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Address of the President, annual
List of papers, in chronological order, with subjects of correspondence--
The World War: Editorial note
Admission into the United States of adopted children of Chinese of
American birth
Status of Chinese wives or widows of American citizens------------
Admission and return of Chinese participating in the Panama-Pacific
International Exposition and the Panama-California Exposition.--
Admission and return of aliens, other than Chinese, participating in
the Panama-Pacific and the Panama-California Expositions______
Immigration laws - ----
Third International Peace Conference----------------------------
Second Pan American Scientific Congress------------------------- -
Opium laws and regulations ---
Foreign naval rendezvous at Hampton Roads for participation in the
celebration of the completion of the Panama Canal and the opening
of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition------------------
Panama-Pacific International Exposition--------------------------
Regulations for the operation and navigation of the Panama Canal__
Citizenship of persons whose American fathers have never resided in
the United States ---
Opening of the Panama Canal
International Dry-farming Congress------------------------------
Liability for military service in foreign countries of persons residing
in the United States-------------------------------------------.
Invitation to all Governments to cooperate with the United States in
regard to immigration in war time------------------------------
Nineteenth International Congress of Americanists-----------------
Argentina :
Death of the President, Roque Saenz Peña, and succession of the
Vice President, Victorino de la Plaza, to the Presidency--________
Austria-Hungary: -
Arbitration agreement between the United States and Austria-Hun-
gary, extending the duration of the Convention of January 15, 1909–
Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the Duchess of
Hohenberg - ------
Boundary agreement between Bolivia and Paraguay; good offices of
the United States -
Message of the President, Marshal Hermes R. da Fonseca, to the
Congress-------------------------- --------------------------
Assistance to American refugees in Mexico by Brazilian diplomatic
and consular officers. (See Mexico: Protection of American citi-
zens, etc.)

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