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tuberculous cattle, compensation for killing, agricultural law amended,
§ 107, subd. 4..

Cayuga and Seneca canal: See Canals.

Cayuga county: See also County headings.

Chap. Page.

756 1852

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...

80 136

Cayuga Indians: See also Indians.

appropriation for annuities..




care and transfer of town burial grounds, town law, § 332 amended,
§ 332a added....

Johnson City village, Main street property, conveyance by Union town,
removal and reinterment of bodies...

[blocks in formation]

New York City, Eliot Avenue, extension through Lutheran and Mount
Olivet cemeteries

704 1756

[blocks in formation]

Central New York Institution for the Improved Instruction of Deaf-Mutes,
Rome: See also State charitable institutions, general.

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Certificates of indebtedness: See Debts of municipalities, local; Debts of

Certiorari, writs of: See also Appeals; Code headings.

[blocks in formation]

costs, when paid by tax district, tax law amended, § 294..

649 1649

proceedings upon return of writ, tax law amended, § 293.

643 1644

refusal to issue or transfer liquor tax certificate, liquor tax law
amended, § 27...

911 2309

Champlain canal: See Canals.

Charities, public: See New York city.

Charities, state board of: See State board of charities.

Charters of cities and villages, new, revised or amended: See also Cities,
general laws affecting; Names of particular cities and villages;
New York city: Villages, general laws affecting.

Alden village, officers, building permits, licenses, water rents..
street lighting contracts, annual cost...

Auburn, revision and consolidation of charter.

Batavia, police force, compensation...

Beacon, powers and compensation of city officers, actions for negligence
Buffalo, fire department; discipline, hearing before council member....
firemen's pension fund, contributions..

police department, certain expenses to be a charge against city..
trial of officer before council member..

power of city to condemn property, procedure.

[blocks in formation]

Charters of cities and villages, new, revised or amended - Continued:
river improvement bonds, amount of issue increased.

special patrolmen, compensation...

submission by council of certain questions to electors.

taxes, time and rate of annual payments..

tax sales, publication and expense of notices.
redemption after twenty-five years.....

Canandaigua, city judge, qualifications, compensation of officers.
Carthage village, collector, office abolished, clerk to perform duties..
Corning, compensation and security of officers, bonded indebtedness.
Cortland, city officers, salaries increased..

street lighting contracts, terms...

Fredonia village, president and trustees, salaries increased.

Glens Falls, pension fund for firemen and policemen, establishment and

Queensbury town records, filing in city clerk's office.
special elections, hours of holding....

Gloversville, city officers, expense of public improvements.

Green Island village, annual elections, appointment and compensa-
tion of election officers..

Hudson, disposition of trust funds, increase of expenses and Lond

issue, salary of cemetery superintendent..

police officers, salaries increased, manner of payment.
llion village, aid to Ilion hospital, maximum amount..

Ithaca, compensation of officers, taxes and expenses, paving costs.
Jamestown, board of electric light commissioners, L. 1907, ch. 387,

§§ 220-224 repealed...

mayor, salary increased

Kingston, city comptroller and commissioner of contract and supply..
Lockport, city court, powers and jurisdiction, provisions generally

local improvement bonds, disposition...

petition for local improvements, majority vote of common council.
Little Falls, annual tax levy, maximum increased...
Lyons village, officers, elections, band concerts, tax assessments.
Mechanicville, commissioner of accounts, salary, bond issues, refer-
endum, water rents, expenditures...

Mount Vernon, aldermen, compensation.

assessors, compensation

current expense funds and budget, increase authorized.
receiver of taxes, compensation....

Newburgh, assessment roll, completion, delivery.

Niagara Falls, advisory board of zoning commissioners, establishment,
powers, duties

police court, jurisdiction, qualifications of police justice...
North Tonawanda, merger with city of Tonawanda, charter, government
Norwich, charter generally amended..

Ogdensburg, acting recorder, qualification, compensation.
water regulations, violations by owner or occupant.

Olean, aldermen, compensation increased...

city officers, compensation, qualifications, water rentals.
pay rolls of regular employees, audit..

Oneida street railways, paving expenses, collection by city..

Oneonta, salaries, mayor, time of payment to police and fire depart-

Ossining village, compensation of officers, tax levy for general expenses.
charter generally amended...

Oswego, commissioner of works, salary increased.
water superintendent, salary increased...

Owego village, erroneous assessments, sale of realty for taxes, water

[blocks in formation]

Charters of cities and villages, new, revised or amended - Continued: Chap. Page.
Peekskill village, awards for street widening damages, bond issue

and tax for annual payments...

borrowing funds in anticipation of taxes, limitation.
Plattsburgh, street and sidewalk improvement, assessment of cost,
manner of payment, bonds...

Poughkeepsie, city officers, compensation, temporary loans, warrants
for improvements

Rensselaer, city officers, powers, duties and compensation, public con-

Rochester, appeals from city court..

current expense bonds, term, effect....

real property, sale, lease, condemnation proceedings.
Schenectady, commissioners of deeds, number increased.

water rents, assessment rolls, filing and copying.
Sherrill, creation of Sherrill-Kenwood water district.
Syracuse, boundaries of city and fifth ward..........
Tonawanda, frontage tax for water mains, levy and collection..
includes former territory of North Tonawanda, charter, govern-
ment. . .

salaries of officers, bond issues, appointment of assessor and clerk.
Utica, delinquent tax clerk, salary increased..
Watertown, assessors, city council, time of performing city functions..
city auditor, office established, duties of city council.
city council, school funds..

duties of city assessors...

finances, payments into general city fund.
nonpartisan primaries and elections.

White Plains, taxes and tax liens.

[blocks in formation]

Chautauqua county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair......

[blocks in formation]

Chemung county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair......

[blocks in formation]

Chenango county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...... 80


Child welfare: See also Education law amended.

allowances by boards, how made, general municipal law amended, § 153,
subd. 2

[blocks in formation]


amusement places, admission of children under 16, with adult person,
penal law amended, § 484, subd. 1....

children's and domestic relations court, establishment, jurisdiction, con-
stitutional amendment, referred to next legislature.

849 2169

child welfare boards, removal of delinquent members, number, allow-
ances, appropriations, general municipal law amended, §§ 149, 150,
153, 154.

child welfare investigation commission, creation, appropriation...
deaf and dumb, in institutions, allowance for clothing, education law
amended, § 975, subd. 1......

700 1744
699 1743

110 183

maximum cost of maintenance, education law amended, § 979..
employed in mercantile establishments, physical examinations, labor
law amended, § 76a.....

108 181

601 1538

issuance of summons to person liable for support, code of criminal pro-
cedure amended, § 921.

473 1238

Children - Continued:

matrimonial actions, custody and maintenance, who may make appli-
cation, code of civil procedure amended, § 1771...

Mission of the Immaculate Virgin for protection of homeless children,
annulment of taxes and assessments by New York city...
person designated to receive summons for, compensation, code of civil
procedure amended, § 426, subd. 1..

Church Extension Society of Buffalo:

[blocks in formation]

incorporation, purposes, powers.

46 86

Church of Our Lady of Peace:

cancellation of taxes and assessments by New York city...

[blocks in formation]

Churches: See Religious headings; Names of various denominations.

Citations: See also Summons.

granting of ancillary letters, service on persons within state, code of
civil procedure amended, §§ 2632, 2633.

Cities, general laws affecting: See also City headings following; General
city law amended; Names of particular cities; Table of optional city
charters adopted, preceding index, p. 5.
actions for rent in certain cities, oppressive agreement a good defense.
bill of particulars, duties of plaintiff and defendant, application of
act, L. 1920, ch. 136, generally amended..

board of examiners in certain cities, number, education law amended,
$ 871

[blocks in formation]

bureau of compulsory education, school census and child welfare,
establishment in certain cities, education law, § 871a added....
cities second class:

[blocks in formation]

contracts let to lowest bidder, minimum amount, second class cities
law amended, § 120....

[blocks in formation]

salaries of officers increased, special revenue bonds, second class
law amended, § 16..

[blocks in formation]

counties and cities, maximum tax exclusive of school funds, constitu-
tional amendment, refered to next legislature...

[blocks in formation]

department of markets for a county, or county and city, farms and
markets law, § 89 added...

[blocks in formation]

emergency occupation permits in certain cities, tenement house law
amended, § 120..

766 1871

employees of boards of education in certain cities, pensions, education
law amended, § 872a.....

[blocks in formation]

lands for school purposes, condemnation, education law, § 464, subd. 5

[blocks in formation]

polling places, in public buildings, number, election law amended,
$ 299, subd. 7..

[blocks in formation]

location, election law amended, § 299, subd. 1.
recreation commissions, members, acceptance of donations, general
municipal law, § 243 amended, § 244a added....
school-houses, use for polling places, education law amended, § 455..
special city bills sent to mayors for approval, transmission to governor,
constitutional amendment, referred to next legislature.....
squirrels, black, gray and fox, permits to take, conservation law
amended, § 195, subd. 1.....

summary proceedings in certain cities, temporary stays, conditions..
tuberculosis patients, state aid, appropriation.

uniform fares on railroads operated in certain cities, railroad law,
§ 57a added. . . . . .

voters, transfers of registration, election law amended, §§ 151, 160..

[blocks in formation]

Cities, local laws affecting: See Cities, general law affecting: City courts;
Second class cities law amended; Table IV preceding index, p. 5.

Names of following cities:

[blocks in formation]

marriage records, filing in New York city, exception, domestic rela-
tions law amended, § 19...

New York city, designation and powers of assistant to act in absence
of city clerk....

Chap. Page.

213 716

733 1794

City courts: See also Courts of special sessions; Justices of the peace.
Beacon, limitation of actions against city..
Buffalo, records, preservation for twenty years..

[blocks in formation]

Lockport, powers and jurisdiction, provisions generally amended.
New York city, appointment of messenger to justices, code of civil
procedure amended, § 328....

jurisdiction, code of civil procedure amended, § 315, subds. 3, 4,
§ 316

justices, additional compensation for drawing jurors, judiciary
law amended, § 26..

payment of balance of salary due late justice Richard H. Smith
to widow

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Civilian employees: See State officers and employees.

Civil practice:

appropriation for joint legislative committee, expenses.

second appropriation

convention to consider and adopt rules of civil practice, members,
powers, appropriation

Civil practice act: For text and index, see volume IV.

Civil procedure: See Civil practice; Code of civil procedure amended.

Civil rights law amended: See also Table of amendments preceding index,
p. 6.

change of name, article 6, renumbered article 8, new article 6, §§ 60-64

miscellaneous rights and immunities, article 7, §§ 70-72 added.
privilege of officers and prisoner from arrest while passing through
another county, § 22..

state or municipal employees, right of appeal, § 15 added.

Civil service, state: See State officers and employees.

34 49
582 1503

902 2266

924 2402

924 2403

924 2401

805 2103

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