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The following statement as to Argentine railways is taken from a valuable “Treatise on the South American Railways” compiled by Juan José Castro, under the direction of the Ministry of Public Works of the Republic of Uruguay, and printed in 1893, for transmission to the Chicago World's Exhibition. In the preface, Señor Castro says:

With respect to Argentine railways, I have been able to avail myself of the latest and most complete information concerning them, thanks to the courtesy of the Public Works Department and the General Railway Board of that Republic.

In the chapter which treats especially of the railways of the Argentine Republic, he says:

In considering the railways of the Argentine Republic opened to traffic, in construction, or projected, there are noticeable in the whole network, four great systems that run out of Buenos Aires :

(1) The Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway, with a total length of 1,878 kilometers, the main line running to the port of Bahía Blanca, distance 717 kilometers, from whence at a future date it is intended to be continued across the Rio Negro, Chubut, and Santa Cruz territories.

(2) The Buenos Aires and Pacific Railway to Valparaiso, of 1,221 kilometers to the Argentine-Chilian frontier, this line forming a section of the Interoceanic line from the port of Recife (Pernambuco) to the port of Valparaiso.

(3) The Buenos Aires and Rosario Railway running to Tucumán, and from thence, in combination with the Central Northern Prolongation Railway, to Jujuy, distant 1,507 kilometers from the Capital.

The Central Northern Prolongation will be continued to the Bolivian frontier and will thus form a principal line in the combination proposed with the railways of that country.

(4) The Santa Fé, Reconquista and Formosa route, intended to communicate with Asunción (Paraguay), and of the total length of 1,216 kilometers to Formosa.

There are already constructed some 779 kilometers as far as Reconquista.

These four lines, by the districts which they traverse and the towns which they serve, form the great trunk lines of the Argentine railway system that connects with the Capital, and they belong :

(1) To the Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway Company (Limited).

(2) In three sections : (a) Buenos Aires to Villa Mercedes, to the Buenos Aires and Pacific

Railway Company (Limited). (6) Villa Mercedes to Mendoza, to the Argentine Great Western Rail

way Company (Limited). (c) Mendoza to the Chilian frontier, to the Transandine Railway Com

pany. (3) In two sections : (a) Buenos Aires to Tucumán, to the Buenos Aires and Rosario Rail

way Company (Limited). (6) Tucumán to Jujuy, to the Nation. (4) In three sections, of which the two constructed already belong : (a) From Buenos Aires to Santa Fé, to the Buenos Aires and Rosario

Railway Company (Limited). (6) Santa Fé to Reconquista, to the Provincial Government of Santa Fé. (c) Reconquista to Tucumán; to a separate company that will be formed

to construct this line.


The first railway established in the Argentine Republic was the Western of Buenos Aires, the first section of which, 10 kilometers in length, was opened to public traffic in 1857. The rate of railway development in the Argentine Republic annually has been as follows:

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Railways open to public service. ...
Railways, construction of which is being actively carried on.
Railways, construction of which partly stopped.....
Railways, construction of which is completely stopped.
Railways surveyed
Railways under survey
Railways to be surveyed

Kilometers. 12, 990. 200


500. 400 3, 698. 568 4, 088. 600

61.000 7, 793. 700


29, 660. 368

Capital represented by the railways of the Argentine Republic in the year 1892.*


4, 123, 608

East Argentine....
Buenos Aires and Rosario.
Buenos Aires and Pacífico.
Bahía Blanca and Northwestern
Buenos Aires and Ensenada
Central Argentine.
Central Córdoba ...
Central Córdoba (Central Northern section)
Central Entre Ríos....
Central Northern..
Central Chubut
Chumbicha to Catamarca
Dean Funes to Chilecito.
Great West Argentine
Great Southern of Santa Fé and Córdoba
Northwest Argentine (Tucumán to La Madrid).
Northwest Argentine (Villa Marcedes to Rioja)
Northeast Argentine ...
Western of Santa Fé
Western of Buenos Aires
First Entre-Ríos...
Provincial of Santa Fé.
San Cristóbal to Tucumán
Transandine .....
Villa María and Rufino

5,051, 573 41, 185, 753 16, 251, 818

4, 269, 587 10, 097, 243 49, 172, 613

4, 824, 932 20, 262, 446 13, 293, 613 13,623, 964

964, 878 2, 219, 220 II, 804, 490 18, 819, 760 4, 363, 434 5, 106, 720 I, 874, 377 30, 150, 521

3,859, 513 30, 322, 423

148, 435 17, 751, 157 70, 397, 529

7, 439, 666 4, 891, 661

5, 524, 199


397, 684, 593

The $397,684,593 which represent the total of the Argentine railways are distributed as follows:

Railways belonging to the Nation...
Railways guarantied by the Nation..
Railways belonging to Provinces
Railways of private property

31, 919, 719
80, 559, 519
18, 233, 597
266, 971, 758


397, 684, 593

* One hundred dollars (U. S. A.) are equal to $103. 64, Argentine gold.

43, 051, 062

The gross receipts of all the railways to January 1, 1892, amounted to $55,417,555, as follows:

National railways

972, 175
Provincial railways...

2, 964, 075
Railways guarantied by the Nation

8, 430, 243
Private railways..

55, 417, 555 The working expenses of all the lines to the same date amounted to $37,852,768, as follows:

National railways

1, 475, 974
Provincial railways..

2, 563, 940 Railways guarantied by the Nation.

8,658, 477 Private railways...

25, 154, 377


37, 852, 768 The profits and losses in the year 1891 amounted to $19,028,833, distributed as follows:

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According to the office of accountancy and control of the general direction of railways, the guarantied companies, in the year 1891, owed the Government for guaranties considered to be unduly paid the sum of $4,087,389, distributed among the companies as follows:

Buenos Aires and Pacific ....

1, 584, 672
Central Córdoba (Central Northern section)

I, 095, 503
Great West Argentine....

1, 318, 137
Transandine ....

15, 220
Northeast Argentine ..

34, 098
San Cristóbal to Tucumán
Northwest Argentine.

2, 813
Villa Maria and Rufino....

IO, 789
Bahía Blanca and Northwestern

24, 076

2, 081


4,087, 389

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