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Durel, Prof. L. C.

Johnston, Mrs. W. P. Dymond, Miss Florence. Kennedy, Miss Myra J. Dymond, Hon. John, Belair, Kenner, Mr. Hiddleston. La.

Kernan, Mr. Benjamin W. Dymond, Mr. John, Jr. Kerr, Mr. Frank M. Estopinal, Hon. Albert. King, Judge Fred D. Farrar, Mr. Edgar H. Koppel, Mr. George. Favrot, Mr. C. A.

Kracke, Mr. John. Fenner, Mr. Charles E. Labouisse, Mr. John P. Fernandez, Mr. Gabriel, Jr. Land, Justice A. D. Fleming, Prof. W. L.

Lapeyre, Mrs. George F. Fortier, Prof. Alcée.

LeBeuf, Dr. Louis G. Fortier, Mrs. L. Augustin. Lelong, Mr. A. A. Fournier, Mrs. Josephine E. Le Monnier, Dr. Y. R. Frankenbush, Mr. J. W. Leovy, Mr. Victor. Gilchrist, Dr. H. E.

Leucht, Rev. I. L. Gill, Mr. Charles G.

Levert, Gen. J. B. Gill, Prof. Henry M.

Levy, Mr. Frank. Gill, Mrs. H. M.

Lewis, Dr. Ernest S. Glenk, Mr. Robert.

Lincoln, Mr. Rixford J. Gosserand, Mr. H. L.

Livaudais, Mr. L. A. Graham, Mrs. Louise.

Low, Mr. Clarence F. Grima, Mr. Edgar.

Lyons, Mr. I. L. Gueydan, Hon. H. L., Guey. Lyons, Mrs. I. L. dan, La.

McCall, Hon. Henry. Gunby, Mr. A. A., Monroe, La. McGivney, Hon. Eugene. Harrod, Major B. M.

McGrath, Miss Mattie B., Hart, Mr. Frank W.

Baton Rouge, La. Hart, Mr. William 0.

McGuirk, Mr. Arthur. Heller, Rev. Max.

McIlhenny, Miss Sadie. Henderson, Miss Sarah. McLoughlin, Mr. James J. Herron, Miss N.

McLoughlin, Mr. T. S. Hill, Col. James D.

Maginnis, Mrs. Charles B., Hincks, Mrs. J. A.

Houma, La. Hirsch, Mrs. Cerf.

Marr, Mr. Robert H. Hodges, Lieut. C. B.. Mason, Prof. John A. Howard, Mr. Harry T. Matas, Dr. Rudolph. Hudson, Major E. M.

Matthews, Mr. Clifton, FarmHughes, Hon. William L. ersville, La. Hunsicker, Mr. Henry, Shreve- Matthews, Mr. J. Creighton. port, La.

May, Mrs. John. Jones, Dr. E. W.

Merrick, Mr. E. T. Jones, Miss Rebecca.

Meyer, Mrs. Victor. Johnson, Mr. B. F., Washing- Mickle, Gen. Wm. E. ton, D. C.

Michel, Capt. Ben., Pilot Town, Seymour, Mr. W. H.

Simon, Mr. L. C.
Michel, Mr. Georges A. Slack, Mr. A. L., Tallulah, La.
Michel, Hon. John T.

Smith, Mrs. Katherine.
Miller, Mr. Frank M.
Miller, Mr. T. Marshall. Soniat, Mr. Charles T.
Minor, Miss Kate.

Soniat, Mr. Leonce M., DorMoise, Mr. E. E.

ceyville, La. Morgan, Mr. H. G., Jr.

Spearing, Mr. J. Zach. Moss, Miss E. I.

Stern, Edgar B. Newman, Mr. Hart.

Stern, S. Walter. Newman, Mrs. H.

Stubbs, Mrs. W. C. Ogden, Mr. Henry D.

Stubbs, Prof. W. C. Ogden, Miss Marie.

Sugar, Leon. Olivier, Mr. Pierre D.

Sulakowski, Mrs. Rebecca. Owen, Mr. Thomas M., Mont- Tassin, Mr. John S. gomery, Ala.

Théard, Judge George H. Parham, Mrs. F. W.

Thompson, Mr. T. P. Parkerson, Mr. William S. Thompson, Mr. Waddy. Perret, Mr. St. John.

Titche, Mr. Bernard. Pemberton, Prof. John P. Towles, Miss Sarah B. Perrilliat, Gen. Arsène. Trépagnier, Col. F. 0. Pescud, Mr. Peter F.

Trezevant, M. B. Peters, Mr. A. J.

Vaught, Mrs. D. A. S. Phelps, Mr. Albert C.

Viosca, Mr. P. Percy. Philips, Mr. John W.

Voohries, Mr. Albert. Philips, Mrs. J. W.

Vories, Mr. H. F. Phillips, Prof. U. B.

Waddill, Mr. Frank H. Prescott, Prof. Arthur T., Waguespack, Mr. W. J. Baton Rouge, La.

Walker, Miss M. C. Prowell, Mr. J. J.

Walmsley, Mr. R. M. Pugh, Mrs. Thomas B., Napo- Walshe, Mr. George C. leonville, La.

Werlein, Mr. Philip. Puig, Mr. Felix.

Weis, Mr. Samuel W. Renshaw, Judge Henry. Whitney, Mr. Morgan. Richardson, Mrs. John P. Whitney, Prof. M. Richardson, Miss Lillie. Whittington, Mr. G. Purnell. Rochester, Miss Jennie V. Wilde, Miss Jennie. Rochester, Mr. John J. Wilkinson, Mr. Theodore S. Rodd, Mrs. E. W.

Wilson, Judge Andrew H. Rouen, Mr. Bussière.

Wogan, Mrs. Jules. Ruellos, Mr. Henry de los. Wogan, Mr. Victor. Sayler, Mr. H. L., Chicago, Woodville, Mr. John A.

Young, Mr. George W.

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Prof. E. L. Berthoud.

Hon. Peter J. Hamilton. Most Reverend Archbishop Hon. W. W. Heard. Blenk.

Baron Edouard de Pontalba. Bushnell, Prof. David L. Riley, Prof. Franklin L. Hon. Paul Capdevielle. flon. Henry Vignaud, Former Cavestany, Senor Juan A. First Secretary of the AmerSenator Murphy J. Foster. ican Embassy, Paris, France.



MARCH 8ry, 1908. The annual meeting of the Society was held in the State Museum. Pres. Alcée Fortier presided, and Mr. Charles G. Gill, Recording Secretary, read the minutes of the last meeting. These were approved.

Treasurer W. 0. Hart reported a balance on hand of $845.02.

Mr. Eugene McGivney was elected a member.

Judge Henry Renshaw read an interesting historical paper on Andrew Jackson.

Prof. J. A. Mason read a very scholarly paper on “Free Trade in France in the Eighteenth Century.'

The officers elected for the ensuing year were: Alcée Fortier, President; Charles T. Soniat, First Vice-President; Gaspar Cusachs, Second Vice-President; Arthur T. Prescott, Third Vice-President; W. 0. Hart, Treasurer; Pierce Butler, Corresponding Secretary and Librarian ; Charles G. Gill, Recording Secretary.

During the meeting a discussion arose as to the ownership of the Cabildo property. Mr. Charles T. Soniat stated owner ship was vested in the City of New Orleans, and promised to contribute a paper on that subject.

FEBRUARY 19TH, 1908. The regular monthly meeting of the Society was held on Wednesday, February 19th, 1908, at 8 p. m., at the State Museum. Pres. Alcée Fortier called the meeting to order and the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Secretary Gill. These were approved.

Prof. Fortier was authorized to accept the offer of Mr. J. W. Cruzat to copy for the Society the Miro papers.

Mr. Charles T. Soniat read a very interesting paper entitled: “History of the Chain of Title for the Property Known as the Cabildo."

Pres. Fortier read some letters from Baron de Pontalba, written in New Orleans in 1796, which gave interesting descriptions of home life of that period in New Orleans.

Mr. W. 0. Hart stated to the Society that the inscription on the tomb of François Xavier Martin had become almost obliterated, and at the suggestion of Mr. Carleton Hunt he had the letters regilded. He exhibited a photograph showing the present condition of the tomb, and read an interesting description of it.

Mr. Carleton Hunt sent a short paper on the life and character of Judge Martin.

The Society thanked Messrs. Soniat, Fortier and Hart for their services.

Mr. Hart, Treasurer, reported a balance of $1072.02 on hand.

Pres. Fortier appointed the following committees :
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—The officers of the Society.

COMMITTEE ON WORK AND ARCHIVES—Pres. Alcée Fortier, Charles G. Gill, Henry M. Gill, Thomas P. Thompson, Charles T. Soniat.

FINANCE COMMITTEE-John F. Couret, Frank E. Bernard, Thomas McC. Hyman.

MEMBERSIUP COMMITTEE—Col. James D. Hill, Judge Henry Renshaw.

March 18T1, 1908. The regular monthly meeting of the Society was held on March 18th, 1908, in the State Museum. Pres. Fortier called the meeting to order at 8 p. m., and the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Secretary Gill and approved.

The Society elected as members John R. Conniff and C. M. Elfer.

Prof. Walter L. Fleming, of the Louisiana State University, read a most interesting and scholarly paper on “Jefferson Davis at West Point."

The Society thanked Prof. Fleming for the paper.

Mrs. Wm. Maury of St. Louis donated to the Society, through Prof. Pierce Butler, a piece of the United States flag that Mumford tore down from the Mint during the Federal occupation of New Orleans.

Mr. W. 0. Hart read a paper written by Mr. James B. Grinage, relative to the ownership of the Cabildo property. The views of the author coincided with those of Mr. Charles T. Soniat expressed at the former meeting.

The Society passed a vote of thanks to Mr. Grinage for the contribution.

Mr. W. 0. Hart made a report for the committee appointed to present the portrait of the late James S. Zacharie to the Zacharie School.


PROGRAM. March - - - - - - - - Mrs. H. Barr Welcome Address :

- Helen Heslin (Frank Moss, Peter Lemm, Hy, Baker, Jno. Dryer,

Hy. Ulmer, Edmond Murphy, Patriotic Drill

G. Greer Heslin, Wm. Murray, | Amelia Gerard, Aurora Schmitt, | May Heslin, Marguerite Kehl, | Agatha Hillebrand, Ethel Sullivan.

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