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Oration-Dr. Alcée Fortier, president Louisiana
Historical Society.
Song—“Louisiana,” by school children.
Address—“Sister States,” Gov. Earl Brewer, of Mis-
Flag Raising-By Miss Clarisse Claiborne, great-
granddaughter of first State Governor, in Jackson
Square (Place d’Armes), United States colors of
Song—“Stars and Stripes,” by school children.
Salute-By Washington Artillery.
Prize Essay—“Louisiana," by Miss Emily Dinwid-
die. Presentation, Judge A. A. Gunby.
Song—“Dixie,” by school children assembled in

Benediction-Rev. R. F. Coupland, D. D. 5:00 P. M.—Official opening Louisiana State Museum of History

and Commerce; Cabildo and Presbytère. 8:00 P. M.-Banquet in Gold Room, Hotel Grunewald. Wednesday (noon).- Assembling at Grunewald Hotel of Reception

Committee and guests. Walk through the “Vieux Carré.” Stop at the Cabildo and Presbytère and State Museum Buildings. Automobile ride from the United States Mint to Chalmette Battle Ground, returning via Delgado Museum, City Park, Carrollton, Audubon Park, Tulane University, Loyola College, and down St. Charles Avenue to hotels.


Executive Department, State of Louisiana.

PROCLAMATION. Whereas, One hundred years ago that portion of the original Louisiana Purchase which in 1804 had been formed by Congress into the Territory of Orleans, having adopted a constitution under an enabling act of the Congress of the United States, was ready for statehood; and, on April 8, 1812, President James Madison signed an act admitting Louisiana, the name being restored, to the sisterhood of states, the act to take effect April 30—the ninth anniversary of the treaty of the cession from France—and on that day Louisiana became the eighteenth state and the first state west of the Mississippi River, and the first state to be carved out of the Louisiana Purchase Territory, since which time twelve other states have been admitted, making the number of states formed from the original Louisiana, acquired from France, the same as those which formed the United States of America in 1789. The area covered by these thirteen states is over one million square miles of territory, and their population by the census of 1910 was almost eighteen millions. This vast empire, embracing nearly one-third of the area of the United States, had as one of its effects the free navigation of the Mississippi River, forever securing to the people of the United States an outlet to the sea for the products of the great and fertile valley.

Whereas, To commemorate the centennial of this great historical event with appropriate ceremonies, the General Assembly of the state adopted act 107 of 1910, directing the Louisiana Historical Society to prepare a suitable programme therefor, and the society has undertaken the work, and is actively completing the arrangements for the celebration.

Therefore, I, Jared Young Sanders, Governor of the State of Louisiana, considering the importance of this anniversary in the history of our beloved state, do issue this, my proclamation, asking all patriotic Louisianians to observe this anniversary in some form throughout the state, and that as many as possible join in the great celebration which will take place in the city of New Orleans op April 30 next, and to the end that all may properly join in the celebration, and particularly the children of the public schools, I hereby request that the day be made a holiday in all the schools of

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