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403. Public Lands Law.

434. Poor Law.

435. An Act to Repeal, etc.

700. Agricultural Law.

713. Religious Corporations Law.

714. Membership Corporations Law. 719. Transportation Corporations Law. 722. Lien Law.

724. State Charities Law.

751. State Finance Law.

1296. County Law.

1297. Town Law.

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General Laws Proposed by the Commission Consisting Mainly of Matters of Practice, Intended to Complete the Original Plan of Revision as Amended by the then Commissioners.

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The Drainage Law. (Prepared after session of 1900.)


Bills Presented for the Purpose of Revising the Code of Civil

Assembly No.



Procedure and the Penal Code.


The Surrogate's Code.

The Justice's Code.

952. The Code of Civil Procedure.

2001. The Penal Code.


The Code of Criminal Procedure.


Table Showing General Laws Enacted from 1889 to 1899, and Number of Sections of Such Laws Amended from 1890 to 1902, Inclusive.

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Subsequent to the preparation of this table, sections of these laws were amended as follows:

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Making a total of 3,161 amendments to the general laws since their enactment up to the close of the last session of the Legislature, as stated in one of the recent editions of the General Statutes.

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Illustrations of the Condition of the Revised Statutes with Reference to Portions Now Remaining in Force or Repealed.

The Revised Statutes, part 2, chapter 6, title 1, treats "Of wills of real property and proof of them." The three articles under this title contained originally seventy-one sections. Their present condition appears to be that sections 1-5 are in force; sections 6-20 are repealed; sections 21-22 in force; sections 23-37 were repealed in 1837; sections 28-39 repealed in 1880; sections 40-53 in force; sections 54-62 repealed; sections 63-68 added in 1830, repealed in 1880; sections 69-71 in force.

Title 3, part 2, chapter 7, of the Revised Statutes contains sections 67-70, apparently still in force relating to wills. Part 2, chapter 6, title 4, of the Revised Statutes, relating to executors, seems to have been composed of seventy-five sections. As it now stands, sections 1-54 seem to be repealed; section 55 in force; sections 56-57 repealed; section 58 in force; sections 69-75 repealed, leaving two sections of the Statutes now in effect, while the repeals have been made at three different periods.

The next title of the same subject has the first six sections in force; sections 7-22 repealed; section 23 in force, and section 24 repealed.

The situation as to part 3, chapter 8, article 1, relating to suits by and against administrators, is very similar. Sections 1-2 appear to be in effect; sections 3-10 repealed; section II in force; sections 12-16 repealed, and sections 17-18 in force.

It should be stated that as to this schedule it is not intended to be an absolutely accurate statement, since a

careful and painstaking examination might very well reveal that some of the statutes stated to be in effect have been repealed, and that some stated as repealed are still in effect. It is given merely as an illustration of the difficulty of determining that question.

The memoranda is made up from the most accessible data and is taken from the editions of the statutes now in general use. The fact that it can only be verified by very much painstaking labor and research seems to be the best indication of the necessity for a thorough and careful revision by competent authority.



To provide for the consolidation of the statutes of the State of New York.

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. The Governor is hereby authorized to appoint five persons learned in the law who shall constitute a Board of Statutory Consolidation, whose duty it shall be to direct and control the revision, simplification, arrangement and consolidation of all the statutes of the State, general and permanent in their nature, which shall be in force on the first day of January, 1905.

In performing this duty such Board shall cause to be brought together all statutes and parts of statutes which, from their similarity of subject, ought to be brought together, omitting redundant or obsolete enactments, and making such alterations as may be necessary to reconcile the contradictions, supply the omissions and amend the imperfections of the original text. The statutes shall not

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