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This bulletin is issued to indicate in a concise way to the good roads advocates of Ohio, and others interested in the movement, the remarkable growth of the interest of the several states in the matter of road investigation and the principle that the state should assist localities in the improvement of the leading highways.

The sketches of the work fort the states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Utah and Colorado were submitted to the several State Commissioners and have been returned approved.

No response had been received, up to the time of going to press from the states of Vermont, Connecticut, Illinois, or Washington, and therefore those state authorities are not to be held responsible for any errors that may be contained herein.

Diligent effort has been made to secure definite information from Idaho and Delaware, but no response has been received to numerous requests.

The last legislature of Idaho created an Intermountain Wagon Road Commission, for investigating and constructing roads to isolated mountain districts.

Delaware in 1904 provided for a State Highway Commission of three persons. This Commission was directed to investigate road building and advise road officials. This Commission was to name supervisors of state work.

As this department was unable to secure any definite information in regard to these two states, no attempt will be made to include them in this bulletin.

The order in which the states are arranged is with reference to initiation of movement that has been continuous up to the present time, and. it is certainly a remarkable fact that every state once enlisted in the practical application of the principle of state investigation and supervision of the public highways and matters relative thereto, has made the work continuous, and has constantly widened the scope, increased the appropriations and the facilities of its improved roads department.


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