Law of the Sea: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, Ninety-fourth Congress, Second Session, on New York Session of the Third U. N. Law of the Sea Conference, May 20, 1976

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Страница 30 - ... disputes with regard to matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of the United States of America...
Страница 30 - Article 18 1. Nothing contained in the present Convention shall empower any Contracting Party to submit to the dispute settlement procedures provided for in the present Convention any dispute in relation to the exercise of sovereign rights, exclusive rights or exclusive jurisdiction of a coastal State, except in the following cases: (a) when it is claimed that a coastal State has violated its obligations under the present Convention by interfering with the freedom of navigation or overflight, the...
Страница 32 - I could suggest a compromise solution. In other cases, I considered that negotiations would be advanced if I were to at least point the way to an eventual solution. In still other cases, I felt that while there may be a need for a change in the single negotiating text, any modifications to the text might prove counterproductive in the search for a solution.
Страница 18 - States bordering an enclosed or semi-enclosed sea should co-operate with each other in the exercise of their rights and in the performance of their duties under this Convention.
Страница 32 - ... standards. 2. Scientific research: With respect to marine scientific research, a major change has been made which would require the consent of the coastal State for marine scientific research for activities in the economic zone or on the continental shelf, provided that consent shall not be withheld unless the project bears substantially upon...
Страница 5 - Continental Shelf and items of that sort. The second committee deals with the issues of greatest importance to the greatest number of states. The clear overall impression of the debate in New York was that part II of the Geneva single negotiating text was broadly acceptable. There was continued broad support for a 12-mile territorial sea. a transit passage regime in straits used for international navigation and a 200-mile economic zone. Few changes were made to the text. I will comment then on the...
Страница 37 - ... with provisions of a political nature whose scope transcends the Law of the Sea, including the resource rights for territories under foreign occupation or colonial domination. Committee III addresses itself to environment and scientific research. Objectives in the pollution part of the Law of the Sea negotiations have been to establish effective environmental protection obligations with regard to all sources of marine pollution. In the area of vessel-source pollution, three major aspects were...
Страница 3 - ... the last day of the current session. These revisions were prepared by the respective Chairmen, and with respect to dispute settlement, by the President of the Conference, taking into account discussions and negotiations at this session. On April 8 Secretary Kissinger made a major statement on the LOS negotiations before an American audience which was circulated to all delegations, and then met with the conference officers and the heads of delegation, where he made additional remarks.
Страница 37 - Right of access of landlocked States and certain developing coastal States in a subregion or region to the living resources of the exclusive economic zone. Rights of access of landlocked and geographically disadvantaged States to the living resources of the economic zone.
Страница 5 - ... a sui generis zone. 2. The access to the sea by landlocked states, and access of landlocked states and geographically disadvantaged states to the living resources in the economic zones of neighboring states of a region. Other important issues on which there were significant differences were: 1. Delimitation of economic zone and Continental Shelf boundaries ; 2.

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