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May it please thee to defend and provide for the fatherless children and widos of those who sacrificed their precious lives on their country's altar, and so repurchaed through blood and death, what our fathers thus purchased at first.

May we cherish the memory of the departed, honor their surviving comrades, and not leave it to speechless marble to tell of those sacrifices on which our blessings are founded.

May we, as they, sacrifice self for the peace, unity and concord of the Brotherhood of the States of America-even that America which was carved and fashioned by thy hand for a mighty work in the earth. Accept, O God of our fathers, this offering of thy servants, and bring us to that heavenly country, to which we are traveling, where wars never come, and the din of the strife is never heard, and tears never fall, and sorrows never oppress. May the blessing of Heaven rest upon all May every moral and social virtue prevail. May the peace of God the Father, be amongst us and abide with us for ever. Amen.

The Grand Master then addressed his officers as follows:

Grand Master-Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master, what is the proper jewel of your office ?

Deputy Grand Master-The square.
G. M.-- What are its moral and Masonic uses ?
D. G, M.-To square our actions and prove our work.

G. M.-Have you applied the implement your office to the work, and did you observe if it was designed in Wisdom!

D. G. M.- Most Worshipful, I found the foundation square, and great wisdom in the design.

G. M.--Brother Deputy, it is well.

G. M.-Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden, what is the jewel of poer office ?

S. G. W.--The level.
G. M.-What is its Masonic ose:
S. G. W.-Morally it reminds us of equality. Its use is to lay horizontals.

G. M-Have you applied the implement of your office to the work? If so, make report to us whether the monument is level, and if in all its parts it has the elements of strength

S. G. W.-I found the work level, and there is strength in ench part to support each other part.

G. M.--Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warlen, what is the proper jewel of

your office ?

J. G. W.-The plumb.
G. M.--What is its Masonic use?
J. G. W-Morally it teaches rectitude, and we use it to prove perpendiculars.

G. M.-Have you applied the implement of your office to the work? Is it plumb and has it such proportions, and is it fitted together with such exact nicety aš to fill all beholders with admiration of its beauty?

J. G. W.--Most Worshipful, I found it plumb. The work is perfect and of great beauty.

G. M.—(To the President of the Association.) The structure has been tested by the proper inplements of Masonry. My officers report that the architects and crafts

men have done their work skillfully and faithfully, and that the monument has been designed in wisdom, constructed with strength and is alorned with beauty.


Great Jehovah, Lord of Heaven and Earth, we invoke thy blessing on all the people here assembled. We ask thee to inspire them with wisdom from on high. May this monument to the soldiers and sailors of this commonwealth who gave their services or their lives to their country be an enduring memorial of the brave men in whose honor it has been erected, and may it stand to remind many generations of their patriotic services. Make us ever mindful of the duty we owe to our country. May we never forget our obligations to the widows and orphans of those who perished in the fearful struggle. In thy name, Great Architect of the Universe, has this work been commenced, prosecute i and completed. In thy name we accept the work.


In the name of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan, I do solemuly dedicate this monument to the memory of the gallant living and the honored dead--the soldiers and sailors of Michigan. Amen.

Grand honors.


We give the following minutes from the Note Book of our M.:. W:. Grand Master Chamberlain. We regret that he has not the time to fill out the record with a recital of such incidents as would be interesting, together with such practical suggestions as our clear headed Grand Master is capable of giving. Gladly would we have accepted the cordial invitation to accompany Bro. Chamberlain had our other engagements permitted. Then we could have added many facts of which we are now ignorant. But the bare statement of the work done by our indefata gable Grand Master will be read with interest and profit by our brethren throughout the jurisdiction.

Feb. 19th, visited Summit Lodge No. 172.- Buchanan. Only Buchanan Lodge No. 68 represented. Records of the Lodge good. The attendance in the evening was large, and work on 1st Degree well done by W. M.. Hamilton.

Feb. 20th. Met at the Hall of St. Joseph Valley Lodge No. 4.-Niles. Present; W:: M:. and Secretaries from the following Lodges : - Niles, No. 97; Dawagiac, No. 10; Peninsular, No. 214; St. Peters, No. 106, and Pokagon, No. 136. On inspection found some of the records good, others fair and others very poor. Ilad a very pleasant meeting in the evening, with a fair attendance. No work.

Feb. 21st. Met at the Hall of Three Rivers Lodge, No. 57. W. Masters and Secretaries of the following Lodges : Mt. Herman, No. 24; Siloam, No. 35; Park, No. 206; Volinia, No. 227; Schoolcraft, No.118; Vandalia, No. 290; Marcellus. No. 291, and Colon, No. 73. On inspection nearly every record was found good, though some of these Lodges were young ones, and from the rural districts, which speaks well for the Masters and Secretaries. In the evening the large Hall was filled, and work done on E. A. Degree in an excellent man ner, by W:: M.:: Green. Feb. 22nd. At Kalamazoo.

At Kalamazoo. W:. Masters and Secretaries of the following Lodges present:--Kalamazoo, No. 22; Climax, No. 59; United, No. 149; Richland, No. 217; Prairie, No. 92; Anchor of S. O. No. 87, and Augusta, No. 275. Records all fair to good. The attendance in the evening was large, and work on the 3d by W:. M:. Blood, well done.

Feb. 23rd. At Plainwell Lodge, No. 235. W:. Master and Secretaries of the following Lodges in attendance :-Wayland, No. 224; Allegan, No. 111; Otsego, No. 78, and Brady, No. 296. Evening attendance good as to numbers. W:. M:. of 235 not present. Work on the E. A. Degree by a P:.M.:. only fair. Records fair to good, and Allegan, No. 111, very perfect in æll respects and a great credit to the Secretary and W:. M.:. of that Lodge.

March 4th. At the Hall of Occidental Lodge, No. 56, at St. Joseph. Inspected Records of the following Lodges :No. 56; Coloma, No. 162; Salathiel, No. 233; Pomona, No. 281, and Lake Shore, 298. Records in fair condition. The evening attendance was not large. Work on the 2d and 3d, by W.:. M.:. Potter, well done.

March, 5th. At Bangor. Met at the llall of Coflinberry Lodge, No. 204. Met the officers of the following Lodges, viz:

Bailey, No. 280; Star of the Lake, No. 158; Rising Sun, No. 119; Dutcher, No. 193; and Bloomingdale, No. 221. Records in good shape. Work on the 1st, by W:: M:. Miller. The attendance good.

March 6th. At Grand Haven, No. 139. Examined the Records of Muskegon, No. 140; Lovell Moore, No. 182; Unity, No. 122, and Spring Lake, No. 234, and found them generally good. Those of Muskegen and Lovell Moore, were worthy of special mention. The Hall and Records of Grand Haven Lodge were recently burned. Work done in Hall of Spring Lake Lodge, by W. M. Mitchel of 139, on the 3d, and well done.

Friday, March 8th. At Grand Rapids, No. 34. Met Masters and Secretaries from the following Lodges : No. 34; Valley City, No. 86; Lowell, No. 90; Grattan, 196; Big Rapids, No. 171; Croton, No. 177; Cedar Springs, No. 213; Rockford, No. 216; Humbolt, No. 276, and Ada, No. 280. Records found generally good, though many can be much improved. Humbolt, No. 276, (German), takes a collection at every Regular Communication for charitable purposes.

A box is set on the altar, and every brother contributes according to his ability. This is truly Masonic. They do not take the unmasonic method of levying assessments for charitable purposes. In the evening had a very large attendance. No work.

March 26. At Lansing. Present with Records : Lansing, No. 33; Eaton Rapids, No. 63; Capital of S. O. No. 66; Mason, No. 70; St. Johns, 105; Williamston, No. 153; Dansville, No. 160; Grand Ledge, No. 179; Covenant, No. 261, and De Witt, No. 272. Found Records generally good, but some very poor. The attendance in the evening was only fair, other engagements calling away many brethren. The lateness of the hour prevented work.

March 27. At Jackson. Present in the afternoon for examination of Records, the Masters and Secretaries of Jackson, No. 17; Humanity, No. 29; Concord, No. 30; Michigan, No. 50; Excelsior, No. 116; Charlotte, No. 120; Brooklyn, No. 169; Parma, No. 183; Winfield, No. 197; Liberty, No. 209;




Leslie, No. 212; Hanover, No. 293. Records generally good, and those of Charlotte second only to those of Allegan, No. 111. In the evening work on the 3d by W:. M.:. Tomlinson. being well done. Attendance not large.

March 28. At Battle Creek. In the afternoon had the Masters and Secretaries of the following Lodges present for the examination of Records, &c. Battle Creek, No. 12; Murat, No. 14; St. Albans, No. 20; Bellevue, No. 83; Brady, No. 208; Athens, No. 220; Okemos, No. 252; Waukeshma, No. 251; Olivet, No. 267, and Marshall, No. 294. Records fair to

ood. Work in the evening by W. M.:. Buck, on the 3d, as good as I have seen. The hall crowded.


It was the happy privilege of the writer to spend a day or two at the above mentioned place, and one evening with the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, and witness the work of exaltation. The Masonic bodies in this city have just removed to a large and elegant building specially elected for this purpose, and which is the most commodious and beautiful we ever visited in the Northwest. The Companions we met gave the most abundant evidence of their fitness for the honors conferred upon them, and of their devotion to the Masonic Institution. The work of conferring the degree was as well done as any we have ever witnessed, and that being completed was succeeded by an elegant repast for the physical man, concluded by such a feast of reason and flow of soul as is seldom one's privilege to enjoy. We would like to mention the names of some of the leading Companions and Sir Knights whom we met, but it would involve a catalogue of all, for each seemed the first among his equals, and we forbear. May every good thing be given to each Companion

. and Brother to enjoy.


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