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speak, two women seldom quarrelled that one did not accuse the other of witchcraft, and she who first contrived to vomit crooked pins was sure to come off victorious. The scandal of a modern tea-table differs widely from the scandal of former times; the fascination of a lady's eyes, at present, is regarded as a compliment; but if a lady formerly should accused of having witchcraft in her eyes, it were much better, both for her soul and body, that she had no eyes at all.

In short, Jane Rouse was accused of witchcraft, and, though she made the best defence she could, it was all to no purpose; she was taken from her own bar to the bar of the Old Bailey, condemned, and executed accordingly. These were times, indeed ! when even women could not scold in safety.

Since her time the tavern underwent several revolutions, according to the spirit of the times, or the dispositions of the reigning monarch. It was this day a brothel, and the next a conventicle for enthusiasts. It was one year noted for harbouring whigs, and the next infamous for a retreat to tories. Some years ago it was in bigh vogue, but at present it seems declining. This only may be remarked in general, that whenever taverns flourish most, the times are then most extravagant and luxurious. - Lord, Mrs. Quickly!' interrupted I, ' you have really deceived me; I pected a romance, and here you have been this half-hour giving me only a description of the spirit of the times; if you have nothing but




tedious remarks to communicate, seek some other hearer; I am determined to hearken only to stories.'

I had scarce concluded, when my eyes and ears seemed opened to my landlord, who had been all this while giving me an account of the repairs he had made in the house, and was now got into the story of the cracked glass in the dining-room.


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