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Страница 88 - But He, who knew what human hearts would prove, How slow to learn the dictates of his love, That, hard by nature and of stubborn will, A life of ease would make them harder still, In pity to the souls his grace design'd To rescue from the ruins of mankind, Call'd for a cloud to darken all their years, And said, ' Go spend them in the vale of tears.
Страница 43 - tis equal, whether love ordain My life or death, appoint me pain or ease ; My soul perceives no real ill in pain ; In ease or health no real good she sees. One good she covets, and that good alone, To choose thy will, from selfish bias free ; And to prefer a cottage to a throne, And grief to comfort, if it pleases thee. That we should bear the cross is thy command, Die to the world, and live to self no more ; Suffer, unmoved, beneath the rudest hand, As pleased when shipwreck'd as when safe on shore.
Страница 74 - Sorrow and Love go side by side ; Nor height nor depth can e'er divide Their heaven-appointed bands ; Those dear associates still are one, Nor till the race of life is run Disjoin their wedded hands.
Страница 36 - To souls impress'd with sacred Love ! Where'er they dwell, they dwell in Thee ; In heaven, in earth, or on the sea. To me remains nor place nor time ; My country is in every clime ; I can be calm and free from care On any shore, since God is there.
Страница 95 - The man that hails you Tom or Jack, And proves by thumps upon your back How he esteems your merit, Is such a friend that one had need Be very much his friend indeed To pardon or to bear it.
Страница 100 - MOST delightful hour by man Experienced here below, The hour that terminates his span, His folly, and his woe ! ' ' Worlds should not bribe me back to tread Again life's dreary waste, To see again my day o'erspread With all the gloomy past. ' My home henceforth is in the skies : Earth, seas, and sun, adien ! All heaven unfolded to my eyes, I have no sight for you.
Страница 106 - HE lives, who lives to God alone, And all are dead beside ; For other source than God is none Whence life can be supplied.
Страница 36 - To me remains nor place nor time ; - My country is in every clime ; , . I can be calm, and free from care, On any shore, since God is there.
Страница 51 - Enjoy'd with ease, if thou refrain From earthly love, else sought in vain ; She dwells with all who truth prefer, But seeks not them who seek not her. Yield to the Lord, with simple heart, All that thou hast, and all thou art ; Renounce all strength but strength divine ; And peace shall be for ever thine : Behold the path which I have trod, My path, till I go home to God.
Страница 32 - THE fountain in its source No drought of summer fears ; The farther it pursues its course, The nobler it appears. But shallow cisterns yield A scanty short supply ; The morning sees them amply filled, At evening they are dry.

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