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April 19. "An act to incorporate the National Trust Company of the

city of New York. 19. “An act for the support and relief of the poor, and for the

government of the poor department in the county of Erie." 19. "An act to incorporate the Camp Meeting Association of the

Methodist Episcopal Church in the city of New York." 19. “An act to imend 'An act to provide for a Convention to

revise and amend the Constitution, passed March 29, 1867." 19. “An act constituting the town of Opperheim, in the county

of Fulton, one election district. 19. "An act to incorporate the 'Albany Club,' of the city of

Albany.', 19. "An act to incorporate the Germania Savings Bank, Kings

county.” 19. "An act to incorporate the Central Park Savings Bank in the

city of New York." 19. "An act to amend the charter of the Blind Mechanics' Asso

ciation." 20. "An act to amend the amended charter of the Adriatic Fire

Insurance Company of New York, so as to authorize a

reduction of its capital stock.” 20. "An act to amend an act entitled 'An act to establish an

Asylum for Inebriates in the city of New York, and pro

vide for the government thereof,' passed April 8, 1864." 20. “An act to extend the time for the collection of taxes in the

town of Portage, Livingston county." 20. "An act to incorporate the National Savings Institution of

the city of New York.20. "An act to amend an act entitled 'An act to incorporate the

Port Chester Savings Bank,' passed March 14, 1865." 20. "An act to incorporate Bankers' and Brokers' Association." 20. "An act enabling National Banking Associations to become

State Banking Associations and to amend the banking laws

of this State." 20. "An act to amend an act entitled 'An act in relation to the

Bank Department,' passed April 11, 1859." 20. "An act to revive and continue in force chapter six hundred

and sixteen of the laws enacted in 1857, entitled 'An act to

incorporate the Chenango Valley Savings Bank.” 20. "An act in relation to the Williamsburgh Savings Bank.” 20. “An act to amend the charter of the village of Dunkirk." 20. "An act to amend chapter thirty-seven of the laws of 1848,

entitled 'An act to authorize the formation of Gas Light Companies. »

R. E. FENTON. Mr. Humphrey offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a committee of two be appointed to wait upon the Assembly, and inform that body that the Senate is now ready to adjourn.

The President put the question whether the Senate would agree to said resolution, and it was decided in tbe affirmative.

The President appointed Messrs. Humphrey and Chambers, as such committee.

Mr. H. C. Murphy, from the committee appointed to wait upon His Excellency the Governor, and inform him that the Senate had completed their business and were now ready to adjourn, reported that they had performed that duty.

Messrs. Millspaugh and Bruce, committee from the Assembly, appeared and announced that the Assembly had completed their business and were ready to adjourn.

Mr. Humphrey, from the committee appointed to wait upon the Assembly, reported that they had performed that duty,

The President then arose and addressed the Senate as follows:

Senators—The hour having arrived, fixed upon by the joint action of the two Houses for the final adjournment of the Legislature, it becomes our pleasant, yet painful duty, to say good-bye; pleasant, because it means speedy return to your homes; painful, because it severs relations that may never again be joined. It is always sad to say good-bye-most sad when they who say it feel that they may never all meet in life again. Whatever of harshness or bitterness may have occurred in the past, is forgotten now, and as we stand here together, for the last time, as the Senate of the State, we are friends, knit together by the pleasant and lasting memories of personal associations, and as we part we can only remember and entertain, each for the other, the tenderest, the sweetestI had almost said the holiest-sentiments of regard and affection. Coming here almost the youngest member of the body, surrounded by men, some of whom have grown old in the public service, I can only say that I feel deeply the kindness that welcomed me, the generous forbearance and support that have always been accorded me, and the affectionate regard with which you have to-day expressed wishes for my future prosperity. I now declare the Senate adjourned sine die. Whereupon the Senate adjourned.


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Abeel, Jacob, bill for relief of.....

430, 1119
Academies, bill to amend act for incorporation of colleges and... 247

262, 316, 757, 771, 773, 788
Accidental Insurance Company. (See New York City.)
Accord Lodge No. 421, 1. 0. O. F., act to incorporate... 453, 658, 729

876, 970, 986
Acknowledgments of deeds, &c., by persons residing out of the
State, act to amend act..

... 542, 628, 673, 683, 715, 740
Acknowledgment and proof of deeds, mortgages, &c., bill in rela-
tion to...

Adams, Charles H., petition for canal damages.. .169, 240, 719
Adirondack to Saranac, act to amend act to construct highway

...578, 582, 646, 651, 666, 724, 1152
Adirondack's Company railroad, to facilitate construction branch
of, from Johnsburgh to Plattsburgh......

Adjournment of Legislature, concurrent resolutions for....35, 36, 212

214, 903, 948, 1035, 1126
Adjutant-General, to print report of.....

...147, 223, 1268
Administrators' assigns, bill in relation to compensation of 151, 156, 304
bill in relation to, before letters are granted ....

Adriatic Fire Insurance Company, to reduce capital of.. .72,

act to amend charter of....... 723, 725, 743, 744, 1041, 1056

1060, 1164
Advertisements, bill for suppression of obscene, 481, 620, 623, 631, 637
African Transportation Company. (See New York and.)
Agricultural Society, New York State, memorial of...

to print Transactions of....

...1031, 1068, 1071
memorial of, relative to Rinderpest, (see Rinderpest) 113
Agricultural statistics, act to amend act to provide for collection

.606, 677, 768, 773, 781
Albany Basin, act to amend act to improve........295, 366, 520, 548

561, 1149
Albany Burgesses Corps, áct for relief of.... 451, 612, 704, 1001, 1008
Albany Cemetery Association, bill for appointment of trustees of,
and Hallenbake burying ground ...

Albany, city of, act to amend act to establish free schools in.. 65,

81, 88, 1137

[ocr errors]

Albany, city of, act to amend act to combine into one act several

acts relating to..........209, 211, 272, 279, 285, 458, 1144
act in relation to salaries of justices of justices' court... 234

257, 276, 291, 317, 1140
act to promote public health in, by removal of remains

from old cemetery in......... 346, 365, 476, 481, 509, 1148
act to re-organize fire department of.. 421, 438, 541, 546, 551

563, 601, 1147
act to authorize mayor and common council of, to fix rates

of wharfage in port of...... ....727, 773, 904, 910, 938
Albany City Fire Insurance Company, act to change name of..92, 118

138, 139, 146, 1138
Albany, county of, act to authorize supervisors of, to borrow

84, 118, 136, 1138
act in relation to records of surrogates' courts of... 185, 258

276, 292, 317, 1140
act to authorize Union Turnpike Company of, to collect
half toll, &c.....

Albany Club, act to incorporate.

838, 964, 970, 985, 1160
Albany Guardian Society, act enlarging powers of, 401, 657, 703, 704

713, 1159
Albany Life Insurance and Annuity Company, act in relation to.. 301

318, 627
Albany Iron Manufacturing Company, act to incorporate.... 243, 265

386, 417, 436, 442, 832, 1157
Albany Mayor's court, act abolishing.... 401, 585, 620, 623, 638, 1151
Albany Young Men's Association, to amend act to incorporate ... 402
Albany Young Men's Christian Association, act to incorporate ... 864

899, 906, 934, 1139
Albany and Delaware Turnpike Company, act to amend act to

185, 193, 271, 282, 1140
Albany and Schenectady Turnpike Company, act to confirm action
of, in abandoning part of their road.....379, 394, 399, 418

422, 1135
act to authorize construction railroad on. . 493, 647, 722, 729

733, 861, 1159
Albany and Susquehanna railroad, petitions for state aid to..265, 298

303, 315, 387, 399
act to aid in construction of.....266, 379, 447, 488, 511, 1144
act to extend time for completion of, and to amend act

authorizing towns to subscribe for stock of.. 951, 995, 1009
Albion, village of, act to amend charter of.... 329, 484, 491, 578, 598

801, 834, 870, 1147, 1158
Alder Creek Union Church and Society, act to change name of ... 430

437, 521, 525, 560, 1147
Aldridge, Virginia, act to release interest of State to....805, 820, 835
Aliens, bill to enable resident, to hold and convey real estate, 453, 658
American Dividend and Transfer Company, act to incorporate.... 307

315, 496, 526, 530, 1050, 1127, 1198
American Equal Rights Association, petition in behalf of ........
American Institute, to print Transactions of......... 1031, 1068, 1071

petition of Farmers' Club of, for inspection of flour..170, 364
American Jockey Club, act to confer additional powers upon.165, 179

258, 397, 401, 408, 418, 860

844, 1057

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