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fourth appropriation

571 183

Long Island State School of Agriculture, capital fund, farm products,
use, education law, § 1189, added..

468 1472

monthly payments to state treasurer, when required, state finance
law amended, § 37..

494 1568

State Agricultural and Industrial School, Industry, minimum age of
children, state charities law amended, §§ 180, 184. . . . .

388 1212

Ahern, James:

defining employment as hazardous and authorizing claim against state 598 1922

Albany: City second class; see also Cities, general laws affecting; General
city law amended; General municipal law amended.
arsenal, use of proceeds of sale of New York arsenal.

636 2021

Albany appellate division library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Albany county: See also County headings; General municipal law amended.
annual payments to overseers of poor of towns..

highways, improved, appropriation for maintenance and repairs.

Albany Home School for the Oral Instruction of the Deaf: See also Deaf
and dumb; State charitable institutions, general.

court house, repairs, materials, supplies, etc., provisions of L. 1884,
ch. 368, not applicable...

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appropriation for pupils, support and instruction.

Albany Reporting Company:

appropriation for services for legislature...

Albion House of Refuge: See Western House of Refuge for Women, Albion.

Alfred University:

[blocks in formation]


appropriation for agricultural school, maintenance and operation..

151 431

151 726

clay-working and ceramics school, maintenance and operation..

[blocks in formation]

Alien property custodian:

discharge of mortgages, real property law amended, § 321..
summons and citation for persons in enemy country, mailing to, code
of civil procedure amended, §§ 440, 2528..

Aliens: See also Illiterates; Non-residents.

appropriation for state board of charities, poor, transportation.
State Hospital Commission, deportation bureau..

return of alien insane...



309 1020

151 532

Allegany county: See also Counties, general laws affecting; County head-
ings; General municipal law amended.

testamentary disposition of property, may have construed by laws of
New York, decedent estate law amended, § 47......

non-English speaking and illiterates, attendance at school, penalties,
education law, § 637, added...

[blocks in formation]

highways, improved, appropriation for maintenance and repairs......

70 161

Almshouses: See Poor headings.

Amendments to Constitution: See Concurrent resolutions; Constitution of
New York.

[blocks in formation]

American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society: See also Parks,
reservations, historic places and memorials, state.
appropriation for maintenance and operation..

151 669

removal of monument of First New York Dragoons to Letchworth

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Amsterdam: City third class; see also Cities, general laws affecting;

General city law amended; General municipal law amended.

public safety bond issue authorized.....

[blocks in formation]

recorder, salary, term, office, stenographer.



tax levy, maximum amount, deduction of interest and principal on
sewer bonds

[blocks in formation]

water bonds, authority to issue.



Amusements: See also Moving Pictures; Theatres.

discrimination on account of race, creed or color prohibited, civil rights
law amended, §§ 40, 41...



Angling: See Conservation law amended.

Animals: See also Agricultural law amended; Conservation headings;
Domestic animals; Names of particular animals.

license to collect and possess for propagation, scientific and exhibition
purposes, conservation law amended, § 159, subd. 2..



Annuities: See Indians; Pensions; Teachers.

Annulment of marriage:

See Marriage.

Antietam battlefield: See also New York Monuments Commission.
appropriation for grading, fencing, etc..

[blocks in formation]

exemption of farmer's co-operative associations, general business law
amended, § 340.

490 1562

Apothecaries: See also Druggists; Pharmacists.

habit-forming drugs, possession, distribution, public health law
amended, § 427, subd. 4.

639 2033

Appeals: See also Court of appeals; Supreme court headings, subtitle
appellate division.

Chautauqua county, children's court....

464 1462

Rochester city court, code of civil procedure amended, § 3227

493 1566

state fair, condemnation of real property, report of commissioners,
agricultural law, § 299c, added.

215 855


See also Commissions, state, created, reorganized or
abolished; Salaries; State employees; State officers.

Auburn, deputy city clerk....

Barge canal dedication commission..

Bronx county, commissioner of records.

second enactment

city courts, New York city, stenographers, code of civil procedure,
amended, § 332.

court of general sessions, New York county, crier, code of criminal
procedure amended, § 55..

deputy superintendent of prisons, prison law amended, § 120..
feeble-minded, state commission on, state charities law, § 480, added.
ice comptroller

narcotic drug control commissioner, public health law, § 421, added..
New York county, deputy transfer tax assistant, tax law amended,
§ 234, subd. 1..

Onondaga county, county court stenographer, judiciary law, § 197,
subds. 1, 2, amended, § 319, subd. 1, amended, subd. 10, added..
retirement and pension commission, state..
Syracuse, municipal court, additional justice...

Westchester county, special deputy clerks, approval of justices, county
law amended, § 169..

Apportionment of school moneys: See Education law amended.

definition of expense classifications of act, preparation and publication,

Appropriation bill, annual:

payment regulations, L. 1918, ch. 151.


Appropriation bill, deficiency:


Appropriation bill, supplemental:

definitions of expense classifications of act, preparation, publishing,

payment regulations, L. 1918, ch. 571.


Appropriations: For items in detail see under names of particular offices,
boards, institutions, individuals, etc., interspersed as main titles
throughout index.

accountants, certified public, examiners and employees.

adjutant-general's office

second appropriation

military record fund..

mobilization of national guard and naval militia, re-L. 1917, ch. 3.
pensions, civil war veteran employees..

agricultural department, see farms and markets department.

Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva..

second appropriation

third appropriation
fourth appropriation

agricultural schools:
Alfred University

second appropriation


second appropriation
third appropriation
fourth appropriation

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[blocks in formation]

fourth appropriation

151 436

151 678

571 1815

[blocks in formation]

Albany Home School for the Oral Instruction of the Deaf.

Alfred University, agricultural school..

second appropriation

clay working and ceramics school.

American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society.

second appropriation.

Amos, William C.

annual appropriation bill.

Antietam battlefield

appellate division, supreme court.

second appropriation

appropriation bill, annual.

architects, registered, state board of.

[blocks in formation]

architecture, department of..

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