Sketch of the Life and Some of the Principal Speeches of Henry Clay

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H.M. Rulison, 1853 - 105 страница

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Страница 51 - It is in vain to assert the inviolability of the obligation of allegiance. It is in vain to set up the plea of necessity, and to allege that she cannot exist, without the impressment of HER seamen. The naked truth is, she comes, by her...
Страница 60 - Within this vast region we behold the most sublime and interesting objects of creation ; the loftiest mountains, the most majestic rivers in the world ; the richest mines of the precious metals, and the choicest productions of the earth. We behold there a spectacle still more interesting and sublime— the glorious spectacle of eighteen millions of people, struggling to burst their chains and be free.
Страница 62 - Born, sir, in a land of liberty; having early learned its value; having engaged in a perilous conflict to defend it; having, in a word, devoted the best years of my life to secure its permanent establishment in my own country, my anxious recollections, my sympathetic feelings, and my best wishes are irresistibly excited whensoever in any country I see an oppressed nation unfurl the banners of freedom.
Страница 54 - What does a state of war present? The united energies of one people, arrayed against the combined energies of another — a conflict in which each party aims to inflict all the injury it can, by sea and land, upon the territories, property and citizens of the other, subject only to the rules of mitigated war, practised by civilized nations.
Страница 103 - Resolved, That California, with suitable boundaries, ought, upon her application to be admitted as one of the States of this Union, without the imposition by Congress of any restriction in respect to the exclusion or introduction of slavery within those boundaries.
Страница 65 - They will, no doubt, adopt those kinds of government which are best suited to their condition, best calculated for their happiness. Anxious as I am that they should be free governments, we have no right to prescribe for them. They are, and ought to be, the sole judges for themselves. I am strongly inclined to believe that they will in most, if not all parts of their country, establish free governments. We are their great example.
Страница 59 - ... the present time. Impoverished and exhausted at home, by the wars which have desolated the peninsula; with a foreign war, calling for infinitely more resources, in men and money, than she can possibly command, this is the auspicious period for insisting upon justice at her hands, in a firm and decided tone.
Страница 46 - I cannot say as much for some, who have been unworthily associated with them in the quarter of the union to which I have referred. The gentleman cannot have forgotten his own sentiment, uttered even on the floor of this House, " peaceably if we can, forcibly if we must ;" nearly at the very time Henry's mission to Boston was undertaken.
Страница 43 - During all this time, the parasites of opposition do not fail by cunning sarcasm or sly innuendo to throw out the idea of French influence, which is known to be false, which ought to be met in one manner only, and that is by the lie direct. The administration of this country devoted to foreign influence ! The administration of this country subservient to France ! Great God ! what a charge ! how is it so influenced ? By what ligament, on what basis, on what possible foundation does it rest ? Is it...
Страница 49 - I have no hesitation, sir, in saying, that Great Britain, as the case has hitherto stood, never did, and never could, engage, without the greatest injustice to herself and her allies, as well as to other neutral nations, to repeal her orders as affecting America alone, leaving them in force against other states, upon condition that France would...

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