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Picture of niece and grand nieces of Bishop Du Bourg. Mr. Gaspar Cusachs—loaned:

Napoleon medal presented by Gen. Bertrand to Cap

tain Barnett, with twig and stone taken from tomb

of Napoleon at St. Helena.
Sword of Pierre Maspero.
Pair duelling swords.
Ordre des ceremonies 8th January, 1828. Jackson cele-

Badge Jackson Monument Association, 1856.
Cut of General Plauche.
Large collection of Arms and Weapons of historic in-

terest. Misses Abadie:

Two fans.
Mr. S. Taylor Jackson-loaned:

Sword and stilletto used by Col. Edwin Boyd Jackson

at Battle of New Orleans, 1815. N. Y. Historical Society, through Mr. Hart:

Fac simile reproductions of letters of Gov. Claiborne,

Andrew Jackson, General Wilkinson; memorial to
Thos. Jefferson, manuscript map military operations

New Orleans, 1814, view of Battle of New Orleans. American Jewish Hist. Soc., through Mr. Hart-loaned:

Biography Judah Touro, German, and Biographical

sketch of Judah Touro and Judah P. Benjamin. Mrs. W. W. Wallis :

Old magazines and invitations: Col. H. de la Vergne:

Crayon portrait of Col. Hughes de la Vergne. Crayon portrait of Col. Jules de la Vergne. Crayon portrait of Gustavus Schmidt.

Crayon portrait of Charles E. Schmidt. Judge R. Marr:

Diploma of R. M. Marr, Nashville University, 1838,

autog. of And. J. Jackson.

“Recollections of the Great West,” book by Howe. Mr. R. C. Ballard Thurston, Louisville:

George Washington hatchet made of cherry tree wood

from home of George Washington, Wakefield, Va. Mr. Alf. Hennen Morris, through Mr. Hart:

Picture of “Retreat." Mrs. C. Coutourie-loaned:

Scarf, sword, pistol and holster and leather belt of A.

de Armas, Civil War.
Mrs. Geo. Sarpy, through Mrs. Werlein—loaned:

Portrait of Mrj. Alex. La Branche.
Mrs. Bernard Menge, through Mrs. Werlein—loaned:

Seal given by And. Jackson to Mr. Brand; lock of And.

Jackson's hair mounted in gold case; four letters by

And. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson and Gen. Morgan. Mrs. E. N. Moore, through Mrs. Werlein—loaned:

Silver mounted target rifle used by R. P. Bowie, 1815,

flint lock. J. B. Pelletier:

Flagstaff and remnants of flag used in Battle of New

Orleans; portrait in oil of General Jackson; 2 rosters of troops which took part in Battle of New Orleans

and a Jackson letter. Mrs. Wm. Preston Johnson-loaned:

Three cotton bedspreads made by Acadian weavers. Silouette of Dudley Avery, veteran under Gen. Phile

men Thomas in Battle of New Orleans. Miss Margaret Ker Texada, Boyce, La.:

Photograph of Caroline Ker. Mr. Stanley Arthur:

Letter from Jackson's headquarters to Drs. Herman

and Spencer, 1815.
Letter of acceptance of duties from Drs. Herman and

Spencer, 1815.
Letter from David Ker to Dr. Herman.

Badge, Jackson celebration, 1815.
Blue badge Jackson celebration, 1845.
Picture of John Mitchel, veteran of 1815.
Widow's pension papers of Mary Mitchel.
Notice of increase of widow's pension War 1812-15.
Slave (papers) John Mitchel to his children.

Commission of John Mitchel by Derbigny, 1829.
Miss R. L. Nixon:

Sword of Adj. John Nixon, 1815.
Newspaper clipping relating to Gen. Morgan at Battle

of New Orleans. Grateful acknowledgment has been made in the name of the Society to each of these contributors, for their courtesy.

On January 9th the portrait of Prof. Alcee Fortier, former president of the Society was unveiled with appropriate ceremonies and now hangs upon the wall in the meetingroom.

The office work performed by the Secretary has been as follows: 7,000 notices sent out to members and others announcing the meetings and lectures of the society; 225 business letters received and replied to; 98 notices sent to new members announcing their election; 179 publications sent out to various exchanges; 2,200 envelopes addressed for committees on account of Battle of New Orleans Centennial Cebebration; 4 half-tone cuts were loaned to the Catholic Home Annual, New York, and sixteen cuts to local and New York periodicals.

During the Summer a hand addressograph machine was purchased by the society and a complete set of plates prepared of the names and addresses of the members of the Society. A complete revision was also made of the membership list of the Society, making it accurate and up-to-date. Any further change in the postoffice address of any member should be promptly reported to the corresponding secretary. Respectfully submitted,

R. G.

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