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as soon as he approached it, he saw it er, according to the manner and form was impossible to pass without being by the law in that case provided. The overtaken by the avenger, ready to reply of the robber, prefaced with a smite him with the edge of the sword. torrent of curses, was, that the first Upon the instant he wheeled about, man who came near him, he would and bounding towards his pursuer, cleave his skull, just as

she'd split grappled with him before he had time bogwood ;” and this threat he accomto make an effectual blow with his cute panied with a menacing flourish of his lass; and now they twisted and strug- weapon, which shewed, that if put to gled together, like two bull dogs, when the proof, he was likely to use it with they have taken the death gripe of each some effect. other's throats. They fell together, “Whythin," said the sergeant, draw. and rolled over and over, until the ing a pistol from his coat pocket,“mayrobber, who, although the elder, was be we'd make you surrindthur withthe stronger man of the two, tore him- ' out goin' near you. I'll tell you what, self from his antagonist's grasp, and by my sowl it's in airnest I am, an' raising himself up, got his knee upon if you haven't a mind to give up the prostrate man's breast, and his hand yourself, an' your swoord, you'd bether twisted in his cravat. We now rushed just take a bit of a look round on the forward with double speed to the res- worlt, an' bid it good-by, for if you cue, and I never saw a scene more hor- don't surrindthur, before you'd have rible than the combatants presented time to reckon half a hundert of eggs, when we got near them. The robber's an' that's sixty, that I may never ate face had been torn by the brambles, bread, but I'll shoot you dead where from which he made his escape, and you stand !" had, besides, received a slight cut or While the sergeant was delivering two from the policeman's sword when this minatory address, my attention he closed with him, so that his visage had been partly taken up in observing was well smeared with blood, while the motions of our new ally, Mick Roolumps of the clay, in which he had ney, who had evidently some achieverolled, adhered to it here and there : ' ment in view relative to the desired add to this, that his small dark eyes capture. He gathered up the skirts gleamed with a demon-like fury, as of his long coat, and turned them in, he strove to strangle the man who lay so as to form a bundle on his back, beneath him ; and the hideous expresa and leave his limbs free from the ension of such a countenance may be cumbrance of these frieze hangings, easily imagined. The policeman's face and grasping his shillelagh by the was black with suffocation ; his eyes middle, he advanced in a circuitous were starting from his head, and a direction towards the robber, with his fearful gurgling noise issued from his body bent forward, and every muscle throat, while the blood from his wound- apparently strained as for a spring, ed ear flowed down upon his neck, while he stealthily approached, like a and clotted the fingers of the robber, tiger on the edge of a jungle, stealing which, with determined gripe, were forward to bound upon his prey. At stopping the passage of his breath. I the conclusion of the sergeant's adknow not whether the victorious com- dress, the robber, either startled at batant knew, until we were close upon the view of the immediate danger him, that he had other antagonists to which threatened him, or involuntadeal with, but it was not till we were rily following the advice which had very near him, that he threw the half. been given him to look round on the dead man from his grasp ; and catch- world, and bid it farewell, relaxed ing up the cutlass, which lay on the from the firm and observing air of deground, and which he seemed to bave fiance which he had assumed, and for forgotten, while endeavouring to dis- a moment looked upwarıl. On the inpatch his adversary in a different man- stant, Mick Rooney, though at the disner, he retired backward to the trees, tance of six or seven yards, sprung foras if determined to fight it out to the warıl, and alighting close beside his last.

man, he hit bim beneath his sword We formed a semicircular line, at arm with his cudgel, and at the same rather a respectful distance, in front moment struck bim violently in the of this fierce ruffian, who was called back of the leg with his foot. The upon by Sergeant Waddy to surrend- cutlass flew from the robber's hand, ye.”

sheer over the top of the highest of In the present case, however, the in. the trees behind him, his heels went fluence of Sergeant Waduy, and the into the air, and he fell flat on his authority of his office, were sufficient back, his head striking the ground to obtain such accommodation as he with such violence, that for a mi. wanted; the prisoner was placed in mite or two he lay as senseless as the one corner, while at the other end of sod on which he had fallen.

the room, such provision as an Irish “Whoo !" cried Mick, jumping into cabin can afford, viz. potatoes, and the air, flourishing his cudgel over his milk, and eggs, were prepared for our head, and putting forth a yell of tri- party; it was remembered also, that as umph, such as one might expect from the “ould soger” was now to travel an American savage, when he scatters against his will, and under the civil the brains of his enemy at his feet authority, it might be a matter of difwith a blow of his tomahawk,-"Hab! ficulty to prevail upon him to march, by Jasus, there's the Tipperary thrip and orders were issued to procure a car fór ye that bates all Munster,” he con for his conveyance to Clonmell. tinued. " There now ; ye may take While these matters were in prepahim, an’tie him up, like a bundle of ration, it luckily occurred to me to sticks, and do what ye plaze wid him; ask myself what good I was doing in if he pisons any more dogs, it's not this robber-catching affair; and the Mick Rooney's fault, mind that, I tell question brought to my mind, that I

had a lost parchment to enquire after, Before the prostrate man had fully the recovery of which would perhaps come to himself, bis wrists were bound procure me a grateful and happy smile together, with the same cravat which from Miss Evelyn, whose lovely face a few minutes before he had twisted I had yet only seen under circum. in order to strangle the policeman, and stances of alarm or sorrow. But I felt its owner, who speedily recovered from wholly at a loss how to proceed with his semi-strangulation, assisted with the fierce malefactor, who eat before no small good-will in binding him. me with a scowl of hatred upon his The manner of the fellow when he brow ; yet being aware that every found himself irretrievably a captive, hour which was lost in obtaining the was sollen and ferocious; be refused requisite information, the chance of to move a step from where he had making it available was lessening, I been seized, and the policemen were resolved to take the sergeant into my under the necessity of forcibly drag- confidence to a certain degree, and obging him to the lane from which we tain his assistance as a negotiator. had got into the field, where a rope Having described the parchment to being provided, one end was fastened himn, by a little essay in the art of inround his body, and the other to one nocently lying, as the copy of a deed of the policemen's horses, which prowhich was wanted immediately, and ceerling at a quiet walk, the prisoner could not be obtained without consi. had no choice but to walk after him, derable expense, I told him of my to the high road.

anxiety to obtain some clew to its disWe halted at the first cabin we came covery, which no doubt the prisoner to, the inmates of which received us could give, if his will could be brought apparently with more respect for our to second his ability. “ Lave that to authority, than good-will to the work me, sir," said the sergeant, continuing in which we were engaged. When a the under tone in which our colloquy criminal is seized, except it be for some had been held, “ we'll get it out of very atrocious offence, the natural 'im-only bad look to 'mi, he looks so impulse of feeling is rather to pity the sulky.--Lave the place, every mother's captive; while reason rejoices in the sowl o'yiz,” he continued aloud, and success of public justice. Now the standing up, as he addressed about a Irish, who are by no means a delibe- dozen people, whom curiosity had rative people, and who appear, more- broughi together in the apartment to over, to be possessed with an inherevt see the prisoner.-" Lave ihe place, I disinclination to whatever the law or- tell yiz, untul the gintleman an' me dains, almost universally yield to the spakes to the prisoner about partik'lar impulse of pity when a criminal is de- business." The house was forth with tected, and would much rather assist cleared of all but the prisoner and to rescue, than assist to guard him. ourselves. The sergeant cleared his

throat, as one about to say something to me in an under tone" wait till he important, and commenced addressing has had a night in jail, an' he'll be his prisoner after the manner follow- more raisonabler.” ing :-"Well, you thief o' the worlt, An hour or two had elapsed before you see what your thricks has brought the car was brought, on which the you to at last ---Be my sowl, my lad, prisoner was placed, and we set form I think you're in a bad way-we seen ward towards Clonmell when the day enough this mornin' to hang you as was fast approaching to noon. We bigh as Gilderoy."

." There was no re- had not proceeded more than a mile ply, at which the sergeant looked sure along the road, when the curiosity prised, and then went on." Why, which our little cavalcade in some bad look to ye, robber as you are- measure excited, seemed to be all at you might have the manners to spake once eclipsed by an object of much whin you're spoken to; but in troth greater interest, in advance of us upon it's litile that's good you know how to ihe road, towards which the people fay, so maybe you're bether to hould were flying along the sides of the your tongue. Only listen though to fields; and we could perceive, from a what I'm goin' to say t’ye. Whin Mrs distant cloud of dust approaching us, Evelyn's house was robbed the night that some procession was coming for. afore last-rimimbir I don't say you ward. To the eager enquiry of what wor there, or that you worn't there the matter was, addressed to some of but whoever was there, they tuk away the people running by, the rapid ana parchmint, that this ginileman," swer was, that “the min" that were here with a graceful wafture of his “ to suffer” that day were coming up. band, the sergeant performed a kind “ Sure enough it is, sir," said the of introduction of my person to the sergeant ; "an' I had quite forgot it! notice of the robber—" has a great There's tree min to be hung today, curosity to see. The divil a bit of about five mile from this, for killin' good the parchmint can do you-I an ould man an' his wife, and burnin' mane the inan ihat tuk it, whoever he down the farm-house where they li. was-an' as a frind is a good thing to ved. They wor to be sint to the place, have, when one is in throuble, you for an example to the naybreed, instid might do worse nor make a frind of of hangin' thim at the front o' the jail; this gintleman, be helpin' him to a an' here they come.” sight of the same parchmint."

As he spoke a military guard made At the close of this speech the prie its appearance, and in a few minutes soder turned his sullen glance first we were involved in the midst of the upon me, and then steadily upon the awful procession. There is a sicken. st rgeant's face, as if he would read ing horror comes over one's soul at the therein something more than was to sight of three men going to be put to be gathered from his speech. Appa- death for their crimes, which the sight rently he discovered cunning and sic of thirty thousand men, going to ennister purpose in the countenance of gage in deadly combat with one an. the sergeant, which determined his other does not produce. There is in reply. He seemed to feel a triumph the circumstances of an execution a in having seen through him, and with dreadful certainty of the event-a something like a sneer he answered, - horrible forniality-a fearful bringing "I think you couldn't do bether than together of the ideas of the living man to be after bouldin' your prate, Mr that is, and the dead man that is so Waddy-I'm not a parrot to be made soon to be-of life and strength struga to spake, because you bave me in your gling with death - with every thing to

oggravate, and nothing to alleviate, its “O thin, be my sowl,” said the bitterness-and-in short, it must be sergeant, angrily, " it's in a stronger a very unpleasant thing to be hanged cage you'll be soon, an' you'll go up against one's will, and it is a very stairs to get out of it."

sickening thing to look at another in This was a delicate allusion to the such a predicament. I said that the passage from the prison to the scaffold, procession was led by a guard of sola whichi in less serious circumstances diers-hen came three several cars, might have provoked a smile. “You'll each supporting one of the doomed get no good of him now,” he continued men, and by the side of each there


upon his face

walked a Roman Catholic priest. The bin by the road side, a cup of water first man was elderly, and the calmest which I brought, and as his hands of the three-locks that were slightly were tied, I held for him to drink. tinged with grey, escaped from be- For the first time, he looked like a be. neath a white cap which he wore. He ing with whom one could have some was pale, very pale, even his lips. They sympathy of feeling-he looked gratetrembled, too, as did his hands also, ful, and became more composed, though while he told over a string of beads still evidently in horrible fear for the which he carried. The second had fate which awaited him, and which

he flush which com- the sight of the men going to be hangmonly attends upon very excessive ed had brought so strongly to his excitement. He trembled more vio. mind. lently than the other, while he held We now arrived at Jim Barry's cain his hand a little dirty black book, bin, which we had left before daywhich was, I suppose, a breviary, from break, and where we now proposed to which he appeared to wish to read, rest some little time. but ever and anon his glance was cast I proceeded to the inner room where upon the crowd, with a wild purpose- I had slept the night before, leaving less glare, such as I had never seen the prisoner and his guard in the outer before, except in the insane. The

apartment; but I had not been long third was anxious to play the bravado, by myself, when the sergeant came in and to appear reckless of his fate; but to tell me that the “ould soger" was the ghastly mockery of his behaviour

grown very quiet, and wanted “ of all was the most horrible of all. The

things to spake to me." I ordered him miserable wretch would strive to to be admitted, and the door to be smile; but the force of simulation closed ; and after that due caution, could but ill struggle with nature in seldom forgotten by those who have such a dreadful plight, and the un- lived in England, to be careful how willing features fell away into the ex- he might criminate himself by what pression of abject deadly fear. The he was going to say, I listened to his intense eagerness of the crowd, too, communication. was very affecting, in the silence of I'm an unfortunate man, sir,” he its wrapt attention, or only interrupt.. said. ed by a whispered expression of hor- “ You are indeed," I replied. ror, or pity, or an ejaculation of,- I don't doubt but your honour God be marciful to their sowls !” knows some great people in Dublin,'

The procession was closed by an- he continued—" some people about other guard of soldiers, and had soon the Castle, I dar say?" passed, but it left an impression which Well-suppose I do-what then?” could not, for some little time at least, The polis sergeant said that your be shaken off. My attention was, honour wanted greatly to get back a however, rapidly carried from the ap- parchmint that was taken away from pearance of the men going to suffer Mrs Evelyn's. Now, sir, I might help death, to that of our prisoner, for to get it for you, and I could give whom the sight he had just witnessed more information, that might be of a must necessarily have had an interest power of consequence in regard to the of a very different kind from that of this part of the country, if I which it imparted to any other of the had a friend to help me out of this company. I observed him narrowly, trouble that I'm in.” and I saw that it shook him to the “ Trouble ! is it by that light name very marrow. His face grew deadly you call the awful circumstances in pale, and then purple, and then pale which you stand your life is forfeitagain—a frantic notion of escape seem- ed; it is but this morning that you ed to seize him, he made an effort as twice attempted murder.” I observed if he would jump off the car to which the terror fit coming on again, but he he had been tied, and he put down rallied quickly, and replied, -" I only his mouth, as if to tear asunder with resisted, your honour knows, when Í his . teeth the handkerchief which was attacked ; and that's what any inbound his wrists. I saw his knees nocent man might do." knock fearfully together, so that I al. It would be tedious to continue our most supposed he was going into a fit, dialogue ; let it suffice to say, that and I called a halt, and got from a ca- without any promise on my part be



yond that of saying that I would faith. ties in Ireland seem generally to be fully represent whatever service he better off than the poor in the fertile should perform, this precious scoun. plains. They hold their land at a low drel proposed to guide us in the pur- rent, and generally have, in addition, suit of the robbers of Mrs Evelyn's an extensive privilege over what is house, and informed me, that a man considered barren mountain. who had been a servant of the solicie they turn to good account for grazing tor of the old lady, and who knew young cattle, and being usually well how.careful he was of the deed of supplied with fuel, they are altogether which I was in search, had planned a more comfortable, as well as a more the robbery, in consequence of watch independent class of tenantry than the ing the deed being taken home, and poor lowlanders. Volumes of mist lurking about the windows until he were rolling up the stupendous sides saw it put up. He had taken it, sole- of the distant Galter mountains, in the ly with the intention of extorting a grey dawn of a chill autumnal morn. large sum of money for its return, and ing, when a turn in the path, which had it now with him in the retreat to now skirted along the high road, which he had gone with his compa. brought us in full view of the little nions. The robbers, he told us, had town of Cahir, sleeping in the cold gone by a mountain-path towards Ca- stillness of the half-hour that precedes hir, on their way to the neighbour- sunrise. The first view of Cahir is hood of Kilworth mountain, where striking and pretty. A steep irregular was their principal rendezvous ; but street, at the near corner of which there were several places on the way stands the house of the Laily Glengall, which they might have stopped at, is terminated by a bridge of many and be offered to guide us by the track arches, through which glides“ the which they had certainly gone. After gentle Suir," chafed, yet not angry, due consideration of the importance of with some rude mis-shapen stones that losing as little time as possible, in fol- eddy and whiten its surface. Beyond lowing up the pursuit of the robbers, the bridge, and rising from ihe river, it was determined to accept the offer of stand the ivy-mantled towers of Cahir our prisoner to be our guide, and far- Castle, while here and there is seen, ther, that to avoid particular observa- peeping from its alleys green, the tion, we would remain where we were scarlet coat of a sentry, pacing with until the approach of morning, and measured step along some half-decaythen go forward upon our journey. ing rampart or guarded entrance.

Two hours before day, we left the There are some modern buildings of high road by a path which seemed fa. hewn-stone, in a tasteful ornamental iniliar to all of the party but anyself, style of architecture, which, when seen and I soon discovered, by the aid of an in combination with the broad river elderly moon, which for an Irish inoon and a conspicuous sheet of foam, where gave tolerably good light, that we it flows over a mill weir, a little way were in a region of bog and mountain. up from the bridge, give an airy lightFollowing the mountain path with some appearance to the town, which our prisoner, who, for security's sake, is very pleasiną, at least to a cursory was handcuffed to the most powerful visitor. Cahir is the principal headman among our party of police, we quarters for cavalry in the south, and continued our course at a rapid foot an officer's wife, an English lady, told pace, in the direction he had indicated. me the town itself was a “ nawsty It led us through what our party call- dawty hole ;" but the horse-barrack is ed Mr Ponsonby Barker's mountain, a mile from it. and wound along the verge of a ra- Passing through Cahir, where we vine or deep gulley, with a mountain obtained an accession of several policestream, brawling at the bottom, while men to our party; and ascending the the hill side was broken, stony, and ir- bill on the other side, we quitted the regular. Here and there, a few wild high road, and struck into the flat, sheep, startled by the approach of our stony, poor ground on the left, and party, and hurrying forward to gaze, journeyed on through an uninterest. as their manner is, with bewildered ing country, except for the splendid eyes at the object that surprised them, heights of the Galters, which surround apprized us of the proximity of a caó it. After some time we reached a steep bin. The poor on mountain proper. billy road along the side of Kilworth VOL. XXVI. NO, CLIV.


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