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An Appendix, containing References to Cases in Pari Materia, an Essay on Lapse,

Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common,

&c. &c. &c.


800. 478 pages.

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Judge LOMAX, in the second edition of his Digest, (vol. 1, p. 613, note *,) says:

“Şee, in the Appendix to Minor's edition of Wythe's Reports, a most learned and

elaborate consideration of the origin, and nature, and principles of the doctrine of

survivorship in joint-tenancy, and the extent to which, unrepealed by the Virginia

statutes, it remains still applicable in practice, by Wm. Green, Esq. of the Virginia,

Bar.” Other notices of the same Appendix occur ibid. 432, note 6;—527, note *;-

536, text and note.

“ This Appendix, from the pen of Wm. Green, Esq. of Culpeper, contains, among

other useful essays, a learned, elaborate, and thorough discussion of the subject of
foreclosure of mortgages in Virginia.”—SandsŞuit in Equity, 493.

Chief-Justice TAYLOR, in Orr's heirs v. Irwin's heirs and devisees, 2 Carolina
Law Repository 465, delivering the opinion of the Court, says:

"To these [English] cases may be added a decision made by the late Chancellor
Wythe, in Virginia, which may be.cited as equal in point of authority, if not su-
- perior, to any of the British decisions, from the luminous and conclusive reasoning

on which that upright and truly estimable Judge founds it-clarum et venerabile
nomen.” He then makes an extract of several pages consecutively, from the report
of Farley v. Skipper, in Wythe, (1st edition,) 135, (2d edition,) 254; and concludes
his opinion in these words: “We have transcribed thus largely from the work of
the Chancellor, because it is not in every library, and the discussion of the ques-
tion, which is new in this court, being the most able and copious we have any-
where met with, cannot fail to be instructive to the student, and acceptable to the
practitioner, who will both be disposed to allow that the excellence of the matter
attones for the length of the extract.”

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