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No. 2.-PARISIAN BALL DRE88. fringe and tassels. The pelerine cape is Slip of pink satin, under a pink crape || pointed in the Arcadian style, each point frock; the crape dress trimmed at the bor. finished by a pearl-coloured heraldic lozder with a puckering of crape, bouquets of enge, with a tassel depending. The storoses, ears of coro, and pearls. A full || macher and openings at the wrist are sushort sleeve trimmed to correspond; and a || perbly finished with numerous narrow roucorsage à-l'Antique, pointed in front with || leaux of pink satin, forming a kind of rows of pearls: the corsage made partially || braiding. Spring transports us, in fancy, high, and simply ornamented at the neck to Arcadia. With this spencer is worn with a parrow tucker of blond; the pat-the shepherdess bonnet, of an entire new tern à-la-Vandyck. Head-dress composed || form and fashion: it is of pearl.coloured of gauze, roses, and white narcissus':- || granite satin, turned up in front with points Necklace and earrings of large oblong of pink satin, to answer the trimmings on pearls. White satin shoes, white kid gloves, the spencer. and carved cedar fan.

Before we take our leave of this tasteful Magasin, we must crave the attention of

our fair readers to the peculiar elegance of GENERAL OBSERVATIONS the ball-dresses invented there—a speci

men of which may be seen in our present FASHIONS AND DRESS.

Number. Another light and beautiful dress It is now the season that is particularly is a frock of fine net, worn over white propitious to the votaries of Terpsichore, || gossamer satin : the net dress is ornamentthe weather, from the latter part of March ed at the border with gauze, quilled in to the end of April, being quite cool enough || pointed festoons, and finished with blue for dancing, but yet not so cold as to en. roses at each point (for whim and fancy, danger the health of the fair one, while || sometimes, will alter the appearance of the she adopts that light and airy covering so || treasures of Flora); even the foliage of appropriate to the agile frequenters of the these roses is blue. The body and sleeves ball-room. Conscious of the high patron. are trimmed to correspond with the skirt: age we enjoy, and this being the time of an elegant finish of blue satin runs across year when Almack's and other elegant || the bust in front, edged with blond, and meetings for dancing are held in this me- which has Spanish slashes of fine net. A tropolis, we have given in our Portraits of sash is worn with this dress of blue and Fashion a most tasteful and beautiful Eng- 1) white striped flock gauze; the head-dress lish ball-dress invented by Mrs. Bell, and worn with it is the Almack wreath, also one of the newest costumes for dancing pointed on the forehead with pearls, in rich now in vogue in the capital of the French rows, and blue roses clustered full on the kingdom.

temples; the pistils of the roses are formed In regard to our out-door costume, the of pearls. Another dress which is equally cloth and velvet pelisses begin to be laid | adapted to the ball-room as to the rout or aside, and those of a spring-like hue, in concert, for which, however, it was first Jevantine or granite silk, bave succeeded. | intended, is of fine net, trimmed with red Spencers, over white cambric dresses, are roses and vine-blossoms, much in the same also very general for the carriage, and are style as the ball-dress before mentioned. mostly of levantine, richly trimmed with The body is made à la-corset, and is of pink wire-matted fringe and tassels. A carriage | satin, with a Auted long sleeve of fine net, spencer and bonuet, lately finished for a braced round the arm with straps of richly lady of rank, does infinite credit to the || figured footing blond, finished on each side taste of the artist that presides over the by a narrow rouleau of pink satin : the manMagazin de Modes in St. James's-street, cherons are formed of rows of fine blond, patronized by her Royal Highness the fully quilled: the stomacher is finished in a Duchess of Kent. The spencer above- beautiful and novel style of elegance; the mentioned is of a beautiful pearl white back is ornamented to correspond, and levantine silk, most elegantly finished with fastens behind with finely wrought pearl pink satin slashes, and white wire-matted buttons.

For the carriage costume no bonnet is ,, dresses at the Opera, are now as various as reckoned so elegant as the shepherdess | any where else. bonnet: those of pink granite satiu are Dress hats, turbans, and tiaras of dia. much admired with white satin lining and mouds or pearls, are generally the chief pink points, and a plume of white feathers; || head-dresses at the King's Theatre. though feathers are not quite so much The waists are shorter; and the bust is worn with any hats as they were two much more decorously covered than formonths ago. Next in favour to the shep- | nierly; we congratulate the English ladies herdess bonnet is the regal carriage hat, of on this increased attraction. black velvet, with a superb coronet plume Spring silks form the material for halfof black feathers; and the white satin | dress, and slight satins for the evening déshabille carriage bonnet has a very | costume of our matrons : young ladies constylish appearance: it is made very large | tinue to wear fine muslin in undress, and and sits close; the crown is very low ; | crape, net and gauze for evening parties and the edge is finished in a partial style or for the ball-room. of bouffont plaiting of satin, with two rows The favourite colours are Etruscan brown, of fine plaited blond. A wreath of single etherial blue, emerald, and rose-colour. yellow roses and of the blue hedge flower called “forget me not," simply encircles

Notice (FROM A CORRESPONDENT).the crown. A large walking bonnet of black satin has that retired and modest Amongst the novelties, we have observ. appearance which fits it for that purpose; head-dress, equally adapted to the evening

ed Le Bonnet Royal, a new and elegant it has a broad, full, double quilling of lace at the edge; a jet foliage ornament party, and the carriage drive; it is a runs round the brim, near the edge, and mélange of straw and satin, curiously intera flower composed of crape and jet is pla

mixed; and produce a truly novel effect : ced in front; this bonnet, when a lady is widow and daughter of the late Mr. Cob

our amateurs of fashion are indebted to the in mourning, is well adapted to morning ham for the invention : and as we under.. airings in the carriage. The cornettes are various; those for

stand it to be for the support of a numerous half dress are chiefly of net and blond: family, we sincerely rejoice at the royal the favourite head-dress of this kind worn

patronage with which we find it is at the Theatres has ancient regal points

honoured. round the crown; it is surmounted by a beautiful wreath of half-opening roses and Cabinet of Taste; London pride. The Tivoli cornette, of fine blond and white satin is beautifully orna- OR MONTHLY COMPENDIUM OF FOREIGN mented with barberries : and the home costume cornette, for receiving parties, is

By a Parisian Correspondent. most beautiful; it is of white satin relieved by blond, and the crown is surmounted in a novel manner, with single roses and

COSTUME OF PARIS. guinea hens' feathers. The Berlin cornette “ Voulez vous dansez Mademoiselle," has an ornamental back caul of coloured seems now to be the watch-word: Paris is satin resembling the chapeau bras; it is a scene of dancing every night, and balls finished with blond of a very rich pattern, | multiply in this city, like flies in a warm and is ornamented with flowers, the eyes || summer. Are you not pleased with the of the peacock's tail, or the short feathers little figures I sent you in the newest ballof the pheasant: this last cornette is of the dresses? Without telling you which is most becoming shape we bave yet wit- most preferred, I give you leave to take nessed.

your choice, for they are all fashiouYoung ladies wear little on their heads able. except the Almack wreath. The Opera But I am just come in from the Thuilhat cap of coloured satin and blond seems leries;

and there, among fifty ladies, I am Jikely to be prevalent ; but the head- sure there were forty or forty-five in


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