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vision for paying minute-men
64. Ordinance requiring bat-
talion duty repealed 86. Offi-
cers not completing their quo-
tas to be superseded 86. Offi-
cers or privates joining regu-
lars, how their places supplied
87. Hire of arms furnished by
minute-men 87. Minute com-
panies not complete to return
to main body of militia 140.
In Williamsburg discharged
140. Minute companies total-
ly dissolved 198. Minute-men
considered as militia 198.

Counties of Monongalia, Ohio,

and Yohogania, formed out of
district of West Augusta 262.
Boundaries 263. Court days
263. Qualifications of elec-
tors to general assembly 264.
Doors of forestallers, engrossers,
and monopolisers may be
broken to seize grain and
flour for the American armies
and navies, and the French
squadron 584.

Montgomery, Kentucky and
Washington counties formed
out of Fincastle, which became
extinct 257. Boundaries 257.
Court days 258. Qualifica-
tions of electors 260. Boun-
daries between counties of
Montgomery and Washington
altered 330. Green Brier
county and parish formed out
of Botetourt & Montgomery

Conditions 425. Power of
trustees 425. Privileges of in-
habitants 426. Forfeiture for
not building 426.

Against sheriffs for taxes 67,222.
Against public debtors 300.


Town of Moorefield, in Hamp-
shire county, established 425.
Lots, how disposed of, 425.

Free mulattoes, how employed
in the militia 268.
Pay-masters to act as such 84.

Of militia, company and gene-
ral, when 29,268. Exempts
not to appear at 31. Number
of private musters reduced



Vestry of upper parish. in Nan-
semond to sell the work house
and lands, in Suffolk 537.
appointing naval officers
184. For what districts 184.
Bond and oath 184. Vacan-
cies, how supplied 185. Per-
mits for exportation 185.
Bonds of masters of vessels
185. Permits for importation
185. Effect of permits 185.
Within what time master of
vessel to produce certificate of
compliance with permit 85.
Bond cancelled 186. Penalty
for failure 186. Limitation of
action 186. Bonds to prevent
sailing in contempt of embar-
goes 186. Duty of naval offi-
cers, in relation to embargoes
186. Oath of master of vessel
to prevent carrying out debt-
ors, servants and slaves 186.
Certificate as to unlading bal-
last 187. Bond and oath as to
exporting tobacco 187. Pow-

er of naval officer to examine
on oath 187. Fees of naval
officers 188. Penalty for ex-
ceeding legal fees 188. Who
may prosecute 189. Limita-
tion of prosecution 189. Table
of fees to be set up 289. Bri-
bery in naval officers, how
punishable 189. Receipts to
be given for fees 189. Oath to
be administered in clearing
out 190. Power of seizure
190. No vessel crossing the
seas deemed of the built of this
commonwealth, until register-
ed 199. Form of register 190.
Transfer of vessel to be en-
dorsed by naval officer, on the
register 191. Fees for register
191. Entries and clearance of
vessels to be noted by naval
officers 191. Bonds payable
to governor 191. When naval
officers to account with trea-
surer 362. Penalty for failing
to account 362. For account-
ing and failing to pay 362.
Naval officer appointed for
Nottoway and Blackwater ri-
vers 436.

Public storehouses established,
at Cave's warehouse, at head
of Potowmack creek, for re-
ception of naval stores 235.
Land vested in commonwealth


Majority may act 150. Their
powers and duties 150. Not
to affect contracts made with
committee of safety 150. Two
row gallies to be immediately
built 151. Naval committee
excluded from military and
legislature 151. Two frigates
and five gallies to be built
196. Virginia fleet, how man-
ned 196. Seanien classed 196.
Their pay 197. Commission-
ers of the navy authorised to
vary the rates of pilotage 470.
Salary of commissioners of
the navy encreased 521. A-
gents commissioned to seize
grain and flour for the Amer-
ican armies and navies, and
the French squadron 584.
Doors of forestallers, engros-
sers and monopolisers may be
broken 584.

Armed vessels to be provided by
committee of safety 83. Pay
of commodore and other offi-
cers and sailors 83. When &
on what terms land forces may
act in concert with naval 93.
Naval commissioners appoint-
ed 149. How organized 149.
E 4


How granted, in High Court of

Chancery 395. Upon what
granted 395. How discharged


Not to be enlisted, without certi-
ficate of freedom 280.

Vestry of Newport parish, in
Isle of Wight dissolved 317.
His resignation as treasurer re-
cited, rather than incur the in-
capacity of being elected a
member of the legislature 199.
His faithful discharge of the
duties of his office 199.

Conveyances of lands, by non-
residents, how authenticated
207. Privy examinations of
non-resident femes covert, how

made 208. Former acknow-
ledgments confirmed209. How
defective privy examinations
may be perfected 209.

tors who were friendly or ene-
mies to America 328. Their
powers, in collecting evidence,
329. To take depositions and
report to next assembly 329.
Their compensation 329. Acts
for more regularly laying off
Norfolk, and for ascertaining
the losses sustamed by its burn-
ing further continued 427,465.

Vestry of, to appoint commis-
sioners to ascertain value of
churches and chapels 437.

Militia of, distinctly organized
33, 313. After the burning of
Norfolk, the justices authoris-
ed to erect a temporary court
house 231. In the mean time
may hold courts at any place
231. Notice of place to be given
by sheriff 232. Proceedings
of court last held declared va-
lid 232. Court to appoint per-
sons to take list of tithables
232. Lists how given in 232.
Levies to be paid 232. Elec-
tions how held 232. Militia
officers in 313. Their oath
313. Subject to general mili-
tia laws 313. Commissiouers
for laying off Norfolk more
regularly 314. Their oath
314. Their powers 314. Value
of lands, taken for streets,how
ascertained 315. Expenses,
reimbursed 315. Compensa-
tion to commissioners and o-
thers 315. Proceedings to be
reported to general assembly
315. Assessment on proprie-
tors, how collected 316. Pen-
alty on failing to account and
pay 316. Vacancies in com-
missioners how supplied 316.
Commissioners appointed to
ascertain the losses by the
burning of Norfolk 328. To
distinguish between property
destroyed by the enemy, or
others, and between proprie-


Regiment for defence of Acco-
mack and Northampton 76.
Number, officers and staff 76.
77. All millers in, to be en-
rolled in the militia 139. Drafts
in, how made 141.

Commissioners to extend the
boundary between Virginia &
North Carolina 562. Report of
commissioners 562, Note.

Quitrents abolished, except in
Northern Neck 359. Deduc-
tion allowed in land tax, to
amount of quitreats there pay-
able 359. Such deductions to
be certified to sheriff of Fred-
erick, and levied on Proprie-
tor of Northern Neck 359.

Vestry of North Farnham parish
in Richmond county dissolv-
ed 525.


Penalty on private persons issu-
ing bills of credit or notes,
payable to bearer 431.

Vestry of Nottoway parish, in
Southampton dissolved 526.
Justices of Southampton au-
thorised to erect toll bridges
over Nottoway river 586.

Tolls 587. Tolls, how appro-
priated 587.


Of militia officers, during the in-
terregnum 32. Under the com-
monwealth 238. Ofcourt-mar-
tial 32. Of the commander in
chiet 36. Of officers and sol-
diers of the regular army 36.
Of court martial of regulars
45. Of witnesses 45. Oath of
officers and privates altered
87. Of judges of admiralty 104.
Oaths of office after the adop-
tion of the constitution 119.
Oath of governor 119. Of
privy councillors 120. When
to be administered to the first
governor and council under
the constitution 120. Powers
of committee of safety then to
cease 120. Oath of senator or
delegate 120. Of secretary,
attorney general, and clerks
of county courts 121. Oath
of attorney at law 121. Other
oaths of office 121. Oath of
naval officers 184. Of treasur-
er 200. Of judges of admiral-
ty 202. Oath of court martial
of the militia 271, 295. Oath
of allegiance or fidelity 283.
Oath of judges of Oyer & Ter-
miner 306. Oath of militia of-
ficers, in Williamsburg and
Norfolk 313. Oath of com-
missioners of tax 353. Of judg
es of High Court of Chancery
389. Of general court 401.
Of masters of vessels intending
to load with tobacco 483.
Oath of inspectors of tobacoo
497. Of court of appeals 523.
Of auditors 536.

Lands of Bryan Obanion, es-

cheated to the commonwealth
to be sold 576. Proceeds of
sale, how distributed 542.
When set aside, in general court



See Army.

Of regulars, how appointed du-
ring the interregnum 10, 77.
Their commissions and rank
according to priority in com-
pleting their companies 11.
Vacancies, how supplied 12.
Their pay 14. Of minute-men
how appointed 17, 88. Com-
missions and rank 19. Pay of
officers of minute-men 21, 23.
Their duty on invasion 25.
Rank, when united in service
28. Officers of militia, how
nominated and commissioned
during the interregnum 27.
Oath of officers of the militia
32. Of the commander in
chief of the army 36. Of the
other officers 30. Officers
commissioned by congress to
supersede those by committee
of safety 86. Oath of officers
and privates altered 87. Con-
tinuance of officers in army,
and their mode of resignation
declared 95,96. Officers for
six additional battalions, how
appointed 180. To be com-
missioned by congress 183.
Officers for fortifications, how
appointed 193. Continental
officers take precedence of
state 193. Officers to compa-
nies and battalions of militia
268. County lieutenant, to
command the whole 268 Oath
of officers 268 Officers of mi-
litia, how armed 268. Time

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allowed to provide arms 269.
Officers appointed, before the
adoption of the constitution,
not disqualified 274. Duty of
officers, on invasions or in-
surrections 291. How detail-
ed 293. Fines for neglect 295.
Rank of militia officers, while
in service 294. Act to enable
the officers and encourage
soldiers of the Virginia line,
to continue in the continental
service 565. Officers and sol-
diers presented with 6 months
pay 566. Groceries furnished
at stipulated prices 566. Pen-
sions to widows of officers &
soldiers who are slain, or die
in the service 566. The last
act, as to pay and groceries,
in part suspended 580.

[blocks in formation]

and terminer established 306.
Oath of judges 306. - Grand
jury, petit juries, venire facias
307. Wages of judges 308.

Treasury notes, or paper money
to be emitted 67 Denomina
tions 68. Signers of notes 68.
Overlookers of the press 68.
Compensation 68. On what
paper, notes to be printed 68.
Other denominations, and by
whom filled up, numbered and
signed 68. Notes when re-
deemable 69. Currency of
notes 69. Forging or coun-
terfeiting, death 69,148,224.
Pasting paper on back probi-
bited, but notes defaced or
torn redeemable 69. Taxes
pledged for their redemption.
69. Robert Carter Nicholas,
esq. the treasurer, to give bond
70. In what sum 70 Notes
redeemed to be annually burnt
70. Paper for, how supplied
92. Death to counterfeit pa-
per money of congress, or of
any of the United Colonies
134. A further emission au-
thorised 145,223. Lawful ten-
der 147,223. Further emis-
sion, in aid of the loan office
287. Lawful tender 288. Pe-
nalty for refusing them, or
depreciating their value 288.
Notes, when redeemable 288.
Forging or counterfeiting, how
punishable 289,367,541. Pa-
per money emitted by autho-
rity of congress, or of this state
declared equal to Spanish
milled dollars 297. Penalty
for depreciating it 298. Paper
money a lawful tender 298.
Tender and refusal, an extin

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