Private Spud Tamson

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W. Blackwood, 1915 - 292 страница

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Страница 71 - King, than to be entirely satisfied with howling the following lines, heard in all music-halls some twenty years afterwards: And when we say we've always won And when they ask us how it's done We proudly point to every one Of England's soldiers of the Queen. I cannot help having a dim suspicion that dignity has something to do with style; but anyhow the gestures, like the songs, of my grandfather's time and type had a good deal to do with dignity. But, used as he was to ceremonial manners, he must...
Страница 237 - roared Lieutenant Longlegs, who was Hardup's subaltern. They gallantly replied and pushed forward to within one hundred yards of the barbed wire entanglements. Matters were serious here, and casualties heavy. Ten men were knocked out in twenty minutes. " Sergeant Brown, have a go with your cutters.
Страница 242 - Come on," he shouted again, and up to the Q top flat they rushed to end their job. There they found a German officer and a host of men inside a loft The door of the place was also barred. But this was easily smashed, and into the den the gallants rushed. As they went an old sergeant pushed Longlegs back out of danger. " What's wrong ? " he inquired angrily. " I'm in charge o
Страница 188 - Listening intently, he discovered a keen German brain analysing all the replies of the honest and simple-minded citizen. Through a mirror the observant officer studied the face of the spy. Strong, almost English, with firm set lines and a chin suggesting courage of a bull-dog kind. An excellent type for such a mission. His flaxen hair and a slight student cut on the lip were the only outward signs of his race.
Страница 177 - In the event of invasion every man would have a part In the job. In the times of peace they studied the coast, the tides, the location of ships and troops, the position of guns, everything, in fact, which would be of use. These things were reported in writing to their Consuls, or verbally, when the League met at the many German clubs and gatherings.
Страница 107 - Kaiser," said the Consular gent with the umbrella. "Tak1 that, in the name o' the King," said Spud, delivering a terrific punch on the German's bulbous nose. Blood burst all over his ponderous paunch, but he was game, and pluckily tackled Spud with his umbrella. One whack over his enemy's head smashed the whole framework. " Made in Germany," yelled Spud, giving him one full on the waist-line.
Страница 107 - A villainous crowd ; more ready to use the stiletto than their fists. All were eagerly discussing the great Day, and how long it would take them to invade our country, when they were startled by the terrific yell of Spud Tamson's men.
Страница 244 - DSO, the old sergeant and wire- cutting corporal received the Distinguished Conduct Medals, while every paper in Britain wrote columns about the gallantry of the Glesca Mileeshy. " Useful men ! Useful men ! " said Corkleg, on reading the appreciation in ' The Times' a few days later. " Yes sir,
Страница 105 - You're a spy," roared Micky, advancing under the cover of a broom. 11 1 keel you ! I keel you ! " shrieked the foreigner. "Awa* an' kill yer granny," roared the intrepid Militiaman, striking him with the broom and wresting the knife right out of his hand. " No keel me — no keel me — kind shentlemans. I give you moneys — wheesky — ceegars.
Страница 150 - In their dreary crime- and drink -sodden homes they had learned to emulate the law-breaker, to idolise the criminal, and applaud the football god. Their philosophy was material — necessarily so : for poverty made them steal ; environment sent them out to seek the heat of the ale-house and the shelter of the jail.

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