Penal Code (unannotated): With an Appendix of 842 Questions and Answers on California Law; Adapted to the Wants of Policemen, Game Wardens, City Marshals, Constables, Etc

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California Law Book Company, 1923 - 655 страница

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Страница 7 - No act committed by a person while in a state of voluntary intoxication is less criminal by reason of his having been in such condition. But whenever the actual existence of any particular purpose, motive, or intent is a necessary element to constitute any particular species or degree of crime, the jury may take into consideration the fact that the accused was intoxicated at the time, in determining the purpose, motive, or intent with which he committed the act.
Страница 112 - In the case of food: (1) If any substance or substances have been mixed with it, so as to lower or depreciate, or injuriously affect its quality, strength, or purity: (2) If any inferior or cheaper substance or substances have been substituted wholly or in part for it; (3) If any valuable or necessary constituent or ingredient has been wholly or in part abstracted from it...
Страница 244 - To be allowed counsel as in civil actions, or to appear and defend in person and with counsel. 3. To produce witnesses on his behalf and to be confronted with the witnesses against him, in the presence of the court, except that where the charge has been preliminarily examined before a...
Страница 340 - The granting of a new trial places the parties in the same position as if no trial had been had. All the testimony must be produced anew, and the former verdict cannot be used or referred to, either in evidence or in argument, or be pleaded in bar of any conviction which might have been had under the indictment.
Страница 61 - Every person who commits an assault upon the person of another with a deadly weapon or instrument, or by any means or force likely to produce great bodily injury...
Страница 70 - ... exhibition, or vocation, injurious to the health or dangerous to the life or limb of such child, or in or for the vocation, occupation, service, or purpose of singing, playing on musical instruments, rope or wire walking, dancing, begging, or peddling...
Страница 493 - The causes of action so united must all belong to one only of these classes, and must affect all the parties to the action and not require different places of trial, and must be separately stated...
Страница 4 - Words used in this code in the present tense include the future as well as the present; words used in the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter; the singular number includes the plural, and the plural the singular; the word "person...
Страница 236 - Any person may be convicted of an attempt to commit a crime, although it appears on the trial that the crime intended or attempted was perpetrated by such person in pursuance of such attempt, unless the court, in its discretion, discharges the jury and directs such person to be tried for such crime.
Страница 18 - ... upon which there is written or printed the name of any candidate, or any political mottoes, devices, or arguments containing threats, express or implied, intended or calculated to influence the political opinions or actions of such employees.

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