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iv 101919011 hP R E F A Cr Er zidT fure #11 It was always considered by him self as his Master-piece; and Mr. Pope when he asked his Opinion of it, i told him, that he read it once over, and was not difpleased with it ; that it gave him more Pleasure at the second Perusal, and delighted him ftill more at the third. itbulli og yngb

It is as brod indt It has indeed been generally objected to the Wanderer, that the Disposition of the Parts is irregular, that the Design is obi leure, and the Plan is perplexed; that the Images, however beautiful, fucceed each other without Order ; and that the whole Performance is not fo much a regular FaBric, as a Heap of fhining Materials thrown

together by Accident, which strikes racher Twith the folemn Magnificence of a stupeqdous Ruin, than the elegano Grandeur of a finifhed Pile.

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This Criticilmis Universal, and therefore itis teafonable to believe it at least;in a great degree cjuft zl but the Wanderer/was never denied to abound with Atrong Reprefentat tions of Natures and just Observations upon Lifeng landl it may easily be observed, that mostrof his Pictures have an evident Tendency to illustrate his first great Position, That God is the Consequence of Evil. The Sunsthat burns up the Mountains, fructifies the Vales, the Deluge that rushes down the broken Rocks with dreadful Impetuoficy, is feparaded into purling Brooks; and the Rage of the Hurricane purifies the Air. glory gry long has DO TRAJIN -$7This myft at least be acknowledged, swhich ought to be thought eqivalent to many zother Excellencies, that the Wanderer can -peqmote no other Purposes, than those of Vintuesnang that it is written with a very strong Sense of the Efficacy of Religione e

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But my Province is rather to give the Hifot tory of Mr. Savage's Pieces before usb than? tô display their Beauties, or to obviate the Criticisms which they have occafioned ; tandi therefore I shall not dwell upon the particus) lär Passages which deserve Applause a I fhath neither thew the Excellence of his Descrips tions, nor expatiate on the terribic Portrait of Suicide introduced in the second Canto, nor point out the artful Touches by which he has distinguished the intellectual Features of the Rebels, who suffer Death in his last Canto. It is, however, proper to observe, that Mr. Savage, always declared the Characters wholly Fictitious, and without the seaft Allufion to any real Persons or Actions!

canini ?? Histort The next Piece Mr. Savage published was The Triumph of Health and Mirth, on the Recovery of Lady Igrionnel, from a dan guilhing Illness. This Performance is opez markable, "Hot only for the Gaiety of the


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Ideas, and the Melody of the Numbers but fori Itherlagvegable Fiction upon which fomedau Mirth overwhelmed with Sorrowe: for the Sickness of her Favourite, take a Flight in queft of her Sister Health, whom The finde reclined upon the Brow of a lofty, Mountain) amidst the Fragrance of perpei tual Spring, with the Breezes of the Mornei ing sporting about hero Being follicited by her Sister Mirth, she readily promises her Allistance, flies away in a Cloud, and im pregnates the Waters of Bath with new Virh cues, by which the Sickness of Belinda iş re, lieved.'o u

2017 xarici O1462 91: po The next Performance is the Bastard, a Poem remarkable for the vivacicus Sallies of Thought in the Beginning, where he makes à pompous Enumeration of the imaginary Advantages of base Birth, and the pathetic Sentiments at the end, where he recounts the real Calamities which he fered by the Crime of his Parents,

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ki The Vigourland Spirit of the Verses, the peculiar Circumstances of the Author the Novelty of the Subject, and the Nororiedy of the Story, to whichwche Alofions are made, procured this Piece a very favourable Reception; great Numbers were immediately dispersed, and Editions were multiplied with unusual Rapidity.

The Sale of this Poem was always mentioned by Mr. Savage with the utmost Elevation, of Heart, and refered to by him as an incontestable Proof of a general Acknowledgment of his Abilities,

Many other Particulars might be enumerated concerning the Writings of Mr. Savage, but to recount them all, would extend this Preface to an uncommon Length. I must therefore, once more, refer the curious Reader to Mr. Johnson's excellent Account of his Life, where his Curiosity will


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