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The New Publications in February.


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Oratio in Theatro Collegii Regalis Medi A short Address to the Public, containing corum Londinensis, ex Harveij instituto, ha- fome Thoughts how the National Debt may bita dic Q&. 18, anno. 1797, a Roberto Bourne, be reduced, &c. &c. Is. Rivingtons. M. D. 35. 6d.

Rivingtons. Thoughts on a French Invasion, with reAn Essay on the Medicinal Properties ofference to the probability of its success, and Factitious Airs, with an Appendix on the the proper means of relifting it, by Haviland Nature of Blood, by Tiberius Cavallo, F. R.S. le Mesurier, esq. Is.

Wright. Dilly. An Appeal to the Head and Heart of every A Lecture introductory to a Course of Po- Man and Woman in Great Britain, respecting pular Instruction on the Constitution and the threatened French Invasion; is. Wright. Management of the Human Body, by Thomas An Address to the People of Great Britain, Beddoes, M. D. is. 6d.

Johnson, by R Watson, Bishop of Landaff, price 3d. or MECHANICS. one guinea per hundred.

Faulder. An Effay on the Comparative Advantages of An Answer to the Bishop of Landaff's vertical and horizontal Windmills, containing Address to the People of Great Britain, by a Description of an horizontal Windmill and Benjamin Kingsbury, is.

Wesley. Watermill, upon a new Construction, and An Appeal to the People of England, ocexplaining the Manner of applying the same cafioned by the late Declaration of the French principle tp Pumps, Sluices, moving of Boats, Directory, 2s.

Debrett. &c. by R. Bearson, Esq. 2s. 6d, Robinsons. The Tax Acts, with Cases and Opinions, MORALS.

and a Table of Stamps, is. Lackington & Co. The Treatise of Cicero de Officiis ; or his An Analytical Chart of the Rights of PerEfray on Moral Duty; translated, and ac- fons, dedicated (with permission to the Rt. companied with Notes and Observations, hy Hon. Tbo. Erskine, 98. plain, and 125. coW. M-Cartney, 5s. Robinsons. loured.

Ogilvy & Son. The Female Egis; or the Duties of Wo A Postscript to an Address to the Propriemen from Childhood to old Age, and in most tors of the Bank of England, with an ApSituations of Life, exemplified, 2s.6d. Ginger. pendix, containing Extracts from the Reports

of the Select Committee, - Examination of The Art of Defence on Foot, with the Directors, and others, 4to. gs. bds. Richardf. Broad Sword and Sabre, uniting the Scotch

Earl Moira's Letter to Col. M Mabon on and Austrian Methods into one regular Syf- the subject of a Change of his Majesty's Mitem, os. boards.

Egerton. nifters, with Mr. Fox's Letter to the ColoNATURAL HISTORY. nel, 6d.

Jordan. The Natural History of the Insects of Strictures on the Bishop of Lindafi's AdChina, comprising Figures and Descriptions dress to the People of Great Britain, byGilof upwards of 100 new, fingular, and beau- bert Wakefield, B. A. Is. 6d. Cuthell. tiful Species, by E. Donovan, No. I, price A Letter to the Marquis of Lorne on the 3x. 6d. to be completed in 17 monthly num- present Times, by Donald Campell, esq. bers. White.

Bell, &c.

The Freeman's Vade-Mecum, or an inThe History of my Father; or, how it tended Oration on Liberty, including several happened that I was born. Translated from subjects which are intimately connected the German of Kotzbue, 3s.6d.sewed. Treppass. therewith, by Phileleutheros, a Pioneer in the

Emily. de Varmont; or Divorce dictated by army of Reason, 12mo. 26. 6d. boards. Necesity, from the French of Louvet, 3 vols.

Glendinning. 12mo. 1os. 6d.

Kearsley. A View of the Conduct of the Executive The Enamoured Spirit, translated from the in the Foreign Affairs of the United States, French of “ Le Diable Amoureaux," 35. relating to the Dispute with the French Re

Lee and Hurst., public, by James Monroe, late Minister PleCaroline, by a Lady, -3 vols. ios. 6d. nipotentiary to the said Republic, 25. 6d. Hookham & Co.

Ridgway. POETRY

THEOLOGY. The second and concluding Part of the new THANKSGIVING SERMONS-one by the Translation of the Henriade, il. is. Booker. Rev. C. Hodgson, is.

Rivingtons. A Tribute to the Manes of unfortunate By the Rev. W. Agutter, Is. Ditto. Poets, in four cantos; with other poems on By the Rev. R. Munkhouse, Is. 6d. Ditto.. various subjects, by 7. Hunter, efq. 5s. bds. By john Newton, rector of St. Mary, Cadell & Co. Woolnoth, is.

Johnson. Trides of Helicon, by Charlotte ard Sophia A Sermon, preached at St. George's, King, 35.

Ridgway. Bloomsbury, on Feb. 4, 1798, by S. Glafe, Satires, &c. by Jacques.

Millar. D. D, F. R. S. &c. is. Rivingtons.

By the Rev. S. Clapham, M. A. 3d. Earnest and serious Reflections on the ur.

Glendinning gency of the present Critis, and on the only The Sermon preached at St. Paul's before two alternatives which it offers, 18. his Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament,

Rivingtons. on Dec. 19, 1797, by George, Lord Bishop of Lincoln, is.

Cadell & Davies

IS. 6d.






Report of Diseafes. A Review of W. Wilberforce's Treatise,

VOYAGES, TRAVELS, &c. entitled, a practical View of the prevailing A Walk through Wales in August 1797, religious Syltem of profesled Christians, &c. by the Rev. R. Warner of Bath, 8vo. 6s. in Letters to a Lady, by T Belsham. Johnson, boards.

Dilly. The Ignis Fatuus, or Willo' the Wisp at Providence Chapel detected and exposed, by L'Institutrice et son elève, ou Dialogues M. Nah, is.

à l'usage des Jeunes Demoiselles, 2 vols. The most important Information concern. I2s. 6d.

Dulau & Co. ing the real Restoration of the Jews, and Effai sur les Causes de la Perfection de la of all Mankind, is.

Griffiths. Sculpture antique, et sur les moyens d'y An Evangelical Summary of corroborative atteindre, par Mr. Lecher Le de Jillier, 8vo. Testimonies concerning Jesus Chrift; to

Dulau & Co. which are prefixed, the Prophecies relative Recherches sur l'Usage des radeaux pour to the same events, by the Rev. C. Hodson, une descente, par Mr. -----, ci-devant memL. L. B. IS.

Rivingtons. bre de l'Académie des Sciences de Paris, 8vo. A Guide to the Church, in several Dis

Dulau & Co. courses, by the Rev. Charles Daubeny, L. L. B. Camille Jourdan à lès Committans sur la Ré

Cadell & Davies. volution du 18 Fructidor, Svo. 35. Ditto. Third Volume of Sermons, by D.Lamont, Just imported, 'by A Dulau and Co. D.D. 75. bds.

Cadell & Davies. Repertoire, ou Almanack Historique de TOPOGRAPHY AND ANTIQUITIES. la Révolution Francoise, 25. 6d. The History of Kent, vol. 4 of the 8vo. Les Emigrés Juftifiés, ou Réfutation de la. edition, 8s. 6d. boards.

Whites. Répoule de Mr. Leuliette à Mr. de Lally An Account of Roman Antiquities disco Tolendal, sur la Défense des Emigrés, 8vo. vered at Woodshefter.in the county of Glou

28. 6d. cetter, by Sam. Lyfons, F. R. S. & A. S. Ten Obfervations sur le Sentiment du Beau et Guineas in boards. Cadell and Davies. du Sublime, par Emmanuel Kant, traduit de

L'allemand, par Julboff, 8vo. 2s.


75. boards.


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From the 20th of January to the 20th of February.


No. of Cases. Hernia Scrotalis PLEURITIS

Diarrhæa Peripneumony

Hæmorrhois Catarsh

9 Dysuria Inflammatory Sore Throat

Ieterus Typhus Mitior

4 Scrophula Ephemera

4 Hypochondriafis Acute Rheumatism



17 Paralysis Hoarseness


Chorea Cough and Dyspnæa

25 Vertigo Hæmoptysis


Urticaria Pulmonary Consumption

Herpes Hydrothorax

5 Herpes Pustolofus Pleurodyne

Pfora or Itch Ascites

3 Prurigo Anasarca

8 Tinea Cephalalgia

3 Nephralgia Opthalmia

Procidentia Vaginæ Fluor Albus

3 Chronic Rheumatism Menorrhagia



I Ephemera Amenorrhea

5 Lochiorum Diminutio Chlorosis

2 Menorrhagia Lochialis Obstipatio

Convulsio Hepatitis Chronica

I Mastodynia Gattrodynia

6. Rhagas Papillæ Dyspepsia



Aphtha Enterodynia

Convulfio Colica

Crufta Lactea Worms

3 Ophthalmia Prolapsus Ani

Ophthalmia Purulenta


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Diseases.... Public Affairs.

141 The státe of the atmosphere having pulse, which most commonly occurs in undergone considerable changes during the acute species of this disease, may this month, the number of pneumonic seem to indicate the free use of the lancet'; diseases have been rather increased. The but we have had frequent occasion to obprevalence of flight coughs and colds serve, that when this practice has been has been very general; though the num- adopted, though a sudden remission of ber of those which have come under mee pain and inflammation has been prodical treatment has been less than is duced, these symptoms have returned, and usual at this time of the year.

the disease has in general been protracted Slight rheumatic affections have been to a later period than when the other numerous : and there have been several means have been employed. instances both of acute and chronic rheu- The Deaths in the Bills of Mortality for matism, accompanied with a considerable the last four weeks, are stated as follow: aggravation of symptoms. In one in- Abscess

3 ftance of the acute species, which was


3 introduced by chilliness terininating in a


88 Ague

6 rigor, a high degree of redness and tu

Apoplexy mour appeared in different joints, accom


41 panied with great pain and restlessness, a

Bleeding foul tongue, a full, hard, and frequent Brain Fever pulse, with obstinate costiveness, and a Cancer

6 Atrong disposition to profuse sweating, but Child-bed without any abatement of the pain or Cold restlessness.


377 The violent determination to the skin Cholic in this disease, may generally be confi- Convulsions

301 dered rather as fymptomatic than critical, Dropsy


Fever and is very different from that gentle


French Pox perspiration through the whole surface,


Gout which frequently accompanies a remif


Hooping Cough fion of symptoms.


4 In the present case, after having pro- infiammation cured stools, and reduced the inflanma- Lunatic tion, by the application of leeches to the Mealles

13 parts affected, the pulse also becoming Mortification dower, and the remiffion of pain and Palsy other symptoms taking place under the Small Pox use of antimonial remedies; we proceeded


Suddenly to a pretty free use of the Peruvian Bark,

9 combined with the Tincture of Guaia


Water in the Head
The rheumatism, in all its species, be-


Jaw-locked ing a disease very liable to recur, we find

Liver-grown it necessary to obviate the return of pa. Rupture

3 roxysm, by the early and free use of the Spasm bark. The hard, full, and frequent Stoppage in Stomach









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In February, 1798.

from the diretors and proprietors of the A

every person in distress, to the der- change, and from a considerable number nier refort to solicit voluntary contribu- of noblemen and gentlemen. The queen tions ; this plan at firit proceeded with herself took the lead of the female patrilanguid steps, owing, it was faid, to ois, and presented a donation of 5,000l. the tardiness of a great personage in tak- For those who boneitly believe that this ing the lead; after a fufpenle of about voluntary fubfcription is calculated 10 ten days, his Majesty fignified his plea- save the nation, we have a great respect; sure to subscribe the sum of 20,00ol, and we admire the patrioritm with which the donations flowed in more rapidly they contributs, and while we landen



Public Affairs....Great Britain. their mistaken zeal, we heartily applaud Mr. Fox) is the basis of the fyftem of our the honefty of their intentions; but we government. It is an opinion, which, are inclined to think, that a change of if it be not true, King William was an measures is the only mode' by which this ufurper: by what right did he come to country can be saved.

the throne of those realms, if not by that * As events are more or less important of the sovereignty of the people. It is and interesting, according to the confe. not in this age of the world that the hors quences which flow from them as causes, rid and blasphemous tenets of the vicewe deem it necessary here to notice a gerency of God, and divine right, will meeting which was held at the Crown be held up as the source of royal autho. and Anchor Tavern, on the 24th of Ja- rity." Mr. Fox also contended, that nuary, by the numerous friends of the the conduct of minitters in this particu. Hon. CHARLES JAMES Fox, to cele. lar was encouraging to the enemy, by brate the anniversary of the birth of that manifesting to them that such are the distinguished patriot. This company diftractions of the country, fo inflamed consisted of near 2000 of the warmest ad- and divided are its inhabitants, that vocates of peace and parliamentary re arms cannot be trusted in the hands of form. . What was the more peculiarly the premier peer of the kingdom. gratifying to these friends of liberty was The British House of Commons met, an union of sentiment, which took place pursuant to adjournment, on the 8th of at this time, respecting the great work of February. On the next day Mr. Pite reform, between the members of the brought up a message from the king, Whig Club and those of a more modern stating that his majesty, in consideration but not lets popular society, which has, of the services rendered to him by Ado fince its establishment, provided fo much miral, Lord' Duncan, had granted to his labour, though frequently productive, lordship an annuity of 2000l. per annum, for informers and crown lawyers.

and wishing to extend the grant beyond The Duke of Norfolk was called to his lordship’s life to the two next perthe chair upon this occasion ; among fe- fons to whom the title of Viscount Dun. veral patriotic toasts, his grace gave

can shall descend, recommended that the Our fovereign's health---the majesty house would consider the proper method of the people.'

His grace also recol- of enabling his Majesty to make the said lected, with a sentiment of respect, the grant. In a few days afterwards, Mr. name of General Walhington, praised Pitt brought up another message from his perfeverance in the caule of his coun his Majesty respecting the granting of an try, and instanced his example as a fit annuity to Admiral Earl Vincent, fomelefion to the virtuous few who are defi- what similar to that of Lord Duncan. rous of prosecuting reform by conftitu- The resolutions were put and carried,

and the Committee of Ways and Means Whether the popular sentiment of the postponed till Friday. 6 majesty of the people,” the union of On the 16th of February the House, in two numerous focieties inimical to the a committee of supply, voted 1900l. for present minister, or the sentiment of re ordnance works, and 10,5871. for the Ipect for the venerable Washington, gave use of the commiffioners of that departe offence to the cabinet, or whether the ment. three suhjects conjointly went to produce

IRELAND, that effect, we cannot with precision de Mr. PELHAM, in the House of Com. termine. But a few days afterwards the mons, on the first of February, expanoble duke received his dismiffal froin the tiated on the advantages which had relord lieutenancy of a county, and from sulted to the service, and consequently to the colonelíhip of a regiment of militia, the community, from the recent reguladifciplined, nurtured, and beloved by tions. He then proceeded to give the

Our limits do not admit of inak following items of the public force, and ing even the mcit necessary comments the sums of the several estimates for their upon such steps of the present adminiitra. maintenance for the year, to end on the tion; but we have to observe, that this 30th of March, 1799. meafure was taken notice of at a meeting Ordinary force, to remain for the of the Whig Club held the óth of Febru defence of the country, effective ary, at the same place. Mr. Fox, on

men, with officers,

12,000 that occasion, combated the supposed Augmentation, rendered neceffary charges against his grace with the most by the circumstances of the pointed argjiments.

The lovereignty


Militia of the people of Great Pritain, (faid


tional means.




Public Affairs.... France. To ferve abroad, from the Irish

FRANCE: establishment

3,254 From the transactions which took The sums of the estimates were nearly as place some since in Italy, and from thole follow :

of a more recent date in the Batavian For the standing force of 12,000 £. Republic, and in Switzerland, it appears

552,938 doubtless, that there is a revolutionary Augmentation


spirit undermining the foundation of the Troops on foreign service

101,570 ancient governments of Europe. WheFor charges of cavalry on Dublin duty


ther this fpirit of innovation arises from Forage

those views of ambition and plunder

137,545 Yeomanry corps

which the enemies of the French RepubCommiffariate

89,066 licans have so often charged them with, Bat and forage for staff and medi or from a revolution which is making a cal department

31,000 rapid progress in the human mind, inThese, among some other items of less dependent of external coercion, is a quela import, being agreed to, Capt. Paken-. tion which we are unable to decide with ham moved for the ordnance estimate precision; but a short time will probably 444,9621.---Agreed.

render it easy of folution, or no longer On the 8th of February, the Chancel- problematical. lor of the Exchequer role, and after some The French republic ftill continues to preface, stated, that the amount of the excite the hatred of its subjects against Tupply voted by the House, being the the British government; the central adamount of the estimates for the expences ministration of the department of the of the ensuing year, was 4,194,000l. Up- Seine issued a proclamation, in the begin, on a comparison of this estimate with that ning of February, addressed to the inha-, of the last year, it would, he faid, appear bitants of that department, respecting the to be less by 432,000l. but he account- intended invasion of England, « The ed for this appearance, and proved that English government (says this address). the public expences would be found to ex cannot sublift with the French republic; ceed those of the former year by 400,000l. there cannot fubfift an alliance between and this excess arose partly from the en- ignominy and glory, between wickedness creased pay and additional force of the and virtue.” And in another place, country. The sum which remained to “ By Swearing hatred to royalty, we be provided for the current expences of have sworn destruction to the English the year was 2,200,000l. at an interest government; by Awearing hatred against , of 10 per cent. for he would not confine anarchy, we have sworn destruction to the his estimate to a less interest, leaft, at the English government." present state of money, he should not be But the governors of the great nation, able to obtain it at less.

notwithstanding the hatred they have exThe new taxes he proposed were, as hibited against royalty, have not yet, it follow: the present tax on carriages of appears, united their own subjects in a lix guineas to be doubled, which would general amity to their own measures. By produce 36,000l. A tax of one guinea an arrét of the Directory of the ad of on maid servants, he estimated at 20,000l. February, the city of Lyons and its Sixpence a gallon on home made fpirits, three fuburbs were put in a state of fiege. of which the namber of gallons distilled The chief motives assigned for this meathe last year was 3,700,000, duty sure were, the disloyal spirit which pre94,000l. A similar addition on foreign vailed thert, from the influence of the pirits imported, 20,000l. Sixpence per companies of Jesus and of the sun-of pound on tobacco, 66,666i. Lottery the assassins of the fouth-of emigrants, 25,2211. Duty on home made paper, &c. and the trifling sensation produced 18,000l. Duty on iron, 11s. 4d. per there by the immortal transactions of the ton, 5,6561. Licence on Breweries, of 4th of September last, since which day, 101. each, 10,000l. Additional duty on new.commotions have been excited there, newspapers, 1000l. Live cattle exported by bands of counter-revolutionary ruf- : at threepence per head, 8,49001. By a fians. On this occasion, the Directory new regulation in franking letters, ordered, that the minister at war should 30,000l. He also proposed an additional send there the number of troops neceshearth tax. He moved for one or more fary, both of infantry and.cavalry. lotteries, under the usual regulations, On the 6th of February, a motion was which was agreed to. Progress was or- made, by GUILLEMARDET, in the dered to be reported.

council of five hundred, for altering the MONTH. MAG. No. XXVIII.


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