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Journal of the Proceedings of a Convention of Literary and
Scientific Gentlemen, held in the Common Council Chamber of
the City of New-York. October, 1830.

Catechism of Education, Part 1st, &c. By William Lyon
Mackenzie. Member of the Parliament of Upper Canada.

Address of the State Convention of Teachers and Friends of
Education, held at Utica. January 12th, 13th, and 14th, 1831.
With an Abstract of the Proceedings of said Convention.

Oration on the advantages to be derived from the Introduction
of the Bible and of Sacred Literature as essential parts of all
Education, in a literary point of view merely, from the Primary
Schools to the University : delivered before the Connecticut
Alpha of the $BK Society. On Tuesday, September 7th, 1830.
By Thomas Smith Grimke, of Charleston, s. c.

Lecture on Scientific Education, delivered Saturday, Decem-
ber 18th, 1830, before the Members of the Franklin Institute.

By James R. Leib, A. M.

The Life and Times of His Late Majesty, George the Fourth:
with Anecdotes of distinguished Persons of the last fifty years.

By the Rev. George Croley, A. M. III. HIEROGLYPHIC SYSTEM,

339 Essays on the Hieroglyphic System of M. Champollion, Jr. and the advantages which it offers to sacred criticism. By J. G. H. Greppo, Vicar-General of Belley. Translated from the

French by Isaac Stuart, with notes and illustrations. IV. IRON,

352 Memorial of the workers in iron of Philadelphia, praying that the present duty on imported iron may be repealed, &c.

Report of the Select Committee (of the Senate of the United States,) to whom was referred "the petition of upwards of three hundred mechanics, Citizens of the City and County of Philadelphia, employed in the various branches of the manufacture of iron,” and also, the petition of the “Journeymen blacksmiths of the City and County of Philadelphia, employed in manufacturing anchors and chain cables."

Report of the minority of the Select Committee on certain memorials to reduce the duty on imported iron.

Remarks of the majority of the Select Committee on the blacksmiths' petition in reply to the arguments of the minority:

Manuel de la Metallurgie de fer par C. I. B. Karsten, traduit
de l'Allemand, par F. I. Culman, seconde edition, entierement
refondue, &c.

Voyage Metallurgique en Angleterre, par MM. Dufrenoy et
Elie de Beaumont.

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W Physical Geography

Pricis de la Geverophie Unirrício ou Deseription
de toutes les partie du Phende, dur un plan uran

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Notices Nialiik to Vitaceo. Buen, 5. Sheremia, liririchiyo!...6)
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