rhode Island,
7:57 41

1,275,596 Flour, bbls 1,311,853 Starch, pounds


1,248,571 Fish, dried or smo. Soap,

New York, 134,706

10,818,387 ked quintals 461,870

Sugar brown
New Jersey,

21,311 pickled,

Sugar clayed,
3,438,974 Pennsylvania,

7,525,710 keg's 11,565)

Loaf and other

428,153 Furniture, house.



Maryland, hold, dolls 58,776 Snuff,


Virginia, 17.534

7,414 346 Flaxseed, bufhels 311,459

North Carolina,

24,811 Spikes,

952,914 Flax, pounds 2,826

South Carolina,

7,811,108 number Sheep,

13,677 Gunpowder,

51,091 16,328
Ship ftuff,

2,370,875 CWC Ginseng, 384,979 Steel unwrought,

Territory of the U.S.

1,343,308 Hats,

17.586 9,573

Ham & bacon, pasl 1,686,54+1


Total value in Dollars 55,800,032 5811

886 || Pork,


M. feci


[blocks in formation]


dolls. 9000

down, and every fair-faced friend mom


miserable farce, the pure effect of precon- , itics of Mr. Burr we always have been and cert, was played off with all the gravity of ftill are averse. But actions like these de.

jesuitical hypocrisy. Demagogues in serve to be esteemed, and hard is the heart [It is to be hoped, that we shall not be accused of

îtructed to condemn, very easily led pub. which does not bestow its tribute of praise. any improper partiality, if we publish, at this

lic opinion in the first initance, while as We conclude by asking who among the time, a fact, so highly honorable to Mr. Burr, as

yet there was no one to jufify Mr. Burr. || bitter revilers of the vice-president, ever the following. As we would not, for the world,

With the usual management, republican. Il deviated into such an act of benificence ? do any thing that would injure the feelings, or the

ism and opposition to Burr were converted | Alas not one ! interest, or the popularity, or the election of the

into synonimous terms and few were so inwell-be loved Morgan Lewis, we hereby engage,

sensible to their own interest as to sacrifice that if his friends will discover any instance, in

it for the sake of defending an individual, the whole course of his life, of such praise-worthy

FROM THE EVENING POSI. benificence, as is here mentioned, we will give it

whose guilt to be sure they could not well

comprehend, but who seemed to be senten.
the earliest publicity, and thus balance the ac.
ced io destruction. It was thus that a great

M O N O P O L Y.
Edit. Bal.)

part of the democrats were absolutely cheat

ed into a condemnation of Mr. Burr. Each The late Union at Albany of the Noble FROM THE ULSTER GAZETTE.

was led to believe that every one besides Houses of Lancafter & York, calls upon IN the bustle of political controversy, II himself thought him guilty, and very o every thinking man to reflect on the caufand urged by the violent impulses of party.

bligingly pronounced sentence without es of this Coalition. rage, men are sometimes ape to overlook understanding any thing of the cause.

The following statement exhibits the circumstances peculiarly indicative of Taken together it is undoubtedly the most

names of some of the Livingston and Clin. character. There is a description of per

complete piece of political legerdemain lion family, and their connections who are fons, who climb to eminence and are apever practiled in this country.

in office, with the actual or probable 2parently surrounded by numerous and For ourselves, though we are not the mount of what they annually receive in feadfast friends. But let one of these by l eulogifts or apologists of Mr. Burr, we do cash from the Treasuries of the General a concurrence of untoward events be cast not with to see him sink under a charge, and State Governments; or perquisites of

which to say the least of it has never been | office--besides all the honors derived from from him, and like the fallen oak, he lies proved. We have condemned freely what office. neglected on the dreary plain. Power we thought unfortunate in his character or

ANNUALLY. makes friends and keeps them while it lasts, reprehensible in his conduct. But we will Chancellor Livingston, Minister but no longer. It seems hardly possible

never consent to the indiscriminate cen. to France, that any man should rile without a friend, sure of any man. Our real opicion of men Morgan Lewis, a brother-in-law without a single real friend. Yet fome.

and measures shall be honestly unfolded, to Chancellor Livingston, Chief times such is undoubtedly the case, and

and though we sometimes exhibit the || Justice of this state and candidate a certain violent partizan is on all hands shades, let it not be supposed that we de for the office of Governor.

2.500 an acknowledged instance. Insensible to light only in presenting the dark side of the Brockholf Livingston, a Justice all the charities and social endearments of picture. There are traits in the character of the Supreme Court,

2,500 life, without even the confidence of one of Mr. Burr, which certainly deserve ap. S. Thompson, another Justice of

1 man of the party with which he is now con plause, because they discover a mind which

the Supreme Court, who is the nected, we find him in one of the most im. can relax from the toils of ambition son-in-law of Gilbert Livingston, 2,500 i portant offices in the state.

Such a man

which, instead of perpetually brooding o. Thomas Tillotion, Secretary of when he talls, talls exactly like the corpo.

ver the eggs of self-interest, the darling av. state, and brother in-law of Chan. ral's hat.

ocation of most modern patriots, can feel cellor Livingston, There is nothing which so much graces a for others, and leading neglected genius

John Armstrong, another brothgreat man as the number of friends and ad-' from the shade, can bid it flourish, prosper,

from the shade, can bid it flourish, prosper, er-in. law of Chancellor Livingston mirers whon he retains in his adverty. and be happy.

and Senator in Congress, 6 dolls. per day. It is at once an evidence of his merit, and Several years ago, and by accident, Mr. Gilbert Livingston, two offices, their fincerity. He resembles the sun set. Burr became acquainted with young Van.

viz. Master in Chancery and Sur. ting in glory and splendor. And for this der Lyn, who gave striking indications of rogate of the county of Dutches, ait is, that the strutting lordlings, the petty, a masterly genius for painting, and by a bout.

1,000 spouting, persecuting puppets of the day kindnels' and generosity, which we be William Livingston, Surrogate envy, bitterly envy Alexander Hamilton. lieve has no parrellel, a least in this country, I of Kings' county, about

Col. Burr has not been lo fortunate. It Mr. Burr enabled him to receive the ben William Cutting, late Chief Jus. is true, a more deep and subtle plan of del efit of all the instruction which could be tice of the ten pound Court, but truction was never prepared for any man. obtained here, and afterwards gave him now Master in Chancery, who marThe fire burst upon him at once, and at those wings which can fly any where, and ried a Livingston, about

2,000 once in every part of the state, without which soon brought Vander Lyn to Paris, Maturin Livingston, Register in proof, without waiting for his vindication. where he has spent several years, from Chancery and a Director of the Without even time for that calm and cool whence in the Spring he is to proceed to Manhattan Bank, about

2,500 de iberation which would have been so Italy. We do not go too far when we say There are many others of the decorous, and which was so necellary to a that by the generosity of Mr. Burr, a gen name of Livingston, and their con fair decision, the chords of calumny found ius has been fostered, cherished and almost nections, who hold civil and mili. ed in unilon, from every quarter, and perfected, which will hereafter be an or tary appointments. with a tone that appalled the stoutest of his nament to our country, and an honor to Governor Clinton,

3,500 friends. Conviction seemed to seize upon the spot which gave him birth. Already De Witt Clinton, Mayor of the the minds of those who were in fact the has he more than once been honored with || city of New York, in the receipt of ringleaders in the conspiracy, and ihus this the first prize medal at Paris. To the pol- || about



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Samuel Osgood, Naval officer,


A letter from an American gentleman and itep-father to Mrs. De Witt

now in London, to his friend in Boston, Clinton,


Broke out at Norfolk, Vir. a few days dated Nov. 24, 1803, says, “ The variGeorge Clinton, Jun. Member since, which destroyed 300 houses, with ous channels, though which you receive of Aflemblv.

property to the amount of 1,500,000 dol the politics of Europe, render it unnecel. Simeon De Witt, a connection lars. Its progress was finally stopped, by || sary to detail much on this subje&t. On of the Clinton family, and survey

blowing up 8 or 10 buildings. Further the war between France and England, I or general, about

3000 particulars will be given next week. would observe, generally, that it has led There are many others connected with

both nations into measures and preparathis family who also hold civil and military The GENUINE REPUBLICAN NOMINA

tions of immense expenle, which threaten appointments. TION lately published, resembles strongly

a more important enterprize than has alarm. In the above statement I am not ellen. the common quackery of the day. We ed Europe for centuries. Bonaparte, by tially incorrect. The aggregate amount of can see a similar display on every post and raising and disciplining a numerous army, salaries and perquisites of office, as above corner of GENUINE Worm Lozenges, GEN. by building a vast number of gun-boats, and ftated is more than Fifty Thousand Dol. UINE Lip Salve, GENUINE Corn plaf- | making extenfive arrangements, on the lars, monopoliled in iwo tan.ilies. And ter, and GENUINE REPUBLICAN NOMIN coast of France and Holland, has impressI have no doubt the sum derived from ot. ATIONS, &c. &c. We would as cancious. ed belief of a serious intention to make a fice to thole families, it any one would un. ly, avoid the one as the other, if we value descent on England. Such effect have dertake the task, wou'd he found to a. our lives or our liberties, for they are each thele measures produced that the people of mount to double that sum; so that it is not alike the inventions of quacks and are France appeared.co me (when lately there) to be wondered at that a coalition should made of the crudeft poison.

to have the fullest confidence that the atbe formed for the purpose of retaining those

Albany Centinel.] tempt would be made, and the army ready advantages in these families. This allo

and willing to undertake it the moment it accounts for the violent persecution by The house of Assembly of the state of was proposed. In the people of Great them of Mr. Burr, who has no family to New. Jersey have agreed to ratify the pro. Britain it has exited the most serious alarm, provide for, The yeomanry of the country | posed amendment to the Constitution of and the preparations necessary against the ought to know this ; therefore by publish

the United States, yeas 24, nays 15. The chance of attack has led them into an in: ing this fatement in your useful paper,

Council had before agreed to it 8 to 5. calculable expence. As to the probability you wil oblige

of the attempt it depends folely on BonaA PATRIOT. The Superior Court, at their last fer.

parte. He is a man who acts wholly from fions at Norwhich, Connecticut,

the operations of his own mind-who demned Azariah Beebe, jun. of Water neither asks por takes council--and who ward, to be cropped and branded, and to never communicates his determinationsbe confined at labour three years in New.

until he is prepared to have them executed. gate, for violently beating his father.

For my own part, I am inclined to believe,

that these threatning preparations are mealThe ship Aurora arrived lately at Hali. ures of Grand Policy in the First Consul, Be it our weekly task,

fax N. S, in 29 days from Greenock. She to alarm England, and subject her to an To note the passing tidings of the times. arrived there in the evening, and landed expenfive establishment. This has already

the captain and one of the passengers ; in >>>>>400<cccee

been effected, but is intended to extend the mean while a severe gale of wind came still farther. France, independent of her budson, March 6, 1804. on, and the vessel was drɔve to fca. The

own resources, has the rich nations of Eu. captain informed that when he left Green

rope now tributary to her ; she can better ock (which was the latter end of DecemLIBERTY OF THE Press,

afford to keep upihe appearance of such an ber) the Invasion of England had not been attack, than England can to remain pre: AGAIN, AND AGAIN !

attempted, nor had any political event of pared against it. The hope theretore is,

consequence taken place in Europe during that by adding weigh to the burthens At a Court of Sellins held in Renssel. the month.

which this country has long laboured un. aer county, week before laft, Mr. Thomas

der, to make her bend if not fink, under G. Collier, editor of the Troy Gazette,

Letters from New-Providence as late as the increase.” was indi&ted for a libel on Messrs. Bird &

the 18th of January, mention, that they foot, who, it appears, had entered five

are in great alarm for fear of an attack by complaints against him. By the time this the French from Barracoa ; that they had lock.jaw sylem gets to its head, we sin sent to Jamacia for more torce, so that

Ube Knot. cerely hope the people will begin to know should it arrive in time they are in hopes, the value of democratic professions. with that and the militia, they will be able The indi&tment against the editor of the

to give them a warm reception. In the Lansingburgh Gazette, is removed by mean time, they have fent off their women certiorari into the Supreme Court. to the interior and some of the adjacent IN

ers, have armed and put on military duty On Friday, we had a most abundant tall

MARRIED, every person from 15 to 50 that can be of snow in this vicinity, Its average depth | trufted, and are fitting up every veslel that On Sunday evening, February 19th, by the Rev. was upwards of two feet. The roads in

is fit for the service, Corn is scarce and Mr. Mayer, Mr. Jacob Van Loon to Mrs. Caththe neighborhood are so much obstructed

in demand, other provisions are rather a ERINE DE GROOT, all of Loonenburgh. by drifts, that the public stages have been

drug, as no one will buy more than for On the same evening by the Rev. Mr. Mayer, impeded; and the electioneering messen. immediate use, left the Frenchmen fhould

Mr. John HAMLIN to Miss Polly BOGARDUS, gers, completely swamped. This is ominbe very hungry when they come, and take

daughter of Mr. John Bogardus, all of Loonenous,

it from them. [Phil. True Amer.] burgh.

Yes, tho' “ clouds and thick darkness" o'ershad.

ow our vision ; Though sometimes the tears of dejection may flow; Kind heaven still brightens our saddest condition,

And yields to us blessings to solace our woe.

fessed to excel us. The tea, and coffee, are accompanied not only with butter, but with honey, conserves and marmalades, It an epicure could remove by a wilh, in quest of sensual gratification, where ever he had supped, he would breakfast inc Sot. land.

Che Wireath.

And now, my good PATRONS, kind wishes attend

you In all your concerns and your labors while here, May the wise and the virtuous ever befriend you,

And providence grant you its smiles thro' each year.



We are induced to give entire the address of the

Morning Chronicle; Least, by lopping away some of its lines, we might suppress some of its beauties. The writer has ve. ry ingeniously introduced Mr. Burr's toast-that celebrated toast which convinced all good honest re. publicans that Mr. Burr had deserted their party, or at least their principles.

If young-be your pleasures not merely ideal ;

And while mid gay Fancy's illusions you rove, May the joys in perspective still prove to be real, Whether springing from honor, from fortune or


We have it from respectable authority, that when M. Talleyrand gave in the reporis, the week before last, relative to the numbers of our brave Volunteers a&tually embodied, the firft Consul heaved a ligh nearly bordering on a groan.-"Well, Monleur Premier Consul," said Talley. rand," courage ! we have five millions of brave men at our disposal.” “Not so we!!, my friend,” replied Bonaparte, fighing again—"Cæsar himself had fallen, had Brit. ons been united."

If aged--and down life's declivity tending, Smooth may you decline, and calm hopes swell

your breast; Till like sol in mild glories of evening descending,

You tranquilly sink with your fathers to rest.

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At this season of mirth, when tho full tide of pleas

ure, Surmounting restraint, in each bosom swells high; When laughter resounds, as wit opens her treasure,

And joyous emotions en.liven each eye ;

Then rise to indulge in those pleasures celestial,

Established in regions beyond human ken ; That bliss too exalted for beings terrestial,


Your News Da N would humbly present his petition,

In these blissful moments of health and good cheer, While with beaver in hand, and with proper submis

sion, He welcome you all to a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Lines, on reading a paragraph, ftating the marriage of Mr. T. Young, to Miss Ann Beard, both of Illington, near Lon. don.

No more let Scandal's busy tongue,
Deride the youth of Tommy Youngi
For that no longer need be fear'd,
Since Tommy now hath got a Beard,



[blocks in formation]

MR. SAMUEL GOOdwin, of Baltimore, has invented a machine, tor which he has ohtained a patent, called the Horizontal Draft Windmill, which may be extended (by means of external wings) to catch one hundred feet of wind, it necessary, can be caft into the wheel with advantage. This mill, in its different operations, is calcu. lated to grind' wheat, rye, corn, or plaster of Paris.


FOR 1804 To City Subscribers, Two Dollars, and Fifty Cents, payable quarterly.

To those who receive them by mail, Two Dolars, payable in advance.

To those who take their papers at the office, in bundles, or otherwise, a deduction from the city price will be made.

A handsome Title Page and Table of Contents will accompany the last number of the volume.

Advertisements inserted in a handsome and con. spicuous manner, in the Advertiser which accompa. nies the Balance.

Ah ! twas then that FOND LOVE o'er the couch lowly

bending, Where fever's sad victim in anguish reclin'd, Wept in silence the form which delirium was rend.

ing, While the throbs of despair spoke her agonized


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Ν Ο Τ Ε.

Ah! twas then that the wretch who with penury

smarted, Experienc'd each woe, that frail man can endureThen wasting with famine, forlorn, broken-hearted,

He knew what is was to be friendless and poor.

[blocks in formation]

But this season is gone-beits griefs left behind us :

Remembrance her powers shall fonaly employ, Of the past scenes of pleasure alone to it mind us,

As we live o'er again the bright moments of joy.

One of a coroner's jury upon the body of a man who had drowned himself, was alked what the verdict was. Felo de fe," was the reply. " Fell into the sea! (faid the inquirer,) why it was well known he jumped in !"

Thus, when on a mountain's high summit arriving,

Welook o'er the land we have just jostled through ; Each rough place is soften'd, each barren spot thriv.

ing, One smooth verdant landscape expands to our view.

Dr. Johnson remarks, the breakfast is a meal, in which thec Sois, whether of the lowlands or the mountains, must be con


Warren-Street, Hudson.


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