Public Documents of Massachusetts, Том 1

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1897

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Страница 39 - a contract of Insurance Is an agreement by which one party, for a consideration, promises to pay money or its equivalent, or to do some act of value to the assured upon the destruction or Injury of something in which the other party has an Interest.
Страница 23 - ... has reformed, they may issue to him a permit to be at liberty during the remainder of his term of sentence, upon such terms and conditions as they deem best, and they may revoke said permit at any time previous to its expiration.
Страница 577 - ... of the acts of the year eighteen hundred and ninety, is hereby amended by striking out the whole of said section and inserting in place thereof the following: Section 17.
Страница 92 - State as to the manner in which they are operated, with reference to the security and accommodation of the public...
Страница 6 - B That in his opinion the ends of public justice require that the alleged criminal be brought to this State for trial, at the public expense. ^ .C That he believes he has sufficient evidence to secure the conviction of the fugitive. D That the person named as agent is a proper person, and that he has no private interest in the arrest of the fugitive.
Страница 6 - That the person named as agent is a proper person, and that he has no private interest in the arrest of the fugitive (e) If there has been any former application for a requisition for the same person, growing out of the same transaction, it must be so stated, with an explanation of the reasons for a second request, together with the date of such application, as near as may be.
Страница 40 - State which shall have been created or the emoluments of which may have been increased during such term ; no member of either House shall, during the term for which he is elected, be eligible to any office or place, the appointment to which may be made, in whole or in part, by either branch of the Legislature...
Страница 578 - ... town of the amount of such assessment, which amount shall be paid by the city or town into the treasury of the Commonwealth at the time required for the payment and as a part of its state tax.
Страница 579 - Company bonds were fiftyyear bonds, drawing interest at the rate of 3 per cent, for the first five years, 3¿ per cent, for the second five years and 4 per cent, for 40 years.
Страница 21 - The Governor, with the advice and consent of the Council, may, from time to time, as occasion requires, summon the General Assembly together, and may, of his own authority, adjourn, prorogue, and dissolve it.

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