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Pres. Board of Directors Public Schools Acceptance of Building - - Hon. Martin Behrman,

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Hon. Martin Behrman, Mayor of New Orleans Music - - - - - - “Auld Lang Syne" Presentation of Portrait of Mr. Zacharie

Prof. A. Fortier, Pres. La. Historical Society Acceptance of Portrait - - - Mr. Wm. Wild,

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Committee of the Louisiana Historical Society-Mr. W. 0. Hart, Chairman; Prof. A. Fortier, Mr. C. T. Soniat.

APRIL 15TH, 1908. The regular monthly meeting of the Society was held on Wednesday, April 15th, 1908, in the State Museum. Pres. Fortier called the meeting to order at 8 o'clock, with a quorum present. Secretary Gill read the minutes of the previous meeting; these were adopted.

Prof. F. H. Hodder, of Tulane University, read a paper on “The Impeachment of President Johnson.” The paper was extremely interesting and the Society thanked Mr. Hodder for the valuable historical paper.

Mr. W. 0. Hart made a motion that the Society invite Judge Albert Voorhies to address the May meeting of the Society.

The committee, consisting of Mr. W. 0. Hart and Prof. Fortier, was selected to extend the invitation to Judge Voorhies.

Mr. Hart, chairman of Committee on Legislation, read the following report: To the Members of the Louisiana Historical Society :

On behalf of the Legislative Committee heretofore appointed, I beg to state that a joint meeting thereof and of a similar committee from the Board of Curators of the State Museum was held on Friday, April 3rd, 1908, at which every member of each committee was present, and what was done is best shown by the minutes, which read as follows:

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The Committees on Legislation of the Louisiana State Museum and of the Louisiana Historical Society met at the Louisiana State Museum on Friday evening, April 3rd, 1908.

The meeting was called to order by. Mr. W. 0. Hart, Chairman, who requested Judge Henry Renshaw to act as secretary. The following persons were present :

From the State Museum-W. 0. Hart, Chairman ; General J. B. Levert, Prof. R. S. Cocks, Prof. W. R. Dodson, Col. Chas. Schuler, Mr. T. P. Thompson.

From the Louisiana Historical Society-Mr. W. 0. Hart, Chairman; Prof. Pierce Butler, Judge Henry Renshaw, Mr. Thos. P. Thompson, Mr. Chas. T. Soniat and Prof. Alcée Fortier.

The chairman, Mr. W. 0. Hart, stated the purpose of the meeting to be to suggest at the approaching session of the General Assembly of Louisiana, legislation with reference to the Louisiana State Museum and the Louisiana Historical Society.

Prof. Alcée Fortier referred to the work of the Louisiana Historical Society, and suggested that said Society have the use of the room now occupied by the Supreme Court of Louisiana. Mr. T. P. Thompson suggested that the Legislature give to the custody of the Museum the two buildings on both sides of the Cathedral, together with the Arsenal, the Louisiana Historical Society to be provided with a domicile in said buildings, the Curators of the Museum to have sole control of the question of exhibits.

Dr. W. C. Stubbs, present by invitation, referred to Act 169 of 1906, and expressed the opinion that the authorities of the Museum should provide a domicile or meeting room in the court buildings referred to, but with the right to the authori.. ties of the Museum to change said domicile or meeting room to any other room in said buildings as said authorities may think proper. Considerable discussion ensued as to the character and extent of the use by the Louisiana Historical Society of a room in said buildings. Mr. T. P. Thompson offered the following motion, which was seconded by Prof. Pierce Butler, viz:

“That in any legislation regarding the court buildings by the General Assembly or City Council, it shall be asked that the Supreme Court room be assigned to the use of the Louisiana Historical Society."

Prof. Alcée Fortier moved to amend Mr. Thompson's motion by inserting the word “exclusive" before the word "use." This amendment was seconded and adopted. Thereupon the motion of Mr. Thompson, as thus amended, was carried, Messrs. Schuler and Dodson voting in the negative.

The Chairman appointed as a committee to frame ordinance or law and report to the Musuem Board and to the Louisiana Historical Society, the following named persons, viz: Messrs. W. O. Hart, T. P. Thompson, Alcée Fortier, Chas. T. Soniat and Henry Renshaw. The meeting then adjourned.



The committee therefore asks your approval of its action, so that the committee appointed to draft suitable laws and ordinances may at once proceed with its work.

Respectfully submitted,

W. 0. HART, Chairman. New Orleans, April 15th, 1908.

The Society adopted the following resolutions relative to the death of General Adolph Meyer:

NEW ORLEANS, April 15, 1908. To the Members of the Louisiana Historical Society:

Your undersigned committee, appointed at the meeting of March 18th, 1908, to draft suitable resolutions out of respect to the memory of our deceased member, General Adolph Meyer, beg leave to report the following:

“Whereas Divine Providence has removed from our midst our fellow-member, General Adolph Meyer, who died on March Sth, 1908; therefore be it

Resolved, That in the death of General Adolph Meyer this Society lost one of its most zealous and valued members, whose wise counsel and advice were very beneficial to the Society, and tended in a considerable degree to the success of our celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the transfer of Louisiana from France to the United States, on December 20th, 1903: Be it further

Resolved, That by the death of General Meyer the State of Louisiana has lost a Member of Congress whose place will be hard to fill; that in the seventeen years of his service in the National House of Representatives he made a record of which anyone might be proud, and the great dock at New Orleans and the new post office building, both of which were obtained largely through his efforts, evince in a high degree the work he did and the influence he exerted in the halls of Congress; that his many and steady efforts to procure the completion of the Chalmette Monument, on the battlefield of New Orleans, just below the city, were finally crowned with success, when on March 4, 1907, immediately before the adjournment of Congress, the President signed the bill making the necessary appropriation for the purpose; that this particular work was made by General Meyer a work of love, and it was, owing to his failing health, the last public work in which he was engaged, and it is a source of deep regret to all that his life was not spared that he might see in the completion of the monument the culmination of his efforts: Be it further

Resolved, That in all walks of life, whether as citizen, soldier or statesman, General Meyer measured full to the responsibilities imposed upon him, and all in all, we shall not soon see his like again: Be it further

Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Society, upon a page specially devoted to that purpose; that an engrossed copy be sent to his bereaved wife and daughter, to whom our heartfelt sympathies are extended; that a copy be sent to his colleagues in Congress, with the request that same be used when memorial services are held in his honor, and that copies be furnished to the press of this city and of Washington.”

Respectfully submitted,

W. 0. Hart, Chairman.

Pres. Fortier read the following letters relative to the
tomb of Dominique You and the You family in the United
Prof. Alcee Fortier, Pres. Louisiana Historical Society, New Or-

leans, La.: DEAR SIR—I desire to advise you that Major A. J. You, of Los Angeles, Cal., has placed with me sufficient funds to repair the tomb of his ancestor, Capt. Dominique You, in the St. Louis Cemetery.

I have visited the spot in company with him, and he expressed a desire that the repairs should be made under the auspices of the Louisiana Historical Society.

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